Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4004, My Turn


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai nodded when he heard this, “I understand what Manager Chen means, you mean to say that Scarlet Star will always only have seven Managers?”


“You can say that!” Chen Tian Fei slightly smiled.


“That makes things easy.” Yang Kai also grinned, “I just have to kill one of you and take his or her seat.”


Just as he stated this, he kicked the ground as he flew towards Du Niang Zi like a Great Peng spreading its wings.


Yang Kai was decisive in his actions, acting the moment he declared his intentions.


No one had expected him to be so ruthless. Everyone thought that Yang Kai’s hands and feet would be tied here, leaving him at their mercy. His life and death would be completely up to them. No one had thought that he would be the first to launch an assault.






Everyone angrily shouted as they flew off their seats one after another. Especially Gan Hong, the moment his figure moved, he disappeared into the darkness in a flash.


The Ou Yang Brothers, who had been sitting still like a mountain, also moved swiftly. Their auras became connected, giving the impression that they had turned into one person, mutually strengthening one another.


Chen Tian Fei’s plump and round body bounced like a ball, flying straight at Yang Kai.


*Dong dong dong…*


The towering Bei Yu Shan strode forward, shaking the hall every time his feet touched the ground. His body suddenly grew to more than twenty metres tall and his muscles radiated a tremendous might. He stood right before Du Niang Zi like a hill and smiled wickedly at Yang Kai before throwing a punch at him.


A boom reverberated inside the hall, deafening everyone’s ears, Bei Yu Shan’s punch was so strong that it could shatter a mountain.


In front of everyone’s disbelieving eyes though, instead of trying to dodge or evade, Yang Kai threw a punch of his own, meeting fist-to-fist with his enemy.


Yue He’s beautiful face turned pale as she shouted, “Be careful!”


She was anxious like an ant on a hot wok. She had informed Yang Kai before that Bei Yu Shan was born with great innate strength that could crush mountains. How could Yang Kai be thinking of taking this punch head-on? Wasn’t that tantamount to bringing disgrace to himself?


The others couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight of this.


Among the Managers of Scarlet Star, Bei Yu Shan was the strongest in terms of pure physical power. He had a Special Constitution, giving him innate brute strength comparable to exotic beasts. Within the same realm, no one could block his punch. Not to mention that he was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm Junior. Although there were no Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Grand Ancient Ruins, and Bei Yu Shan was unable to exert his full strength here, he still had his foundation. An ant couldn’t compete with an elephant in physical strength, could it?


It was simply an impossible feat!


Only now did Chen Tian Fei realize how headstrong and unyielding Yang Kai was! He had gone to such great lengths to bring Yang Kai here, but it seems he was acting too cautiously. Had he known this would happen, he would not have bothered coming up with such an elaborate scheme!


All kinds of thoughts flashed across everyone’s mind as the remaining Scarlet Star Managers abruptly stopped, watching patiently. It looked like they could all predict what would happen next.


A deafening explosion suddenly rang out…


What happened after the clash made everyone’s face twitch violently. When the two fists clashed with each other, it wasn’t the smaller Yang Kai who was sent flying, but the twenty-metre-tall Bei Yue Shan.


His enormous body flew out like a sack and crashed straight into the rear wall, creating a huge indent. At the same time, the entire hall quaked violently.


Yang Kai’s figure just shook a little before he continued charging forward without losing any momentum.


“Impossible!” Chen Tian Fei almost bit his tongue off in shock. His long and big eyes were narrow because of all the fat on his body, but they were now widened bigger than a bull’s eyes. What he was seeing had simply subverted his expectations. He simply couldn’t believe it.


The Ou Yang Brothers and Lady Qin also lost their wits!


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai arrived within a hundred metres of Du Niang Zi, grinning from ear to ear.


Apparently, Du Niang Zi had failed to realize her predicament as her thoughts had been thrown into chaos. When she came to her senses, Yang Kai’s grim smile was right in front of her face.


Her expression involuntarily changed as she promptly opened her mouth and breathed a pink mist at him. At the same time, she shattered the chair behind her as she retreated back.


The mist was extremely poisonous. Even an Open Heaven Realm Master would not be able to resist it if he or she was struck. If one couldn’t remove the poison in time, they would be reduced to a pool of pus.


