Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4032, So Noisy


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In other words, this so-called Scarlet Star Sixth Manager was nothing more than Yang Kai blowing his own trumpet. He had never received Scarlet Star’s official approval.


At first, this news was spread among a few people but soon it spread like wildfire and everyone in the Star City had heard of it in just half an hour. Such proliferation was simply impossible unless someone was fanning the flames behind the scene.


In a flash, many people looked towards Yang Kai’s mansion with pity, knowing that Scarlet Star had abandoned its Sixth Manager.


Not many people believed this rumour of course. Why hadn’t Scarlet Star denied it before if it was true? Obviously, they didn’t want to be implicated with Yang Kai when Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light Army came knocking at their door.


There was nothing wrong with this though. It was a wise decision to sacrifice the rook to save the king. What’s more, not many days had passed since Yang Kai became the Sixth Manager. He had no foundation in Scarlet Star, so who would want to protect his interests and safety at this time?


Although they understood this, no one was willing to stand up for an irrelevant person at this moment and instead voiced their complaints about Yang Kai. If it weren’t for him causing trouble outside, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light wouldn’t have made such a big move. Even the outsiders in the Star City were feeling anxious. They had no idea if Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light would take over the city by force, and if they did, what kind of fate awaited them.


The complaints in their hearts were only normal, and there were even some people who had gathered in front of Yang Kai’s mansion and were shouting for him to get out of the Star City.


At first, there weren’t many people, but as time passed, more and more people started to gather in front of Yang Kai’s mansion. In less than an incense stick worth of time, hundreds of people had gathered with more arriving all the time.


All of them were glaring at Yang Kai’s mansion angrily, maliciously even. All of them were demanding he leave this place as soon as possible. Whatever grievances he had with Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light should be resolved by him alone, they didn’t want him to drag them along with him.


The waves of voices became louder!


Inside the mansion, the two Great Moon Province disciples and Chen Yue’s faces turned pale, as they started trembling. In the current situation, they still had a chance of survival if they hid here, but how could they survive if they left?


Yue He’s tender body also trembled slightly, but from anger instead of fear. She hadn’t expected Scarlet Star to be so despicable and shameless. In order to force Yang Kai to leave the Star City, they had actually used such an underhanded method.


With her Divine Sense, she could naturally sense that many Scarlet Star disciples in the crowd were adding fuel to the fire. These people must have received instructions from Chen Tian Fei and the other Managers; otherwise, how could they dare to act like this?


Outside the Star City, the gazes of Zhong Fan and the other Open Heaven Realm Master were focused on Yang Kai’s mansion.


Long Tai sneered and scoffed, “So this is Scarlet Star’s plan? Fatty Chen wants to use these people to force that Yang bastard out? Scarlet Star truly has fallen.”


Zhu Li pondered for a moment before commenting, “It may not be completely ineffective; after all, it’s unwise to arouse public anger.”


Luo Qing Yun gritted his teeth and stated, “It’s not like that bastard hasn’t done something that incites public anger before!”


Thinking back to what Yang Kai had done on Yuan Magnetic Mountain, he felt that this method was useless. Even though he was one of the leaders of Sword Pavilion, he didn’t dare to commit such heinous crimes against everyone’s interests, but Yang Kai had done just that! Not only did he do it, he even managed to survive.


As such, he didn’t think that this kind of method would be effective as he had personally experienced how crazy that guy was.


“Let’s wait a moment. Since Chen Tian Fei has already given this King his word, let’s see what other tricks he has up his sleeve. If it really doesn’t work, it won’t be too late for us to act. In any case, he won’t be able to escape from us today,” Zhong Fan suggested indifferently.


Luo Qing Yun’s eyes flashed for a moment before a malicious grin spread across his lips, “En, it’s not a bad idea to watch him slowly fall into despair.”


Somewhere in the Star City, Chen Tian Fei and the other Managers concealed themselves, paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements. Orders were passed down silently, and the crowd gathered in front of Yang Kai’s mansion became more excited.


“Yang Kai, get out of the Star City, you’re not welcome here!”


“Yang Kai, are you deaf or dead? Since you caused this trouble, you should be the one to solve it! What kind of a man cowers inside his house?”


“That’s right, that’s right! Since you’re so strong, why are you afraid of Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light? Just go out and fight them to the death yourself!”


“Don’t implicate us innocent and pitiful people!”




Demeaning shouts rang out to no end while inside the mansion, Yue He’s expression was extremely ugly. Although she knew that many of these people had been used by Scarlet Star, the coldness of human nature was obvious, and it was truly infuriating.


“Yang Kai, you coward, you have the guts to stir up trouble, but you don’t have the guts to bear it!?”


“What should we do if he doesn’t come out? From the looks of it, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light won’t wait long. If we really anger them, they’ll immediately attack the Star City. At that time, if the city gates catch fire, it’s we who will be caught in the crossfire.”


“If he doesn’t come out, we’ll attack and drag him out!”


“That’s right, let’s attack together!”


As soon as they finished speaking, a sword light slashed towards Yang Kai’s mansion, followed by countless attacks.


