Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4012, Let’s See How You’ll Survive This


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Who will live and who will die remains to be seen. You should not jump to conclusions so soon!” Yang Kai grinned and grabbed the Six Fated Paths Bag from his waist and shook it. The next moment, a behemoth suddenly appeared with a thump.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon’s roar reverberated across the sky, its 300 metres tall body surrounded by a scorching hot aura!


It overlooked the world with its house-sized head.


Each and every Thunder Light member turned pale in fright, sensing the fearsome power of this ferocious creature, especially those who had followed Bie Jian to the fight the Scarlet Flood Dragon back in the Crouching Dragon Mountains in the past. Their faces were particularly pale.


Last time, when they fought with the Scarlet Flood Dragon under the leadership of Bie Jian, they had the numerical advantage, and yet they were still thrown into disarray. If Bie Jian didn’t decisively retreat, perhaps many would have lost their lives that day.


Past experiences always guided one’s future decisions, so how could they not be afraid after seeing the Scarlet Flood Dragon at this moment?


“It’s this damn thing again!” Bie Jian’s face turned black. He never expected the Scarlet Flood Dragon to actually be by Yang Kai’s side. When he didn’t see the Scarlet Flood Dragon or the Earth Dragon here, he naturally thought that the two exotic beasts had already left Yang Kai. Now, he discovered that Yang Kai could summon them at will!


The old man surnamed Zhu, on the other hand, had his eyes lit up. He stared at the Six Fated Paths Bag in Yang Kai’s hand and greedily stated, “That’s a pretty good treasure you have there, boy!”


He could tell that the bag was a storage artifact that could hold living creatures at a glance; otherwise, how could the Scarlet Flood Dragon appear here?


Yang Kai stared deeply at him before a smile appeared on his face and he waved his hand, “Kill them!”


A Dragon Roar reverberated across the sky as the Scarlet Flood Dragon rushed out. It opened its mouth wide, breathing raging flames, attacking the Thunder Light members. The scorching flames that could burn down the world swept through the sky and the earth in a flash.


Thunder Light had too many people, so the Scarlet Flood Dragon didn’t even need to aim, all it needed to do was breathe its scorching flames.


Every time the Scarlet Flood Dragon made a move, the Thunder Light members would be thrown into panic.


Bie Jian shouted fiercely, “Spread out, be careful with this bastard!”


Even if he timely warned them, some people were still too late to avoid the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s attack. It was mainly because the Scarlet Flood Dragon had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, so none of them were prepared for it.


The scorching flames instantly covered seven or eight people, and before they could even scream, they were reduced to ashes.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon didn’t stop of course, and as it was breathing fire, its enormous body turned around before charging through the scattered Thunder Light camp, dividing the hundreds of people into scattered groups.


Its strong and powerful tail swept around with a fearsome momentum, swatting through the Thunder Light members. The tail attack was so strong that anyone who tried to block it ended up dying while those who were brushed by it were left injured. 


The Scarlet Flood Dragon attack sent the Thunder Light fleeing.


However, after just three breaths, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was showered with attacks from all directions. The disadvantage of its large size was that it was a huge target that couldn’t be missed.


Attacks that could destroy the Heavens and the Earth landed on the Scarlet Flood Dragon, scattering away its fiery aura. Its sturdy scales fell off as it became bloody and injured in a flash.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon roared in pain; however, the pain did not make it shrink back and instead aroused its ferocious nature even more. It opened its jaws and spat flames again as it charged forward.


Miserable screams resounded again as a dozen or so Thunder Light disciples in the forefront were reduced into balls of fire all at once, rolling on the ground in pain.


In the midst of this chaos, Yang Kai also made his move.


He manipulated Space Principles such that the space within a radius of a thousand metres became as viscous as a swamp, making it difficult for his enemies to move freely or circulate the energy in their bodies.


At the same time, he waved his hand to shoot out pitch-black Moon Blades one after another, sending them flying in all directions.


Everyone standing before these blades was cut in half.


A nauseating bloody smell filled the air as severed limbs and blood flew everywhere. The small hill had turned into a purgatory in a flash!


Guo Zi Yan was dumbstruck, and so were the dozen or so Scarlet Star members left. Only Yue He wasn’t surprised and she watched Yang Kai’s movements intently; however, an unusual gleam could be found in her pretty eyes.


As far as those from Scarlet Star were concerned, everything they were seeing was impossible.


Although they had already heard from different sources that the new Sixth Manager had killed Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong to take their positions, at the end of the day, they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.


Not to mention, the other Scarlet Star Managers completely suppressed all news about Yang Kai’s feat as this kind of scandal was not to be spread out.


Therefore, except for a few people, no one knew about Yang Kai’s fearsome strength.


At this time, when Guo Zi Yan saw Thunder Light’s cultivators being mowed down like wheat in a field, none of them being able to stop that strange dark crescent moon-shaped attack, he realized just how terrifying this new Sixth Manager of theirs was. Even if someone tried to form a defensive shield around them, it would still be broken through just as easily, and they would still die like everyone else.


The crescent moon-like attack was emanating terrifying Principle fluctuations and appeared quite unfathomable. It was definitely beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.


In just ten breaths, more than thirty people had lost their lives at Yang Kai’s hands, all of them dying extremely tragically. His battle record was even crueller than the Scarlet Flood Dragon.


[Our new Sixth Manager is so powerful!]


Guo Zi Yan stared blankly as his heart started racing, making his mouth feel parched. Soon, he summoned a long stick-like artifact and started charging forward.


Yue He, however, pulled him back and asked, staring at him, “What are you doing?”


“I’m going to help!” Guo Zi Yan replied without thinking.


