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Martial Peak – Chapter 4027, Recruitment

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“Thunder Light wants my Scarlet Star to give them an explanation?” Ou Yang Bing raised his brow.


“Give an explanation my ass!” Bei Yu Shan shouted angrily, “In the past, Scarlet Star and Thunder Light clashed many times, and thousands of our Scarlet Star’s members died at their hands, so why haven’t they come to give us an explanation for that? If you ask me, the Sixth Manager did a good job this time. This Old Master found that brat Bie Jian to be extremely annoying, but I just couldn’t find an opportunity to kill him! I’ll go and offer the Sixth Manager a toast later!”


Chen Tian Fei’s brow twitched.


On the other side, Lady Qin pressed down on the strings of her zither and asked, “What did the Head Manager say?”


Chen Tian Fei slowly shook his head, “Head Manager didn’t say anything.”


“He doesn’t care?” Ou Yang Lie asked.


Chen Tian Fei added, “We can ignore Thunder Light, but we need to be wary of Sword Pavilion.”


Bei Yu Shan was stunned and asked, “What does this have to do with Sword Pavilion?” Bei Yu Shan was quite tall and muscular, and his personality was quite straightforward too. He had been cultivating in seclusion for the past few days, so he didn’t know much about the outside world. If it weren’t for Chen Tian Fei summoning him, he wouldn’t have come out either.


Lady Qin softly replied, “I heard that Sword Pavilion lost several dozen disciples on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain because of our Sixth Manager, and that even their Sword Formation was broken. Zhong Fan, Luo Qing Yun, and Lu Xue escaped with heavy injuries and nearly lost their lives there!”


Bei Yu Shan’s eyes bulged as he asked wind incredulity, “Even that old bastard Zhong Fan was seriously injured? Was this also the handiwork of our Sixth Manager?”


As a Manager of Scarlet Star, how could Bei Yu Shan not know how terrifying Sword Pavilion was? Luo Qing Yun and Lu Xue were both Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, but Zhong Fan was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!


Chen Tian Fei waved it off in denial and replied, “He didn’t take action personally, but this matter is directly related to him. It can even be said that the deaths of those Sword Pavilion disciples were all caused by Sixth Manager.”


“Did Sword Pavilion also send someone over to talk to us?” Lady Qin furrowed her brow. Just as Chen Tian Fei had said, Scarlet Star was not afraid of Thunder Light, but if they could avoid provoking Sword Pavilion, it was best to do so. After spending so many years together in the Star City, even they weren’t clear about the true extent of Sword Pavilion’s foundation.


“If Sword Pavilion had sent someone over, it would’ve been far better!” Chen Tian Fei sighed heavily, “Unfortunately, they didn’t.”


When Lady Qin and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but frown as a worried look blanketed everyone’s face.


“You also know how crazy those Sword Cultivators can be,” Chen Tian Fei added with a frown, “Sixth Manager used Scarlet Star’s name to provoke so many people on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain that now they are mortal enemies of our Scarlet Star. There’s no way this matter can be resolved peacefully. These past few days, my eyelids have been twitching violently, like a storm is brewing.”


“Sword Pavilion will never let this matter rest,” Lady Qin slowly shook her head.


Ou Yang Lie added, “This matter is difficult to handle. If it was just an injury, it would have been fine, but the key is that many people have died. Moreover, the Starfall Sword Formation is the foundation of Sword Pavilion. If this Sword Formation was broken, it would be equivalent to slapping Sword Pavilion’s face. Sword Pavilion will definitely not let this go.”


Ou Yang Bing continued, “Pass down the order, tell everyone to be extra cautious, especially of Sword Pavilion disciples. Stay as far away from them as possible. It’s best not to have any contact with them.”


Chen Tian Fei heaved a sigh, “I think so too. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have let that Yang bastard become the Sixth Manager. In just a few days, he has caused my Scarlet Star’s enemies to multiply several-fold! How can my Scarlet Star maintain its position in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary in the future? Hateful!”


“What’s the point of regretting after the fact? When he killed Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong, who would dare say no?”


These words made sense. If they hadn’t agreed to Yang Kai joining Scarlet Star, Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong would not have been the only ones to die that day.


However, thinking about the current situation, Chen Tian Fei’s mouth was filled with bitterness as if he swallowed a mouthful of bitter gourd! In his heart, he decided that he would pay a visit to Yang Kai later and ask him to restrain himself a little in the future. Scarlet Star could not afford to make more enemies. If he were to incur public anger again, it would be difficult for him to continue living in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


After dispersing, Chen Tian Fei immediately rushed to Yang Kai’s mansion. Even all the fat on his body failed to stop him from moving quickly.


Soon, he arrived in front of Yang Kai’s mansion and couldn’t help frowning. With his Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm foundation, he could naturally perceive everything within a few thousand metres. Everyone’s eyes were glued on Yang Kai’s mansion, knowing that beyond the walls there were dozens of Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetism Divine Stones. Since Yang Kai had taken all the most precious treasures in the entire Yuan Magnetic Mountain, who wouldn’t be jealous?


Even Chen Tian Fei felt jealous.


Some people were standing in front of the mansion. It was a group of people led by a Young Lord, who looked pretty arrogant. His nose was pointed straight towards the sky, giving the impression that he was second to only the Heavens themselves.


A guard-like cultivator shouted, “Call your Master out!”


Inside the main entrance, Chen Yue’s pretty face turned pale as she weakly asked, looking at this group of fierce-looking people, “Is there something I can help you with?”