Although there was a defensive Array around the mansion, it was not a very powerful one, so how could it withstand the attacks of so many people? In just three breaths of time, the Array was broken.


“The Array is broken, everyone follow me! Capture Yang Kai!”


Someone shouted and rushed forward.


Hundreds of people followed closely behind and rushed into the mansion.


Yue He was stunned. Just now, she had been hesitating about whether she should call Yang Kai to inform him about the situation outside, but before she could make up her mind, the defensive Array of this mansion had been broken.


Looking up, she saw a group of fierce-looking people rushing in with artifacts in their hands, all of them wearing hostile expressions.


“She is with Yang Kai! Let’s capture her first, then we won’t have to worry about Yang Kai not showing himself!” The leader pointed at Yue He and shouted.


Yue He’s mood sank. No matter what, she was still a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, a famous figure in the outside world, yet a mere Emperor Realm cultivator dared to act so presumptuously in front of her today, pointing at her nose and screaming about capturing her.


In front of Yang Kai, she was very obedient, always acting as a subservient maid, listening to everything he said, but that was just a disguise. Yang Kai had never seen her true face.


Suddenly, killing intent rose in her heart as she stared at the person who had just shouted at her. Her soft and slender finger slowly rose as she pointed towards the man.


At this moment, a majestic roar resounded throughout the sky, “So noisy!”


As soon as these words reverberated in everyone’s ears, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Yue He. The figure was emanating a cold aura that could penetrate one’s heart and freeze it solid.


“Young Master!” Yue He quickly put down her finger as the murderous intent on her face instantly disappeared into thin air. Her beautiful eyes flickered with fear as if she was a child who had been bullied at home.


Although Yang Kai was in seclusion, studying the mysteries of his Wood and Fire Elements, he hadn’t completely activated the room’s isolation Arrays because of the presence of Xu Zhen. He had left a wisp of his consciousness to pay attention to the outside; after all, this was his first-time meeting Xu Zhen, so it was naturally impossible for him to trust him completely.


Yang Kai was aware of the arrival of Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light and the unrest in the Star City. He was also aware of the clamour outside the mansion, but he just couldn’t be bothered with it.


But now that even the mansion’s Spirit Array had been broken, he could no longer continue his retreat.


Having no other choice but to show up, Yang Kai was quite annoyed. He had just entered a critical period in his closed-door cultivation and since he was interrupted at this critical juncture, he wasn’t in a good mood.


Yang Kai coldly looked around and when he saw hundreds of people crowded around his mansion to the point that more couldn’t even come inside, he couldn’t help but let out a cold snort.


“Is he Yang Kai?” Someone asked in a low voice. Many of the people who had rushed in were people who had never even met Yang Kai before. They were just being used by others.


“I think so.”


“I’ve finally met the real Master. I thought he would keep hiding.”


Many people whispered to each other while some secretly observed Yang Kai. They realized that there was nothing special about him. They really didn’t know how such a person had prompted Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light to team up to oppose him.


On the other hand, the people who had been clamouring to drag Yang Kai out of the Star City were now silent, their expressions tense as they quietly retreated to the back of the crowd. These were all Scarlet Star disciples who had followed Chen Tian Fei’s orders and were acting in secret. Now that they had forced Yang Kai out and achieved their goal, they naturally wanted to retreat.


“You want to run?” Yang Kai coldly snorted as he raised his hand and grabbed the person in front of him, lifting him up into the air while simultaneously manipulating Space Principles. In the blink of an eye, the space within a thousand metres radius became incredibly viscous.


Countless muffled groans rang out as the weaker cultivators froze in place. They felt as if tremendous pressure was pressing down on them, threatening to crush them into dust. Even the slightly stronger ones were still struggling to move.


“Are you the one causing trouble?” Yang Kai stared coldly at the man he was holding in the air and asked lightly.


“No, it’s not me,” the man replied in panic, the fear in his heart indescribable.


He was also in the Emperor Realm and had condensed several Open Heaven Elements. If he were outside, he would have been a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm cultivator, only needing two more Elements to reach the Open Heaven Realm, but now that Yang Kai had imprisoned him, he couldn’t even struggle free!


A violent and pure energy poured into his body, causing him to become extremely weak and unable to resist.


He couldn’t help thinking about the rumours he had heard in the Star City, about Yang Kai killing Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong with only his Emperor Realm strength. At that time, he had scoffed at such rumours; after all, Open Heaven Realm Masters were still Open Heaven Realm Masters, even if the environment here sealed their Small Universes, how could Yang Kai kill them so easily?


In private, everyone said that Yang Kai had launched a sneak attack, and that’s how he killed Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong. The same thing had spread from Scarlet Star just now, which had undoubtedly confirmed this point.


But now, it seemed that the rumours were wrong!


With such strength, it was likely he really had the ability to kill Open Heaven Realm Masters!


At this moment of life and death, this man wept bitterly, “Sixth Manager, please spare my life, this humble subordinate is just following orders, please spare my life, Sixth Manager.”


“Sixth Manager?” Yang Kai chuckled as he looked towards a certain direction, his eyes seemingly able to pierce through space as a mocking look appeared on his face.




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