Yang Kai charged straight into the mist, however, his body swaying slightly the next moment. Obviously, he was affected by the poison.


Du Niang Zi couldn’t stop giggling, “Boy, I have to hand it to you, you actually sent that brute flying, but this Great Aunt’s Soul Devouring Smog isn’t so easy to deal with. You can slowly enjoy the pain of your Soul melting!”


Just as she stated this though, her eyes widened in shock as she stared in Yang Kai’s direction in horror.


Inside the pink smog, Yang Kai opened his mouth and took a deep breath, directly inhaling like a whale swallowing water. Afterwards, he looked towards Du Niang Zi as his eyes glowed with a dazzling light, shaking Du Niang Zi’s Soul!


Du Niang Zi couldn’t help but scream as her tender figure rapidly fled back.


“Where do you think you are going?” Yang Kai coldly snorted and stretched his hand towards her before clenching it. The next moment, Space Principle fluctuations undulated as Yang Kai caught Du Niang Zi by her slender neck, ignoring the distance between the two, and slowly pulled her before him.


Du Niang Zi struggled hard, but the big hand that had grabbed her neck remained unmoving.


Suddenly, Du Niang Zi’s figure exploded with a bang as poisonous liquid flew everywhere, splashing all over Yang Kai.


Immediately after, sizzling sounds echoed in the hall as Yang Kai’s clothes melted away, revealing his slender yet well-proportioned muscles. In addition, there was a film of khaki light over the surface of his body. When Du Niang Zi’s highly toxic poison splashed on this khaki film, it was unable to corrode it at all and just slid down it.


“You…” Du Niang Zi’s reconstituted figure stared at Yang Kai in horror. She really couldn’t understand why the poison she was so proud of had no effect on this boy.


“Earth Element Power!” Yue He covered her mouth in shock and murmured to herself, looking at the khaki-coloured aura around Yang Kai.


[If memory serves me right, Yang Kai told me a few months back that he had only condensed his Wood and Fire Elements, so where did this Power of Earth come from? And it seems to be of High-Order as well; otherwise, how could it resist Du Niang Zi’s poison so easily?]


She couldn’t help but think about the time when Yang Kai had disappeared in the Crouching Dragon Mountains for twenty days. Could it be that he condensed his Power of Earth during that time?


“Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?” Yang Kai stared coldly at Du Niang Zi.


Du Niang Zi’s pupils immediately dilated. She was so horrified that she couldn’t even speak. She was shivering like a quail in the cold winter. The poison she was proud of had no effect on Yang Kai, leaving her without any other options.


“My turn!” Yang Kai cruelly smiled as he stretched out and pinched Du Niang Zi’s cherry-red lips. Afterwards, he brought his head closer to her, and under her terrified gaze, he took a deep breath as his chest and abdomen ballooned.


“Fire Dragon’s… Flaming Breath!”


Yang Kai spat out a scorching hot jet of flame straight into Du Niang Zi’s body from less than an arm’s length away. Naturally, it was the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


Du Niang Zi instantly started screaming in pain, writhing left and right, but she couldn’t break free from Yang Kai’s grip. All the poison on her body splashed out randomly, but Yang Kai didn’t even try to dodge or evade it. He let the poison fall on him while depending on his Power of Earth to defend himself.


“Stop!” Chen Tian Fei shouted as his round and plump body turned into a ball of meat, slamming straight at Yang Kai.


The others also violently attacked Yang Kai at that moment.


When they saw Yang Kai being enveloped by the Soul Devouring Smog earlier, they all thought that everything was settled. Yang Kai was going to die for sure and they instantly relaxed, but they had never thought that their brief moment of laxity would result in Du Niang Zi’s capture. How could they dare to hesitate any longer?


In the blink of an eye, Chen Tian Fei, the Ou Yang Brothers, and Bei Yu Shan, who had just crawled back up, charged straight at Yang Kai. Each of them summoned their artifact or used Secret Technique to attack Yang Kai.




Beastly roars suddenly resounded through the hall as two enormous figures, one red and one black, appeared out of thin air. One breathed fearsome flames to defend against the enemies, while the other spattered toxic and sticky mucus everywhere, forcing the Scarlet Star Managers to flee.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon had taken the stage!


