Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4013, Invincible and Unstoppable


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


She couldn’t help but be nervous. There were too many Thunder Light cultivators, so the number of attacks that struck Yang Kai was equally great. Each and every Secret Technique and artifact attack was displayed with full strength. No one could take such a barrage head-on.


Yang Kai was completely submerged in attacks.


When the shockwaves and dazzling flashes finally dispersed though, a brave and heroic figure stood before everyone’s eyes. The figure was completely unscathed; there was not even a crease on his clothes.


Bie Jian’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets while the old man surnamed Zhu couldn’t help but cry out loud, “Impossible!”


Yue He let out a long breath, and patted her towering peaks in relief. At that moment, she was so nervous that her heart had almost jumped into her throat.


The Thunder Light members were also dumbstruck. They all thought that Yang Kai would definitely die without even leaving behind a corpse after that wave of attacks. It never occurred to them that not only would he not die, but he not even be wounded.


[How did he do that?]


Yang Kai pursed his lips into a fierce grin.


The Dragon Shield technique really lived up to his expectations. It was tough and durable. Although it failed to block all the attacks directed at him, its effectiveness exceeded his estimations by a large margin. In the end, it was an Innate Secret Technique of a True Earth Dragon. It was condensed from the Power of Earth refined by a Great Dragon Bead, making it truly extraordinary.


It resisted more than half of the attacks of over a hundred people before shattering. The moment the Dragon Shield shattered, Yang Kai immediately used Nihility to merge with the Void, avoiding the remaining attacks.


If not, how could he remain unscathed?


The chaotic energy and the dazzling flashes obscured his movements, making everyone mistakenly think it was all thanks to the Dragon Shield he used. Even Yue He thought so.


The Thunder Light members despaired. If the Dragon Shield Secret Technique was so strong, who could possibly hurt Yang Kai?


Bie Jian’s brow wildly twitched as he ground his teeth so hard that they were almost crushed. When he raised his eyes though, his gaze happened to meet Yang Kai’s playful eyes.


Instinctively, his heart clenched as a dangerous premonition gripped his Soul. Bei Jian hurriedly fled away without a moment of hesitation.


“Where do you think you are going?” Yang Kai shouted as he raised his hand, summoning the Azure Dragon Spear. He then thrust the spear in Bie Jian’s direction as he bravely charged towards him!


A deafening dragon roar reverberated across the sky as the long spear swept away everything in its path. Anyone who blocked its way was killed on the spot. Over a dozen Thunder Light disciples were unable to avoid Yang Kai’s charge in time and were blown away into blood mist.


In an instant, the distance between the two shortened as the Azure Dragon Spear’s tip rapidly grew bigger in Bie Jian’s eyes while the aura of death enveloped him.


Bie Jian’s Soul almost left his body as he felt a chill shoot up his spine. He promptly shouted, “Brother Zhu, save me!”


At the same time, he swung the long sword in his hand, releasing a sword wave that blotted up the sky and shot straight towards Yang Kai.


At the juncture of life and death, Bie Jian managed to squeeze out all the strength he could. When he swung the sword in his hand, he summoned a small banner-like artifact in another hand. That artifact immediately enlarged and formed a dazzling halo around him.


The banner-like artifact was a one-time consumable and was definitely not cheap.


When the old man surnamed Zhu heard Bie Jian’s cry and turned to look, he saw Yang Kai thrusting out his spear, causing Bie Jian to back up again and again. Enraged, he roared, “Junior, you dare?!”


Just as he shouted, he punched towards Yang Kai’s back.


The punch was followed by howling winds and surging storms. The next moment, an enormous fist shadow struck Yang Kai.


Yang Kai staggered, but his spear didn’t falter for even a moment. Under the fearsome momentum, Bie Jian’s sword wave was shattered as the Azure Dragon Spear continued forward without losing speed, stabbing straight into the white halo protecting Bie Jian.


The all-conquering Azure Dragon Spear was surprisingly unable to directly pierce through the white halo, which appeared extremely weak but was evidently extremely resilient. It caved in under the Azure Dragon Spear’s attack, but surprisingly it blocked the fatal thrust.


Bie Jian’s eyes were filled with fear as he broke out into a cold sweat, but at this critical moment, the ferocity hidden in the depths of his heart was stimulated. He advanced instead of retreating, stabbing towards Yang Kai’s eye with his sword. The sword tip was surrounded by a piercing sword aura and obviously carried a lethal power.


Yang Kai coldly snorted and shouted, “Break!”


The Dao Seal in his body shone brightly as a raging Fire Element Power poured into the Azure Dragon Spear, heating it to the point it turned red hot like smouldering lava.


With a deafening crash, the white halo enveloping Bie Jian suddenly tore apart as the Azure Dragon Spear plunged straight into Bie Jian’s shoulder. At the same time, Bie Jian’s sword thrust brushed past Yang Kai’s brow.


Fresh blood splashed on both sides as Yang Kai’s vision instantly blurred.


The next moment, Bie Jian staggered with a look of unwillingness on his face. His aim wouldn’t have been off had Yang Kai’s explosive spear thrust not knocked him off balance. His sword would not have just slashed past Yang Kai’s brow, but instead directly stabbed into his eye.


However, he had missed his one opportunity, and it would never come again. 


