Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4006, Apologise


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Outside the audience hall, the Great Moon Province disciples were waiting with bated breath. They were surrounded by a few Scarlet Star cultivators who were glaring at them, their gazes filled with malicious intent.


Meng Hong and the others felt like they were on pins and needles, but there was nothing they could do.


The door of the main hall remained closed, so they had no idea what was going on inside. Be that as it may, Meng Hong could vaguely tell that Yang Kai and Yue He had definitely entered a Dragon’s den.


Just when Meng Hong and the others were feeling restless, the door of the main hall suddenly opened wide.


Meng Hong was startled and hurriedly raised his head to look; however, what he saw next blew his mind away. Yang Kai walked right out of the door in the lead, with Yue He closely following behind him. Furthermore, a handsome and kind-looking middle-aged man was accompanying them. The middle-aged man was quite strange as his clothes were quite loose and his face was a little pale, but he was still maintaining a smile.


When they arrived before everyone, the middle-aged man finally spoke, “Sixth Manager, Seventh Manager, please stay at your previous inn for a few days while I arrange things here. I will notify you when I am done; then, you can move in. If you have any requests, feel free to let me know and I will ask someone to meet them.”


Yang Kai smiled and stated, “Do as you see fit, I don’t have any special requests.”


The middle-aged man replied, “Then this Chen will look after the arrangements. If Sixth and Seventh Managers don’t like them, they can always be changed.”


“Many thanks, Manager Chen!” Yang Kai cupped his fists slightly.


Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement before calling Meng Hong and the others over and walking off towards the inn.


After they had travelled a fair distance, Meng Hong couldn’t hold his curiosity and finally asked to confirm his guess, “Brother Yang, was that Chen Tian Fei of Scarlet Star?”


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded his affirmation.


Meng Hong was quite surprised, “How did he become like that? Wasn’t he fat before?”


Yue He pursed her lips into a smile and replied, “Of course, he was beaten to the point he lost weight. His foundation is damaged now. Who knows how long it will take for him to recover.”


[He became thin from being beaten?]


The Great Moon Province disciples looked at each other in confusion. They thought that Chen Tian Fei was beaten to this point by Yue He, imagining a great battle between two equal opponents must have happened in the hall, otherwise why would Chen Tian Fei be following her and Yang Kai so mildly?


“What’s this Sixth and Seventh Manager about?” Meng Hong asked in confusion.


Yang Kai replied, “Yue He and I have joined Scarlet Star, we will be Managers from now on.”


“Joined Scarlet Star?” Meng Hong was shocked. He had heard Yang Kai mention being a Scarlet Star Manager at the inn, but he didn’t expect for it to come true, and so quickly. Nevertheless, it was good news for them. Yang Kai and Yue He could provide them with better shelter as Scarlet Star Managers.


Meng Hong sighed in admiration, looking at Yang Kai who had joined the top echelons of Scarlet Star as an Emperor Realm cultivator. When he compared himself with Yang Kai, how he couldn’t even make the woman he had a crush on love him back, and how she gave herself to another man instead for a better sense of security, Meng Hong couldn’t help feeling a little sad and ashamed.


Yang Kai could tell what was going through his head with one look at his state, but he had no idea how to comfort Meng Hong; all he could do was pat him on the shoulder.


When they returned to the inn, Zhao Xing Chen was nowhere to be found. The entire inn was in shambles and the manager of the inn was sitting behind the counter, feeling sorry for himself. When he saw Yang Kai and the others return alive though, his eyes involuntarily widened.


Everyone else returned to their room while Yue He ran to Yang Kai’s room and sat at his table, resting her cheek on her palm and staring at Yang Kai with an obsessed look on her face.


Yang Kai completely ignored her. In his opinion, she was completely crazy and it was better not to provoke her.


But Yang Kai was a little concerned about one thing, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t Scarlet Star have seven Managers? There were seven people in the hall though, right? Together with their Head Manager, wouldn’t that make it eight people?”


Chen Tian Fei, Bei Yue Shan, the Ou Yang Brothers, and Lady Qin altogether made it five, and including Gan Hong and Du Niang Zi who were killed, it was seven.


Yue He pursed her lips into a cute smile, “The Ou Yang Brothers advance and retreat together as one soul in two bodies, so they are always considered as one.”


Yang Kai suddenly understood. He threw a Dragon Blood Pill into his mouth and closed his eyes to refine it.


“I have a question too!” Yue He suddenly turned around and sat at the edge of the bed. A sweet and seductive smell wafted from her as she looked at Yang Kai with her beautiful eyes.


“What is it?” Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at her.


Yue He asked, “Have you already condensed your Earth Element?”




“I knew it!” Yue He softly sighed. She had guessed that the defensive shield around Yang Kai’s body was created by his Earth Element, but it was confirmed at this moment, “Did you get it from the Crouching Dragon Mountains?”


After thinking about it, she realized the only time Yang Kai had a chance to condense his Earth Element was during the twenty days he went missing back in the Crouching Dragon Mountain Range.


It was just that she couldn’t understand what he had found.


“Why do you ask?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


“Seventh-Order?” Yue He asked nonchalantly, staring straight at him.


Yang Kai closed his eyes, too lazy to answer her.


Yue He sighed and continued, “I guess you didn’t listen to my warning. Do you know that you are digging your own grave?”


Yang Kai snappily responded, “If you have something to say, speak up. I’m just gathering my Five Elements, how is that the same as digging my own grave?”


