Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4022, I Built this Road


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Yue He and the others’ harvests weren’t small, at least thirty percent more than Yang Kai’s, and they hadn’t even let go of any Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones below Third-Order. They had probably collected everything they could get their hands on.


The remaining Fourth-Order, Fifth-Order, and Sixth-Order materials were all there. But there was nothing at Seventh-Order!


Seemingly sensing Yang Kai’s thoughts, Yue He sent a Divine Sense transmission, “There are so many Low and Mid-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones stored under this Yuan Magnetic Mountain, it’s likely that it couldn’t produce a High-Order Divine Stone.”


These words made some sense, but Yang Kai was obviously unwilling to accept them.


Putting away the Space Ring, Yang Kai looked at the Scarlet Star group and declared, “You’ve all done well. After we return, if you have any requests, feel free to make them. Whether it’s a Fifth or Sixth-Order, as long as you have the ability to refine them, this King will not be stingy.”


The dozen or so survivors were the ones who hadn’t fled in the face of the hundreds of Thunder Light cultivators. Putting aside their loyalty, at the very least, they had some courage.


As soon as Yang Kai said this, everyone’s breathing became heavy, and Guo Zi Yan also exclaimed, “Sixth Manager, you don’t need to do this!”


Yang Kai claimed that he would freely gift them Fifth-Order and even Sixth-Order materials. Although not everyone had the ability to refine a Sixth-Order material, there were still those who could refine Fifth-Order materials. This was enough to show Yang Kai’s generosity and boldness.


Not to mention, these dozen or so people hadn’t done anything much all this time. Against the provocation of Thunder Light, it was Yang Kai who had single-handedly killed and routed them. All in all, it was all thanks to Yang Kai’s protection that they were able to survive. Following Yang Kai into the depths of this underground world was nothing more than searching and using some physical strength.


In fact, if it weren’t for Yang Kai using his Earth Element Power, none of them would have been able to get down here in the first place.


Exerting a small amount of strength to gain such massive benefits was something he had never even dared to imagine before.


“This harvest is not small, and this King is not someone who likes to enjoy things alone. Since you are all my people, this King naturally hopes that you can quickly grow up so that you can help this King in the future.”


Seeing that Guo Zi Yan still wanted to say something, Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “It’s settled, no need to say anything more.”


Guo Zi Yan sighed and cupped his fists, “Then this humble subordinate will thank Sixth Manager on behalf of his Fellow Brothers!”


The dozen or so people also cupped their fists with excitement, “Many thanks, Sixth Manager!”


All of them stared at Yang Kai with fiery eyes, once again feeling that following such a Manager was a blessing. If the previous Du Niang Zi was here, she would never be this generous.


Then again, with Du Niang Zi’s ability, she probably couldn’t even reach Yang Kai’s toes.


Yang Kai added, “Some of you may have already refined different Elements, so you should have some plans for your future, but this King will give you a word of advice, whether or not you have refined any of the Yin, Yang, or Five Elements, you should try your best to refine high quality materials. Although your foundation won’t allow you to reach a higher initial Order, Higher-Order Elements might still decide your fate in a battle.”


For example, a cultivator who had refined a Third-Order Fire Element before would reach the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm at best; as a result, if one’s wealth were insufficient in the outside world, they would only seek out Third-Order materials to refine their remaining Elements.


However, this was the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. If one chose to refine a Fourth-Order or Fifth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Force, although it wouldn’t help them break through to the Fourth or Fifth Order Open Heaven Realm as they could only reach the Third-Order at best, when using their Metal Element Power, they would be able to draw out more strength, thereby increasing their lethality


Guo Zi Yan said, “Sixth Manager is right.”


A Scarlet Star disciple stood up and stated, “Sixth Manager, I only want a Fourth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone.”


“I also want a Fourth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone,” someone else requested.


The rest of the people also began making their requests. All of them were basically at the Fourth-Order. Only two of them remained silent for a long time before saying that they wanted Fifth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones.


Many cultivators in this world were constrained by their financial resources, so their initial Open Heaven Order was not their real limit.


For example, Meng Hong!


Previously, he had refined Third-Order Open Heaven materials, but his limit was actually Fifth-Order. It was just that a force like Great Moon Province was unable to satisfy his needs.


There were some who went over their aptitude as well of course and were unable to bear the pressure of refining such materials, resulting in severe backlash and often times, death.


Generally speaking, as long as one’s aptitude was good, refining Fourth-Order materials would not be a problem. If one’s aptitude were excellent, they would have a chance of refining Fifth-Order materials. As for the Sixth-Order, only true elites with an extremely good foundation and aptitude could refine them.


Of the dozen or so people present, nearly ten of them had stated their requirements, leaving only a few of them with envious looks.


They had already condensed their Metal Elements, so these Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones were naturally useless to them.


Yang Kai continued, “In the future, if we have any other gains, feel free to ask. This King will not mistreat you.”


Everyone was thrilled and cupped their fists in thanks.


Guo Zi Yan was now more than happy to offer his loyalty. This new Sixth Manager was so powerful and so generous to his subordinates, it was really rare in this world. It was also the blessing of these people to have such a superior.