Yue He scoffed, “How can you help? If you really go over, he would have to take care of you. Stop making trouble and stay behind me!” Saying so, she grabbed Guo Zi Yan’s collar and threw him back.


Guo Zi Yan was speechless…


But after thinking about it, he also knew that the Seventh Manager was right. Although he was strong, they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary after all, so he couldn’t exert any World Force from his Small Universe. He really couldn’t provide any help in this situation. If he really rushed over, he would only be adding to the chaos.


He was unwilling, but Guo Zi Yan had no choice but to be patient.


Yue He chuckled, “If he really needs help, I would go help him. It’s still not your turn, so just sit back and watch!”


She didn’t know Yang Kai’s actual limit, but she knew that he was a Master of the Dao of Space. If he really couldn’t win a fight, he could easily run away, so she wasn’t worried about his safety at all.


While the two were talking, nearly thirty more people lost their lives. They were either killed by the Scarlet Flood Dragon or beheaded by Moon Blades. Not a single one was left wounded, all lost their lives on the spot!


It had only been a few dozen breaths, but Thunder Light had lost over sixty people already. Even if Thunder Light had a numerical advantage, they couldn’t withstand such a terrifying rate of loss.


The old man surnamed Zhu’s eyes widened in anger while Bie Jian was also on tenterhooks. Neither of them thought that Yang Kai’s strength would be so astonishing. They thought that they would have an absolute advantage with so many people on their side and Yang Kai would easily be killed. They had never thought that their men would instead be killed instead like leaves falling from the trees in autumn.


[Is he really an Emperor Realm cultivator?] If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes, they would have never believed it.


But the facts were right in front of them. A Human and a Scarlet Flood Dragon had actually charged into the hundreds of Thunder Light members alone, and forced the latter to flee in panic!


“What are you all so afraid of!? He is just one person, fight back, you fools!” Bie Jian angrily shouted.


The old man surnamed Zhu also roared.


With their concentrated efforts, Thunder Light’s side finally stabilized. They were caught off guard by the Scarlet Flood Dragon, and when Yang Kai’s quick attack drew rivers of blood, the Thunder Light members were greatly frightened. Now, after hearing Bie Jian and the old man surnamed Zhu’s rallying shouts, they finally began to compose themselves.


There was only one person and one beast on the other side. No matter how strong he was, two palms couldn’t block four fists!


After paying the painful price of a hundred casualties, Thunder Light’s side finally managed to organize itself, forming small teams and working together.


Deafening explosions rang one after another on the small hill, causing the World Energy to be thrown into chaos. Violent shockwaves of different kinds of energies wreaked havoc, shattering space and collapsing the surrounding world.


Countless attacks landed on the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s enormous body, causing it to roar in pain again and again. Its enormous body flipped around as its red scales were blasted off. Its entire body was covered in wounds and bleeding!


Not only was the Scarlet Flood Dragon under siege though, but even Yang Kai couldn’t escape from the enemy barrage.


With attacks pouring down on him from every angle, Yang Kai had no room to escape, not that he was trying to!


His body shook and his Dao Seal released a thick and solid Power of Earth, forming a diamond-shaped transparent shield around him, leaving no openings.


The diamond-shaped shield was radiating a Great Dragon’s majesty and was constantly rotating around Yang Kai. It was completely impenetrable!


Dragon Shield!


When he was absorbing the Earth Dragon Bead’s Earth Element in the Crouching Dragon Mountains, Yang Kai had comprehended this Secret Technique from it!


This technique should be an Innate Dragon Technique of the Earth Dragon stored inside its Dragon Bead.


For other people, even if they had obtained that Dragon Bead, they might not be able to comprehend the Dragon Shield Secret Technique. At most, they could only gather its Earth Element Power. But Yang Kai had Dragon Blood flowing through his veins, so it was a matter of course for him to comprehend the Dragon Shield Secret Technique.


This was the first time Yang Kai had faced enemies using this technique.


He had no idea about its effectiveness, so he secretly gathered his Space Principles and prepared to use Nihility at any moment!


Immediately after the Dragon Shield Secret Technique was cast, deafening rumbles followed as attacks rained down on Yang Kai. All of a sudden, dazzling gleams filled Yang Kai’s vicinity and he was nowhere to be seen.


Bie Jian couldn’t stop laughing at the sight as he scoffed, “Let’s see how you will survive this!”


He was overjoyed. Yang Kai’s previous performance had been completely shocking. He had never seen such a ferocious Emperor Realm Junior before, and if such a character was allowed to grow, no one in the world would be able to rival him. At that time, the first person he would kill would probably be Bie Jian.


But even a genius with outstanding talent needed time to grow. If he fell before developing, he wouldn’t be considered anything.


Hundreds of attacks landed on Yang Kai at once, so Bie Jian didn’t believe the former could survive this. Even an Open Heaven Realm Master might raise the white flag in surrender, not to mention Yang Kai who was just an Emperor Realm cultivator.


“Sixth Manager!” Gao Zi Yan cried in shock.


Yue He’s face was completely calm. Although she stood in her spot looking all calm and composed, her tightly clenched fist clearly betrayed her.




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  1. “When he was absorbing the Earth Dragon Bead’s Earth Element in the Crouching Dragon Mountains, Yang Kai had comprehended this Secret Technique from it!

    Dragon Bead is what dragons got instead of Monster Core. Dragons are these big flying lizards that breathe out elemental breath. This dragon was Earth Dragon, so its breath would’ve probably be made of Earth, but it doesn’t matter – it’s dead now, but I’ll keep talking about it to keep word count up. Mountains are big piles of rock with an occasional cultivator sitting on top. Secret Technique differs from a normal technique in that it’s secret…”

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