Over the past few days, many people had come to visit Yang Kai. Each of them was scheming something, but after Yue He broke the legs of one of them and tossed him out in a fit of rage, it had become much quieter.


Surprisingly though, someone was here today, and the person who had come was far more aggressive than anyone before. What’s more, the person who had spoken just now clearly exuded the aura of an Open Heaven Realm Master.


Chen Yue had never seen someone like him and was momentarily at a loss.


The guard replied, “Whether we want something or not is of no relevance to a mere servant. Now call your Master out.”


Although Chen Yue was somewhat scheming to climb up the social ladder and had some strength of her own, her worldly experience was lacking. At this moment, she couldn’t tell this group’s origins, so after informing him to wait a moment, she hurriedly went in to find Yue He.


She didn’t know that Yang Kai was in a retreat or that she couldn’t meet him face to face. After what had happened with Zhao Xing Chen, she was already thankful that she was still here, so how could she have the courage to see Yang Kai?


Yue He was currently doing her makeup in front of her mirror when she heard about the commotion. Her pretty face immediately turned gloomy as she snarled, “How annoying!”


Throwing down her tools, she angrily stated, “Let’s go see what kind of cat or dog it is!” She then lifted her long dress and walked out.


When they arrived at the door, Yue He frowned slightly.


Yue He’s eyesight wasn’t good enough to tell the opposite party’s details exactly, but as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she could tell at a glance that this person’s identity was quite extraordinary. After all, how could someone who could use an Open Heaven Realm Master as a guard be just an ordinary person?


Although she was facing two Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on the opposite side, Yue He’s own strength was extraordinary, so she wasn’t too afraid of them.


“Who are you?” Yue He looked at the leading guard and asked, glancing towards the Young Lord behind.


Previously, when Chen Yue was speaking, this Young Lord’s nose was pointed up in the air. He didn’t even spare Chen Yue a glance, but when Yue He walked out, this Young Lord’s eyes actually lit up as he swept Yue He from head to toe, even clicking his tongue in delight. He looked extremely happy.


Yue He coldly snorted in her heart, but her expression remained unchanged.


Before the guard could speak, the Young Lord asked, “Are you the Master of this place? Wasn’t it a man?”


Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “My Young Master is currently in seclusion, so he can’t come out to receive guests!”


“Young Master?” The Young Lord was shocked and looked at Yue He suspiciously, “Then you are…”


“Of course, I am the Young Master’s maid!”


When the Young Lord heard this, he immediately showed a pained look and shook his head, “What a waste, what a waste of a great beauty!” 


This beautiful woman in front of him was actually someone else’s maid. He was afraid she had been defiled countless times, causing him a great deal of pain; however, after thinking about it, even if that was the case, what did it matter? He was just looking for some fun, not a wife. If he was unhappy in the future, he could just throw her away. He immediately smiled and made an offer, “Young Lady, do you want to abandon your Young Master and follow me? If you are willing to follow this Young Master, this Young Master can guarantee that you will leave this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary safely and have a bright future!”


As soon as these words came out, Yue He was still smiling, but the guard who had spoken earlier had a change in expression. They immediately approached the Young Lord and whispered, “Young Master, it’s best to not provoke her.”


“Why?” The Young Lord was puzzled.


The guard replied, “This humble subordinate observed her aura and found that she is a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master!” He couldn’t see Yue He’s exact cultivation, but he could not be mistaken.


“How is that possible?” The Young Lord was also shocked. No matter how indolent he was, he knew what being a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master meant. He couldn’t believe it because Yue He had just claimed that she was a maid!


Who could possibly use a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master as a maid? Even he only had two Second-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators as servants. How could the owner of this mansion be more powerful and prestigious than him?


The guard slowly shook his head, his expression solemn.


The Young Lord sneered, “So what if she’s a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master? Does she dare to hit me?” Although he said so, he no longer dared to look at Yue He so wantonly.


The guard turned his head and cupped his fist, adding, “Young Lady, please forgive us. We come from Azure Nether Paradise. I believe Young Lady has heard of it.”


“Azure Nether Paradise!” Yue He’s expression became serious. She had naturally heard of it. The 3,000 Worlds were ruled by 36 Cave-Heavens and 72 Paradises. Anyone who dared to attach ‘Paradise’ to their name must be one of the 72. Ordinary people could not afford to provoke them.


She had long seen that this group of people had some kind of background, but she hadn’t expected them to be from Azure Nether Paradise. Moreover, with two Open Heaven Realm Masters as guards, this young man’s status in the Azure Nether Paradise surely wasn’t too bad.


“So everyone is from Azure Nether Paradise. What brings you here?”


The Second-Order Open Heaven Realm guard replied, “It’s like this, my Young Lord is a great appreciator of talents. After hearing that the Master of this place is quite strong, he wanted to take him under his wing.”


“That’s right!” The Young Lord nodded and stated, “In this world, it’s easy to obtain a thousand gold coins, but it’s hard to find a true talent. This Young Master has taken a fancy to your Young Master. Please ask him to come out to see me. As long as he follows this Young Master in the future, once he leaves the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, it won’t be a problem to bring him into Azure Nether Paradise.”


He wore a proud expression, believing that no one would refuse such a condition.


On the other hand, Yue He’s expression was extremely strange. Yang Kai was a Heaven-gifted genius, but now someone wanted to take him under their wing? Yue He had never seen such a shameless person in her life.


If it were anyone else, she would have broken their legs and driven them away right then and there, but these people in front of her were from Azure Nether Paradise, so Yue He couldn’t do anything to them. If she caused trouble for Yang Kai, it would be a disaster once they left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.



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