Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4024, Great Harvest


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If there was a first, there would be a second. One cultivator after another flew up the stone pillar, either directly or nervously handing over their Space Rings. Basically, Yang Kai just scanned them and returned them.


After the inspection, all the cultivators left happily.


In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, more than a hundred people had left, but in front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai had not taken anything from their Space Rings.


Hu Yi and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters gathered around. They couldn’t understand what was going on.


Previously, everyone had thought that Yang Kai wanted to take some benefits from their harvest, and he had even said as much, but now he was not taking anything. [What is the meaning of this? Is he looking down on these people’s gains, or is he looking for something specific?]


Regardless, Yang Kai’s actions were good news for most people.


Another person flew up to the stone pillar. He wore a flattering smile on his face. Just by his looks, he appeared quite shrewd. Obviously, he was far from a good guy. He handed over his Space Ring with both hands just like everyone else, waiting with bated breath.


Yang Kai gripped his Space Ring and smiled at him, “Is everything here?”


The man quickly replied, “It’s all there.”


“Are you sure?”


The man hesitated for a moment before quickly assuring with a nod, “I dare not lie.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted and stretched out his hand, grabbing towards him. Suddenly, a Space Ring flew out from his sleeve and fell into his hand.


“Then what is this?” Yang Kai stared at him coldly.


The man was immediately struck with panic. He had obviously used a Secret Technique to hide this Space Ring, but it had still been easily found.


“Sir, please spare my life, this lowly one was only careless for a moment!”


Yang Kai didn’t even look at him and simply waved his hand, “Scram.”


A burst of energy instantly sent the man flipping straight into the tunnel, leaving behind his Space Ring.


Standing at the entrance of the tunnel, the man stared at the Space Ring that had been snatched away. His heart was aching but he weighed his strength against his opponent before grinding his teeth and flying out.


Yang Kai glanced over the crowd below and stated, “If anyone dares to conceal anything, this King won’t kill you, but that man is an example of what will happen to you!”


Everyone’s expression became serious. Some of them had been thinking the same thing as the man just now. They thought that they had found something good and wanted to hide it secretly; but in this situation, how could they have the courage?


Yang Kai really hadn’t killed that man, but he had taken all of his possessions, so how was he supposed to survive in the Grand Ruins Ancient Boundary in the future?


Time passed slowly as one cultivator after another flew in front of Yang Kai, flying out one by one.


Previously, at least a thousand people had gathered on the mountaintop, and then a thousand Emperor Heaven members came. Later on, many more cultivators arrived, so at least three thousand cultivators had gathered down below here.


Although Yang Kai’s speed wasn’t slow, it still took him quite some time to finish scanning everyone’s Space Ring.


However, under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yang Kai had searched through hundreds of Space Rings but hadn’t taken anything other than from the man who tried to hide a second Space Ring.


Hu Yi and the other Open Heaven Realm Masters were constantly communicating with each other, and at a certain moment, Hu Yi suddenly turned to a cultivator beside him and ordered via Divine Sense, “You go!”


The cultivator nodded and flew forward. After waiting for half an incense stick worth of time, the man’s turn arrived.


After handing over his Space Ring, the cultivator waited anxiously, but after Yang Kai finished examining his Space Ring, he smiled and praised, “A good harvest!”


He casually tossed the Space Ring back.


The man was stunned for a moment before quickly cupping his fists, “Many thanks, Sir!”


Inside his ring were two Fifth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones. He had been worried that Yang Kai would take them, but now it seemed he had been overthinking things.


Turning around, he signalled to Hu Yi that everything went smoothly, to which Hu Yi gave a nod.


“It’s a blessing, not a curse, and if it’s a curse, we can’t avoid it. Let’s go,” Hu Yi stated.


Although it was embarrassing to have his Space Ring examined by an Emperor Realm Junior, it was impossible for him not to lower his head in the current situation. Whether he could leave or not depended on the other party’s will. With two Ominous Beasts standing guard at the tunnel entrance and the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light in Yang Kai’s grasp, no one could resist.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters were also getting a little impatient, so they all nodded in agreement.


Immediately after, several Open Heaven Realm Masters led their respective disciples towards the entrance.


After a quarter hour, it was finally Hu Yi’s turn. After handing over his Space Ring, Hu Yi quietly waited.


However, this time, Yang Kai finally did something different. With a surge of his Divine Sense, a plate-sized Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone appeared in front of him, which he quickly put into his Space Ring.


Hu Yi’s eyes bulged as he quickly shouted, “Manager Yang!” His heart ached as if a few kilograms of meat had been shaved from his body. The Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone Yang Kai had taken away was a Sixth-Order material, the only one Hu Yi had obtained on this trip.


Only now did he understand that Yang Kai’s refusal to take anything before was not out of mercy, but because he didn’t care about the gains of these people. His eyes were only focused on the Sixth Order and above.


“Do you have any objections?” Yang Kai looked up, playing with Hu Yi’s Space Ring in his hand.


Hu Yi’s eyes bulged as his face twitched for a long time before he gritted his teeth and replied in resignation, “I wouldn’t dare!”


He was afraid that if he were to say a single word, his Space Ring would disappear.


Yang Kai tossed back his Space Ring and calmly shouted, “Next!”


Hu Yi took back his Space Ring, and although he was angry, he had no choice but to glare hatefully at Yang Kai before flying towards the exit.


