Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4018, Sword Formation


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As soon as Zhong Fan’s voice fell, flames suddenly engulfed his body. No one knew what kind of Secret Art he cultivated, but it was extremely hot and violent.


Zhong Fan raised his hand as a long sword appeared in his grip. At first glance, this long sword looked somewhat similar to the Myriads Sword that Yang Kai had used many years ago, both of them belonging to the same heavier long sword class, a true work of art.


However, this sword was obviously of a much higher grade than the Myriads Sword.


As soon as this sword appeared, Zhong Fan’s aura completely changed. The raging flames wrapped around his sword like a snake, causing the temperature of the entire mountain to rise sharply.


Hu Yi and the others all wore excited expressions, secretly rejoicing in their hearts. Yang Kai’s imposing aura had left them frightened before, but now, when they saw Zhong Fan take action, they were naturally filled with anticipation.


However, at this moment, a chorus of shouts suddenly rang out from afar.


“Emperor Heaven, Emperor Heaven, never submit!”


Along with the shouts, innumerable streaks of light shot over from the distance, shouting loudly as they flew, as if they were afraid that no one would know that they were coming.


Everyone looked over with strange expressions and the tense atmosphere suddenly became stagnant.


However, after seeing the number of people who had come, many people’s expressions changed slightly. Even the three leaders of Sword Pavilion couldn’t help but turn solemn.


It wasn’t surprising though as there were simply too many people flying over at once. At a glance, there were at least seven or eight hundred people, perhaps even a thousand.


There were only about a thousand people gathered on this mountaintop in total.


The leader of this group was a young man with an arrogant look on his face and a giant sword on his shoulder, his nose pointing towards the sky. Before he even arrived, his voice had already reached them, “Emperor Heaven lays claim to this place, all unrelated people should retreat!”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as a strange expression appeared on his face.


Ding Yi was like a ghost haunting Yang Kai. No matter where he went, he would always run into him. It was obvious that he had been living quite well recently and had gathered many subordinates, his self-confidence once again soaring.


Ding Yi’s words were a bit pompous, so naturally, no one liked it and looked unhappy. As for Zhong Fan, he just coldly snorted.


In the blink of an eye, Emperor Heaven’s thousand or so members had already arrived. Ding Yi suddenly came to a stop, and so did the people from Emperor Heaven behind him, neatly arranging themselves into several square formations. At first glance, they seemed quite well-trained, and with so many behind him, it made Ding Yi stand out like a crane amongst a flock of chickens, only raising his profile even further.


However, there was no Open Heaven Realm Master among their group. After all, Emperor Heaven was founded on the idea of breaking free of the oppression of Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Ding Yi took out his sword and pointed it towards the front before loudly declaring with a condescending attitude, “I heard that there were some Open Heaven Realm Masters here bullying an Emperor Realm Brother?”


If this were the outside world, he wouldn’t have dared to speak so arrogantly in front of Open Heaven Realm Masters. He would have probably bowed to them long ago. Only a special environment like the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary gave him the chance to speak so arrogantly.


He also enjoyed this feeling of being the centre of attention. This illusion of being in control of everything made him extremely infatuated.


“Brothers, what do you think we should do?” Ding Yi shouted aloud.


“Emperor Heaven, Emperor Heaven, never submit!” Emperor Heaven’s members shouted in unison.


Ding Yi grinned, “That’s right! May I know which friend is being bullied? Don’t be afraid, since this Ding is here, I will ensure your safety!”


Zhong Fan turned around and asked, “Who is this guy?”


The woman in palace robes, Lu Xue, stepped forward and whispered a few words to Zhong Fan, whereupon Zhong Han nodded his understanding. Only now did he realize that this was the same Emperor Heaven that had been in the limelight recently. Emperor Heaven’s name had been spreading far and wide, attracting quite a few people to join it. Rumour even had it that at its peak, it had over five thousand members, but for some reason, only a thousand had come here today.


When Zhong Fan was speaking, Ding Yi also noticed Yang Kai and couldn’t help but have his eyes widen, “It’s you!”


“We meet again,” Yang Kai grinned at him.


Ding Yi wore a strange expression as he hesitated!


After escaping from the Beast Tide, Ding Yi led his men to a mountain valley and happened to run into Yang Kai and his group who were resting there. They had some unpleasant experiences and were nearly killed by Yang Kai on the spot. It wasn’t easy for them to survive that ordeal, but after that, Ding Yi ordered that if anyone from Emperor Heaven saw Yang Kai again in the future, they must not clash with him.


He hadn’t expected to see this fellow again today!


Recalling Yang Kai’s scorching palms and the miserable state of the people he had killed, Ding Yi couldn’t help feeling a little apprehensive.


However, since he had led a thousand people here today, it was not impossible for him to take revenge for what happened that day, many months ago.


Pondering for a moment, Ding Yi seemed to have made up his mind. He gritted his teeth and stated, “Since there is an Open Heaven Realm Master here today, this Ding won’t argue with you about the grievances we had that day. Quickly come over here, this Ding will ensure your safety, he won’t let you suffer any harm. In front of this Ding, no Open Heaven Realm Master can ever bully an Emperor!”


Who knew what had happened to him in the past that made him so hostile towards those of the Open Heaven Realm? Surprisingly, he didn’t even want to pursue his grievances with Yang Kai and instead chose to protect him.


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes flickered with a bright gleam as he found this guy’s simplicity somewhat cute. A smile appeared on his lips as he refused, “No need, I’ll just stand here and see who dares to attack me.”


Ding Yi was stunned for a moment before giving him a thumbs up, “You’ve got guts! This Ding admires someone as courageous as you the most. I’ll definitely befriend you.”


