Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4009, Yuan Magnetic Mountain


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Meng Hong slowly raised his head. His face was dark, sunken, and extremely pale, but there was a glint in his eyes. He looked at Yang Kai as the corners of his lips slowly rose into a smile, “The Heavens have blessed me!”


A heavy weight was immediately lifted off Yang Kai’s shoulder and he broke into laughter, “Brother Meng is truly blessed with good fortune!”


In a situation where he was meant to die nine times out of ten, Meng Hong had carved a way out. Yang Kai might not have any idea what Meng Hong had gone through these eight days, but judging by his state and the state of the room, he could tell that Meng Hong had constantly been wandering between life and death.


After making him take a few pills and adjust his breathing, Yang Kai finally sent Meng Hong back to rest.


The Great Moon Province disciples were summoned and Meng Hong explained the entire ordeal to them personally. A look of fear immediately appeared on their faces and one of them rebuked their Eldest Senior Brother for not even saying anything to them before taking such a big risk. What would they do if he had an accident? The other Junior Brother was indignant, clamouring to kill Chen Yue for causing disturbing thoughts in their Eldest Senior Brother’s mind.


While they were raising a fuss, Yang Kai and Yue He withdrew, leaving the three Fellow Brothers to talk it out.


Over the next few days, Meng Hong’s condition improved gradually. The Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water had stripped him of the four Third-Order Elements, allowing him to return to the state when he had just condensed his Dao Seal, which was equivalent to gaining a chance to start over. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that not everyone could have.


This time, Meng Hong would naturally not act arbitrarily.


A few days later, Yang Kai went to visit Meng Hong again to ask about his future plans.


Meng Hong replied, “Since I have wiped clean my Third-Order foundation, naturally I want to achieve a higher order. Fourth-Order is too low, while Sixth-Order is beyond my capability. If I could become a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it would be worth the risk I took.”


Yang Kai lightly nodded after hearing this. Meng Hong’s ambition wasn’t big compared to his own, but for a disciple of Great Moon Province, the Fifth Order was absolutely a luxury. After all, any Fifth-Order material would cost 1.5 million Open Heaven Pills, so seven materials would cost at least 10 million Open Heaven Pills. Great Moon Province might be able to collect this sum if they were willing to sacrifice greatly for hundreds of years, but it was meaningless to do so if they couldn’t find sellers for such materials.


It should be known that even with the backing of the Proprietress, Bai Qi could only achieve the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. 


If Meng Hong could achieve the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, then he would have the chance to reach the Seventh-Order in his lifetime, ascending beyond the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm. He would have a chance to appreciate the scenery from the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


Furthermore, Meng Hong had also said that Sixth-Order materials weren’t something that he could withstand.


Someone had told Yang Kai before that condensing Higher-Order Elements wasn’t necessarily the best for a cultivator. Everyone had their own tolerance limit, and if one exceeded that limit, they might lose their life in vain before reaching the Open Heaven Realm.


Meng Hong had judged that he could at most bear Fifth-Order Elements, which was also the limit most cultivators could bear. If he went for higher Order materials, whether it was his body or Dao Seal, both would be unable to bear it.


“If it’s Fifth Order, I can give Brother Meng something!” Yang Kai stated with a flip of his hand. The next moment, a hot aura appeared in his palm, as if he was holding a small sun.


Meng Hong’s expression froze as he exclaimed, “Sun’s True Fire! Is this… something you got from the Sun Star?”


He had also seen Sun’s True Fires before; after all, he was among the Great Moon Province disciples present when the Sun Star was extinguished. He had followed Wei Que to search for the Sun’s True Fire, so Meng Hong recognized it at a glance.


Yang Kai replied with a nod, “Yes, it’s from that Sun Star.”


Yang Kai had not only seized the Golden Crow carcass right under the nose of many Open Heaven Realm Masters, but also pocketed a lot of Sun’s True Fires at the Fourth and Fifth Order. However, he didn’t have that many Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fires, just three. They had been lying useless all this time in his Space Ring, but since Meng Hong needed it now, Yang Kai would not be stingy.


Meng Hong kept staring at the Sun’s True Fire in a daze. He wanted to refuse, but at the same time, was really reluctant too.


Great Moon Province had also obtained a Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire, but instead of letting their disciples use it, they decided to exchange it for a batch of Fourth-Order materials. Owing to this careful planning, Great Moon Province would be able to raise a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master someday in the future. When that happened, Great Moon Province would be able to have a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master assume command of the Sect, allowing them to barely become a Second Class great force.


After observing Meng Hong’s words and expression, Yang Kai smiled and stated, “Brother Meng, please accept it for now and think of it as a loan. You can pay me back in the future if the opportunity presents itself.”


After Yang Kai had said so, Meng Hong couldn’t refuse anymore, so he immediately nodded, “Thanks are not enough for this kindness, this Meng will definitely not disappoint Brother Yang’s intentions.”


Urging his Qi, he wrapped the Sun’s True Fire and accepted it. In an instant, a wave of heat blew against his face, making Meng Hong involuntarily groan as his expression changed slightly.


He was used to dealing with Third-Order materials, which he could still handle with ease. Now, when he came in contact with a Fifth-Order material, he knew that not everyone could absorb these high-quality materials. If one’s foundation was lacking even a little, he or she would quite possibly get burned to death by this scorching heat once they began absorbing the Fire Element Power.


