Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4015, Collecting the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light


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Now though, having witnessed Yang Kai’s strength with his own eyes and watching him butcher Bie Jian like a dog while forcing the old man surnamed Zhu to flee, Guo Zi Yan felt ashamed of his inferior strength. At the same time, he felt lucky to be able to follow someone as strong as the Sixth Manager.


It wasn’t just him, all the surviving Scarlet Star disciples were looking at Yang Kai with reverence.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found after it gave chase to the fleeing Thunder Light disciples. Yang Kai couldn’t recall it, but he wasn’t worried about its safety. Even though it was seriously injured, it was an exotic beast in the end. It had pretty strong inherent restorative abilities, and once it had vented all its anger, it would return on its own.


The dozen or so Scarlet Star members began cleaning up the battlefield, gathering the Thunder Light disciples’ Space Rings.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, was staring at the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, which shot straight into the sky. All the artifacts had been taken away by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and had been reduced to dust. Just based on this, the fearsome might of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was quite apparent.


When he probed it with his Divine Sense, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light gave off the same fluctuations as the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones he had found, but far denser and more concentrated.


The Earth Dragon moved its enormous body as it flew towards Yang Kai and landed before him. Its huge mouthparts were squirming, and its entire body was covered in horrendous wounds, as if it had been cut by thousands of knives. There was almost no place intact on its body and it was almost severed in two in several places, revealing its wiggling internal organs.


If the Scarlet Flood Dragon had suffered such injuries, it probably wouldn’t have been able to hold on. The Earth Dragon’s injuries were far more serious than what the Scarlet Flood Dragon had suffered at the hands of Thunder Light disciples, but fortunately, it was an Earth Dragon so its vitality was extremely tenacious.


Even an ordinary Earth Dragon might survive after being cut into two, let alone an Ominous Beast that had evolved in this unique environment.


Therefore, although its injuries were far more serious than that of the Scarlet Flood Dragon, its life wasn’t in danger. Nonetheless, the Divine Sense fluctuations it was transmitting were filled with grievance, like a child who was beaten by others when it was away from home and had come back to complain.


Yang Kai found it both irksome and funny at the same time. He knew that the Earth Dragon had been digging a hole in the mountain, but he had no idea how deep it went before it forced this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to appear. Obviously, it was hurt by the Divine Light, otherwise, it would not have suffered such hideous wounds.


Yang Kai threw a few healing pills into its wiggling mouth, as well as two Dragon Blood Pills before the Earth Dragon finally quieted down.


“Young Master, since such a strong Yuan Magnetic Divine Light is shooting up from this mountain, there must be a high-quality Yuan Magnetism Divine Stone down below!” The nearby Yue He stated.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow and rebuffed with a look of disgust on his face, “Can you act normally?”


Every time she called him Young Master, he felt like she was acting crazy. A powerful Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master being so subservient was unnerving.


Yue He stared at him with her pretty eyes and replied, “Young Master for a day is a Young Master for life.”


Yang Kai was rendered speechless by her reply. He was too lazy to care about her any further and pondered for a moment before asking, “What do you think the Order of this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light is?”


Yue He replied without giving it another thought, “Sixth-Order!”


Yang Kai gently nodded. It was in line with his judgment too. If the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was of higher Order, he would have been prompted by his Dao Seal to absorb it in order to refine his Metal Element.


After having condensed his Earth Element, it was time to condense his Metal Element.


Unfortunately, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was still a little lacking, which made Yang Kai sigh. But in any case, Seventh-Order and above treasures were extremely rare. He was already lucky to have found the Immortal Tree, the Golden Crow’s True Fire, and the Great Earth Dragon Bead. It wasn’t that easy to find treasures of the Seventh Order and above. Everything depended on one’s luck and opportunity.


“Young Master, are you not going to absorb it?” Yue He asked, looking at him.


“You already know my thoughts, so why ask?” Yang Kai lightly snorted.


Yue He sighed in her heart. She wished Yang Kai would gather the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, so even if Yang Kai’s foundation were completely laid, he could only advance to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. After that, she wouldn’t have to worry about anything.


Yang Kai’s eyes gleamed, looking at the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light shooting into the sky.


Although he did not want to use it to condense his Metal Element, if he could collect it, he could use it to cultivate a powerful Divine Ability.


Yang Kai had witnessed the fearsome might of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light with his own eyes. Even an exotic beast like the Earth Dragon couldn’t stand the damage caused by it. Furthermore, it pulled away many artifacts the moment it appeared. If he could use the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to cultivate a Divine Ability, its power would surely be extraordinary.


Unfortunately, even the cleverest woman couldn’t cook a meal without rice. He couldn’t use the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to cultivate a Divine Ability without the corresponding Secret Art.


“Can you use it?” Yang Kai asked.


Yue He shook her head in denial. “I can’t.”  


She obviously knew what Yang Kai was asking about, so afterwards, she added, “But you can find a way to collect it first and then plan how to use it later.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I guess I can only do this for now.”


Saying so, his figure flickered as he flew straight towards the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, arriving at the top of the mountain in a flash.


The pit drilled by the Earth Dragon wasn’t small, but the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light shooting out of the pit showed no signs of abating. It was proof in itself of how abundant the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was.


