Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4021, Searching for Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones


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While he sent others to collect the treasures, Yang Kai didn’t remain idle. Under the influence of his Divine Sense, each and every single Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone was detected, not leaving a single stone unmarked.


The members of Scarlet Star were quite self-aware. Every time they found a Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, they would deliver it to Yang Kai before turning around to look for more.


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones underground were indeed different from the ones outside. They were of exceptionally high quality, with the lowest being Fourth-Order and most being Fifth-Order.


“Sixth Manager, over here!” Guo Zi Yan suddenly shouted from a thousand metres away, appearing to have discovered something.


Yang Kai followed the voice and arrived beside him in a flash.


“Sixth-Order, Sixth Manager, this is definitely Sixth-Order!” Guo Zi Yan’s face lit up as he pointed to a Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone embedded in the cave wall.


The divine light from the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone appeared to be taking a tangible form, similar to the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that was shooting out of the sinkhole.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and felt it for a moment before nodding, “It really is Sixth-Order.”


Guo Zi Yan’s breathing became heavy, and he almost wanted to weep from joy. He had never seen such a high Order material in his life. Although the previous Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was also technically Sixth-Order, it was extremely dangerous. One had to have the ability to negate the dangers of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light before they could refine it. This Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone in front of him was different. It also contained the power of Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetism, but this Metal Element Power was much safer to cultivate with.


In his excitement, he also felt a bit depressed when he recalled how someone with no background like him and a mediocre aptitude had no choice but to use Second-Order materials and achieve the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm. In his lifetime, he could only reach the Fourth-Order at best.


If he could turn back time, he would definitely not make such a hasty decision and would instead wait for his own opportunity.


For instance, many Emperor Realm Masters in Scarlet Star had yet to even condense their Dao Seals or had just formed them, so they could find and make use of the many opportunities in the Great Ancient Ruins Boundary to break through to higher initial Orders. The precious treasures here were much richer than in the outside world, and there were also numerous opportunities to be found. As long as one could leave the Great Ancient Ruins Boundary alive, breaking through to the Third-Order or even Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm would not be a problem.


Compared to his Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, their future achievements would naturally be higher.


“Extract it,” Yang Kai ordered.


Guo Zi Yan nodded and collected his thoughts before starting to dig. A moment later, he was holding a plate-sized Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone in both hands.


“Sixth Manager, this holds enough Power for one person to gather their Metal Element, possibly even more than that,” Guo Zi Yan cried in excitement. Although this Sixth-Order material didn’t have much to do with him, he was naturally quite excited since he had personally found and dug it out.


A Sixth-Order material was worth at least 15 million Open Heaven Pills. If he had this many Open Heaven Pills, he wouldn’t have to worry about cultivation for the rest of his life.


“It’s acceptable,” Yang Kai added indifferently before storing it away.


Yang Kai and the others didn’t have much time left. Once the Yuan Magnetism Divine Light Sea above them was completely exhausted, the thousands of people gathered on the Yuan Magnetism Mountain would definitely come down to investigate and plunder, so everyone hurried up.


Each of them had a great harvest of Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones. There was no shortage of Sixth-Order materials here, and this underground cavern was extremely large, stretching out in all directions.


It was impossible for the dozen or so Scarlet Star members to clear out this place in the allotted time, but their harvest was naturally not small since they were the first ones here.


After agreeing to meet up here later, Yang Kai had Yue He lead those from Scarlet Star to search in one direction while he flew in another alone.


Along the way, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and ignored all the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones below Third-Order, collecting only those at or above Fourth-Order.


The cavern was indeed expansive. Yang Kai had been flying forward for a whole day, but he still hadn’t reached the end of this network of caves. Furthermore, he would run into forks from time to time that made him dizzy.


After such a long time, the people on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain should have long ago come down, but this underground space was large enough for them to search through for some time.


After another day, Yang Kai finally reached a dead end.


Over the past two days, his harvest could be said to be enviable. He had collected more than a hundred Fourth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, thirty Fifth-Order, and four Sixth-Order.


In terms of value, just the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones he had found these past two days were worth over 100 million Open Heaven Pills, and this was only his own income. Even if Yue He and a dozen Scarlet Star members’ harvests were not as good as his, it wouldn’t be small either.


The only flaw was that he couldn’t find any Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones above Sixth-Order.


Yang Kai had thought that this Yuan Magnetic Mountain would have materials at the Seventh-Order or above, but he didn’t know if it was because of his bad luck or because he was searching in the wrong direction but he had not found any treasures like that.


At this moment, it was too late to change directions and search. More than two thousand people from up above had rushed in, so no matter how many treasures there were underground, Yang Kai would not be able to obtain them.


He didn’t know if anyone else had found a Seventh-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone.


Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai suddenly thought of something and grinned silently as he crossed his arms behind his back and calmly walked back.


Halfway up the road, a group of a dozen or so people appeared in front of him. When they saw someone in front of them, all of them couldn’t help being shocked as the person in the lead shouted, “Who goes there?”


