Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4034, Turning the Tables


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Zhong Fan’s original plan was to kill Yang Kai’s subordinates one by one in front of him and the Star City. Afterwards, he would kill the Scarlet Flood Dragon. All his actions were planned. First, to pay for the death of Sword Pavilion’s disciples on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, and second, to put pressure on Yang Kai.


Otherwise, why would he bring these people and the Scarlet Flood Dragon here? He would’ve just killed them on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain.


Although Yang Kai kept saying that he was no longer a member of Scarlet Star, many of the captured people had fought a life-or-death battle for him. If Yang Kai really ignored their plight, who would dare trust him in the future?


If this could provoke Yang Kai, it would be for the best, and even if it failed, Sword Pavilion would not lose anything. Rather, it would let the world know the fate of those who provoked Sword Pavilion. It was killing two birds with one stone.


He thought Yang Kai would care more about his life and ignore these irrelevant characters, or he would lose his mind in anger for his subordinates, but he had never expected things to go so far beyond his expectations!


When Yang Kai’s figure disappeared from his field of vision, a sense of crisis gripped Zhong Fan’s heart and he instinctively had a bad premonition, shouting out loud, “Be careful!”


Just as his words fell, he caught sight of Yang Kai again, but at this moment, Yang Kai had appeared beside Guo Zi Yan like a ghost. The space around him, distorting.


As soon as he appeared, he stretched his hand towards the side and grabbed the air.


Lu Xue, who was hovering a hundred metres away from Guo Zi Yan, was still paying attention to the spot Yang Kai had been standing in the Star City, but in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had disappeared from her sight.


By the time she realized something had gone wrong, Yang Kai had already reached out his hand towards her, seemingly covering the sky with it. Lu Xue couldn’t help but feel like she couldn’t escape.


She was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master though, so the moment she noticed something wrong, she let out a shout as a purple sword light shot out from the centre of her brow, flying straight ahead. At the same time, she hastily retreated.


The might of this attack was extraordinary, it was a sure-fire blow that she trained for centuries. She would never use it unless she were facing a life or death crisis or to kill an Open Heaven Realm Master.


The same time Lu Xue’s sword shot out, the nearby Luo Qing Yun also made a move. A long sword appeared in his hand out of thin air. The next moment, a dazzling sword light surrounded him and the long sword as he became one with it. Immediately after, he slashed towards Yang Kai with a ferocious look on his face.


Zhu Li, on the other hand, retreated a thousand metres with a terrified look on his face. He had been traumatized by Yang Kai back on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, as had he watched Bie Jian tragically die in just one move. Even after so many days, that memory was still vivid in his mind. When he saw Yang Kai appear near him, the first thought that crossed his mind was to run away quickly and then decide what to do next.


In the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint, the purple sword light that flew out from the centre of Lu Xue’s brow was pinched by Yang Ka’s hand as a deafening sword cry reverberated across the sky.


Lu Xue’s pretty eyes bulged, looking completely shocked because Yang Kai was unscathed even after taking her certain death blow. Not only that, Yang Kai had actually sandwiched a tiny purple sword light between his fingers. That little sword light seemed to be sentient as it kept struggling in Yang Kai’s hand, but it couldn’t break free of his grip no matter what.


“Die!” At that moment, an angry Luo Qing Yun slashed straight towards Yang Kai’s waist.


A smile couldn’t help but appear on Luo Qing Yun’s face as if he saw Yang Kai being cut into two by his attack. He believed that Yang Kai, with his cultivation only being in the Emperor Realm, would be unable to withstand the all-out strike of a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, the force of the counter-shock from his hand made Luo Qing Yun’s smile instantly turn stiff. The next moment, he saw a layer of light brown aura around Yang Kai. A prismatic Earth Element Power protected Yang Kai, blocking the blow.


That sword had struck the Earth Element Shield.


As expected of the full power attack of a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, even the firm Earth Element Shield was unable to block it and shattered into pieces. The sharp sword slashed into Yang Kai’s waist, cutting through his clothes.


As the two passed by each other, Yang Kai indifferently glanced at Luo Qing Yun. The sword light dissipated as Luo Qing Yun appeared, his face distorted in shock and fear.


It was because of Yang Kai’s glance. There was nothing but contempt in his eyes, as if he was looking at an ant.


Suddenly, a cry came from behind as Luo Qing Yun promptly turned around. The next moment, he couldn’t help but have his eyes crack wide open as he roared, “Let her go!”


In the middle of thousands of enemies, Yang Kai was holding Lu Xue by her slender neck, hiding behind her and looking out with a mocking expression.


Right then, a cold gleam came to a stop just before Lu Xue’s throat. Who knows when Zhong Fan had arrived with his long sword? He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, stronger than any other Open Heaven Realm Master present, so as soon as he saw Yang Kai attack Lu Xue, he realized what his plan was and immediately flew to rescue her. Be that as it may, even if Luo Qing Yun made his move to stop Yang Kai, Zhong Fan was still a little too slow. When he arrived, Yang Kai had already grasped Lu Xue by her neck and was using her as his shield.


With Lu Xue as Yang Kai’s hostage, Zhong Fan couldn’t do anything.


