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Martial Peak – Chapter 4019, Deliver You a Big Gift

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Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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After sending his message to Ding Yi, Yang Kai raised his hand and burst into maniac laughter, “I’ll deliver you a big gift!”


Saying so, he stowed away his Fated Paths Bag.


A mystical and ever-varying beam of light soared into the sky as the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light reappeared!


The distorted beam tore a hole in the sky, revealing itself to everyone within a thousand kilometres.


Suddenly, a cry rang out from the crowd, “Ah, my sword!”


With a woosh, a long sword flew straight towards the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, behind it was a shocked cultivator staring blankly, unable to fathom how his long sword artifact, which was clearly held in his hand a moment ago, flew out on its own.


“What’s going on!”




A series of panicked cries rang out from the crowd, and all the cultivators who had summoned their metal artifacts paled. It couldn’t be helped either as a tremendous suction force had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, pulling away their artifacts.


Everyone else also stared up at the sky in shock as they saw numerous artifacts flying towards the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light at an astonishing speed.


After a moment of hesitation, the cultivators who had lost their artifacts quickly formed hand seals and tried to recall them by urging their Divine Sense.


Nonetheless, they couldn’t summon their artifacts back! The pull of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was too powerful, and since it had already been taken away, it was no different from throwing a meat bun at a dog. It was already a lost cause.


The first person who saw his sword being pulled into the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light had no time to feel sad before his face suddenly turned pale. He grunted and spurted a mouthful of blood as his face immediately became pale.


The long sword was connected to his Soul, and after being washed away by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, it quickly lost all spirituality and began to disintegrate, causing his Soul to suffer damage. Such damage would take at least a year or two to recover from.


*Pu pu pu…*


Countless people spurted blood one after another as more and more were injured. Only the cultivators who had not refined their artifacts deeply didn’t suffer any serious injuries, all they lost was their prized artifacts, which still put a pained look on their faces.


“It’s the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!” Someone exclaimed, “That Yuan Magnetic Divine Light actually has the power to pull away artifacts! Everyone, be careful!”


Not everyone’s artifacts had been taken away, Hu Yi and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters were still desperately resisting the strange movements of their artifacts, so when they heard this, their expressions all became serious. They quickly put away their artefacts, and finally prevented them from being lost.


In a short period of time, all the artifacts that had been taken away dimmed down and became a pile of scrap metal without any spirituality.


“This Yuan Magnetic Divine Light is actually able to pull artifacts, doesn’t that mean the Sword Pavilion disciples are in danger?” Someone muttered.


Hearing this, everyone seemed to realize something and quickly turned their attention from the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to the battlefield.


After taking a look, they were dumbfounded!


The Sword Formation that had been rampaging through Emperor Heaven’s group had been broken at some point and numerous streaks of light were now flying towards the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light from the Sword Pavilion group. No matter how much the Sword Pavilion disciples tried, they were unable to recall their swords.


Everyone from Sword Pavilion cultivated the Sword Dao and used special Secret Techniques to refine their swords. It could be said that these swords were closely connected to the lives of the Sword Pavilion’s disciples. Most of the Sword Pavilion disciples’ skills were related to their swords.


At this moment, when their swords had been taken away, the Sword Pavilion disciples were like tigers whose teeth and claws had been pulled out. Not only that, but they had even lost the swords they had been cultivating with their entire lives, so the Sword Formation naturally collapsed.


“What’s going on?” Luo Qing Yun’s face was filled with horror. The sword in his hand hadn’t been taken away; after all, he was an Open Heaven Realm Master and his foundation was not something an ordinary Emperor Realm cultivator could compare to. The moment he noticed something was wrong, he gripped his sword tightly, but at this moment, the sword in his hand was waving around uncontrollably, wanting to fly out of his grip. He was completely focused on his sword, so how could he be in the mood to kill?


“It’s the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!” Lu Xue shouted, her pretty face turning gloomy.


“What a vicious brat!” Zhong Fan lowered his head and glared at Yang Kai, who was laughing madly.


Previously, Yang Kai had crazily shouted that he would deliver them a big gift, but no one had expected that this gift would actually be a death sentence to Sword Pavilion! With just this one move, he had condemned dozens of Sword Pavilion elites to their graves!


In the time it took for the spark to fly off a flint, Zhong Fan roared, “Follow me!”


Taking the lead, he put away his artifact and charged towards the weakest point of the crowd as his body surged with Sword Intent.


However, the Sword Pavilion disciples had relied on the might of their Sword Formation to slaughter their way through the thousand or so members of Emperor Heaven, so now that their Formation had been broken, it would not be easy for them to escape.


*Pu pu pu…*


A series of dull thuds rang out as the Sword Pavilion disciples spurted mouthfuls of blood and became dispirited.


Unlike the crowd down below who had received varying degrees of backlash from the destruction of their artifacts, the Sword Pavilion’s disciple’s very lives were at stake. Their swords were refined using various special Secret Techniques and were closely linked to their lives. Once their swords were destroyed, it gave them a devastating blow.


As the swords were drawn into the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and their light dimmed, the dozens of disciples of the Sword Pavilion had their Souls shaken and suffered heavy injuries!


Ding Yi was flabbergasted!


