Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4003, I Don’t Agree


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“You want to be a Scarlet Star Manager?” Chen Tian Fei looked at Yang Kai in astonishment. He looked completely surprised, just like Yue He, and wondered if he had heard incorrectly. He was already being very generous by offering Yang Kai the position of Junior Commander, but he had never expected this boy’s appetite to be so big that he directly demanded the position of Manager.


Chen Tian Fei had never seen such an arrogant person, so he couldn’t help but be a little outraged.


“Manager Chen thinks I’m not qualified?” Yang Kai looked at him, squinting his eyes.


Chen Tian Fei replied with a serious look on his face, “All seven Managers of my Scarlet Star are Open Heaven Realm Masters. Although you are pretty good, it still doesn’t change the fact that you haven’t reached the Open Heaven Realm. If we let you take the Manager’s post without sufficient strength, how would you be able to convince the public?”


Yang Kai stated, wagging his finger, “There are no Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins, so talking about Realm with me is pointless!”


Chen Tian Fei quickly added, “Be that as it may, my Scarlet Star has never had a Manager who had not reached the Open Heaven Realm since its founding!”


“There are always exceptions, aren’t there?”


Chen Tian Fei stared deeply at Yang Kai as a faint glow slowly emerged from his body, but after a while, he burst into laughter, “Little Brother Yang, you are pretty ambitious, you have opened this King’s eyes today! It’s not impossible for you to be a Scarlet Star Manager, but my Scarlet Star has its own rules. If you wish to be the Eighth Manager, you need to get the consent of four of the current Managers!”


“Then I’ll request Manager Chen to take me to meet the other Managers,” Yang Kai smiled.


Chen Tian Fei narrowed his eyes and added with a smile, “I can take you to them, but whether you can get their approval or not will depend on your own ability.”


“But of course!” Yang Kai gently nodded before standing up and assuming an inviting posture, “Please.”


A reluctant and malicious smile slowly crept up on Chen Tian Fei’s face as he stood up and walked out.


Yang Kai followed closely after him, with Yue He right behind him. The Great Moon Province disciples didn’t dare to stay here either, and followed suit one after another.


“What are you doing?” Yue He asked via Divine Sense, “Are you really going to meet Scarlet Star’s Managers?”


“Of course? Otherwise, how will I get their approval?”


Yue He angrily rebuffed, “Can’t you see that Fatty Chen Tian has something else in mind? You are venturing into a Dragon’s den! And even if you really become a Manager of Scarlet Star, how will that benefit you? I really can’t understand what’s going through your mind.”


“You’ll know when the time comes,” Yang Kai casually replied.


Yue He asked with a snort, “You really love chaos, I wonder how you survived until now?”


“Of course, because this Young Master is blessed by the Heavens!” Yang Kai assumed a calm and composed stance.


Yue He was outraged!


She kept her anger aside though and quickly told him about everything she knew. Yue He might not have met Scarlet Star’s seven Managers, but she had heard about them. For instance, Lady Qin was proficient in the Dao of Music while Gan Hong was a Master of assassination. Then there were the Ou Yang twins, who had cultivated together since childhood and were both Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, allowing them to act as one body and one soul. They were extremely hard to deal with, to the point that even Yue He would find it stressful if she ran into them outside.


In addition to these four, there was also Bei Yu Shan, who possessed extreme physical strength. Du Niang Zi, whose entire body was poisonous, was not a woman to be trifled with. Many Open Heaven Realm Masters that were in the same Realm as her had tragically died at her hands.


Counting Chen Tian Fei, the Managers of the Scarlet Star could be said to each have unique skills, and none of them could be offended easily.


As for the Head Manager of Scarlet Star, rumour had it that he had been trying to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but no one had heard about him for many years. No one knew whether he had succeeded or not, but if he had, he would become a character who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the Proprietress. Even Yue He would have run as far away from him as possible if she were confronted by him.


Yue He kept chattering all the way, instilling all the information she had into Yang Kai’s head.


Yang Kai silently memorized every piece of information.


Very soon, everyone arrived before an audience hall. The door of the audience hall was extremely thick, and was about a hundred metres tall. Chen Tian Fei stepped forward and pushed the door, which opened a little with a creaking sound.


“Little Brother Yang, please come in, almost all my Scarlet Star’s Managers are inside!” Chen Tian Fei assumed an inviting gesture with an inscrutable smile on his face.


Yang Kai glanced at him before exhorting Yue He and the others, “You guys wait outside.”


Saying so, he headed inside.


Yue He promptly appeared at his side, “I’ll go with you!” How could she let Yang Kai go into the Dragon’s den all by himself? She had already decided to advance and retreat together with him, so she had no reason to back down now.


On the other hand, Meng Hong and the others knew that their strength was insufficient. Even if they followed Yang Kai inside, they would likely be more of a burden than a help, so they all stood at the door, obediently waiting.


The heavy door closed again, blocking the inside view from outsiders.


The huge hall was completely dark, and the moment the door shut, some clanking sounds echoed as masses of flames lit up everywhere. The flickering light of the flames revealed some figures sitting on the chairs around the hall, creating shadows that danced like a group of devils. The atmosphere of the entire hall had turned dark and gloomy at this moment as well.


There weren’t that many people in the hall. Apart from Yang Kai and Yue He, there were only five others in total, each sitting on their respective seats. Chen Tian Fei’s figure shook as he arrived next to another empty chair and sat down.


