Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4025, Real or Fake


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Half a day later, two massive figures flew out from the underground cavern of the Yuan Magnetic Mountain. The Scarlet Flood Dragon was taking the lead, while the Earth Dragon was following closely behind, and standing atop the massive head of the Scarlet Flood Dragon were over a dozen figures.


After dealing with the people hiding in the depths of the cave, Yang Kai finally left.


Ding Yi had left long ago. Although the Divine Stones beneath the Yuan Magnetic Mountain had all been looted, that didn’t mean there weren’t any Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones left. The entire Yuan Magnetic Mountain stretched over thousands of kilometres, attracting countless cultivators to explore it.


Even though the rich underground trove had been completely plundered, the entire Yuan Magnetic Mountain was still filled with opportunities, though the quality of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones on the surface was inferior to those in the depths.


Ding Yi led hundreds of Emperor Heaven members and scattered them throughout the Yuan Magnetic Mountain. Not only that, but he even sent a message back to his headquarters, calling his remaining several thousand people over, taking control of over a hundred kilometres of the mountain range and digging it up.


Flying down from the sky, Yang Kai heaved a sigh.


Even till now, he was unable to find a Seventh-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone. The main reason he had tried to block the road and rob others was because of this, but in the end, he found nothing. Since he was unable to find one so deep under the mountain, it was highly unlikely that he would find one on the surface.


Yue He observed his expression and knew what he was thinking. She pursed her lips and asked, “Isn’t Sixth Order already quite good? Why force it?”


It was as if she couldn’t wait for Yang Kai to absorb the Sixth-Order Metal Element material and was constantly fanning the flames.


Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered with her and simply stared at several dozen people flying over from afar.


When these people arrived, they all cupped their fists and said, “Greetings, Sixth Manager, Seventh Manager!”


As they spoke, they wore fanatical expressions.


Yang Kai looked at Guo Zi Yan suspiciously.


Guo Zi Yan explained, “Sixth Manager, these are my remaining subordinates. They were quite far away from here before, so they weren’t able to come in time. When they arrived, we were already underground, so this humble subordinate took the initiative to have them remain above.”


Yang Kai felt relieved.


After becoming Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager, the force had sent over a hundred people to him. Only thirty or so people had been on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain before, and now the remaining people had joined them.


Compared to the thousands of Emperor Heaven members, these less than a hundred people were nothing, but these were the only men Yang Kai currently had.


“What’s the situation up here?” Guo Zi Yan asked one of the young cultivators.


The young man stepped forward and cupped his fists before replying, “Reporting to Great Commander, we have been searching for Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones for the past few days, but our harvest has not been great. The highest we found was a Third-Order Divine Stone.”


Saying so, he took out the Third-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone.


Guo Zi Yan turned to look at Yang Kai, who waved back.


Guo Zi Yan understood immediately, “Keep it for yourself.” He knew that Yang Kai had collected nearly twenty Sixth-Order Divine Stones, so how could he be interested in a mere Third-Order Divine Stone?


The young man was thrilled and hurriedly shouted, “Many thanks, Sixth Manager!”


Although he was the one who had found this thing, if Yang Kai insisted on taking it, he would have to offer it to him with both hands. Now that Yang Kai had told him to keep it, he was naturally happy.


Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai ordered, “Commander Guo, you stay here with your brothers. If any high Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones appear, send me a message immediately!” In the end, Yang Kai was still unwilling to give up. Although the chances of success weren’t high, what if someone really found a Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone at or above the Seventh Order on this Yuan Magnetic Mountain?


“Yes!” Guo Zi Yan nodded respectfully.


“Take this,” Yang Kai casually took out a bead and handed it to Guo Zi Yan.


Guo Zi Yan took it and asked suspiciously, “Sixth Manager, this is….”


“A Space Beacon.” Yang Kai took out another Space Beacon, “These two beads are connected with each other. Don’t put them into your Space Ring, carry them with you at all times.”


He didn’t explain too much.


Guo Zi Yan naturally accepted the order, looked to the side, and stated, “But Sixth Manager, although we have a few dozen people, we’re still too few in number. If we really find something good and have a conflict with others, without you, I’m afraid we won’t be a match.”


“Just speak your mind!” Yang Kai glanced at him.


Guo Zi Yan smiled embarrassedly and pointed to the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon next to him, asking, “This humble subordinate would like to ask Sixth Manager to leave one of them behind, preferably the Earth Dragon, so that if the situation turns sour, it can open a hole for us to escape.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh, “You have a quick wit. Good, I’ll leave them with you.”


Guo Zi Yan was overjoyed, “Many thanks, Sixth Manager!” He didn’t need to fear anything with these two beasts around unless one of the few great forces showed up in full force.


“Are you coming or not?” Yang Kai turned to look at Yue He.


Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “Wherever Young Master goes, I go.”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes and reached out to grab her arm. His Divine Sense surged as they instantly disappeared.


Everyone on Scarlet Star’s side was dumbfounded. None of them had seen how Yang Kai had disappeared. Even with their Divine Senses, they could no longer detect his aura.


“Space Divine Ability!” Guo Zi Yan was fascinated. Although the Grand Ancient Ruins was huge, it was possible to go anywhere with such a Divine Ability.