Previously, when Sword Pavilion had set up their Sword Formation, they looked extremely majestic and awe-inspiring. Emperor Heaven had a thousand men on their side, but they were still cut down like vegetables and were unable to fight back at all. The anger and frustration in his heart couldn’t be described in mere words. Ding Yi had already begun considering retreating, thinking that provoking this group of a madman from Sword Pavilion was not worth it, but after Yang Kai sent him a strange message, the situation had suddenly taken a turn!


After a series of sword lights flew out from the Sword Pavilion disciples’ hands, the unstoppable Sword Formation actually collapsed on its own! Immediately after, many of the Sword Pavilion disciples spat out mouthfuls of blood and their faces went pale as if they had suffered heavy injuries.


There was no need for him to hesitate. Ding Yi raised his hand before waving it down and grinning fiercely, “Kill them!”


As he finished speaking, he took the lead and charged forward, his entire body was covered in a golden light that exuded boundless sharpness and caused others to shiver in fear. Shockingly, he was using his Dao Seal’s Metal Element Power to enhance his attack.


Strictly speaking, although Ding Yi’s cultivation wasn’t very high, his strength was still quite good amongst the Emperor Realm. Just from the quality of his Metal Element, one could tell that an ordinary Emperor Realm Master wasn’t his opponent. Moreover, it was quite apparent that he had condensed the Power of a Fourth or Fifth-Order Open Heaven material. Perhaps after spending a few months in the Great Ruins Boundary, he had his own opportunities!


With a single punch, the sky changed colour.


Since their leader had already set an example, how could those from Emperor Heaven shrink back?


With a loud bang, a series of Secret Techniques flew towards the Sword Pavilion disciples from every single direction, one after another.


Having lost their swords, the Sword Pavilion disciples’ strength had been greatly reduced, and after suffering heavy blows to their Souls, how could they resist such a dense barrage of attacks? If the Sword Formation was still functioning, they naturally wouldn’t fear these scattered attacks, but it had been disrupted when they lost their swords.


Despair flashed across the Sword Pavilion disciples’ eyes as none of them were able to avoid this attack. All they could do was desperately circulate their strength to form defensive barriers.


In an instant, layers of brown-coloured light appeared on the bodies of the Sword Pavilion disciples, all of them were clearly using their Earth Elements. Some of them even developed Divine Abilities related to the Earth Elements they had condensed, especially Zhong Fan, who was in the lead. He held a giant shield in his hand that was congealed from pure Earth Element Power that looked extremely solid.


However, in the face of countless attacks, their efforts were meaningless.


In a flash of light, the Sword Pavilion disciples’ defences were shattered. Even Zhong Fan’s giant shield couldn’t endure.


One attack after another hit the Sword Pavilion disciples, causing them to scream in pain as their fleshly bodies were reduced to a blood mist, not even leaving bones behind!


In the blink of an eye, more than half of the Sword Pavilion disciples had died. Even Zhong Fan, Luo Qing Yun, and Lu Xue were injured, their bodies drenched in blood, wounds riddling their figures!


The members of Emperor Heaven were ecstatic.


Just now, their side was being slaughtered by the Sword Pavilion’s Formation, causing them much grief and anger, so now that they had a chance to take revenge, they naturally spared no effort.


After the first round of attacks, the second round arrived!


“Sword Pavilion’s group is finished,” Hu Yi watched helplessly as this thought flashed across his mind, his face extremely pale. Ever since he had broken through to the Open Heaven Realm, he had not placed an Emperor Realm Junior in his eyes. To him, all Emperor Realm cultivators were nothing but ants whom he could kill at will, but today, after seeing the Sword Pavilion disciples running for their lives and witnessing Zhong Fan, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivator, fleeing like a stray dog, he finally realized that the saying ‘many ants could bite an elephant to death’ wasn’t an empty talk!


After all, this was the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary!


The culprit behind this entire debacle was none other than the young man with his hands behind his back.


Although Emperor Heaven was the murderer, at the end of the day, the death of the Sword Pavilion disciples was all the fault of this young man. If he hadn’t released the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light just now, how could Sword Pavilion have fallen so easily?


Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, Hu Yi felt a chill run up his spine. This young man had killed Open Heaven Realm Masters like slaughtering chickens and dogs, and now he had obtained this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. In the future, who in the Great Ruins Boundary could be his opponent?


Screams rang out again as Emperor Heaven’s second round of attacks wiped out all the remaining Sword Pavilion disciples, leaving only the three Open Heaven Realm Masters who were still trying to escape.


From this, one could see the difference between the Open Heaven Realm and the Emperor Realm. Under the effects of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, they were still able to control their swords and protect themselves from the barrage of attacks.


“You want to leave?” Ding Yi’s aura locked onto the fleeing Zhong Fan as he shouted angrily, “Leave your life behind first!”


As he spoke, he sent out another punch towards Zhong Fan. This punch was filled with Metal Element Power and was quite terrifying!


Zhong Fan hurriedly turned around, clenched his teeth, and pointed his finger, sending a stream of Sword Qi to greet the attack.


With a loud bang, space warped and his finger energy was shattered, causing Zhong Fan to spit out a mouthful of blood as his figure flew backwards. Emperor Heaven’s two rounds of attacks had already injured him and now, he was forcefully exerting his strength. He was almost no match for Ding Yi at the moment.


Luo Qing Yun quickly supported him and exchanged a glance with Lu Xue. The two of them then turned into two streaks of sword light, wrapping themselves around the three of them before instantly breaking through Emperor Heaven’s blockade and fleeing into the distance.



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