Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4014, Yuan Magnetic Divine Light


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The Scarlet Star members were pleasantly surprised and excited after everything they witnessed. Everyone had a bright and happy look on their faces. They were even more glad that they didn’t defect, otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten the chance to witness such a magnificent battle.


As soon as they turned their heads and saw the old man surnamed Zhu rushing over with several dozen more people, they immediately became tense.


Just because the Sixth Manager could kill hundreds of people easily on his own didn’t mean that Thunder Light was easy to deal with. Rather, it was just because he was ridiculously strong.


They had fought with Thunder Light countless times, and both sides had killed their fair share of the other’s members. Naturally, Scarlet Star knew how difficult and powerful Thunder Light was.


Several dozen Masters were coming at them, and more importantly, they were led by the old man surnamed Zhu. How could so few members of Scarlet Star be their opponents?


Each and everyone turned their gazes at Yue He and Guo Zi Yan, waiting for their orders.


Guo Zi Yan clenched his long stick-like artifact as his blood started boiling. Judging by the look on his face, he was very eager to fight. Having seen the strength of the Sixth Manager with his own eyes, he couldn’t wait to follow behind him to kill, throwing away any notion of his own safety.


On the other hand, Yue He’s face turned extremely solemn as she took a step forward and ordered, “Don’t make any rash moves!”


While speaking, she summoned her little flower umbrella artifact and slowly started spinning its handle. The little flower umbrella slowly rotated, and as it did, it rapidly enlarged, instantly covering the dozen or so people behind it. At the same time, silk thread-like projections dropped down from the edge of the umbrella, turning into an invisible barrier.


The old man surnamed Zhu, who was leading the charge, grit his teeth and let out a war cry at the sight of this. The next moment, he swung the axe in his hand. Immediately after, the several dozen people following behind him also triggered their artifacts and cast their Secret Techniques.


Instantly, numerous ripples appeared on the protection barrier around the Scarlet Star members, as if pieces of stone were thrown into a calm lake, creating a series of waves.


Yue He formed hand seals as she poured her strength into the little flower umbrella madly, but even if she had the foundation of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven and the defence of the little flower umbrella was strong, it couldn’t last for long.


In just ten breaths, the little flower umbrella had already started flickering and its glow had dampened. The barrier around everyone was on the verge of breaking.


Perhaps the shield around everyone would be completely broken at any moment, and when that happened, except for Yue He and Guo Zi Yan, who were Open Heaven Realm Masters and might be able to escape, the remaining members of Scarlet Star would die without a complete corpse.


After somehow maintaining the shield for another three breaths, Yue He couldn’t hold in anymore and shouted at Yang Kai, “Young Master, if you don’t help me now, I’ll die!”


“Fine!” Yang Kai took a step from the head of the Scarlet Flood Dragon, and by the time his foot fell, he was already above the old man surnamed Zhu. The next moment, Space Principles flared as he thrust the Azure Dragon Spread down.


A spinning black ball the size of a fist appeared at the tip of the spear. It was radiating an aura that could annihilate everything in its path.


Feeling its destructive power, the old man surnamed Zhu’s face greatly changed. He raised his hands high and hefted his axe over his head to block the oncoming spear.


With a loud bang, the black ball at the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear ballooned all of a sudden, sweeping across a range of several hundred metres before rapidly shrinking back and disappearing the next moment. Everything within a range of several dozen metres, including space itself, had disappeared, leaving only a tiny black hole radiating the aura of nihility and chaos.


The edges of the black hole undulated as the Void was slowly repairing itself under the influence of the local World Principles.


But a dozen or so Thunder Light disciples within the radius of destruction had disappeared without a trace, not even able to let out a scream before they perished.


Thousands of metres away, the old man surnamed Zhu’s brow twitched wildly, staring at the black hole in awe and terror.


Just now, he saw an opportunity to escape and did so without hesitation. Otherwise, he too would have been seriously injured, if not dead. He glanced at the axe in his hand and realized that its spirituality had been severely damaged.


After the first attack, Yang Kai attacked twice more, killing over a dozen more Thunder Light disciples. The rest immediately fled, thereby resolving the crisis Yue He and the others were facing.


Yang Kai looked back and saw that the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s situation had also stabilized. Yang Kai’s short help relieved a lot of the pressure it was facing. At the moment, it was filled with fury as it kept biting and flicking its tail, chasing and killing the Thunder Light disciples around it, completely ignoring its own tragic injuries.


At the end of the day, it was an Ominous Beast, one that went completely feral after losing its sanity.


Yang Kai, holding his spear, looked at the old man surnamed Zhu and pointed its blade at him as he grinned, “Old dog, time for you to die!”


The old man surnamed Zhu was completely regretful. Their group had started off with two Open Heaven Realm Masters and hundreds of Emperor Realm disciples, but they were still slaughtered by Yang Kai and the Scarlet Flood Dragon. Now, half of their group was either dead or mortally wounded. How could the rest still have the courage to continue fighting?


In his heart, he was secretly cursing Bie Jian. [How the Hell did he offend this little monster? He is too terrifying! With him in Scarlet Star, what can Thunder Light do to compete with them?]


He might be thinking all kinds of things, but he didn’t stop for a moment. His figure burst into a mist of blood as he fled into the distance, leaving a streak of bloody light behind.


Having realized that things had taken a turn for the worse, the old man fled straight away. He didn’t even bother about the hundred or so Thunder Light disciples who were still alive.


