Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4001, You Dare to Fight Back?


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Hearing Zhao Xing Chen’s order, Meng Hong and the others turned pale in horror. They had never expected for things to take such a dramatic turn.


Chen Yue’s face turned pale in shock and she stepped forward to intervene, “Senior Brother Zhao, this is a misunderstanding!” While speaking, she tried to pull Zhao Xing Chen.


Zhao Xing Chen shook her away and impatiently stated, “Go away!” Chen Yue was directly shaken back to one side, almost falling to the ground.


“Junior Sister Chen!” Meng Hong hurriedly stepped forward to help, but Chen Yue promptly avoided him. Seeing this, Meng Hong’s face turned ashen and became a little listless.


Zhao Xing Chen glanced at her and coldly snorted. Afterwards, he turned his attention to Yang Kai and gloomily stated, “Brother Yang, this Commander considered you a genius and had every intention of recruiting you, but unfortunately, Brother Yang didn’t appreciate it. Since that’s the case, this Zhao will have to invite Brother Yang to my Scarlet Star’s dungeon for a chat!” He waved his hand and shouted, “Apprehend them. If they try to resist, kill them!”


The moment he said this, a dozen or so people rushed over and tried to capture Yang Kai, Meng Hong, and the others.


The three Great Moon Province disciples were suddenly at a loss. They wanted to resist, but at the end of the day, this was Scarlet Star’s territory. If they really couldn’t resolve this, their end would not be good.


On the contrary, the few people who tried to arrest Yang Kai suddenly groaned in unison and flew backwards, smashing the tables and chairs in the lobby.


Zhao Xing Chen cried out in shock, “You dare fight back?”


Scarlet Star had been gaining momentum for the past few days, and in this Star City, Scarlet Star cultivators ran amok. No one dared to provoke them, so Zhao Xing Chen never thought that someone would actually do something to his men in public, rooting him to the spot.


Yang Kai scoffed, “You dare to attack this King, so why wouldn’t this King dare to attack you? Come!”


He stretched his hand towards Zhao Xing Chen as a fierce suction emerged from his palm. The next moment, Zhao Xing Chen flew uncontrollably towards Yang Kai, who grabbed him by the neck and pressed him onto the table. A scorching heat radiated from Yang Kai’s arm as he looked at Zhao Xing Chen in contempt, “You dare to act presumptuous before this King with your feeble skills?”


Zhao Xing Chen became angry out of shame, “You’re dead! Dead! Do you know who I am? Scarlet Star’s Fifth Manager is my brother-in-law! Boy, let go of me or else!”


He kept screaming and struggling, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t free himself. The big hand holding his neck was like an iron hoop, sealing off all his strength.


Zhao Xing Chen was stunned. He too was an Emperor Realm cultivator and had even condensed five Elements into his Dao Seal. He never thought that he would be suppressed and have no power to fight back against another Emperor Realm cultivator!


Their own Commander was captured so easily, so the Scarlet Star cultivators didn’t know what to do. They looked at each other and stood rooted in their spots.


Zhao Xing Chen slapped the table and angrily shouted, “Why are you still standing there? Are you still not going to help this Commander?”


Helpless, everyone could only rush over; however, they couldn’t even get within ten metres of Yang Kai before they were sent flying, crashing into the ground and crying out in pain.


Meng Hong and the others were stunned while Chen Yue slightly opened her mouth with a worried look on her face.


Although she knew Yang Kai was amazingly strong and had personally witnessed him face hundreds of members of Emperor Heaven alone, she never thought he would be daring enough to attack others here.


However, the arrow was already fired. It was too late for her to stop it now. All she could do was worry. She wanted to persuade Yang Kai, but didn’t know where to start.


“I advise you to quickly release and kowtow to me! Otherwise, you won’t see the sunrise tomorrow!”


Although Zhao Xing Chen was in a miserable state, he was still acting headstrong. He was relying on his identity as a minor Commander of Scarlet Star, believing that Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.


“You want me to kneel and kowtow to you?” Yang Kai sneered before suddenly lifting his hand and kicking Zhao Xing Chen, “Then you should kneel first!”


Many cultivators in the lobby turned pale one after another and dared not stay here for another moment. They all paid for their drinks and ran out.


Before leaving, some people looked at Yang Kai with pity and shook their heads sighing, thinking that he would come to regret this sooner or later. An elderly man even tried his best to persuade Yang Kai, “Young Man, quickly escape from here before things turn bigger. If you don’t leave now, it will be too late; after all, this is Scarlet Star’s territory!”


Yang Kai just smiled at the elderly man, who couldn’t say anything after seeing his attitude.


In the blink of an eye, all the guests in the lobby had run away, leaving a pale shopkeeper trembling in fright! A Junior Commander of Scarlet Star was beaten in his inn; he wouldn’t be able to escape punishment now. His inn was likely never going to open again.


Having been forced to kneel by Yang Kai, Zhao Xing Chen was still wailing for a while. He glared at Yang Kai with incomparable hatred and roared, “This Commander will remember today’s shame, and will make you pay for it a thousand times over!”


“I’ll be waiting!” Yang Kai indifferently nodded.


Yue He’s obsession only grew stronger as her beautiful eyes flickered with an unusual gleam, staring straight at the side of Yang Kai’s face.


Zhao Xing Chen turned his head and shouted, glaring at the dumbstruck Chen Yue, “You stupid slut, do you only know how to sit there and watch? Don’t you know how to save me!?”


Chen Yue’s face turned pale when she heard this. She puckered her lips as she looked at Yang Kai pleadingly, “Senior Brother Yang…”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Sister Chen, don’t be ridiculous. You and I just met by chance, I really don’t deserve the honour of being addressed as Senior Brother by you. Please don’t ever address me as such again.”