Meng Hong was secretly glad that he didn’t have overly lofty goals and only aimed for the Fifth Order. He made a wise decision.


Leaving Meng Hong to refine the Sun’s True Fire and condense his Fire Element, Yang Kai summoned the two Great Moon Province disciples to stand guard for him before finally leaving.


Passing through the corridor, Yang Kai saw a familiar figure sweeping the fallen leaves in the courtyard, which startled him slightly.


The other party seemed to have noticed him too. Chen Yue looked up and when their eyes met, she promptly lowered her head and greeted, “Sixth Manager!”


Yang Kai lightly nodded, having no intention of talking to her. Yue He had let her stay for Meng Hong to deal with. Unfortunately, Meng Hong had been in retreat all this time and now that he had a Sun’s True Fire to refine, perhaps he could care less about personal affairs for a short time.


Just as Yang Kai was about to leave, Yue He hurried over, “Guo Zi Yan was here. His men have found a Yuan Magnetic Mountain.”


“Yuan Magnetic Mountain?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


Yue He explained, “A Yuan Magnetic Mountain nurtures Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones, which are Metal Element materials.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “What’s the location?”


He had just finished gathering his Earth Element, so the next on the list was Metal. At this time, Guo Zi Yan had timely sent a message, making Yang Kai feel as if pies were falling from the sky.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but wonder whether there was a Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone in the Yuan Magnetic Mountain that was Seventh-Order or above.


Yue He handed him a jade slip which he promptly scanned with his Divine Sense. The next moment, he found a map with a spot marked a few tens of thousands of kilometres away from the Star City.


Yue He added, “Not just our people have discovered the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, but many other people have also found it. According to Guo Zi Han, some Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones have already been extracted.”


“What Order?” Yang Kai asked.


“Third-Order, Fourth-Order, Fifth-Order, all of them.” Yue He seemed to know what he wanted to ask. After she was finished speaking, her red lips moved again as she added, “Fifth-Order materials are very rare even in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. You better not expect too much.”


Yang Kai remained non-committal, “I’ll go take a look. Meng Hong is focusing on condensing his Fire Element, so you stay here and oversee things.”


“I don’t care about his life or death.” Yue He disdainfully spat. She then turned to Chen Yue and ordered, “I’ll leave it to you!”


Chen Yue blinked in stupefaction as she pointed at herself and asked, “Me?”


When she looked up though, she saw that Yang Kai and Yue He were nowhere to be found.


After leaving the mansion, Yang Kai soared into the sky, found his bearings after a moment, and then flew off with Yue He closely following behind.


In the corner of the Star City, two figures were quietly standing, staring in the direction Yang Kai and Yue He left. One of them was a middle-aged man, who was wearing a golden crown and a python robe. He was incredibly fat. This fat man was none other than Chen Tian Fei of Scarlet Star.


As a Scarlet Star Manager, Chen Tian Fei also had thousands of people under him; however, at this moment, he was standing behind a middle-aged man.


“That’s the new Manager?” The middle-aged man suddenly asked.


“Yes, it’s him. His name is Yang Kai,” Chen Tian Fei respectfully replied. His cultivation had recovered over these days, allowing him to regain his original fat layers. At this moment, his face was red and radiant.


Observing the other party’s expression and bearing, Chen Tian Fei cautiously asked, “How should we deal with him, Head Manager?”


The middle-aged man was Scarlet Star’s hidden Dragon who showed his tail but never his face, the Head Manager. Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong had tragically died at Yang Kai’s hands, yet this Head Manager had never made an appearance. However, he had come out for some reason today.


“What do you think I should do?” The Head Manager indifferently asked.


Chen Tian Fei pondered and replied, “Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong lost their lives at his hands before he forced us to recognize him as a new Manager. However, word of it has already spread. If we don’t give an explanation to the people below, I’m afraid it will be difficult to convince the public.”


“You want to kill him?” The Head Manager asked.


Chen Tian Fei replied, “It will be up to Head Manager’s discretion!”


The Head Manager continued, “If what you said is true, that this little brat killed Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong in such a short time, then he is a rare genius. It’s not possible to kill him with Scarlet Star’s current power.”


Chen Tian Fei was shocked, “Head Manger, you are also not sure about it?” He was very surprised by this. He thought that the Head Manager would not spare Yang Kai once he left his retreat. If not, how could the rest of the Managers so easily compromise? But judging by what the Head Manager has said, it was actually impossible to kill Yang Kai now.


[Are we really going to let him occupy the magpie’s nest and take the position of Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong?]


The Head Manager indifferently added, “He was able to kill Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong while stopping all of you. He is already invincible in the Emperor Realm. In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, this King has no confidence in defeating him!”


Chen Tian Fei’s eyes couldn’t help but widen. Although Scarlet Star was a loose organization, the Head Manager had near absolute control as his strength was immense and his vision was acute. Much to Chen Tian Fei’s surprise though, this man even stated that Yang Kai was invincible in the Emperor Realm!




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  1. Yue He “hired” the little hussy? That’s adorable and hilarious.

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    1. It’s not actually more about grabbing the wrong leg. The major wrong she committed was divulging Yang Kai’s secrets. It ruined her relationship with Yang Kai and made Meng Hong feel terrible. How the hell did she become a Great Emperor?

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