Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4005, See If I Dare


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the hall with the flickering flames, Yang Kai’s cold and piercing voice chilled the hearts of the Scarlet Star Managers.


Only now did everyone realize what Yang Kai meant by ‘first one’. Du Niang Zi was the first to offend Yang Kai, resulting in her being the first to be killed.


If there was the first, then there was a second…


Suddenly, a light clang rang and sparks flew about as Gan Hong’s figure mysteriously appeared beside Yang Kai out of thin air, slashing diagonally at him with the curved blade in his hand.


The Power of Earth around Yang Kai’s body was unable to block this attack completely, allowing Gan Hong’s sharp blade to leave a long gash on Yang Kai’s waist, drawing fresh blood from the cut.


However, Gan Hong, who had finally appeared again, looked stunned, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.


That was because his attack didn’t have the intended effect. A forearm-length gash might appear terrifying, but his sneak attack should have cut Yang Kai in two.


When his curved blade cut through Yang Kai’s body, Gan Hong instantly realized that the physique of this young man was unreasonably strong and firm. Yang Kai’s sturdy body could actually withstand his attack that could even split the Heavens and the Earth.


Horrified, Gan Hong’s figure flickered as it disappeared into the darkness once again, immediately retreating.


His concealment technique was unparalleled, so even a Master who was one or two Orders higher than him might be unable to track him.


While he was making a quick retreat, his eyes happened to meet Yang Kai’s gaze, and the next moment, his heart clenched as he saw a golden vertical pupil suddenly appear in Yang Kai’s left eye. The sight was extremely daunting. Under the gaze of this golden pupil, Gan Hong couldn’t help but feel an invisible pressure bearing down on him.


The next moment, he saw a ghastly smile creep up on Yang Kai’s lips, who raised his hand and summoned a long spear into his grasp. However, Gan Hong failed to notice Yang Kai’s next move. All he saw was a spear coming at him as its sharp tip rapidly enlarged in his vision. The murderous intent emanating from the tip of the spear made his Soul shudder.


Gan Hong’s face turned pale and he promptly raised his curved blade to parry the oncoming thrust.


With a deafening clap, Gan Hong felt a tremendous force passing through the curved blade as his skinny figure was sent flying. In a flash, he felt like a boat caught in a stormy sea, at risk of capsizing at any moment.


Gan Hong shouted as his concealment technique was disrupted, “Save me!”


At the same time, a figure hurriedly rushed towards Chen Tian Fei.


Chen Tian Fei’s facial fat twitched wildly at the sight of this and he secretly cursed Gan Hong for putting him in danger; however, he really couldn’t just sit by and not save the latter. Chen Tian Fei’s figure transformed into a ball of meat as it rolled straight towards Yang Kai, carrying an unstoppable momentum with him.


The Ou Yang Brothers’ aura became interlinked with each other. One controlled fire, and the other controlled ice, creating an ice-fire attack that flew straight at Yang Kai. 


In response, the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s figure moved to block them.


Lady Qin plucked her guqin’s strings once again, but the sound attack was blocked by Yue He. The two women were locked in a heated contest.


As for the Earth Dragon, its mouth chomped as it sprayed sticky mucus towards Bei Yu Shan. Bei Yu Shan might have the strength to flip mountains, but facing this exotic beast that was like a slippery loach, he was having a difficult time as he was unable to break the Earth Dragon’s defence.


The entire hall was in chaos as various kinds of energy were wreaking havoc.


Chen Tian Fei hurriedly shouted, “Little Brother Yang, please stop, we can talk about this!”


“Whatever there is to talk about, we can do it later!” Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile. Looking at the ball of meat rolling towards him with unparalleled force, he thrust his spear straight towards it. The next moment, a black ball appeared on the tip of the spear before shooting ahead as terrifying Space Principle fluctuations undulated.


A deafening explosion rang out as space shattered, forcing Chen Tian Fei back. Every time he stepped back, his plump body shrank visibly. His clothes started to become loose and oversized as his entire body was drenched in sweat, as if he was just pulled out of the ocean.