Yang Kai shook the Fated Paths Bag and immediately caused it to enlarge. Afterwards, he flipped it over and placed it over the pit, covering it entirely.


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that was shooting into the sky disappeared in the blink of an eye, pouring into the Six Fated Paths Bag.


Yang Kai observed it for a while before he set his mind at ease, standing there and waiting.


He had no idea if the Six Fated Paths Bag could withstand the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, so what he did just now was just a trial, and it seemed to be working.


The Six Fated Paths Bag could grow bigger or smaller depending on his will, and its interior space was extremely mysterious. It could easily house both the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Floor Dragon, so it could collect the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light too.


Guo Zi Yan flew over and handed Yang Kai a bunch of Space Rings as he reported, “Sixth Manger, this is everything.”


Yang Kai gave a nod before putting all the Space Rings away. He didn’t have the time to check them now, so he decided to take inventory of their contents after he had returned to the Star City.


Guo Zi Yan glanced at the Fated Paths Bag covering the pit before speaking in a low voice, “Sixth Manager, do you want to send a message back?”


“Why should I send a message back?” Yang Kai glanced at him.


Guo Zi Yan replied, “There are a lot of people here, investigating the sudden change that occurred. Although you are strong, there are too many people gathered on this Yuan Magnetic Mountain. I’m afraid…”


“You’re afraid that two fists can’t block four hands?”


Guo Zi Yan added, “That is one of the reasons. The other is that the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light appeared, so there must be a lot of high-Order Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones down below. We have only a few members, so I’m afraid…”


Yang Kai replied, “We are tens of thousands of kilometres away from the Star City. It will be too late by the time they reply.”


Guo Zi Yan thought about it and agreed. If he sent a message back, by the time Scarlet Star provided reinforcements, the issue at hand would have already been settled.


He cupped his fists and continued, “Sixth Manager, if you really need something, you don’t need to worry about anything. Our men will take care of it.”


Yang Kai nodded in agreement.


While the two were chatting with each other, many people could be seen approaching from afar. Apparently, everyone had been alarmed by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and had come to check out what happened.


The first to arrive was a group of over a dozen people. The leader of this group was a burly bald man. There was a fierce look on his face and he was radiating an evil aura.


He landed on the ground and swept his gaze around, his eyes flickering when he saw Yue He’s beautiful figure. The next moment, a flash of greed flickered in his eyes as he wiped the drool at the corner of his mouth and asked, “Brat, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light just appeared here, did you see it?”


Yang Kai calmly replied, “I didn’t see it.”


The burly man shouted angrily, “Nonsense! The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was so obvious, how could you possibly not see it? Are you blind?”


Guo Zi Yan, leading the dozen or so Scarlet Star members, stood behind Yang Kai, looking at the burly bald man in pity.


[If this guy knew that the Sixth Manager had just killed hundreds of Thunder Light disciples, he wouldn’t dare act so aggressively.]


A cultivator suddenly approached the stalwart bald man and whispered something in his ear, glancing at the Six Fated Paths Bag.


The bald man turned his gaze towards the Six Fated Paths Bag before ordering, pointing at the bag, “Kid, is that thing yours? Take it off, I want to check it.”


“Just because you say so, I need to obey? Who do you think you are?” Yang Kai sneered.


The bald man’s expression turned grim upon hearing this, “Brat, do what I tell you to do while I’m asking nicely, otherwise…”


“Otherwise what?” Yang Kai glanced at him indifferently. The next moment, he raised his hand as the Earth Dragon, who was healing from its wounds on another mountain, rushed over. It was extremely fast and was already standing before them in the blink of an eye. Its condition was a lot better than before, but it still looked pretty miserable.


Be that as it may, the fearsome aura it was radiating, the mucus dripping from its wiggling mouth, and its 300-metre-long body was a huge deterrent.


The burly bald man was instantly flabbergasted. Gulping nervously, he stared at the Earth Dragon in a daze. He couldn’t help but back away in fear while the dozen or so people following behind also looked terrified.


“Scram or die!” Yang Kai coldly glared at them.


A look of humiliation instantly appeared on the bald man’s face; nonetheless, he was intimidated by the might of the Earth Dragon and dared not attack. 


Fortunately for him, groups of cultivators flew over and landed in the vicinity one after another.


In the blink of an eye, hundreds had gathered atop the small mountain, and as time passed, more and more arrived.


Everyone who came later furrowed their brow. Although everyone knew that the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light would definitely attract all the people in the vicinity, the number was still far beyond what they had imagined. From time to time, Divine Sense fluctuations could be felt as people were secretly discussing with one another.


Suddenly, the burly bald shouted, “The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light is inside that bag. What are you guys waiting for!?”


He quickly stepped back as he shouted, trying to hide in the crowd.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai didn’t give him a chance and stared at him as a grim smile appeared on his lips, “Kill him!”


The Earth Dragon behind Yang Kai shot out like an arrow fired from a bow. Its enormous mouth had completely covered the position where the burly bald man stood.


The burly bald man screamed out loud before everything went dark.


When the Earth Dragon lifted its head from the ground, the burly bald man was nowhere to be found. Not only him, but a dozen or so people around him had disappeared in an instant. Only miserable screams could be heard coming from the Earth Dragon’s belly.




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