Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4002, Chen Tian Fei


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“Xing Chen has been forced to kneel?” A sinister and ferocious look flashed across the fatty’s face when he heard this.


If Zhao Xing Chen had just been thrashed, it would only mean that he was weaker than his opponent, but if he was being forced to kneel, that would be a complete humiliation. Regardless of his character, Zhao Xing Chen was a Scarlet Star Junior Commander, and more importantly his relative, whether he liked it or not. Abusing Zhao Xing Chen like this was tantamount to slapping his face. As Scarlet Star’s Fifth Manager, how could he take this lying down?


Seeing this, the woman quickly repeated what she had heard, of course after heavily embellishing the details.


The fat man coldly snorted, “Good, you stay here, I’ll go see who is so bold!”


After saying this, he went out, carrying his hands behind his back. At the same time, the woman behind him shouted aloud, “Husband, you must bring back Xing Chen, if he met any kind of misfortune, I won’t be able to live.”


“I know, I know,” The fatty waved impatiently.


After gathering his men, the fatty left his mansion and headed straight towards the inn.


Within an incense stick of time, the fatty and his men had arrived at their destination.


When he arrived at the door, the fatty saw his battered and bruised brother-in-law, Zhao Xing Chen, kneeling on the ground. He also found three men and a woman in the room standing to the side while a man and a woman sat at a nearby table. The young man sitting on the chair was drinking wine calmly and leisurely, like he cared nothing about the world around him.


The fatty paid no attention to the others, but when he saw the woman sitting, he couldn’t help but frown.


Yue He had visited the Star City many times before, and as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she was not some nameless character. Even if the higher-ups of Scarlet Star had never dealt with her personally, they all recognized her.


In the outside world, the fatty wouldn’t dare to provoke a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master willfully; after all, he was only a Fourth-Order Master. Although there was only a single Order of difference between the two, there was a wide gap in their true strength.


However, they were inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary now. The Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog suppressed and sealed all universes, so no matter what Order of the Open Heaven Realm they were outside, in this place their strength was greatly suppressed.


When the fatty walked into the restaurant, the entire restaurant shook with his steps.


Yang Kai turned his head to look, and saw a plump ball of meat slowly approaching. Every time his foot landed on the ground, the entire building quaked. Yang Kai’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink at the sight of this.


He had never seen someone this fat in his entire life. This man’s height and girth were basically identical. At first glance, he looked like a rolling ball of meat. His facial features were squeezed together because of all the fat, making it hard to distinguish them.


[Who in the world is he?] Yang Kai looked surprised.


Yue He knew that Yang Kai had been in retreat refining pills and knew nothing about the outside situation, so secretly informed him, “He is Scarlet Star’s Fifth Manager, Chen Tian Fei. He cultivates some unique Secret Art, and everyone calls him Fatty Chen Tian!”


Zhao Xing Chen, who was kneeling on the ground, also noticed Chen Tian Fei’s arrival and was immediately overjoyed and shouted, “Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, save me!”


While speaking, he struggled to get up.


“Did I tell you to get up?” Yang Kai coldly snorted and flicked his wrist, shooting a beam of energy out. Zhao Xing Chen immediately screamed and crashed to his knees once again as fresh blood spurted out of his thigh, unable to stand up anymore.


Chen Tian Fei kept approaching, but the fat on his face trembled a little as a cold gleam flickered across his long and narrow eyes.


Very soon, Chen Tian Fei arrived before the table and stood there like a mountain of meat, blocking all the light and giving everyone an invisible pressure.


Meng Hong and the others couldn’t help but be taken aback at the arrival of such a character. At the same time, they were secretly worried for Yang Kai.


“Brother-in-law…” Zhao Xing Chen miserably raised his head and looked at him pleadingly, his face filled with humiliation.


“Waste!” Chen Tian Fei coldly snorted and waved his hand, taking out a chair from his Space Ring. He placed the chair behind him and sat down.


