Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4020, Diving In


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Several dozen Sword Pavilion disciples arrived under the leadership of three Open Heaven Realm Masters in an aggressive and overbearing manner, but after an incense stick of time, all of them were either dead or fleeing for their lives.


Of the dozens of Sword Pavilion members who had come, there were only three people left. Even Zhong Fan, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, had suffered heavy injuries and nearly died on the spot.


On the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, everyone was silent except for those from Emperor Heaven, who were cheering loudly, causing the world to tremble. Ding Yi was even laughing wildly, like he was the ruler of the world and nobody could stop him.


Many people were unhappy with his arrogant attitude, but it was undeniable that after this battle, Emperor Heaven’s prestige would reach new heights and its name would spread far and wide. In this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, there was definitely a place for him now.


Many of the thousand people present were already looking at Emperor Heaven with glistening eyes, wondering if they should join it.


After laughing madly, Ding Yi came back to his senses and wanted to thank Yang Kai, but when he looked down, Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen, along with the dozen or so people who had been standing behind him.


“Where is Brother Yang?” Ding Yi asked the person beside him.


No one knew. Everyone was busy chasing after the Sword Pavilion disciples just now, so how could anyone pay attention to others?


On the other hand, one of the Emperor Realm Masters on the ground pointed below and replied, “They entered the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.” He clearly saw that when Zhong Fan and the others fled, Yang Kai led the dozen or so people around him into the sinkhole.


Ding Yi turned his head and saw that the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was still shooting out from the hole created by the Earth-Dragon. His eyes couldn’t help narrowing as he secretly admired Yang Kai’s boldness. He had just witnessed the might of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and not only did it possess the power to pull in artifacts, but also to damage said artifacts critically in short order. How could jumping into this light result in a good end?


However, very soon, an unyielding thought emerged in his heart.


If Yang Kai could have the courage to jump down, why couldn’t he?


More Importantly, since such an intense Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was shooting out from the sinkhole, there must be High-Grade Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones below! It was a precious treasure trove!


Without any hesitation, he waved his hand, “Follow me!”


Leading the way, Ding Yi rushed towards the hole and arrived in the blink of an eye.


After approaching it, Ding Yi was able to sense how terrifying this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light truly was. When his Divine Sense made contact with it, it was immediately shredded, causing his head to ache.


Ding Yi couldn’t help gulping hard, wondering if he should wait and see what the situation was like later. If he couldn’t ‘eat the meat’ and ended up getting himself into trouble, it wouldn’t be worth it.


A cultivator beside him also came over with a nervous look and asked, “Leader, jumping in here is probably a bit dangerous, should we wait a little first?”


If this man hadn’t said anything, Ding Yi would have really waited, but since he was trying to build a reputation for himself and was now being dissuaded, Ding Yi became stubborn and declared, “What are you waiting for? There must be some kind of great treasure down there. Don’t you see that Brother Yang has already gone down? He must have gone to clean out all the riches. This Ding will go down first, the rest of you follow, no one is allowed to back down!”


The man’s face immediately became bitter.


After Ding Yi finished speaking, he grit his teeth and leaped forward, diving straight into the sinkhole. In order to avoid any accidents, he even pushed his Earth Element Power to protect himself, preparing for any consequences with whatever he had available.


However, just as he jumped down, he suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream and shot out of the sinkhole like an arrow.


Under everyone’s eyes, Ding Yi appeared a thousand meters away, but they were all shocked after seeing his current state.


At this moment, the Earth Element Power surrounding Ding Yi’s body had already been shattered. Not only that, but his clothes were also in tatters and countless tiny wounds covered his body. His blood had almost dyed his entire body red. Hovering in mid-air, Ding Yi’s eyes were filled with shock and fear.


Everyone gasped in astonishment.


Although everyone knew that this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light wasn’t something that could be easily rushed into as all of the artifacts had lost their spirituality and become scrap metal when they came into contact with it, none of them had ever imagined that it would be so terrifying.


Ding Yi had not even been able to last a breath before he was reduced to such a miserable state. If he had stayed inside for even a little longer, wouldn’t he have died without a complete corpse?


If even he was like this, what about the young man surnamed Yang and the dozen or so people around him?


“I’m afraid that brat is doomed,” an Open Heaven Realm cultivator whispered to Hu Yi. It had been half a cup of tea since Yang Kai had jumped into the sinkhole with his dozen or so followers, but there had been no movements even after such a long time. How could he be safe and sound?


A smile finally appeared on Hu Yi’s stiff face as he muttered, “Very good!”


Witnessing Yang Kai kill Liao Yi Bai with a single move, Hu Yi had become extremely wary. It would have been fine if this man was an Open Heaven Realm Master, but Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm Junior.


This kind of unconventional existence was a great blow to him, so he was naturally happy to see him die.


“Sir, are you alright?” One of Emperor Heaven’s members rushed over to Ding Yi and asked.


