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Martial Peak – Chapter 4026, Getting Rich Overnight

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The two Great Moon Province disciples slowly shook their heads, looking worried.


There was no way they wouldn’t be worried. Meng Hong was absorbing a Fifth-Order Sun’s True Fire, and if he made even the slightest mistake, he would be consigned to a fiery damnation. Due to this, their hatred for Chen Yue only grew deeper. Their Eldest Senior Brother wouldn’t have suffered such a blow if it weren’t for her.


“He won’t finish so quickly,” the nearby Yue He interjected, “It’s only been a few days, how can there be any results? The speed at which one condenses their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements has a lot to do with their aptitude. It could take from ten days to half a month, or up to a year or more. You’ve also condensed a few Elements, so you should have… some experience…”


Saying so, Yue He’s beautiful eyes suddenly shrank as if she recalled something. Furthermore, she was staring at Yang Kai with a look of shock on her face.


Yang Kai had only spent about twenty days condensing what she imagined to be a Seventh-Order Earth Element Power back on Hidden Dragon Mountain. This speed was simply terrifying. When she was condensing her Fifth-Order Elements, the shortest amount of time she had taken was half a month, while the longest she spent was just over three months.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had condensed a Seventh-Order Element in just twenty days. Just how terrifying was his aptitude and foundation?


Yang Kai, on the other hand, didn’t notice her thoughts. He was thinking about the time when he was gathering his Elements and felt she had a point.


He then ordered the two Great Moon Province disciples, “Keep an eye on him at all times. If anything happens, inform me immediately.”


“Yes, Senior Brother Yang!” The two Great Moon Province disciples cupped their fists and gave a nod.


Yang Kai then returned to his room while Yue He followed closely behind him.


Yang Kai had also slowly gotten used to her presence and wasn’t worried too much about her. He then took out his gains from his trip to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain and started taking inventory.


Yang Kai’s harvest from the underground cavern of the Yuan Magnetic Mountain wasn’t small. He had not collected any Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones below the Third-Order, but had obtained more than 100 Fourth-Order, 30 Fifth-Order, and 4 Sixth-Order Divine Stones. Just this alone was worth more than 100 million Open Heaven Pills.


Yue He, Guo Zi Yan, and the others’ harvests were even greater. After all, they had more people with them.


Furthermore, Yang Kai also blocked the tunnel entrance and robbed everyone, collecting a total of 18 more Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones. This was a terrifying amount, enough to even arouse the jealousy of the Cave Heavens and Paradises!


Only in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary could one obtain such a terrifying harvest. In the 3,000 Worlds, one would never have such an opportunity.


Putting aside the Third-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, Yang Kai had obtained a total of 245 Fourth-Order, 73 Fifth-Order, and a whopping 26 Sixth-Order Divine Stones!


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones before Yang Kai were worth nearly 600 million Open Heaven Pills even at base market price!


But if Yang Kai really sold them, he would definitely gain far more than that.


He had suddenly become rich overnight!


Moreover, these kinds of precious treasures were highly coveted, so everyone would be interested in them no matter where he sold them. Moreover, it would attract a lot of attention.


“Young Master, you’ve struck it rich!” Yue He also smiled until her eyes curved into crescents. She was as happy with Yang Kai’s gains as if it was her own harvest.


Yang Kai was also in a good mood and all the depression from not being able to find a Seventh-Order Divine Stone was swept away as he burst into laughter, “It’s not bad.”


Yue He covered her mouth and giggled cutely, “If Young Master succeeds in the future, don’t forget those who led and saddled your horse.”


Yang Kai waved his hand generously, “Don’t worry, in the future, as long as I have something to eat, I won’t let you starve.”


Yue He’s beautiful eyes sparkled, “Then I’ll thank Young Master in advance.”


Yang Kai put away all the Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones and took out the Fated Paths Bag. The Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones’ price could be calculated, but the value of this bag of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light could not be estimated so easily.


Its power was immense and unpredictable and few people in this world could resist it. At the very least, no one in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary could!


However, although he had collected a lot of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light in the Six Fated Paths Bag, Yang Kai was still somewhat worried about how to use it.


Normally, a cultivator could use this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to refine their Metal Element, and if they succeeded, its Order would definitely be Sixth-Order. However, there was probably no cultivator in this world who had the ability to absorb this kind of condensed Yuan Magnetic Divine Light into their Dao Seal. If they really tried to do so, it wouldn’t be long before their Dao shattered, crippling or killing them in the process.


“Do you have any good suggestions?” Yang Kai turned to look at Yue He. Although she was somewhat crazy, she was still a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. In terms of experience, Yang Kai couldn’t compare to her.


Yue He frowned and pondered for a long time before slowly shaking her head, “I can’t think of anything.”


Although she had previously advised Yang Kai first to collect the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and think of a way to use it in the future, she didn’t have any good ideas in the end. Instead, she wanted Yang Kai to absorb this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. With how freely Yang Kai was able to move in the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light before, she felt he should be able to do so.


However, saying these words would only invite ridicule, so there was no need to verbalize them.


Yang Kai was also at a loss as to what to do. Obtaining good things but not being able to use them really made him feel helpless. Moreover, if he didn’t quickly find a way to transfer the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light from the Fated Paths Bag to another storage vessel, he wouldn’t be able to use the Fated Paths Bag for himself.