The two 300-metre-long exotic beasts coiled around Yang Kai, guarding him with an airtight defence. All the oncoming attacks were blocked by the two exotic beasts!


Chen Tian Fei and the others were immediately flabbergasted.


Yang Kai still continued to breathe flames at Du Niang Zi, whose screams were gradually becoming hoarse. She was staring at Yang Kai with a pleading look in her eyes.


Unfortunately for her, Yang Kai remained unmoved.


Suddenly, sonorous and melodious chimes rang out as if someone was plucking the strings of a guqin. When these chimes entered everyone’s ears, they found themselves in an illusion, making them uneasy. It was none other than Lady Qin, who had taken out her guqin at some point and plucked its strings with her soft and tender hands gently, creating invisible sound attacks!


Yue He let out a light snort and arrived before Yang Kai in a flash. She summoned her Little Flower Umbrella and twirled it. The next moment, ripples emerged from the umbrella one after another, spreading into the surrounding.


The melodious and sonorous zither music immediately became discordant, causing Lady Qin’s pretty face to involuntarily sink!


With the two exotic beasts on the defence, and Yue He blocking the front, Scarlet Star Managers couldn’t do anything at all. They wanted to rescue Du Niang Zi, but they couldn’t find any openings. All they could do was helplessly watch Du Niang Zi suffer miserably, much to their frustration.


The sharp screams slowly became faint before they ceased to exist. Du Niang Zi’s vitality had disappeared into thin air in just a dozen breaths.


The next moment, Yang Kai shut his mouth, cutting off the scorching flames. As he shook Du Niang Zi a little, her body jiggled left and right as if she had no bones left. And along with all the shaking, bloody foam flowed out of her seven orifices, along with her internal organs.


“First one!” Yang Kai threw Du Niang Zi’s corpse aside as if he was throwing away a piece of garbage.


The hall sank into complete silence. The Scarlet Star Managers’ eyes fiercely trembled as their gaze alternated between Yang Kai and Du Niang Zi’s corpse. They couldn’t believe that Du Niang Zi, who had been with them for hundreds of years, actually died just like that.


Moreover, she died a miserable death at the hands of an Emperor Realm Junior!


If they were outside, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been Du Niang Zi’s opponent at all as she was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Not to mention a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, even if he was up against a First-Order or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he would have to escape at the first sight of them.


But the special environment of the Grant Ancient Ruins Boundary allowed Yang Kai to flaunt his skill before these Open Heaven Realm Masters. The Small Universes in their bodies were suppressed and sealed, making it impossible for them to mobilize their World Force. As such, killing these Open Heaven Realm Masters was now as easy as killing Emperor Realm cultivators.




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    1. I’m recalling the Half-Saint succubus, whom he hunted down, the Feather Clan sniper that took a pot shot at him and tried to hide in an army of mooks, there were earlier occasions on Shadow Star, I think, maybe others, but usually he avoids it, yes.

      1. He fought against the half saint charm demon because she helped Yue Sang ambush Yang Kai and the other half saint that had helped Yue Sang already went back to the Star boundary iirc, so Yang Kai wasn’t really fighting a Group at that time.
        And with the feather demon sniper (I assume you mean during the battle at star soul palace after he got the azure spear?), she definitely wasn’t the first he killed in that battle

  1. I love the implication that Yang kai can casually kill open heaven realm masters, but it’s just because they can use world force that he can’t beat them outside. Of course this has to do alot with the fact that he refined 3 very high order materials. Because of this people who have refined lower quality materials can’t do anything to him. I do think he will have trouble against 6th order open heaven, and I don’t think he can beat 7th order. Even against 6th order he probably wouldn’t be able to beat them, after all he only has 3 elements whereas every open heaven realm master has 7 elements that strengthen each other. Even if he was strong enough to beat 6th order open heaven realm masters, he would have to go all out which would end up revealing the order of the materials he has refined so far, which would be very bad for him. Even if he doesn’t reveal that he has refined 8th order materials, he will definitely reveal that he has refined 7th order materials, just from the fact that he can defeat a 6th order in the first place.

  2. That was pretty out of character for YK. He usually doesn’t like killing women. Especially ones that he doesn’t have a grudge against.

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