Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4030, Soldiers Approach the Mountain


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Chen Tian Fei was lying on a chair with two maids behind him inside his own mansion, gently fanning him. A soft and supple hand was holding a grape-like spirit fruit in its slender fingers beside him, carefully removing its peel, and feeding it straight into Chen Tian Fei’s mouth, “Dear Husband, can you do something about Xing Chen?”


Ever since Zhao Xing Chen had offended Yang Kai and was stripped of his position as a Junior Commander, he had been unable to recover from this setback and had been spending his days in bars and brothels.


Zhao Xing Chen’s older sister couldn’t bear the sight of this and felt sorry for him, so she wanted to use this opportunity to make Chen Tian Fei promote Zhao Xing Chen back to Junior Commander.


Chen Tian Fei replied with a sigh, “As long as Yang Kai is alive, I’m unable to help him. It’s Xing Chen’s fault for having eyes but failing to see. He got off easy even after offending such a man. He should be glad that he only lost his position as a Junior Commander.”


The woman continued, “Right now, in the whole of Scarlet Star, you have the final say…”


“Shut up!” Chen Tian Fei’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened as he glared at Zhao Xing Chen’s older sister, “You… Don’t you know that your irresponsible words can bring trouble to us? Don’t speak nonsense!”


Although he had great authority now, the Head Manager was still above him. If the Head Manager heard this, he might be accused of disloyalty. At that time, who knows what the Head Manager would think of him?


This scolding caused the woman to tear up.


Chen Tian Fei doted on this concubine the most and couldn’t bear to see her like this, so he quickly consoled her, “Let’s wait a little longer, let’s talk about it after the limelight has passed.”


The woman gently wiped her eyes, “How long do we have to wait? This Mistress can wait, but I’m afraid Xing Chen won’t be able to. You’ve already seen what he looks like now.”


“Even the finest diamond must be cut multiple times for it to become beautiful! This might not necessarily be bad for Xing Chen!” Chen Tian Fei’s eyes narrowed into slits as a sharp light flashed across them, “What’s more, we don’t need to wait long. At most, we can wait until we leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. That Yang Kai can dominate inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but at the end of the day, he’s still just an Emperor Realm brat. Once we leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, what can he do?”


When the woman heard this, she sighed in her heart, knowing that there was nothing she could say to dissuade Chen Tian Fei. She ground her teeth in hatred, cursing, “This damned Yang Kai, he could have gone anywhere. Why did he have to come to Scarlet Star?”


Chen Tian Fei also smiled bitterly, but just as he was about to say something, his expression suddenly became serious as he looked towards a certain spot in the sky.


At first, his expression was a bit puzzled, but soon after, his narrowed eyes slowly widened. After three breaths, his face was filled with shock as his fat body stood up.


“What’s wrong, Husband?” The woman didn’t understand; after all, her strength wasn’t high, only slightly stronger than her little brother Zhao Xing Chen. So, although she followed Chen Tian Fei’s line of sight, she didn’t see anything.


“Huge trouble is heading towards us!” Chen Tian Fei shouted and quickly took out his communication artifact. While contacting the other Managers of Scarlet Star, he strode out and warned, “Stay inside and don’t run around, activate all the Spirit Arrays!”


The woman was startled, knowing that something big must have happened; otherwise, Chen Tian Fei would not have warned her so sternly. She quickly contacted her little brother, Zhao Xing Chen, and asked him to come here to seek refuge.


However, she couldn’t understand what had happened to make Chen Tian Fei act like he was facing a great enemy.


Inside the Star City, some Open Heaven Realm cultivators passing through the streets seemed to have sensed something and looked into the distance as their expressions quickly changed.


At this moment, with a loud rumbling sound, a transparent Spirit Array barrier appeared around the entire Star City, instantly enveloping it. This seemingly solid barrier had at least seven or eight layers.


The others who hadn’t noticed the change in the Star City up until now immediately stopped and looked up, not understanding why Scarlet Star’s defensive Array had suddenly been activated.


Once this kind of protective Spirit Array was activated, it would definitely consume a lot of resources to maintain. It would normally not be activated unless it was absolutely necessary.


The streets were bustling with a crowd that was raising a clamour.


“What is Scarlet Star doing? Why did they activate the Grand Array?” Someone asked in confusion.


“Since they have activated the Grand Array, a powerful enemy must be attacking. If not for that, why would they activate it?”


“Enemy? What kind of enemy does Scarlet Star have in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary?”


“Could it be that there’s another Beast Tide approaching?” The person who spoke turned pale.


It had been a long time since the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary had opened and many people had encountered Beast Tides during this time. There were many Ominous Beasts in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and all of them were extremely violent and powerful. Many places where cultivators gathered had been flattened by Beast Tides, resulting in countless casualties.


Every time the words ‘Beast Tide’ were mentioned, the cultivators in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary would turn pale.


“It’s not a Beast Tide, look over there!” Someone’s voice trembled as he pointed in a certain direction.


Everyone’s eyes narrowed when they looked along the man’s finger.


In that direction, dense streaks of light were shooting towards them at an astonishing speed and in an aggressive manner. They were surrounded by a violent and sharp Sword Qi!


“Sword Pavilion! They’re from Sword Pavilion!” Someone recognized the ones who were approaching and shouted.


“How could there be so many people from Sword Pavilion? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?”