When the old man surnamed Zhu had already run away, how could the disciples under him have the courage to continue fighting? They abandoned their opponents and scattered away like birds and beasts.


Staring at the streak of bloody light shooting towards the horizon, Yang Kai mocked with a grin, “You want to run? Do you really think you can escape from this King!?”


Yang Kai gripped his spear and began to condense his Space Principles to give chase; however, right then, an unexpected change occurred.


A mournful cry came from the depths below, and the next moment, the ground quaked before a beam of light suddenly shot into the sky from somewhere near the top of the mountain. Everyone within a thousand kilometres could see it clearly.


Immediately after the beam of light emerged, an enormous body some 300 metres in length also appeared. It was none other than the Earth Dragon released by Yang Kai before.


The Earth Dragon had been looking for the Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones under the mountain. Yang Kai hadn’t summoned it even during the fight, it simply came out on its own.


However, who knows what the Earth Dragon had encountered underground, but it was covered in wounds. It kept shaking its head and flicking its tail as the mysterious light kept shooting into the sky, raining blood and screaming constantly!


Yang Kai’s pupils shrank and he couldn’t help but turn his head to look. He didn’t have the time to hunt down the old man surnamed Zhu now.


Suddenly, swishing sounds rang out as the artifacts lying on the ground flew through the air, as if an invisible hand had grabbed them and threw them towards the mysterious beam of light.


These artifacts were all owned by Thunder Light disciples who had lost their lives at the hand of Yang Kai and the Scarlet Flood Dragon. After their death, these artifacts were scattered on the ground, and no one had shown any interest towards them.


Not only these unowned artifacts though, but even the artifacts in the hands of those who were still alive were all drawn over by an invisible force. It appeared as if they wanted to throw themselves into the beam of light.


Yang Kai saw quite clearly that there were quite a few Thunder Light disciples who were fleeing when the artifacts in their hands were suddenly sucked away. What’s more, no matter how hard they tried to summon back their artifacts, it was all in vain.


On Scarlet Star’s side, the long stick in Guo Zi Yan’s hand was also shaking. It scared Guo Zi Yan greatly who immediately put it away, a look of surprise filling his face.


All the artifacts that were sucked into the light dimmed down in a matter of few breaths, greatly losing their spirituality and turning into nothing but scrap.


“Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!” Yue He tenderly cried as her pretty eyes looked at the mysterious beam shooting into the sky. In a momentary lapse of her concentration, the damaged little flower umbrella returned to its original state and flew straight towards the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


Yue He was greatly shocked and cried miserably, “My umbrella!”


She reached out to grab it, but all she caught was air. She then used her Divine Sense to recall it, but the little flower umbrella was also not listening to her commands. After this momentary delay, it was already too late to give chase.


Seeing that her little flower umbrella was about to be taken away by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light just like all the other artifacts, Yue He’s eyes turned red. The little flower umbrella was very meaningful for her. It was gifted to her by a very important person in her life and she had always regarded it as her most precious treasure. She was already distressed over the fact that it got damaged today, but now that she was about to lose it completely, her beautiful face couldn’t help turning pale.


A figure suddenly flashed in her field of vision as a hand grabbed the little flower umbrella, preventing it from being sucked in by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


Yue He was pleasantly surprised and her pretty eyes focused on the figure. She felt heartfelt gratitude towards him that could not be described in mere words.


Mid-air, Yang Kai, grabbing the little flower umbrella, furrowed his brow slightly. Although he had stopped this artifact at the critical moment with his Instantaneous Movement, he could obviously feel an unbelievably strong pull coming from the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, trying to yank the little flower umbrella away from his hand.


[This Yuan Magnetic Divine Light is quite strange!]


The figure flickered again as Yang Kai arrived before Yue He and handed her the little flower umbrella.


Yue He took it with a smile and bowed to him, “Thank you, Young Master!”


She didn’t risk giving the little flower umbrella a thorough check but quickly put it away instead. 


Even Yue He’s little flower umbrella was almost sucked away, but Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear didn’t move, which was quite puzzling.


“How can a pile of scrap metal be compared with this King’s artifact!” Yang Kai snorted. Having said that, it was only after being reminded by Guo Zi Yan that he realized that his Azure Dragon Spear was indeed not affected by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


So to say, although the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was impressive, it wasn’t omnipotent. At the very least, an artifact of the Azure Dragon Spear’s level could ignore its pull.


When Guo Zi Yan and the other Scarlet Star members heard this, they were beyond belief. They realized that their Sixth Manager really didn’t have any humility; however, thinking about the phenomenal strength he had just shown them, he really had all the qualifications to boast.


The Thunder Light disciples had already escaped, leaving over a hundred mutilated corpses on the mountain. A thick and nauseating smell of blood was lingering in the air as the ground was littered with pieces of flesh and severed limbs, depicting the fierceness and cruelty of the previous battle.


Yang Kai commanded, “Clean up the battlefield!”


Guo Zi Yan cupped his fists and responded, “Yes, Sir!” He took the command very sincerely.


Before, when he was assigned under Yang Kai, Guo Zi Yan was just obeying orders from his superiors without much thought. In fact, he didn’t think that Yang Kai deserved to be the Sixth Manager; after all, Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm Junior while he was a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. How could he be subservient to Yang Kai?


However, it was an order from the top, so he had to obey it. Setting aside what expression was on his face, he hadn’t submitted to Yang Kai in his heart.




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