He then stepped forward, glaring at Zhong Fan and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters as he declared, “All of you, either scram or die!”


It was quite boastful for him to say this, but whether or not these thousand people had the ability to do so was something to be seen.


However, despite facing an enemy several dozen times stronger than them, the several dozen Sword Pavilion disciples didn’t show the slightest bit of fear; instead, they stared coldly at Emperor Heaven’s group.


Zhong Fan sneered at Ding Yi, “A frog in a well dares to boast in front of me? Who gave you the courage to act so arrogantly in front of Open Heaven Realm Masters like us?”


“So what if you’re an Open Heaven Realm Master?” Ding Yi didn’t take him seriously at all, “It’s not like I haven’t killed any Open Heaven Realm Masters recently. They still die if their head is cut off.”


Zhong Fan’s face sank, “Junior, are you sure you want to get involved in this matter? In that case, I’ll behead you first!”


Saying so, he suddenly shouted, “Sword Formation!”


*Ceng ceng ceng…* 


The sound of swords being unsheathed rang out continuously. The auras of the several dozen Sword Pavilion disciples, led by the three Open Heaven Realm Masters, suddenly interlinked with each other. In an instant, the wind and clouds surged as their Sword Intents filled the air, churning the void and whipping up a violent wind.


“Junior, accept your death!” Zhong Fan shouted angrily as he transformed into a streak of sword light and flew forward, closely followed by the dozens of Sword Pavilion disciples who were using some Secret Technique together.


In an instant, dozens of Sword Pavilion disciples set up a Sword Formation that transformed into a stunning sword light and slashed towards Ding Yi!


Ding Yi was struck with panic as he promptly retreated and waved his blade, shouting, “Attack!”


The thousand or so people behind him did not hesitate, each of them using their own Secret Techniques and artifacts to attack the Sword Pavilion Formation.


The next moment, deafening rumbles filled the air as the world went pale. The ground quaked and the surrounding World Energy became turbulent. The stunning sword light flashed wildly, but its momentum didn’t decrease as it slashed towards Emperor Heaven’s group.


Miserable screams rang out instantly as more than a dozen Emperor Heaven members lost their lives in just a single blow, falling from the sky like dumplings.


The sword light danced about, sweeping in and out of Emperor Heaven’s group like it was being swung by an invisible hand, killing as it went. More importantly, no one was able to stop it.


Ding Yi never stopped roaring orders, but the Emperor Heaven members were all Emperor Realm cultivators; as such, they weren’t that strong. Although they were attacking together and had a vast numerical advantage, against such a powerful and practised Formation, how could they possibly be Sword Pavilion’s opponent?


Watching his Emperor Heaven members dying and a rain of blood falling from the sky, Ding Yi’s eyes turned bloodshot; however, he didn’t abandon his subordinates and flee. He was in the lead and proved he did not fear death, but the difference in strength could not be made up for with numbers alone.


If they wanted to destroy the Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation, it would be impossible to do so without a few hundred casualties, but Ding Yi wasn’t sure that Emperor Heaven could last until then.


“Aren’t you going to help? He provoked such a powerful enemy for you,” Yue He approached Yang Kai and asked.


Yang Kai glanced at the battle in the sky before turning his attention to Hu Yi and the others and muttered, “I can’t leave now!”


If he left, the Six Fated Paths Bag would definitely be lost.


Yue He pouted her lips, “Heartless man!”


Yang Kai sneered, “That Ding Yi has his own plans, do you really think he’s just standing up for me?”


If Ding Yi could defeat Sword Pavilion, Emperor Heaven’s reputation would definitely soar. At that time, he wouldn’t have to worry about others joining him. Still, Ding Yi had indeed helped Yang Kai a little this time; otherwise, he would have had to face Sword Pavilion alone.


Yang Kai observed the power of this Sword Formation and believed that it would take him some effort to defeat it if it was turned against him.


Therefore, Yang Kai didn’t plan to sit back and do nothing, he was just waiting for the right time to act.


As the battle continued, everyone who saw the might of the Sword Pavilion’s several dozen disciples couldn’t help becoming absent-minded. With such a powerful Sword Formation, who in this world could stand against them?


Emperor Heaven had already suffered more than a hundred casualties in less than half a cup of tea’s time. On the other hand, Sword Pavilion’s side was completely unscathed. The stunning sword light’s momentum was still as strong as ever, sweeping through Emperor Heaven’s group without impediment. All who came into contact with this sword light were either injured or killed.


Ding Yi continued giving orders while leading the fight, somehow managing to stabilize the situation, decreasing Emperor Heaven’s casualties.


Once the battle began, regardless of the reason, both sides’ eyes turned red with bloodlust. It would only come to an end when one side was completely defeated.


After an incense stick worth of time, Ding Yi let out a muffled grunt and retreated as a forearm-length wound appeared on his chest, nearly killing him on the spot.


He quickly circulated his strength to suppress his injuries, but the Sword Intent radiating from his wounds was causing him great pain and difficulty.


At that moment, Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang out in Ding Yi’s ears, “Tell your people to put away their artifacts.”


Ding Yi was startled and turned to look at Yang Kai, only to see him staring at him.


Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai meant by this, Ding Yi decided to take a leap of faith and shouted, “Stow your artifacts!” 


Saying so, he swiftly stored his broadsword.


Although Ding Yi had given such an order, the Emperor Heaven members all acted differently. From this, it could be seen just how lax their discipline was. If Zhong Fan were to say the same thing, the Sword Pavilion’s disciples would have definitely obeyed.


However, Yang Kai didn’t care anymore. He could sense that the space inside the Six Fated Paths Bag was already filled with Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and would soon reach its limit.




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