A sweet voice suddenly echoed in the empty hall, “Fatty Chen, is this the brat who wants to be my Scarlet Star’s next Manager? After listening to such nonsense, you brought him here just like that?”


Not only did the woman’s voice sound sweet, but it also carried with it a pleasant scent, making anyone who sniffed it have a sweet taste in their mouth!


“Poison!” Yue He’s face slightly changed as a five-coloured film suddenly appeared over the surface of her body, protecting and isolating her from the surroundings. She looked around and found that the speaker was a petite woman. She appeared to be seventeen or eighteen years old and looked quite cute and obedient, but Yue He recognized her at a glance. She was Du Niang Zi of Scarlet Star; only she could display such a marvellous poisonous technique. 


Du Niang Zi was just a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but using just her terrifying poison, she had once killed a Fifth-Order, two Fourth-Order, and three Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. She had become famous after that incident and no one dared to underestimate this charming woman who seemed to remain perpetually young.


Yue He looked over at Yang Kai with worry, but saw that he was completely fine. Not only was he not showing any signs of being poisoned, but he was also looking at Du Niang Zi with interest.


She couldn’t help but wonder how Yang Kai was resisting her poison.


Yue He didn’t know about the extremely rich Dragon Blood flowing through Yang Kai’s body. The Dragon Clan had a strong resistance towards all forms of poison. Not to mention the poison technique secretly cast by Du Niang Zi, even if he swallowed her most potent poison, he would not be in any trouble at all.


What’s more, Yang Kai had also condensed his Wood Element from the essence of the Immortal Tree and his Fire Element from the Golden Crow’s True Fire. Even if a little poison managed to enter his system, it would be easily eliminated by these two energies.


When Du Niang Zi spoke, Chen Tian Fei chuckled, “Don’t underestimate Little Brother Yang, this King suffered a bit of loss at his hands just recently. If this King’s guess is right, he has condensed a Sixth-Order Fire Element!”


Only a Sixth-Order Fire Element Power could make him suffer when he received Yang Kai’s palm. Under that palm, Chen Tian Fei felt a scorching energy invading his body and it took him a lot of effort to expel it.


Of course, Yang Kai hadn’t used his full strength, otherwise, Chen Tian Fei would not have mistakenly judged it as Sixth-Order.


“Sixth-Order Fire Element!”


As soon as this was brought to light, the Scarlet Star Managers were all shocked.


Being able to condense a Sixth-Order Fire Element showed how impressive Yang Kai’s abilities were. Most people couldn’t bear the pressure of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven material, More importantly, Sixth-Order materials were invaluable and priceless enough for all Open Heaven Realm Masters to compete for them. Generally, only those who belonged to top forces were qualified to condense Sixth-Order materials.


“Little boy, you’re quite ambitious!” Du Niang Zi couldn’t help but re-examine Yang Kai, “Are you trying to reach the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm?”


Yang Kai grinned at her, showing his white fangs, “First one!”


“What first one?” Du Niang Zi furrowed her brow. She had a bad premonition as if she was being targeted by a poisonous snake, which made her hair stand on end.


“Why are you talking so much nonsense with him? Let’s just kill him and get it over with. How dare he disdain my Scarlet Star! A trivial Emperor Realm trash shamelessly wants to be my Scarlet Star’s Manager? Ridiculous!”


From a seat on the right, an icy voice came from an ethereal figure. There was someone sitting there, but it looked like a constantly distorting shadow, making it extremely difficult to see his face. Even his voice was erratic. He was none other than Gan Hong, the one Yue He mentioned was proficient in assassination!


“Second one!” Yang Kai nodded.


A thunderous voice came from the left side, reverberating in the hall, “Is there something wrong with your head, Brat? What first one, second one?”


Yang Kai ignored this voice and looked at Chen Tian Fei, asking, “Manager Chen, it’s different from what you said. Didn’t we come here to discuss my admission into Scarlet Star and making me a Manager? These Managers don’t seem to be very keen on it.”


Chen Tian Fei looked at him with a smile and replied, “That’s right, but this King said before it that if you want to be a Scarlet Star Manager, you need the approval of four Managers at the very least. But now, it seems that no one agrees with this idea. Furthermore, since ancient times, Scarlet Star has only ever had seven Managers. We really don’t have an extra seat for you to sit on. So… I’m afraid that you will have to give up on this idea.”


If Yang Kai had agreed to be a Junior Commander, Chen Tian Fei would more than welcome it. Having someone as strong as Yang Kai under him would also be good news for Chen Tian Fei. He could naturally forget about Yang Kai beating Zhao Xing Chen in the face of such benefits.


However, Yang Kai’s audacity and greed were higher than the Heavens themselves. He didn’t even place any importance on a Junior Commander or Great Commander position and wanted to stand on equal footing with Scarlet Star’s true leaders.


How could Chen Tian Fei agree to such a thing? He invited Yang Kai here to lure him into a trap. Now that the Scarlet Star Managers were gathered here and the Spirit Array of the hall had been activated, Yang Kai could not escape. He didn’t need to pretend to be polite and compliant now.




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  1. Most people can’t handle refining 6th order materials? And here is Yang kai having casually refined a other order wood element and minimum 8th order fire and earth element. These people would lose their shit if they knew the truth. He absolutely has to keep his elements secret.

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