Ding Yi raised his hand and said, “I’m fine!” Although he said so, his face was still filled with fear. It was fortunate that he had acted quickly; otherwise, he really might have been in trouble. Thinking about how Yang Kai had been inside for so long, he immediately came to the same conclusion as Hu Yi and the others. Yang Kai probably had lost his life.


With this thought in mind, Ding Yi’s expression brightened, and he waved his hand, ordering, “Encircle this sinkhole, kill anyone who dares trespass without mercy!”


If Yang Kai were to die, then the treasures below would be left untouched. This Yuan Magnetic Divine Light couldn’t go on forever, it had to stop at some point. As long as Ding Yi waited until then, he could lead the members of Emperor Heaven down to plunder the treasures below, thereby benefiting the most.


After receiving the order, Emperor Heaven quickly gathered around the sinkhole, completely surrounding it in the blink of an eye.


This action naturally drew the ire of the crowd, but those from Emperor Heaven were not afraid. Even though the surrounding cultivators were glaring at them angrily, they remained completely calm and composed.


At the same time, inside the sinkhole, as the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light washed over them, a group of more than a dozen people wrapped in Yang Kai’s Earth Element Power continued to descend.


Contrary to what Hu Yi, Ding Yi, and the others thought, not only was Yang Kai not dead, but he wasn’t even injured. Not only him, but the dozen or so Scarlet Star members were also unharmed. The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was unable to break the defense of his Earth Element.


Yang Kai had now gathered his Wood, Fire, and Earth Elements, but he still didn’t know what Order these three Elements were, and neither could he ask anyone else about it. All he could do was try to figure it out himself.


If the Wood Element Power from the essence of the Immortal Tree was classified as Ninth-Order, then the Golden Crow True Fire and Earth Dragon’s Dragon Bead could probably be classified as Eighth-Order.


In other words, he now possessed at least one Ninth- Order and two probable Eighth-Order Elements.


However, this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was only Sixth-Order, so under the protection of an Eighth-Order Earth Element Power, how could Yang Kai and the others be harmed?


Although this was the case, Yang Kai was consuming a great deal of energy on this journey. Nonetheless, he had no choice but to constantly channel his Earth Element Power from his Dao Seal; otherwise, even if he remained unharmed, everyone else would be in danger of being killed, including Yue He. After all, her Elements were only Fifth-Order, so there was no way she could resist this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


“A Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone!” A disciple exclaimed as they kept falling, obviously seeing the treasures lining the cave walls.


As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and took the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone. Looking at it, he saw that it was only a Fourth-Order material, so he didn’t pay it any mind and simply tossed it into his Space Ring.


Who knows how deep the hole the Earth Dragon had dug was, but it was still drawing out Yuan Magnetic Divine Light hidden underground. As they continued to descend deeper into the cave, they occasionally discovered some Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones.


Yang Kai had collected more than a dozen pieces along the way, but the best was still just Fourth-Order, while the others were basically Second or Third-Order, so they weren’t worth much.


After descending about thirty thousand meters, the space below suddenly became bigger and everyone felt as if they had fallen into a sea of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


In just two breaths of time, the group of people once again rushed out of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light sea.


The next moment, a beautiful world appeared right before their eyes.


Shockingly, this was a giant underground cavern. The various parts of the cavern were flashing with a dense light, each of which represented a Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone.


Looking up again, above the cave, rays of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light gathered together and illuminated the vast cave.


This was obviously the source of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that had broken through the surface and shot into the sky.


Earlier, Yang Kai had used his Fated Paths Bag to collect an entire bag worth of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, so he hadn’t expected there to still be so much left even after erupting for so long!


This situation made everyone’s heart ache. If they had more artifacts like the Fated Paths Bags, they might be able to collect more.


Yang Kai had thought about using the Sealed World Bead to collect the rest, but after trying it out during his descent, he had no choice but to give up. After the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light entered the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai sensed it came under a bit of pressure. It didn’t matter if he collected a little, but if he collected too much, the Sealed World Bead would collapse.


Estimating the amount of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light left in this cave, it would run out after another incense stick worth of time. Once that happened, the people above would definitely come down to plunder the treasures.


In other words, Yang Kai and the others didn’t have much time left.


“Sixth Manager, we’ve struck it rich this time!” Guo Zi Yan looked around and cheered. Just from what he could see, there were more than a dozen Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones. Although he didn’t know what Order they were, just this number was enough to excite him.


Not to mention, this underground cavern was extremely vast. As long as they continued searching, they would definitely discover something good.


“Let’s move,” Yang Kai suggested calmly.


The reason why he had brought these dozen or so Scarlet Star members down here was, first, he was considering their safety. He had offended many people before, so it was definitely not safe to leave them outside. The other reason was that he needed people to collect these Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones. Since he had already anticipated that there would be treasures below, how could Yang Kai not come up with a few plans?


The dozen or so Scarlet Star members rushed out excitedly and began gathering under his command, rushing towards everywhere something was glittering.


Yue He didn’t say a word and simply walked towards the most dazzling Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, and quickly put it away into her Space Ring.




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