Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4010, Meeting Enemies


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Since Yang Kai could get such an evaluation from the Head Manager, it was evident that he was truly outstanding.


Chen Tian Fei considered and asked, “Head Manager, you mean…”


“Let’s wait and see!” The Head Manager turned around and headed towards his place of retreat, his voice drifting back, “It won’t be too late to deal with him after we have left the Grand Ancient Ruins. He is just an Emperor Realm Junior after all.”


Chen Tian Fei cupped his fists, “Head Manager is wise!”


The Yuan Magnetic Mountain was tens of thousands of kilometres away from Scarlet Star’s base, which was far beyond the range of Scarlet Star’s influence. Yang Kai and Yue He flew all the way, taking more than an hour to reach their destination.


In front of them was a rolling mountain range. It wasn’t too long, nor was it too high, and its peaks were sparsely distributed. Yang Kai scanned it with his Divine Sense and found many auras of cultivators in the mountain range.


Before he could get close though, Yang Kai felt an extremely strange energy lingering in the surroundings. The energy gave off a Metal Attribute aura; however, it wasn’t exactly like a Metal Element. It felt extremely strange. It was changing every moment. Sometimes it was pulling and sometimes pushing, and sometimes it even felt like it was swirling.


Yang Kai raised his brow and asked, “Yuan Magnetism Force?”


Yue He replied with a nod, “Yuan Magnetism Force is unpredictable. If you can use the Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone to refine your Metal Element, you might be able to comprehend a Yuan Magnetism Divine Ability.”


After hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. He became more and more sure that he had not fully mastered the Immortal Tree and Golden Crow’s True Fire Power, so he was looking forward to this Yuan Magnetic Mountain.


A figure soon rushed over. It was none other than Guo Zi Yan.


Apparently, he got the news and came to greet Yang Kai and Yue He.


When he got closer, he cupped his fists and greeted, “Sixth Manager, Seventh Manager!”


Yang Kai lightly nodded, “How’s the situation here?”


Guo Zi Yan reported, “We have gained a little, but it’s not worth much. A few Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones at or below Third-Order.”


“Let me see.” Yang Kai stretched his hand towards him.


Guo Zi Yan handed him a plate-size stone without any objection. Yang Kai checked it out and found that it was pitch-black. At first glance, it didn’t seem special, but after a thorough inspection, he could feel the abundant Power of Metal inside.


The Yuan Magnetism Force in this stone was a lot more obvious than he had felt in the ambient air.


Yang Kai slightly nodded before handing the Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone back. He then looked down and saw many figures rushing about here and there.


Guo Zi Yan quickly reported, “Sir and Madam, news about the Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones has already spread, so many people are rushing over. This humble servant has also summoned all our nearby people, but we only have thirty or so in total. With just this many people, the scope of our search is limited. Do I need to send messages to the other Managers and ask them to bring some more people for support?”


Yang Kai glanced at him and indifferently declared, “No need, since the news has already spread, they will come if they want to. It will be useless if they don’t want to come.”


Guo Zi Yan thought to himself, [Many people have already got the news about the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, but the other Managers might not have received word so far. We have not seen the other Managers until now, so who knows if they don’t want to come or they are on their way.]


After flying with Guo Zi Yan for a while, they landed on the top of a certain mountain. Everyone here was busy. Thirty or so men under Yang Kai’s command were gathered here and the mountain was laden with many pits, some of which were quite deep. From the shallower pits, faint clinking noises could be heard. Obviously, everyone was trying hard to dig up Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones.


Yang Kai turned to look at Guo Zi Yan and asked, “How did you distribute the profits in the past?”


Guo Zi Yan replied, “Everything everyone obtained would be collected and evaluated before rewards were distributed according to respective contributions. But generally speaking, Managers take about half for themselves!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly.


Such a distribution might have been used in the past, but Yang Kai was not going to follow suit.


“Relay my order, any Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone below Fifth-Order our people find belongs to the one who unearthed it, they don’t need to turn it over. This King only needs Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones of the Fifth Order and above. If anyone dares to pocket them, they will be shown no mercy!”


Guo Zi Yan’s expression turned serious upon hearing this, “Sixth Manager, are you serious?”


Yang Kai may have only wanted Fifth-Order or above Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones, which sounded a bit ravenous at first, but it should be known that their group had been searching this place for some time now and had yet to find a single Fifth-Order Divine Stone. On the other hand, they had found quite a few Third-Order Divine Stones already.


In other words, Yang Kai was taking the risk of returning empty-handed. On the contrary, the thirty or so subordinates could keep everything below the Fifth Order.


From another point of view, this was very beneficial to the thirty of them; after all, if Yang Kai followed the previous practice just like Du Niang Zi, even if they found a Fifth-Order Divine Stone, they would not have any share in it.


Yang Kai stated, “If I ask you to relay my order then relay it. Why do you have so many useless questions?”


Guo Zi Yan immediately cupped his fists and responded, “Yes, Sir!”


The order was quickly disseminated to everyone, causing the thirty or so men to be extremely elated. They immediately started searching even harder. Even Guo Zi Yan rushed into a nearby pit and disappeared.