The young man from before came over with a sneaky look and whispered, “Great Commander, we heard some incredible news just now, but we don’t know if it’s true or false.”


“What did you hear?” Guo Zi Yan glanced over.


The young man chuckled meaningfully and replied, “Some people say that our Sixth Manager killed an Open Heaven Stage Master in a single move? It’s said that the Open Heaven Stage cultivator was also the leader of the Profound Clouds Society or something, called Liao Yi Bai. The rumours were quite detailed.”


Someone frowned and asked, “Great Commander, could it be that someone wants to kill our Sixth Manager? I’ve also heard that our Sixth Manager is very strong. He killed the two managers, Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong with just his Emperor Realm cultivation, and forcefully entered Scarlet Star. However, killing an Open Heaven Stage Master in one move is a bit too far-fetched.”


Guo Zi Yan coldly snorted, “It’s natural to feel disbelief when you did not see it with your own eyes.”


As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the newly arrived group all changed as the young man asked in surprise, “Great Commander, it’s true?”


Guo Zi Yan said, “Sixth Manager’s divine might is unparalleled, this Commander saw it with his own eyes, how could it be false!”


Everyone gasped in shock. The dozens of people couldn’t believe what they were hearing, but they knew Guo Zi Yan was not one to spout nonsense.


A disappointed look appeared on Guo Zi Yan’s face, “Although this Commander is a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Sixth Manager can probably crush me with a single finger.”


The young man’s mouth twitched, “Great Commander, you’re being too modest.”


Guo Zi Yan slowly shook his head, “You’ve only heard that the Sixth Manager killed Liao Yi Bai with a single attack using his spear, but you don’t know that our Sixth Manager killed hundreds of Thunder Light disciples, and even killed Bie Jian as well.”


Everyone was dumbfounded, seriously staring at Guo Zi Yan, trying to see if he was joking.


On the other hand, the dozen or so people behind Guo Zi Yan, because they had witnessed the battle with their own eyes, were filled with an inexplicable sense of pride. Although Yang Kai had the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s help at the time, after giving it a second thought, they realized that the Sixth Manager was still quite powerful even without the Scarlet Flood Dragon!


The young man muttered, “If that’s the case, is Sixth Manager’s act of blocking the road and robbing everyone really true?”


Because there weren’t many people who had seen the battle with Thunder Light, not many people knew about it, but when Yang Kai killed Liao Yi Bai and robbed people underground, thousands had been there to witness it.


“Our Sixth Manager is an extraordinary person; we are lucky to have the chance to follow him.”


As soon as Guo Zi Yan finished speaking, a cultivator behind him added in an excited manner, “And he’s also very generous! Sixth Manager said that as long as our brothers needed something, whether it’s Fourth-Order, Fifth-Order, or even Sixth-Order materials, we can get them by just asking him for it. It will be the same in the future!”


“Fifth-Order, Sixth-Order? Really?!” Some people couldn’t believe it. A Fifth-Order material was worth 1.5 million, while Sixth-Order materials were worth at least 15 million Open Heaven Pills. How could such a thing be given away so easily? Just how generous was this Sixth Manager?


Guo Zi Yan smiled, “Whether it’s true or not, you’ll know after we return, but I don’t think Sixth Manager will go back on his word.”


He then clapped his hand as a solemn look appeared on his face, “Good, let’s not waste any more time. Get searching; maybe we can find some high-order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones.”


After saying this, Guo Zi Yan walked straight towards the Earth-Dragon. The Earth Dragon was an expert in digging holes, so although they had fewer people, their harvest might not be worse than others if the Earth Dragon was used well.




Inside Yang Kai’s mansion back in the Star City, Yang Kai and Yue He appeared in a certain room.


Yue He was stunned for a moment before she turned around and asked, hesitating, “Is this the Star City?”


She still had some impression of Yang Kai’s room.


“En,” Yang Kai pushed open the door and walked out.


Yue He followed closely behind and exclaimed, “You can teleport tens of thousands of kilometres?”


The Yuan Magnetic Mountain was tens of thousands of kilometres away from here, but in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had actually brought her back here. Even someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Yue He couldn’t help but feel shocked.


Was the Dao of Space really this powerful? If so, who in this world could possibly kill Yang Kai? Unless the space around him was sealed and isolated, if he could teleport tens of thousands of kilometres in an instant, no one would be able to catch up to him!


“This King’s ability is not something you can imagine!” Yang Kai sneered, not telling her that he had used a Space Beacon to accomplish this feat. Before he left, Yang Kai had already left a Space Beacon in his bedroom, so naturally, he could come and go as he pleased.


Yue He asked bitterly, “Then why didn’t you teleport to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain before?”


Before, they had travelled quite a distance.


“I’ve never been to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, so how should I know its exact location?” Yang Kai casually replied.


Yue He thought about it and agreed. It was indeed difficult to teleport to places he had never been to. If something went wrong, it would be no laughing matter.


As the two of them spoke, they had already arrived in front of a certain secluded room. Two Great Moon Province disciples were standing in front of the room, waiting anxiously. When they saw Yang Kai, they immediately rushed over and greeted him, “Senior Brother Yang!”


“What’s the situation?” Yang Kai asked.


Before he left, Meng Hong had begun refining the Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire. Now that several days had passed, Yang Kai had no idea about the result or whether everything went smoothly or not.




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