Seeing this, the people behind him naturally understood Yang Kai’s intentions. This guy wanted to monopolize the Sixth-Order and above Stones.


In a flash, some were happy while some were sad.


At this moment, a heroic figure flew over from afar and soon arrived on the stone pillar. It was none other than Ding Yi.


Seeing how lively this place was, he couldn’t help but scratch his head and ask, “Brother Yang, what are you doing?”


Yang Kai examined a Space Ring while grinning at him, “Blocking the road and robbing people.”


Ding Yi’s expression froze for a moment before he forced a laugh, “Brother Yang surely jests.” He thought Yang Kai was joking, but after taking a closer look, he found that there were many people waiting in line. When they arrived in front of Yang Kai, they took the initiative to hand over their Space Rings for him to inspect before he let them pass.


Ding Yi couldn’t help but tremble. If this wasn’t a robbery, then what was?


For a moment, his eyes were filled with admiration. He didn’t even dare to think about such a thing. Even though they were both Emperor Realm cultivators, only Yang Kai could pull off a stunt like this.


Moreover, so many people gathered here were actually cooperating obediently!


He was instantly overwhelmed by Yang Kai’s conduct.


Ding Yi asked, “Brother Yang, do you want me to help?”


Yang Kai tilted his head and thought for a moment before saying, “En, ask your Emperor Heaven members to line up behind you.”


Ding Yi was stunned, “My Emperor Heaven members also need to be inspected?”


Yang Kai stated, “No one is an exception.” He then pointed towards the front. Ding Yi looked over and discovered that this person was actually an Open Heaven Realm cultivator, but his expression was extremely ugly.


Ding Yi laughed, “No, Brother Yang, you see, Emperor Heaven, on the mountain before….”


“Indeed, I saved many of your Emperor Heaven’s lives before!” Yang Kai interrupted him before he could finish.


Ding Yi choked on his words as what Yang Kai said was the truth. If Yang Kai hadn’t released his Yuan Magnetic Divine Light at the critical moment, Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation wouldn’t have been destroyed so easily. In the end, both sides would have suffered heavy losses. Even if the Emperor Heaven members took down Sword Pavilion’s group eventually, they would have suffered heavy casualties to do so.


“Brother Yang, is this really necessary?” Ding Yi asked with a frown.


“Don’t worry, I won’t touch anything I shouldn’t take, I’ll only take what’s useful to me!” Yang Kai comforted him.


Ding Yi stood in place and hesitated for a long time before making up his mind. He grit his teeth and agreed, “Fine, Brother Yang, my Emperor Heaven will cooperate with you!”


Saying so, he turned around and flew down, ordering Emperor Heaven’s group to line up behind him.


One cultivator after another was allowed to pass through with their Space Rings after a check. Yang Kai’s intentions were completely exposed. Even if those cultivators managed to obtain a Fifth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, he wouldn’t touch them. Only the Sixth-Order and above would be taken away.


The reason for this was that Yang Kai had his own considerations. There were many Fifth-Order Divine Stones in the depths of this underground cave, so if he were to really snatch all of them, he would be going overboard. Even if he were to eat all the meat, the soup should be left for others. If he really took away Fifth-Order Divine Stones, he might incur the wrath of the masses and would be forced to fight it out with these thousands of people. At that time, he would slaughter them until rivers of blood flowed. As for the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, he absolutely could not let them go. Even if he could not use them now, there would always be a use for them in the future.


As a result, the cultivators who hadn’t managed to collect a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone were delighted, while the cultivators who had managed to obtain a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone were all frowning.


Some cultivators even took the initiative to take out the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones so that Yang Kai wouldn’t have to grab them. However, there were very few Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, so Yang Kai only managed to find a few after searching through more than a thousand people.


After arranging for Emperor Heaven and the others to be searched, Ding Yi flew over to the stone pillar and stared at Yang Kai as he searched through the Space Rings one by one. Ding Yi couldn’t help but lament in his heart. [A real man should be like this! When will I be able to act so domineeringly?] 


Although he was now the head of Emperor Heaven and had thousands of subordinates, he still felt that he was a bit lacking compared to Yang Kai.


Emperor Heaven’s group arrived relatively late and could be considered the last group of people, but their numbers were huge, numbering around seven or eight hundred. Originally, there were a thousand of them, but many of them had perished during the battle with Sword Pavilion.


After Yang Kai was finished checking the Space Rings of Emperor Heaven and the others, a full day had passed.


Ding Yi cupped his fists with a look of envy, “Brother Yang has had a great harvest.”


He had been watching this place for more than a day and had personally seen Yang Kai take eight Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones from other peoples’ Space Rings. These Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones were worth 15 million Open Heaven Pills each, so eight were worth more than 100 million Open Heaven Pills.


Not to mention, a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone was simply priceless and could be sold for more than 15 Open Heaven Pills million.


Just sitting here had allowed Yang Kai to reap so many benefits so easily. It was truly enviable.


“Many thanks for Brother Ding’s cooperation,” Yang Kai smiled lightly. After this encounter, the small grudges between them had been resolved, and there was no deep hatred between them.


As he spoke, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged as the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon that had been lying low all this time suddenly crawled towards the depths of the cave.


Ding Yi was puzzled, “What are you doing?”


Yang Kai replied with a snort, “There are still people hiding here who think they can escape.”




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