Yue He looked at Yang Kai and asked, “What are you going to do with the Fifth-Order Divine Stones?”


She knew that Yang Kai had condensed Seventh-Order Elements, so she was a little puzzled at the moment.


“I have my uses for them,” Yang Kai casually responded.


The Fifth-Order materials might not be of any use to him, but he had many friends and relatives in the Star Boundary who would eventually enter the Outer Universe. They would definitely need them at that time. Yang Kai’s own starting point was very high, so naturally, lower Order materials were not of interest to him. The Fifth Order was barely the threshold that could interest him.


It didn’t hurt him to plan for the future early on. What’s more, the Fifth-Order materials were quite valuable even if he didn’t personally use them.


Yang Kai next looked around and found a spot with no one around before waving his hand and releasing the Earth Dragon.


His Divine Sense surged as he communicated with the Earth Dragon for a time. The Earth Dragon turned around and plunged into the ground soon after, quickly drilling an enormous pit.


The Earth Dragon was an exotic beast that lived underground, so it was simple for it to open a pit. Loud rumbling noises came from inside the pit that quickly faded away. The solid rock couldn’t resist the corrosion of the Earth Dragon’s mucus.


The Earth Dragon alone was equivalent to hundreds of people in this environment.


Yang Kai didn’t remain idle either. He exhorted Yue He to guard the spot while he followed the Earth Dragon underground. The moment Yang Kai jumped into the pit, he started scanning with his Divine Sense.


It didn’t take him too long to find a Third-Order Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone and put it into his Space Ring.


With the Earth Dragon leading the way, Yang Kai easily penetrated a thousand meters into the mountains. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary had remained untouched for thousands of years, breeding many rare and precious treasures. There were a lot of Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones in the Yuan Magnetic Mountains, and the deeper he went, the denser the Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones became.


In just half an hour, Yang Kai had already found six Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones. Unfortunately, their Order wasn’t very high. The highest Order materials he had found were of Third-Order, the others were either First or Second-Order.


Yang Kai wasn’t picky, however, and put them all into his Space Ring. Although these Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones weren’t useful for him, they could be sold for some Open Heaven Pills.


Now, all the Open Heaven Pills in his possession had been used to buy the herbs in the Star City; even Yue He had to fork out some of her pills too, which made Yang Kai a little embarrassed.


As the Earth Dragon continued to explore, Yue He’s voice suddenly rang in Yang Kai’s ear, “Come out, something has happened!”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow when he heard this. He stopped chasing after the Earth Dragon and disappeared from the spot in a flash of Space Principles.


When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the peak.


He gazed down as a slight frown appeared on his brow. He saw Yue He and Guo Zi Yan standing in the lead, while their men stood behind them. But at this moment, they were surrounded by another group.


The size of that group was quite big, about three or four hundred in total, giving them a ten-to-one advantage. The people leading the other group also looked quite strong. In just one glance, it was quite evident that they would not be easy to deal with. 


The two groups were confronting each other, weapons drawn, the atmosphere heavy.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown. There seemed to be some kind of conflict here, but as he had been following the Earth Dragon to search for Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones down below, he had no idea what exactly transpired.


His figure flickered as he arrived beside Yue He the next moment and asked, indifferently looking at the other group, “What happened?”


Yue He bitterly smiled as flipped her hand. The next moment, a fist-size Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone appeared in her hand. Although this Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone appeared pitch-black, it also gave off an everchanging gleam from its surface. A strange force was lingering around the Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone, which was no different from the Yuan Magnetism Force Yang Kai had felt before.


Yang Kai raised his brow, “What Order?”


In just one glance, he could tell that this Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone was a little different than the others he found so far. It was completely different from the Third-Order Divine Stones he had found before. Although this Divine Stone was much smaller, it was of extremely high Order.


“Fifth-Order!” Yue He replied, “One of the men found it and shouted in excitement, drawing them here.” While speaking, she turned her head and glanced at a lean man beside her.


Obviously, this Fifth-Order Divine Stone was found by this man. At this moment, the man was looking quite guilty, secretly blaming himself for being too careless. He got too excited and couldn’t stop himself from shouting; after all, he had never seen a Fifth-Order material before.


[So it’s a case of having evil intentions at the sight of someone else’s wealth!]


Yang Kai quickly understood what was happening. He reached out and took the Fifth-Order Divine Stone and stuffed it straight into his Space Ring. He then patted the lean guy on the shoulder and praised, “Good job, I will note your merit down!”


The man looked at Yang Kai in a daze after hearing this. His face was filled with excitement. He was thinking that the Manager would blame him for being careless, but instead of getting blamed, he was praised.


The new Sixth Manager seemed a little different…


At this moment, a person on the other side stepped forward and shouted in fury, “It’s you, you little bastard!”


While speaking, he was grinding his teeth, as if there was some kind of unforgivable enmity between the two.


Yang Kai looked up and found this man to be a little familiar. Apparently, he had seen him somewhere before. He took a closer look and couldn’t help but grin as he stated, “What a small world, we meet again.”


Surprisingly, the other guy was none other than Bie Jian whom he had run into back in the Crouching Dragon Mountain Range a few months ago.




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