Sword Pavilion didn’t have many members, this was something everyone in the Star City knew, but at this moment, two or three thousand streaks of light were rushing over. Sword Pavilion couldn’t have so many disciples.


“The one in the lead is definitely Sword Pavilion, but it’s hard to say who is following behind them!”


“Is Sword Pavilion coming here for the Sixth Manager? I heard that several dozen Sword Pavilion disciples lost their lives because of him on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain!”


“Didn’t they say that they died at the hands of Emperor Heaven?”


“It was Emperor Heaven’s people and Ding Yi who killed them, but if it wasn’t for Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager releasing the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light at the crucial moment, Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation wouldn’t have been broken and their disciples wouldn’t have died so miserably. I was there at that time and saw clearly that Sixth Manager was laughing maniacally as he said he was going to give Sword Pavilion a big gift!”


“I see!”


“If the ones leading the charge are from Sword Pavilion, then the remaining people must be from Thunder Light?”


“Probably. Thunder Light has a deep grudge against Manager Yang. I heard that even Bie Jian had died at his hands.”


“Then, Scarlet Star is finished!”


Star City’s three great forces had coexisted for thousands of years, and although there had been some friction and conflicts between them, they had all been small skirmishes that had not harmed their foundation. But today, in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, because of a single person, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light had joined forces and had come for him, so how could Scarlet Star resist?


Was the status quo that had remained the same for millennia really going to change in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary?


Seeing that a storm was heading their way, some cultivators had already decided to leave this place and hide temporarily. Unfortunately, none of them were able to leave with the defensive Grand Array activated. For the moment, all of them gathered in front of the city gate shouting, creating a ruckus.


“Damn it, our new Sixth Manager has caused trouble for Scarlet Star,” a Scarlet Star disciple stated bitterly.


“What about Manager Chen and the others?”


“The defensive Grand Array has already been activated, Manager Chen and the others must already know the situation and are probably discussing countermeasures.”


While everyone was raising a hue and cry, the dense streaks of light had already arrived in front of the Star City.


When the light dissipated, nearly three thousand figures appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. These three thousand people didn’t say a word, but a boundless pressure descended from the sky, causing the entire Star City to fall silent!


Five figures stood quietly in front of the three thousand people, each of them exuding a powerful aura. They were giving off tremendous pressure to everyone.


Someone recognized that these five people were leaders from Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light.


Three of them were from the Sword Pavilion, Zhong Fan, Luo Qing Yun, and Lu Xue. The other two were from Thunder Light, Zhu Li and Long Tai, all of whom except Zhong Fan were Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Only Zhong Fan was a Fifth-Order!


As everyone had guessed, it was Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light.


This time, Sword Pavilion had sent out more than three hundred people, which was roughly twenty to thirty percent of Sword Pavilion’s total strength. The entire Sword Pavilion only had a little over a thousand people. As for Thunder Light, it was likely that some of the disciples had stayed behind to guard their base, while the rest had come here.


With such a force, it was obvious they weren’t just here to take a stroll. Even if Thunder Light’s group was set aside, the three hundred Sword Pavilion disciples were more than enough to cause trouble. On the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, several dozen Sword Pavilion disciples were able to wantonly wreak havoc against Emperor Heaven’s thousand members, throwing them into chaos. If these three hundred people were to form a Sword Formation, no one could imagine how terrifying their might would be.


It was likely that they could easily wipe out the entire Star City.


Yue He happened to be hovering above the mansion with a tight frown on her brow.


She had also realized that Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light were here to seek revenge on Yang Kai, but she hadn’t expected them to be so bold as to mobilize so many people just for him.


[Is this really necessary?]


Yang Kai was currently in seclusion, so he probably didn’t know anything about the outside world. Yue He was struggling with whether or not she should inform Yang Kai, but after giving it another thought, she recalled that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space. His Space Secret Techniques were strange and unpredictable, allowing him to move tens of thousands of kilometres in an instant. Although there were many people from Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light here, he wouldn’t be in any danger if he wanted to escape.


Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light were likely to return in low spirits.


With this thought in mind, Yue He landed in the courtyard, no longer worrying about anything.


On the other hand, the two Great Moon Province disciples and Chen Yue, who had received the news, hurried over and looked at her nervously.


“It’s fine, go back to whatever you were doing,” Yue He casually dismissed them.


The three of them were speechless.


Inside Chen Tian Fei’s mansion, Zhao Xing Chen had already arrived. He looked drunk and his face was a little pale. He grabbed the woman’s arm in panic and shouted, “Elder Sister, where did Brother-in-law go? Tell him to take us away.”


“Take us away, why?” The woman shook off Zhao Xing Chen’s hand and threw him to the ground, gritting her teeth, “Why should we run? And just look at how drunk you are!”


Zhao Xing Chen shouted in panic, “Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light’s people are already here, if we don’t escape now, we won’t have a chance.”


The woman coldly snorted, “Are they here for you?”


Zhao Xing Chen shook his head dumbly.


The woman asked again, “Then who do you think they’re looking for?”


Zhao Xing Chen was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up, “Sister, you mean…”


The woman sneered, “Every grievance has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor. They naturally came to find the man who killed their people! Scarlet Star isn’t some weakling after all. As long as Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light can achieve their objectives, why would they suddenly start a war with Scarlet Star?”




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