Turning his head to the left and right, Guo Zi Yan asked, “Sixth Manager, there are many treasures here, how about this humble subordinate leads some people to continue to look for them?”


“There’s no need, just wait here, someone will naturally come to deliver them themselves.” Yang Kai waved off.


Guo Zi Yan was stunned, unable to understand what Yang Kai meant.


On the other hand, Yue He blinked and looked at Yang Kai, then at the special position where they stood, and then at the cave entrance a few dozen meters away, her face filled with horror as she asked, “Are you trying to block the way and rob others?”


Yang Kai grinned, “This tree was planted by me, and this road was opened by me. If they want to cross this road, they have to pay the toll. Whoever dares to say no will be killed and buried!”


Yue He was speechless. Even those from Scarlet Star were speechless. [The Sixth Manager is truly bold, he actually dares to do such a thing!]


However, since the Sixth Manager had decided to do so, they could only obey and stand behind Yang Kai to showcase their power and influence!


Although three days had already passed since the appearance of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, there were still people flying down from above and exploring the depths.


No one had left this place yet, but it was about time for some to try to depart. Although this underground area was vast, it couldn’t withstand the search of thousands of people. Since they had already excavated all the places they needed to, who would be willing to remain underground without any benefits?


As expected, after less than half a day, a few streaks of light flew over from a distance and soon arrived, preparing to fly through the entrance to leave.


However, how could Guo Zi Yan, who had long since learned of Yang Kai’s plan, give them this opportunity? He immediately stepped forward and raised his hand while ordering, “Halt!”


The oncoming people promptly stopped. When the light around them receded, a group of six figures appeared. One was an older man while the others were young men and women. From the looks of it, they should be from the same force and had probably been sucked into the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog when they were working in the Star City.


All six of them wore vigilant expressions as they secretly circulated their strength.


However, when the older man saw Guo Zi Yan’s appearance, he couldn’t help but be shocked and quickly looked towards Yang Kai, discovering that it was indeed the God of Slaughter.


The old man smiled bitterly in his heart as he had personally witnessed this young man kill Liao Yi Bai. So, at this moment, he knew that the six of them were not this young man’s opponent.


If it was a blessing it, was not a curse, and if it was a curse, it couldn’t be avoided. The old man cupped his fists and greeted, “So it is Sir Yang. This Old Master has been disrespectful. May I ask what advice Sir Yang has?”


Yang Kai, who was sitting cross-legged on the stone pillar, opened his eyes and looked at the old man plainly, “I don’t dare offer any advice, I only have one request, please take out your Space Rings for me to inspect.”


As soon as these words came out, the old man’s expression changed as a young man behind him shouted angrily, “Why?”


No cultivator was willing to hand over their Space Rings to others to be searched. Everyone’s Space Rings were private and had many of their secrets, so if they were given to others for probing, wouldn’t they be exposed?


Another young girl gritted her teeth and rebuked, “In your dreams!”


The elderly man raised his hand and stopped the youngsters behind him from speaking. He then looked at Yang Kai and forced a smile, “Sir Yang, please understand that although this Old Master and these unfilial disciples have searched the underground for several days, they haven’t found anything good. Even if we hand over our Space Rings, I’m afraid Sir Yang will be disappointed.”


Yang Kai replied indifferently, “Whether I’ll be disappointed or not, it will be apparent after I have checked.”


The old man frowned and added, “Sir Yang, how about this, we will give Sir thirty percent of our harvest and ask Sir to let us go, how about it?”


“Martial Uncle!” The young men and women behind him couldn’t help shouting. Their harvest this time wasn’t great, to begin with, so how could they be willing to hand over thirty percent of their harvest?


“I’ll only look at your Space Rings.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.


The old man’s brow wrinkled even more, hesitating for some time before gritting his teeth and raising his offer, “Forty percent!”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this.


“Fifty percent!” The old man took a step forward, seemingly having made up his mind, “If Sir Yang is still not satisfied, then this Old Master has nothing to say.”


Yang Kai still repeated the same sentence, “I’ll only look at your Space Rings!”


The young man who had just spoken shouted angrily, “Don’t go too far!”


Yang Kai glanced over coldly, “If I wanted it, all of you would be dead by now, how could I possibly allow you to continue quibbling?”


When the young man heard this, his face paled and he couldn’t help taking a few steps back. Thinking back to how the man before him had killed an Open Heaven Realm Master in a single move, he realized Yang Kai could kill them like they were ants.


The old man smiled bitterly, “Sir Yang, are you really going to keep insisting?”


Yang Kai was silent.


The old man nodded and added, “This Old Master understands. Sorry for disturbing Sir.” After cupping his fists, he waved his hand and ordered, “Let’s go.”


He turned around and headed in the opposite direction, leading his disciples, seemingly looking for another exit. He had been on edge, afraid that Yang Kai would try to stop him, but after they had walked quite a distance, Yang Kai showed no intention of taking action.


“That person is too much,” the young girl complained indignantly.


The old man stated, “You should now understand that in the 3,000 Worlds, strength is everything. Cultivate well in the future and don’t get distracted.”


The several disciples blushed in shame and nodded.


On the other side, Yue He asked, “Aren’t you afraid they’ll find another exit or forcefully open one?”


“They’re welcome to try,” Yang Kai replied indifferently.




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