With this shout, the dozen or so cultivators all secretly gathered their strength and prepared to attack.


Yang Kai walked over at a leisurely pace, but he didn’t make any overt movements or show any hostility, causing these people to be somewhat uncertain of his intentions.


When they got closer and saw Yang Kai’s face, the leading cultivator asked in surprise, “It’s you! You didn’t die?”


Previously on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, everyone had thought that Yang Kai and the dozen or so Scarlet Star cultivators were dead for sure; after all, they had gone down for so long without any sign of movement, so how could they possibly be safe?


Only now did he realize that Yang Kai was actually alive and kicking.


“Why would I die?” Yang Kai chuckled.


The cultivator who had just spoken muttered to himself for a moment before forcing a smile and cupping his fists, “Sir Yang’s strength is immeasurable, we all admire you.” 


Although they were both Emperor Realm cultivators, this man didn’t dare act arrogantly in front of Yang Kai. He had personally witnessed the miserable death of Liao Yi Bai under Yang Kai’s spear.


For a moment, they felt somewhat uneasy. Now that they had encountered this God of Slaughter in such a place, the other party might covet their treasures, and if a conflict really broke out, the dozen of them would not be able to resist.


Unexpectedly though, Yang Kai simply nodded and walked past them.


The dozen or so people all secretly breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at each other, suddenly feeling a sense of absurdity.


“Oh right.” Yang Kai suddenly turned to look at them.


“What instructions does Sir Yang have?” The leading cultivator respectfully asked.


“Don’t bother going that way, there’s nothing good there, pick a different direction,” Yang Kai suggested before quickly disappearing.


Only when Yang Kai’s footsteps disappeared did they realize that he had really left.


Someone asked, “What does he mean?”


“Idiot, he came from over there. He must have taken the good stuff first.”


Only then did the person who asked this question understood, “No wonder we only found Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones below the Third-Order along the way. It turns out they are leftovers that he didn’t take”


Fortunately, Yang Kai was in a hurry and didn’t have any interest in materials below the Third-Order; otherwise, they would have been unable to find anything along the way.


“Let’s move in a different direction!” The leading cultivator didn’t hesitate any longer and quickly led his group to the nearest fork and entered another cave.


As Yang Kai walked back the way he came, he encountered many cultivators, some in groups of three or five, some in groups of ten, some even in groups of thirty or fifty. All of them were surprised with Yang Kai’s survival.


When people with brains saw Yang Kai walking towards them, they immediately changed the direction of their search.


After spending another day, Yang Kai finally returned to the entrance.


Looking up, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that had gathered at the top of the cave had indeed disappeared. If not for that, how could the people on the surface of the Yuan Magnetic Mountain have come down alive?


Yue He and the others were still nowhere to be seen. They were probably still searching for more Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones.


Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry. He looked around before flying over to a stone pillar. The top of this stone pillar was a smooth surface, enough for dozens of people to stand on, and only a few dozen meters away from the entrance.


From time to time, people would fly down from above. Obviously, they were cultivators who had received the news and wanted to take a share of this place.


When these people saw Yang Kai sitting alone on the stone pillar, they couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised, but none of them thought too much about it. With their interests at stake, none of them had the time to care about others and all went off in different directions.


After waiting for less than half a day, two fierce auras descended from the sinkhole above Yang Kai’s head. Sensing these familiar auras, Yang Kai opened his eyes and saw two giant creatures, the Earth Dragon, and the Scarlet Flood Dragon, flying down one after another and circling around Yang Kai. Each of them were sending out vague messages and information, which was really annoying.


The two Ominous Beasts had put in a lot of effort and were both injured.


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light had injured the Earth Dragon, but it had mostly recovered over the past few days with its powerful vitality. The Scarlet Flood Dragon, on the other hand, had been injured by those from Thunder Light and had chased after them in a fit of rage. It was unknown where it had gone, but it had finally returned.


“Stop quibbling!” Yang Kai was rendered a bit speechless by these two. Although they couldn’t speak, their Divine Senses were constantly sending out vague messages.


He had no choice but to throw out two Dragon Blood Pills to calm them down, whereupon each of them found a quiet place to lie down and refine the medicinal efficacies.


Yang Kai also swallowed a Dragon Blood Pill and closed his eyes to study the mysteries of his Wood and Fire Elements, hoping to comprehend some kind of Divine Ability from them.


Another day later, Yue He and the others returned, all of them wearing bright smiles on their lips, obviously having gained a lot.


Sensing Yang Kai’s aura, Yue He’s eyes lit up as she led everyone to the stone pillar and handed over a Space Ring, “Young Master, this is our harvest.”


Yang Kai looked at her with some surprise, not expecting her to hand over all her gains to him.


Yue He, on the other hand, was smiling as if it was only natural.


Yang Kai accepted the Space Ring and sent his Divine Sense into it to investigate, but his anticipation soon turned into disappointment.




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