Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4017, Sword Pavilion


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“I just killed a piece of trash!” Yang Kai held his spear with one hand, exuding an imposing aura like he alone could handle everyone as he coldly swept his gaze across the battlefield, “Who else wants to die?”


No one dared to move. Having witnessed Liao Yi Bai’s end, seeing how he was killed on the spot, no one among the remaining Open Heaven Realm Masters dared to act rashly. At the very least, until they understood the true strength of this spear-wielding young man, no one dared to provoke him.


All of them felt extremely aggrieved in their hearts. This damned Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary with its damned Rolling Fog, if not for this, how could a mere Emperor Realm Junior be worthy of their attention? He would have long been dealt with by the crowd.


The people from Profound Clouds Society were both angry and depressed. Their leader had been killed right before their eyes and had even been called trash, yet they didn’t even have the strength to avenge him.


Thousands of people on the mountaintop were all silent at this moment, only the sound of the Six Fated Paths Bag vibrating constantly was heard.


In Yang Kai’s perception, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that had been shooting up from underground was pouring straight into the Six Fated Paths Bag, filling it. At this moment, the bag was about half full.


Yang Kai didn’t know if he could fill up the entire Six Fated Paths Bag, but he was still quite excited.


In this strange silence, a loud bang rang out as a huge pit appeared in the ground. The Earth Dragon, which had previously burrowed into the earth, suddenly poked its head out and swallowed a few cultivators, catching them off guard, before drilling back into the ground with lightning speed.


It had been miserably beaten up by these people and had to hide underground; but now, it had come out to stir up trouble. Obviously, it was holding a grudge.


Everyone was shocked and quickly flew up into the sky.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters glanced at each other, communicating with each other via Divine Sense. Even though they knew that the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was under the bag, they had no choice but to helplessly watch it be taken away. Naturally, they all felt depressed.


Yang Kai suddenly raised his eyes and looked towards the distant sky.


He noticed densely packed streaks of sword light flying over from the west. The sword light in the lead was like a meteor, piercing across the Heavens. This group was still a few hundred kilometres away, but the sword intent had already reached them, filling the air.


Feeling this awe-inspiring sword intent, everyone couldn’t help turning to look in that direction. When they saw what was happening, Hu Yi and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters’ eyes lit up.


“Sword Pavilion’s people are here,” Guo Zi Yan’s expression became serious as he quickly whispered to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai nodded slightly in understanding.


In the previous Star City, there were originally three great forces, Thunder Light, Scarlet Star, and Sword Pavilion.


In terms of numbers, Sword Pavilion had the least. Thunder Light and Scarlet Star on the other hand were about equal in size, but it was Sword Pavilion that had the greatest overall strength. In the Star City, Sword Pavilion controlled almost half of the shops and territory, while the remaining half was divided between Scarlet Star and Thunder Light. From this, it could be seen just how strong Sword Pavilion was.


The three great forces of the Star City had been fighting each other for millennia, so when Guo Zi Yan saw the overwhelming sword light approaching, he immediately recognized these people.


Everyone from Sword Pavilion cultivated the Sword Dao and had strong murderous intent. Their fighting style was ruthless, and they were famous throughout the Star City. Unless they had no other choice, no one was willing to fight against Sword Pavilion.


Yang Kai had forced his way into Scarlet Star and had fought with Thunder Light earlier. He had never had any conflicts with Sword Pavilion.


However, news about the Yuan Magnetic Mountain had spread far and wide, so it was only natural for Sword Pavilion disciples to rush over to investigate. After all, both Scarlet Star and Thunder Light had arrived.


For some unknown reason, Hu Yi and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters had all gathered together to welcome Sword Pavilion.


As the sword light flashed over, figures appeared in front of everyone one after another.


The leader of this group was a man with a fiery red head of hair and a beard. He was bare-chested and had a dignified look on his face. Behind him was a woman dressed in palace robes and a young man.


These three people were exuding the aura of the Open Heaven Realm, indicating their status as Masters. Each of them possessed an overwhelming sword intent, especially the red-haired man in the lead. Standing there, he was like a peerless sword, its sharpness intimidating all around him.


The woman in palace robes didn’t exude such an overbearing aura, but her beauty was extraordinary. She was extremely fair and had voluptuous peaks. Her eyes were bright and limpid. Her hair was casually tied into a bun. On the other hand, the young man was handsome and a fiery glint could be seen in his eyes every time he blinked, like there was a fire burning in their depths. He was carrying a blue long sword on his back and his long robes were flapping along with the wind, giving him a heroic air.


Guo Zi Yan was afraid that Yang Kai didn’t know how powerful these three people were, so he quickly introduced them, “Sixth Manager, those three are leaders of Sword Pavilion. The red-haired is Zhong Fan, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the woman is Lu Xue, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and the young man is Luo Qing Yun, also a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!”


Yang Kai nodded slightly, indicating that he understood, but he was a little surprised in his heart. He was surprised by the fact that Zhong Fan was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. [Doesn’t it mean that he is on par with the Head Manager of Scarlet Star?]


He wondered what Zhong Fan’s ranking in Sword Pavilion was.


A Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could be considered a powerhouse in the 3,000 Worlds, enough to occupy a Spirit Province and establish a Sect of their own.


On the other side, Hu Yi and the others went up to him and said something to Zhong Fan. The next moment, Zhong Fan glanced at Yang Kai, his eyes flickering with aggression.


A moment later, Zhong Fan nodded slightly and flew towards the top of the mountain, followed closely by the Sword Pavilion disciples.


Not many people from Sword Pavilion had come this time, only a few dozen, but when these people gathered together, they gave off a silent pressure. The Sword Intent that constantly lingered around them caused everyone on the mountaintop to unconsciously distance themselves from them, lest they be injured by the Sword Intent.