After finally regaining his footing, Fatty Chen Tian looked like an ordinary-sized man, the only difference being that his face was extremely pale.


When he looked around, his now thin face couldn’t help but twitch.


Because he saw that Gan Hong had already been pushed to the wall and was unable to retreat anymore, a panicked look on his face.


Yang Kai’s eyes shone with brilliance as he thrust out his spear. 


Gan Hong shouted in horror. He was an Open Heaven Realm Master, but in the Ancient Ruins Boundary, he couldn’t display his full strength. He couldn’t be any more vexed.


He mustered up all the strength he could bring out and poured it into the curved blade in his hand before hacking down. Immediately after, a peerless sword aura shot straight at Yang Kai like a torrential river.


However, the Azure Dragon Spear shattered through the curved blade before a light squishing sound rang out. The next moment, it was as if time had frozen.


Chen Tian Fei’s brow twitched hard as he stared at the scene painted on the wall, feeling as bitter and frustrated as if he had eaten bitter gourd.


The Ou Yang Brothers also stopped moving together while Lady Qin stopped playing her zither. Bei Yu Shan also turned to look.


To everyone’s surprise, on the tip of Yang Kai’s spear hung a somewhat scrawny figure. It was none other than Gan Hong.


The Azure Dragon Spear had pierced through Gan Hong’s chest and out his back. Yang Kai grabbed the spear with one arm and lifted it up high. His current stance made him look like a figure from legend, causing the remaining Scarlet Star Managers’ eyes to tremble in disbelief.


“Ke…” Gan Hong lightly coughed and spurted blood before he warned with difficulty, “If you kill me… Head Manager will not let you off.”


Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at him with a grin, “Are those your last words?”


Gan Hong’s eyes widened as he roared, “You dare?”


Yang Kai shook his arm a little as violent energy passed along the Azure Dragon Spear, invading Gan Hong’s body and wreaking havoc.


Gan Hong let out miserable screams, but only for three breaths before falling silent.


Yang Kai’s grim and ghastly voice reverberated the next moment, “See whether I dare or not!”


Yang Kai flicked his spear, but not a single drop of blood spilled. Afterwards, he turned around and looked at the remaining Managers, smiling slightly as he casually commented, “Second one!”


Lady Qin’s finger trembled, accidentally plucking the string as an ethereal chime echoed in the hall. The Ou Yang Brothers’ faces turned cold, whereas a tight frown appeared on Bei Yu Shan’s brow. Chen Tian Fei was drenched in a cold sweat from head to toe.


Yang Kai looked at him with a smile, “Manager Chen, you look much better now.”


Yang Kai was being honest. Chen Tian Fei looked handsome in his thin state, but because he cultivated some strange Secret Art, he had to maintain his fat body. Now that all of his fat had disappeared, he had regained his handsome and elegant appearance.


Chen Tian Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in the face of Yang Kai’s teasing, wearing a complicated look on his face.


Yang Kai looked around as he rested his spear on his shoulders and stated, “Manager Chen just said that Scarlet Star only ever has seven Managers, and there aren’t any seats available for me. Fortunately, there are seats available now, and I want one of them, do you have any objections?”


No one answered, in fact, no one dared to speak at will. Everyone was on tenterhooks, afraid that Yang Kai would attack again.


After this battle, the Scarlet Star Managers realized that this boy was a complete lunatic. He wasn’t even afraid of challenging Open Heaven Realm Masters when he was just an Emperor Realm Junior. More importantly though, a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters were beaten black and blue by him. If word about this incident got out, they would not be able to lift their heads in public ever again.


“This is your territory, so we will follow your rules. Manager Chen also said before that if I want to be a Manager of Scarlet Star, I need the approval of four or more current Managers! So ladies and gentlemen, please state your opinion, do you agree or disagree!”


Chen Tian Fei and the others were filled with unspoken criticism after hearing this. [So you know you are on our turf?]


Although they had hearts full of complaints, they had no choice but to give it serious thought.


Both Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong were dead. Although they had some friendship with these two, it wasn’t deep enough for them to seek revenge against this madman who could easily kill the two of them.