Yue He opened her lips but stopped just when she was about to speak. Finally, she looked away and muttered, “When you leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, you can ask Lan You Ruo. If she wants to tell you, she will naturally tell you. If she doesn’t want to, come to me then.” 


Then she switched the conversation topic and sternly warned, “Let me repeat it again, do not let others know that you have condensed Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm materials; otherwise, no one in the entire 3,000 Worlds can guarantee your life, not even Lan You Ruo!”


Saying so, she swiftly left the room.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow. Yue He had warned him about this before, but she always spoke vaguely. There appeared to be some unspeakable secret about this subject!


Yang Kai was filled with doubts, wondering what was so dangerous about what he was doing.


Yue He only thought that he had refined Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm materials, but if she knew that he had actually gathered stronger Elements, she would definitely go crazy.


Yang Kai didn’t completely trust Yue He, but he could tell that she held no malice towards him. [I guess I have to ask the Proprietress after leaving this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.]


Scarlet Star’s management was very efficient and in just two days, Chen Tian Fei had already arranged Yang Kai’s new mansion.


He personally came to the inn to guide Yang Kai and Yue He to their residences; after all, they were the Sixth and Seventh Managers of Scarlet Star now. If they continued living in a common inn, it would be detrimental to Scarlet Star’s face.


The mansion was big and its location was good. It wasn’t any worse than the other Managers’ homes.


Chen Tian Fei led Yang Kai and Yue He around the mansion and introduced its facilities. After a while, they arrived at a hall where the host and guests took their seats, while maids served them tea and water.


Chen Tian Fei sat right below the host’s seat, smiling brightly, “Are the two of you satisfied with the mansion? If you aren’t, just inform this Chen and I will have the adjustments made to your specifications.”


In just two days, he had gained a lot of weight already, so the fat on his face shook when he smiled.


Yang Kai nodded and replied, “Manager Chen is thoughtful, everything is perfectly fine.”


As far as he was concerned, this mansion was just a temporary stopover, there was no need to be too particular about it.


Chen Tian Fei responded, “That’s good.” Saying so, he lightly coughed, and clapped his hands, “Come in.”


Two people walked in immediately, one man and one woman. The man was limping when he walked. He was none other than Zhao Xing Chen who had his knees broken by Yang Kai before.


Obviously, he had taken some precious pills over these two days; otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to heal so quickly.


When he saw Zhao Xing Chen, Meng Hong, who had been standing behind Yang Kai, had no change in his expression, but when he saw the woman, a complicated look inevitably appeared on his face.


The woman was none other than Chen Yue.


The two walked in one after the other. Zhao Xing Chen had a flattering smile on his face, while Chen Yue was staring at her feet. Her hair was hanging over her head, covering her face. Only the Heavens knew what kind of expression was on her face at the moment.


“Greetings, Sixth Manager, Seventh Manager!” Zhao Xing Chen’s face was still slightly bruised, and several of his teeth were missing, so when he spoke, his words were a little slurred.


At this moment, he possessed none of the arrogance he had two days ago. He put a smile on his face that was uglier than crying, and assumed a flattering stance.


Chen Yue also elegantly bowed and greeted in a mosquito voice, “Greetings Sir and Madam.”


Yang Kai looked at Chen Tian Fei with a shadow of a smile, “Brother Chen, what’s the meaning of this?”


Chen Tian Fei replied solemnly, “Sixth Manager, this brat had eyes but failed to see and offended you before. Although you have taught him a lesson, in the end, he is still guilty of offending you. My Scarlet Star has strict rules, and anyone who dares to go against their superior deserves severe punishment! Today, I made this brat come and apologise to you. Whether you want to kill him or cripple him is your choice. This King won’t interfere!”


His words were quite eloquent, making him appear just and fair.


Zhao Xing Chen was startled after hearing this and immediately looked at him and cried pitifully, “Brother-in-law!”


“You still have the gall to call me brother-in-law!?” Chen Tian Fei coldly snorted, “This King has lost all face thanks to you! I told you a long time ago not to use your status as a Junior Commander to cause trouble. I told you that there is always someone better than you, but you didn’t believe me. You bastard, you are lucky that you ran into Sixth Manager who showed you mercy. If it was someone more ruthless, you would have died many times already!”


He then turned to Yang Kai and proclaimed, “Sixth Manager, I will leave him to you. If you want to kill him, you can do so. I, Chen Tian Fei, won’t stop you.”


Saying so, he really closed his eyes, giving the impression that his heart would not grieve for what he couldn’t see.


Zhao Xing Chen was horrified. Realizing that he could not count on Chen Tian Fei, he could only kneel on the ground and beg Yang Kai, “Sixth Manager, please spare me. I must have been possessed at the time and failed to see the truth, offending Sixth Manager which deserves capital punishment! This waste has learned his lesson and will never repeat this mistake again! Sixth Manager, please spare me!”


While begging, he kept kowtowing again and again. After a few moments, he started bleeding from the spot on his head that was banging against the floor.


Yang Kai looked at him indifferently, only declaring after a good while, “Commander Zhao, there is no grudge between you and I. Even if there is, you have just offended this King, and this King broke your legs in return. The matter is settled. If you want to live, it’s not me that you should beg!”


Zhao Xing Chen was startled when he heard this, but the next moment, he realized what Yang Kai meant and quickly acted upon it. He turned to Meng Hong and squeezed a smile as he sadly begged, “Brother Meng…”


Silavin: ‘He became thin from beating?’ – Guys, don’t learn this. BDSM is great but let’s not go there. You won’t lose weight when tied up and getting beaten.




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