“Is there really a Yuan Magnetic Divine Light underneath this bag?” Zhong Fan glanced over at Yang Kai, but didn’t take him seriously, instead focusing on the Six Fated Paths Bag itself.


Hu Yi stepped forward and stated, “No one saw it, but the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light did appear here. This bag is the most suspicious thing here.”


“If you think it’s suspicious, why don’t you check?”


Zhong Fan’s question caused Hu Yi and the others to feel extremely awkward. Who didn’t want to check it? It was just that the leader of Profound Clouds Society, Liao Yi Bai, had just tragically lost his life right there, so who would want to follow in his footsteps? If it weren’t for Sword Pavilion’s sword light shooting over, they really had no idea how to deal with this situation.


Seeing everyone remain silent, Zhong Fan knew that they must have suffered some kind of loss; after all, the bloodstains and mutilated corpses on the ground had already explained everything to him. 


He couldn’t help but snort.


Luo Qing Yun stared at the Six Fated Paths Bag with a burning gaze and chuckled, “This bag is a pretty good treasure!”


He finally turned his gaze towards Yang Kai, and asked warmly, “Friend, is this your bag?”


Yang Kai replied with a nod, “Yes!”


“This bag is pretty good, are you willing to part with it?” Luo Qing Yun asked.


“No!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.


“Don’t be so quick to refuse. Why don’t you hear the price before deciding.”


“No matter what price you offer, the bag is not for sale.”


Luo Qing Yun shrugged and said, “If that’s the case, then forget it. I hope you won’t regret it later.”


As soon as the word ‘forget it’ left his lips, Luo Qing Yun transformed into a streak of sword light, shooting straight at the Six Fated Paths Bag like a bolt of lightning.


“You court death!” Yang Kai shouted angrily as he quickly pushed his Space Principles, causing the space within a thousand metres of him to become extremely viscous.


Luo Qing Yun’s cry of surprise rang out from the sword light. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be so powerful. The sudden change in space had actually caused his movements to become sluggish.


The next moment, Yang Kai had thrust his spear straight towards the sword light.


A sword cry rang out as Luo Qing Yun unsheathed the sword on his back. In an instant, Sword Qi filled the air as Sword Intent soared to the Heavens.


No one was able to see what was happening clearly. Only a series of crisp clangs and sparks could be heard and seen as Luo Qing Yun was sent flying back while Yang Kai stood in front of the Six Fated Paths Bag with his spear in hand and a malevolent look on his face!


This exchange was so fast that it dazzled everyone’s eyes. No one knew who won or lost, but judging from the expressions of Yang Kai and Luo Qing Yun, it was the latter who must have suffered a small loss. At this moment, Luo Qing Yun was staring down at his long sword, a pained look flashing across the depths of his eyes. The long sword’s lustre was a little dimmer than before, obviously having suffered some damage from the previous exchange.


Zhong Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, whereas Lu Xue was shocked and Hu Yi and the others’ faces turned ashen.


Even a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm like Luo Qing Yun had been unable to do anything to Yang Kai and had even suffered a small loss in a frontal confrontation. Liao Yi Bai, a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, had apparently not died in vain.


“Brat, you dare damage my sword’s spirituality?!” Luo Qing Yun suddenly raised his head with a fierce look appearing on his face.


That short exchange had actually damaged his sword’s spirituality. Although it wasn’t too serious, it was still enough to make his heart ache. It would take him at least a few months to recover it.


“A waste with a piece of scrap metal dares to act so arrogantly? If you dare come here again, I’ll kill you,” Yang Kai’s voice turned colder as he thrust the Azure Dragon Spear forward.


When Yang Kai saw this fellow’s dignified appearance just now, he really didn’t expect him to suddenly launch a sneak attack. He almost lost the Six Fated Paths Bag. Although he had refined the Six Fated Paths Bag and it wasn’t impossible to snatch it back, if it got snatched, it would definitely ruin his plan to obtain the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


“Junior, you have some skill, no wonder you speak so arrogantly!” Zhong Fan’s expression sank as he took a step forward. His imposing aura gave the impression that he could topple the mountains and overturn the seas as he coldly continued, “But are you really going to make an enemy out of my Sword Pavilion?”


Yang Kai, on the other hand, acted as if he had heard nothing and simply stared at him coldly, “This King is Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager, while you are a leader of Sword Pavilion. In terms of status, we are on equal footing, so don’t call me Junior. Moreover… even if I made an enemy out of your Sword Pavilion, so what?”


As soon as these words came out, the entire crowd went into an uproar. Hu Yi and the others stared at Yang Kai in shock, all of them thinking that this man had gone crazy. [A mere Emperor Realm Junior dares to act so arrogantly in front of Zhong Fan? Does he not know how to write the word ‘death’? Zhong Fan is a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who is also proficient in the Sword Dao! He has probably killed more people than this brat has ever seen in his life, yet he still dares to provoke him like this?]


Luo Qing Yun couldn’t be bothered to be angry with him as he turned to Lu Xue and asked, “Is this boy stupid?”


Lu Xue’s face was cold, but her voice was gentle, “He probably has something he can rely on.”


“Good!” Zhong Fan shouted, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a brave boy. Since that’s the case, this King will teach you the consequences of opposing my Sword Pavilion.”




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  1. I just realised, if things get dicey for Yang kai, can’t he just retrieve his bag. That way the magnetic light would take effect once more and destroy all of these people’s swords. Since they rely on swords so much they will defi Italy be weakened and he can take care of them. I really hope this happens, I really want to see the look on their faces as they watch their swords fly out of their hands and get destroyed.

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