Chen Yue’s face turned even paler after hearing this. She knew that Yang Kai was drawing a clear line with her. She couldn’t help but feel bitter, but then again, she and Yang Kai had nothing to do with each other from the very start. They only got to know each other through Meng Hong.


Unable to beg Yang Kai, she could only turn to Meng Hong.


Meng Hong clenched his fists before lowering his head and saying nothing.


Seeing this, Chen Yue sighed in her heart. She didn’t have the face to say anything.


“Since you can’t help me at all, what’s the use of keeping you with me, you slut,” Zhao Xing Chen angrily rebuked.


Yang Kai gave Chen Yue a cold look, “Your choice of men is truly terrible!” Chen Yue trembled after hearing this as her head dropped to her chest.


Yang Kai slapped Zhao Xing Chen once again, knocking out a few of his teeth in the process as half of his face swelled up. Yang Kai looked at him coldly and stated, “If you dare to speak another word, I will kill you right here and now!”


Zhao Xing Chen’s eyes turned red and widened in anger. Obviously, he was unwilling, but his fist was smaller than Yang Kai’s, so he had no choice but to choke down his anger.


The lobby fell into silence for a moment, leaving only the sound of Yang Kai drinking at his own leisure.


Yue He looked left and right before she giggled and asked, “How are things going to end now?”


The likes of Zhao Xing Chen weren’t even worth her attention. Not to mention Zhao Xing Chen, even the Fifth Manager above him was nothing in her eyes. Yue He might not even look straight at him, but they were inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary after all; more importantly, this place was Scarlet Star’s turf. Since Yang Kai had created such a scene, it would definitely not end that easily.


“I can understand that you acted like this because of your friends, but you have created quite a big scene.” Yue He continued via transmission, “If we want to leave, we must leave now. Once the news about this spreads, we won’t be able to leave no matter what.”


Yang Kai replied after hearing this, “Do you think I did this for Meng Hong?”


“You didn’t?” Yue He asked back.


Yang Kai thought for a moment and replied, “It’s a part of the reason, but the main reason is that he was eyeing my treasures. Since they aren’t willing to give up, I have no choice but to set up my prestige, and let them know that no one can covet my things.” Saying so, he proudly smiled, “Besides, if I want to leave, how can the likes of Scarlet Star stop me?”


He was proficient in the Dao of Space and could easily come and go as he pleased unless Scarlet Star had set up a shocking Grand Array that could isolate space!


“Yes, yes, you’re amazing, keep it up then,” Yue He sneered sarcastically as she shot him an angry glare.


Scarlet Star’s Junior Commander Zhao Xing Chen was beaten and forced to kneel in public; this news spread like wildfire across the Star City. Many people couldn’t believe it; after all, who would dare to do something like that to Scarlet Star’s men in this Star City? But the people who spread the news said that they saw it with their own eyes and that Zhao Xing Chen was still kneeling at the inn.


Some people who didn’t believe the news came to watch it secretly. After one glance, they realized it was just as they had heard. They all found it a little bizarre, and what was even more shocking was that the person who beat Zhao Xing Chen was still here.


In the backyard of a certain mansion in the northwest corner of the Star City, there was a small bridge over a creek and some artificial mountains of strange sizes and shapes. An incredibly fat man with fish food in his hand stood by the pond, attracting the fish to compete for the feed.


Suddenly, a heart-wrenching cry came from the courtyard. The fat man’s hand trembled the moment he heard this cry as a pained look appeared on his face, like he was having a sharp headache.


The sound of crying quickly approached as a well-endowed woman wearing luxurious jewellery appeared. Who knew what she had encountered, but tears kept rolling down her face, making her look extremely pitiful.


She arrived before the fatty and knelt down with a thud, heartrendingly weeping, “Husband, you must seek justice for me.”


The fatty turned his head and looked at her speechlessly. He sprinkled all the fish food in his hand before helping the woman up and consoling her, “If you have something to say, get up and say it, why are you crying?”


The woman didn’t get up though and wailed, “Husband, if you don’t agree to seek justice, this Mistress will not get up.”


The fatty rubbed his forehead in headache and asked, “Did your brother cause some kind of trouble again? Didn’t I give him the Junior Commander position last time, what do you want me to do this time?”


The woman looked up and woefully replied, “Husband, how do you know that it’s about Xing Chen? Did someone tell you about it?”


The fatty angrily rebuked, “Why would you come looking for me unless it’s for your idiot brother? Tell me, what is it this time?”


The woman couldn’t let this rest, “Husband, you shouldn’t blame Xing Chen, he didn’t cause trouble this time, rather someone else provoked him! The guards who went with him came back and told me that he was beaten by someone!”


The fatty coldly snorted, “He was bound to be beaten sooner or later thanks to his shitty character! I told you a long time ago that you should control him a little, and prevent him from making trouble everywhere!”


The woman cried, “Xing Chen didn’t cause trouble this time! The guards said that someone named Yang Kai bullied him. Not only did he beat Xing Chen, but he also forced him to kneel in public by shattering his knees. His face was beaten so badly that he spat teeth!” As she described her little brother’s condition, she once again became despondent and couldn’t stop crying.




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  1. Sigh. This poor guy. He doesn’t care about the idiot brother, but now has to intervene because YK is spitting on Scarlet Star’s face. I wonder how this one will go down

    1. Well, it depends what kind of temperament the fatty has. If he is not a waste he might recognize the situation. On the other hand, he is married to the idiots sister.

  2. I believe that the fatty has authority in Star City and feels some satisfaction that someone has put down his worthless brother in law. He may actually thank Yang Kai later.

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