His chair appeared to be custom-made. It was very wide and incomparably strong; ordinary chairs would not be able to take someone his weight and size.


After being seated, Chen Tian Fei leaned back on the chair and greeted, squinting his eyes, “Lady Yue He, it’s been a long time.”


“Manager Chen,” Yue He gave him an amiable smile.


Chen Tian Fei continued, “Lady Yue He, haven’t you gone overboard a bit this time? You should have left a little room for negotiation so as to not bring any harm to your companions! If my brother-in-law really did something stupid, it would have been fine to beat and scold him a little. Killing him would have been excessive, but making him kneel like this doesn’t make sense either!”


Yue He gazed at him and stated, pursing her lips into a smile, “Manager Chen, you are speaking to the wrong person. This has nothing to do with me, it was all done by my Young Master. If you want to say something, you should speak to him.”


“Young Master?” Chen Tian Fei was shocked and now focused his gaze on Yang Kai.


When he saw Yue He here, he made a prejudgment that Yue He was in charge, but he had never expected a ‘Young Master’ to appear out of nowhere.


[This young man doesn’t look like anything special. I really don’t know why a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master is addressing him as Young Master!]


After pondering for a while, Chen Tian Fei asked, “May I ask Little Brother’s name?”


Yang Kai smiled at him and introduced himself, “Yang Kai!”


Chen Tian Fei nodded lightly, “So you’re that Yang Kai!”


Previously, his concubine kept shouting about someone named Yang Kai beating his brother-in-law, only now did he come to know that the assailant was sitting right before him.


“Does Little Brother Yang have anything to say to this King?” Chen Tian Fei asked.


Yang Kai glanced at him and asked, raising his eyebrows, “What’s there to talk about?”


Chen Tian Fei’s facial fat trembled. It looked as if he was smiling, “You hurt someone under me, but instead of running away, you have been sitting here and waiting for this King. Doesn’t it mean that you have something to say?” His tone turned colder, “Or is it that Little Brother doesn’t take my Scarlet Star seriously, and feels that you can come and go freely in this Star City. If you are thinking along these lines, then you have made a big mistake.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and stated, “Manager Chen is quite easy to talk to. Then I won’t beat around the bush either.” Yang Kai’s face turned serious as he continued, “I want to join Scarlet Star!”


When Yue He heard this, she turned her head and gazed at him in shock. Yang Kai never told her about any of this, and even Meng Hong and the others looked surprised.


Chen Tian Fei chuckled after hearing this, “Join Scarlet Star? You injured my Scarlet Star’s Junior Commander and have yet to give this King a satisfactory explanation, and now you want to join my Scarlet Star? Little Brother, what do you think my Scarlet Star is?”


“Manager Chen wants an explanation, right? Then I will give you an explanation!” Yang Kai stated and raised his hand, gently pressing it towards Chen Tian Fei.


A doubtful look appeared on Fatty Chen Tian’s face. He also raised his big fatty palm and pressed it towards the oncoming palm.


The palms came into contact with each other silently and uneventfully as if they just touched each other lightly.


Yang Kai retracted his palm, picked up the glass of wine, and swirled it playfully.


Chen Tian Fei’s plump figure trembled all of a sudden as the fat on his body rippled like waves and the chair under his heavy and plump butt shattered into pieces.


Afterwards, Chen Tian Fei’s face turned redder, as if he was being cooked from the inside. Steam even rose from the top of his head.


Chen Tian Fei let out a furious cry and stomped his foot on the ground, causing the floor of the restaurant to collapse. At the same time, a surge of heat gushed out from Chen Tian Fei’s pores, along with a lot of sweat.


In an instant, Chen Tian Fei looked like he had been fished out of the water, drenched all over. Not only that, but his plump body also seemed to have shrunk by half, making his tight clothes a little loose.


Chen Tian Fei looked at Yang Kai in horror as the fat on his face kept pulsating.