In the fleeting clash, both sides ended up injuring each other. The scene was extremely tragic.


The old man surnamed Zhu didn’t give Yang Kai any room to breathe and led a team of disciples to attack him from behind. The old man had his axe raised over his head at some point and swiftly chopped down at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai promptly turned around and thrust out his spear, striking the axe blade. A tremendous recoil immediately passed through the axe, causing the old man surnamed Zhu’s eyes to widen. The axe flew out of his grip as the recoil pushed him back.




The old man surnamed Zhu happened to have the foundation of a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but he was still pushed back by Yang Kai’s attack. The Thunder Light disciples who followed him weren’t so lucky though.


Yang Kai unleashed a barrage of thrusts, killing an Emperor Realm cultivator with each spear, sweeping through the Thunder Light members and killing over a dozen people on the spot.


*Hong long long…*


Another round of attacks flew towards Yang Kai from every direction, but this time, Yang Kai’s figure distorted as he disappeared from the spot before the attacks could even reach him.


All the attacks hit nothing but air!


Using Instantaneous Movement, Yang Kai appeared right in front of Bie Jian and thrust his spear out.


Bie Jian’s face turned ashen. He was able to block Yang Kai’s spear before because of his powerful artifact, but how could he have another such artifact on him? Still, he quickly condensed all his strength to resist this blow.


To Bie Jian’s surprise, however, the circulation of his strength was quite sluggish. He immediately noticed the abnormality in his body. He had no idea when, but a raging heat had at some point invaded him and was now flowing along the meridians of his body, wantonly burning everything in its path.


In the time it took for a spark to fly off a flint, Bei Jian guessed what had happened. [There must be some strange energy condensed on his spear that injured me.]


But what was the point of knowing that now? The scorching heat was potent enough to make his blood boil and had spread through his entire body, making it impossible for him to mobilize his full strength.


Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear split the air and pierced into Bie Jian’s forehead before coming straight out of the back of his head.


Bie Jian’s eyes instantly widened before his figure froze on the spot. Even now, he still couldn’t believe that he, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, would die at the hands of an Emperor Realm Junior. His heart was filled with unwillingness, but he was unable to turn the tables now. The only thing left to do was regret.


“If you reincarnate, remember to keep your eyes open and clearly see who you can and cannot offend!” Yang Kai stared at him indifferently. The Azure Dragon Spear in his hand shook as Bie Jian’s head exploded the next moment, while his headless corpse fell to the ground.


[Sir Bie Jian was killed!]


[He was killed by an Emperor Realm cultivator!]


All the Thunder Light members who saw this scene were horrified. They were all stupefied and didn’t dare to take any rash action. All of them witnessed Yang Kai madly slaughtering their comrades, so how could they have the guts to take any action?


In a flash, within a thousand metres of Yang Kai, everything went silent.


A thousand metres away, the 300-metre-long Scarlet Flood Dragon was rampaging, angrily roaring as it ceaselessly fought with another group of Thunder Light disciples.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon was an Ominous Beast native to the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and was fairly strong. It had killed a lot of people during the battle, but at the end of the day, it was still just one beast. Its strength was already declining as its entire body was covered in bloody wounds. Who knew how many of its scarlet scales had fallen off?


The most terrifying wound was left by an attack that almost cut it in half!


It was surrounded by over a hundred people at all times, attacked by Earth-shattering techniques again and again, draining its strength ceaselessly.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon was in danger and roared with anger!


Yang Kai looked over and coldly snorted. He instantly teleported above  Scarlet Flood Dragon’s head, which was as big as a house, and set the Azure Dragon Spear beside him, standing it erect while his hands formed a set of seals!


As his hand seals changed, a mysterious force swirled around Yang Kai.


Suddenly and slowly, a low voice resonated in everyone’s ears, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


Yang Kai pushed his palms out, and in a flash, time froze. Everyone’s thoughts stagnated for a short moment, and even Yue He and the others from Scarlet Star, who were watching from a distance, felt their thoughts slow slightly.


By the time they recovered, the palm had already landed.


Yang Kai had launched his attack towards the densest crowd of enemies, catching about twenty people in the Time Flies Seal’s range. Under the erosion of time, those twenty had their hair turn grey and fall out in an instant. Their bodies withered as their vitality drained.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon swept them a Divine Dragon Tail Sweep, smashing these twenty or so people into a bloody mist!


Invincible and unstoppable!


Thunder Light had come in a very threatening manner, but not only did they lose over a hundred members, they even lost a Manager like Bie Jian. They had suffered a huge loss today.


The old man surnamed Zhu ground his teeth. He then turned his head and looked at Yue He and the others, who had been watching the battle from a distance, before raising his arm and ordering, “Follow me!”


[I can’t beat that filthy beast or that boy Yang Kai, but I can take the lives of those Scarlet Star members! As long as I can take these people down, no one will be able to claim that Thunder Light lost one-sidedly. If I can capture them, I can even negotiate with that Yang Kai to at least let my remaining subordinates and I retreat.]


With just one order, several dozen people gathered in an instant, rushing towards Yue He and the others under the old man surnamed Zhu’s lead.


Scarlet Star’s dozen or so members were still immersed in the shock of what they just witnessed today, and were unable to return to their senses for a long time. They all thought that they would die today, but none of them expected their Sixth Manager to be so strong!




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