He couldn’t possibly open the Fated Paths Bag and release the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light whenever he ran into an enemy, could he?


It wasn’t like it was impossible to do this, but if he really did so, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light would only last a few times before it was completely used up. It would simply be too wasteful.


The two of them looked at each other helplessly.


After a long time, Yang Kai finally gave up thinking about it. In the future, he could only release the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light when facing powerful enemies. If it was a waste, so be it. He couldn’t be too worried about it.


After telling Yue He to withdraw, Yang Kai entered retreat to comprehend the mysteries of his Wood and Fire Elements.


As the days passed, the news from the Yuan Magnetic Mountain gradually became more widespread.


The news of Yang Kai killing a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master while only being an Emperor Realm cultivator spread like wildfire, and many people were unwilling to believe it; after all, such a thing was simply too bizarre. Even in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Open Heaven Realm Masters had the foundation of the Open Heaven Realm, so how could they be so easy to kill? Not to mention killing one in a single blow. Unless it was a sneak attack, such a feat should be impossible.


But at that time, many people had witnessed it with their own eyes, so everyone became a little suspicious and a little convinced.


Coupled with the fact that Yang Kai had later robbed so many cultivators below the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, relying on the power of his two Ominous Beasts and the power of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, forcing thousands of people to lower their heads and accept humiliation before being plundered by him. Yang Kai’s name quickly spread throughout the entire Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and completely caught the eye of the various forces, making him famous!


With some people fanning the flames, almost half of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary cultivators knew that the best Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain had basically all fallen into Yang Kai’s pocket, especially the Sixth-Order ones.


Rumour had it that in the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, Yang Kai had obtained more than a hundred Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, and countless Fourth or Fifth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones.


Many people had never heard of Yang Kai’s name before, but after asking around, they easily found out that he was the new Sixth Manager of Scarlet Star.


For a time, countless eyes were focused on the Star City controlled by Scarlet Star. Every day, cultivators would rush over from all directions and in a flash, the Star City was raging like a storm as it was filled with people.


In the teahouses and restaurants around Yang Kai’s mansion, many eyes were paying close attention to even the slightest of movements.


People would even visit the mansion and report their names one after another.


The servants guarding the door had never seen such a scene before, so they quickly went to report, but since they couldn’t find Yang Kai, they could only look for Yue He. After receiving a few waves of cultivators, Yue He became quite annoyed.


These people had all heard that Yang Kai had obtained so many good things, so they had all rushed over to try to establish a good relationship with him. Each of them claimed to be extremely powerful and wanted to join Yang Kai’s forces. Those who knew their own limits only wanted a single Fifth-Order Divine Stone, while some braggarts demanded a Sixth-Order Divine Stone in exchange for their loyalty.


One or two was one thing, but every day there would be droves of people who came over to tout their own invincibility.


In a fit of anger, Yue He broke a man’s leg and threw him out the door, making the mansion much quieter.




Inside a large hall, several figures were sitting quietly, each of them exuding a profound aura.


Other than the mysterious Head Manager, who was like a hidden dragon who showed his tail but never his face, the four remaining original Managers of Scarlet Star were gathered here.


Strictly speaking, Chen Tian Fei, Lady Qin, Bei Yu Shan, and the Ou Yang Brothers were five people, but as the Ou Yang Brothers always worked and voted together, they could be regarded as one Manager.


Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong had been killed by Yang Kai and had died in this very hall. Although it had been several days since that incident, the hall still had a lingering scent of blood to it.


On a special chair, Chen Tian Fei sat like a mountain of meat. There was so much fat on his face that even his eyes were barely visible.


Lady Qin gently plucked the strings of the ancient zither in front of her. The chime of the zither slowly rang in everyone’s ears. Everyone felt like an invisible hand had stroked their hearts, causing them to relax unconsciously.


Chen Tian Fei coughed dryly and asked, “I’m sure everyone has experienced the recent changes in the Star City?”


Bei Yu Shan muttered, “It’s bustling with activity.”


“That’s right, many people have entered the Star City,” Chen Tian Fei grinned meaningfully, “They’re all here for our Sixth Manager. I just don’t understand, does that brat not understand the principle of not revealing his wealth to the world?”


Ou Yang Bing added, “I didn’t believe the rumours at first, but recently I have had no choice but to believe them. If I had known earlier, I would have gone to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain to take a look.”


Chen Tian Fei stated, “It’s too late to regret now, everything has already entered his pocket.”


Ou Yang Lie demanded, “He is Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager. Since he has obtained such a rich harvest, he should at least hand over a portion of it, so why hasn’t there been any movement since he returned?”


Chen Tian Fei turned his head and glanced at him, “How about Manager Ou Yang go and ask him for his treasures then?”


Ou Yang Lie’s expression froze. How could he dare to make such a demand? He had personally witnessed Yang Kai killing Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong that day. Those two had not even lasted ten breaths in front of Yang Kai, so even if the two brothers joined forces, they would not be Yang Kai’s match.


Chen Tian Fei looked at him for a moment before clearing his throat and speaking, “Let’s not talk about how much Sixth Manager has gained, the important point is that he has offended many people at the Yuan Magnetic Mountain. Thunder Light’s Manager Zhu personally came to me and told me that he killed some two hundred of their Thunder Light disciples. Even Bie Jian tragically lost his life at Sixth Manager’s hands. Manager Zhu demanded Scarlet Star give them an explanation.”



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