“Does Manager Chen find this explanation satisfactory?” Yang Kai asked without so much as raising his head to look at him.


Chen Tian Fei gazed at him deeply and then turned his gaze at Zhao Xing Chen, who had been kneeling there. And under Zhao Xing Chen’s desperate gaze, he nodded and stated, “It’s enough.”


“Brother-in-law!” Zhao Xing Chen’s face turned ashen in an instant. He had been counting on his brother-in-law to avenge him. Who knew that things would take such a turn? Chen Tian Fei just said ‘it’s enough’ and that was it. Where was his revenge? Perhaps he would not be able to wash today’s shame for the rest of his life.


“Shut up!” Chen Tian Fei coldly snorted. He took out another chair from his Space Ring with a wave of his hand, put it under his butt and stated, looking at Yue He, “Lady Yue He, your Young Master is impressive. He has a bright future ahead of him!”


Yue He smiled triumphantly, “Obviously.”


Chen Tian Fei then turned his gaze at Yang Kai, “Little Brother Yang, you have been waiting for me here just to join Scarlet Star, am I right?”




Chen Tian Fei asked, “Can I ask why? With Little Brother Yang’s ability, you can roam freely in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and have anything you want. Why choose my Scarlet Star?”


Yang Kai replied with a grin, “It’s just a coincidence, there is no special intention behind this, but if you really want to know the reason I want to join, I want to find something. Scarlet Star has a lot of people, which will make it easy for me to find what I want.” He had condensed his Wood, Fire, and Earth Elements. More importantly, he found the Power of Earth in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Naturally, Yang Kai wanted to find other Open Heaven materials while Scarlet Star happened to have no shortage of manpower and information.


“Just because of this?” Chen Tian Fei still couldn’t believe it.


“Just because of this!”


Chen Tian Fei looked at him seriously for a while. Afterwards, he nodded and added, “I understand Little Brother Yang’s intention, and Scarlet Star also welcomes the addition of someone as talented as you. This King can induct you into Scarlet Star. As for the position, how about the position of Junior Commander like Xing Chen?”


The kneeling Zhao Xing Chen was dumbfounded after hearing this.


The man who thrashed him and forced him to kneel was not only accepted into Scarlet Star by his brother-in-law himself but was also given the position of Junior Commander. That would put Yang Kai on an equal footing with him.


[How can this be considered revenge?]


“Junior Commander?” Yang Kai looked at Chen Tian Fei with a shadow of a smile.


Chen Tian Fei asked curiously, “Are you not satisfied? Little Brother Yang, I admit that you are pretty talented, but at the end of the day, you have just joined Scarlet Star. You haven’t made any contributions. The position of Junior Commander is already the very limit that this King can promote you to. It’s absolutely impossible for me to advance you to the position of the Great Commander.” He switched the topic of conversation, “But if Lady Yue He wants to join Scarlet Star, the Great Commander post is open to her!”


Yue He chuckled and remained non-committal.


Scarlet Star had a few Managers, and the strongest of them were just on par with her, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, that’s all. How could she be content with the position of Great Commander, listening to someone else’s orders?


“I don’t want to be a Junior Commander, nor am I interested in being a Great Commander.”


Chen Tian Fei asked in amazement, “Then what does Little Brother Yang want?”


Yang Kai looked at him with shining eyes, “I want to be a Manager of Scarlet Star!”


The moment he stated his demand, everyone was shocked. Even Yue He looked at him in a daze, wondering whether she had heard it wrong.




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  1. So Yang Kai demonstrated his strength to the fatty and he agrees to give Yang Kai a position. Then strength is what gains authority in Star City,

    BTW, this sentence “This man’s height and girth were basically identical.” reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin described himself. He said in one of his writings that his circumference was greater than his height, and added that with his skinny legs he looked like a barrel on two poles!

    1. If this guy’s girth is indeed equal to his height and he were the same height as Fat Ben, then he’d still be fatter by half, since circumference of his would be his width further multiplied by half a pi.

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