Furthermore, Yang Kai’s combat power was quite terrifying. If they could really have him as a Scarlet Star Manager, it would greatly benefit Scarlet Star.


So, after some pondering for a moment, Chen Tian Fei was the first to raise his hand and declare, “I agree!”


Melodious chimes of zither rang as Lady Qin agreed with a smile, “I agree too!”


The Ou Yang Brothers looked at each other and nodded their consents.


Bei Yu Shan stood there scratching his head. He looked at Du Niang Zi’s corpse and agreed in a humming voice, “Then, I agree too.”


Chen Tian Fei immediately cupped his fists and welcomed Yang Kai, “Little Brother Yang, welcome to Scarlet Star, everyone will be one family from now on. There will be times when we will have to rely on you, please don’t refuse!”


Yang Kai calmly smiled, “Very good.”


The nearby Yue He suddenly stated, “I also want to be a Scarlet Star Manager!”


Seeing everyone turn their gaze at her, Yue He assumed a stance that said that it was a matter of course, “Your Scarlet Star is short of two Managers, can’t I make up the number?”


Chen Tian Fei blinked his eyes in dumbfoundedness before agreeing with a smile, “Of course, you are very welcome!”


They had been trying to make Yue He join Scarlet Star for some time now, but she had always been ambiguous with her responses. Now, she was asking to join Scarlet Star of her own accord, so why would they refuse?


And as she had brutally mentioned, Scarlet Star was short of two Managers, so they needed to fill the numbers. Not to mention, Yue He herself was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, someone stronger than Chen Tian Fei and the others, making her more than qualified.


After the fight, two top positions in Scarlet Star had changed hands. Yang Kai and Yue He joined Scarlet Star as the Sixth and Seventh Managers respectively. Even though the others weren’t exactly happy about this situation, their strength had indeed been boosted. Chen Tian Fei and the others could also accept this result.


Now that Yang Kai was a Manager of Scarlet Star, he didn’t need to act wantonly arrogant anymore. Yang Kai straightened his clothes, put away the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon, and started chatting with Chen Tian Fei and the others.


After a while, Yang Kai asked, “What about the Head Manager? I’m a new member of Scarlet Star, don’t I have to greet him?”


Chen Tian Fei smiled lightly, “Head Manager is in retreat year-round. Even we don’t see him often, so why would he care about overseeing us? If the opportunity presents itself, I will introduce Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly. He couldn’t help but be a little curious about Scarlet Star’s Head Manager. He didn’t participate in this fight at all, like a hidden Dragon that shows its tail but never its face. Who knew if it was as Yue He had said, that he was trying to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.




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  1. So was the head manager guy in retreat inside the Star City? And just didn’t care about the fog and is now trying to break through the sixth order in a world where there is no Open Heaven Realm? Or was he somewhere remote and isn’t even in the same world as them currently?

    1. You probably can’t break through to a new open heaven realm in this world, but he can probably still cultivate to accumulate experience or so (like Ruo Xi, she cultivated in the sealed world bead, but went outside to break through)

    2. Open heaven realm masters level up by strengthening the 7 elements in their body, at least that’s what I have gathered. They don’t really need the universe in order to level up. Even if the small universe in their body is sealed and they can’t use it to strengthen themselves and fight, they are still there in their bodies. Since these universes are formed using the 7 elements in their bodies, strengthening the elements should strengthen the universe even if it is sealed, meaning it shouldn’t matter that the universes are sealed, they should still be able to level up. At least that’s my thoughts on the matter. Maybe he really can’t level up in this place and he will find out once his breakthrough fails. Though my bet is on him succeeding. Yang kai can even beat 5th order open heaven, but I think he would have trouble against 6th orders, especially if he wants to keep the orders of the materials he has refined a secret. Which means there has to be 6th order open heaven realm masters for him to fight in this place.

  2. pretty much this entire fight was funny to me as since it said his clothes melted away by her poison i’v been imagining him fighting and killing them while he is completly naked, and thats just funny to me.

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