As their gazes met, Zhong Fan flew into a rage and scowled in anger. The long sword in his hand was pointed at Yang Kai, but he couldn’t thrust it forward.


Lu Qing Yun looked worried, whereas Zhu Li was horrified and Long Tai, who had somehow recovered from his dazed state, was shocked.


At this moment, the world had gone completely silent as countless eyes were glued in their direction.


Everything happened too fast, so except for a few people, no one knew what happened. By the time everyone reacted, everything was already over.


Countless people asked in their hearts, [How is this possible? What gave Yang Kai the courage to rush out? How come he is fine after taking Luo Qing Yun’s attack? How did Lu Xue get caught in his hands, and why didn’t she resist?]


So many questions came up in their hearts, but no one could give them any answers.


Not only were the onlookers puzzled, but even Luo Qing Yun and Zhong Fan looked at Lu Xue in confusion. Although she was a woman, she was still a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! How could she get captured by Yang Kai so easily? What’s more, why wasn’t she trying to escape? As long as Lu Xue could free herself from Yang Kai’s grip, they would be able to immediately attack him.


Only Lu Xue knew in her heart that when Yang Kai captured her, a scorching and terrifying Power immediately invaded her body. That Power wantonly burned her meridians, blood, and her flesh. She was trembling and in a Hell of pain. Her clothes became drenched in cold sweat in an instant.


That was definitely the Fire Element Power refined by Yang Kai, but Lu Xue had never seen such a pure and High-Order Fire Element Power before. Her own strength was unable to compete with this Fire Element Power, simply turning into fuel to be burned upon contact.


All she could do was urge her strength with all her might to resist the scorching heat, unable to divert her attention from the process at all. So, how could she fight off Yang Kai? If she did that, she would be reduced to ashes immediately!


[Just what Order Fire Element is this?] Lu Xue had a faint guess in her heart, but she couldn’t believe it.


Back in the mansion, Yue He looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression on her face. [This guy and that man are indeed very different, but in some respects, they are similarly crazy.  They will ignore life and death. A kind of madness that makes them captivating!]


Her mind seemed to have travelled thousands of years into the past, returning to a time when she was young, and a sense of desolation immediately surged from the depths of her heart.


Chen Tian Fei, who was hiding in the void, trembled violently, his face full of horror. Although he had experienced Yang Kai’s fearsome strength first-hand, he couldn’t help but feel shocked when he witnessed it once again.


[That guy is a monster. In this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, where Open Heaven Ream Masters can’t display their true strength, who can go against him?]


Bei Yu Shan, who was beside him, couldn’t help but gulp nervously. His loud gulp was clearly showcasing the fear he was feeling.


Under everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai grinned and gently pushed Lu Xue forward. Seeing the tip of the sword getting closer and closer to her throat, Lu Xue couldn’t help but look at Zhong Fan with a pleading look in her beautiful eyes.


Zhong Fan’s facial muscles twitched as he pulled the long sword back.


“Shameless!” Zhong Fan gritted his teeth and cursed.


Yang Kai sneered, “I learned from you.”


Zhong Fan was rendered speechless.


He used the lives of Guo Zi Yan and others to threaten Yang Kai before, and in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai was now using Lu Xue to threaten him. The tables had turned so quickly


Yang Kai ignored him and looked at Guo Zi Yan with a solemn expression, stating, “This King has implicated you.”


Guo Zi Yan was moved and apologised, “Sixth Manager, please don’t say that. It is we humble subordinates who have brought you disgrace.” 


He hated his lack of strength. Yang Kai even left the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon to protect them, but he couldn’t even send a message at the critical moment; otherwise, Yang Kai would not have been forced into such a passive situation.


However, he couldn’t be blamed for this either. The main reason was that Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light had too many people, and they attacked in a rapid manner. When they reached the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, they captured them right away and then split up to encircle and suppress the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Flood Dragon. Guo Zi Yan simply didn’t have the time to send a message.


Yang Kai shook his head and stated, “I’m no longer the Sixth Manager of Scarlet Star, don’t call me Sixth Manager again.”


Guo Zi Yan was startled, but he was also a wise worldly man. He just glanced at the Star City, and then after thinking about what he had heard and seen before, he immediately understood Yang Kai’s predicament. A look of shame appeared on his face. One that he could not hide even when he tried to. He was a Scarlet Star Great Commander but he definitely could not come to terms with what the Managers of Scarlet Star had done; however, he was unable to change anything now.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stared at Zhong Fan and asked, “Old dog, now you have my people in your hands, and I also have your people in my hands, what are you going to do?”


Zhong Fan looked at Yang Kai coldly and snorted coldly, “If you let her go, I won’t kill you!”


Yang Kai grinned at him before shouting, “Guo Zi Yan!”


Guo Zi Yan was dishevelled, but although he was captured and his cultivation was sealed, he replied in a deep voice, “The humble subordinate is here!”


“How many people did they kill on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain!”


A trace of grief flashed in Guo Zi Yan’s eyes, and he cupped his fist and replied, “My lord, this humble subordinate had seventy-two men under his command, but now only thirty-nine are left. We lost thirty-three brothers in that battle!”


Yang Kai gave a nod before his momentum surged, giving the impression as if a god of war had descended. The next moment, he declared aloud, “This King will now take revenge for our thirty-three men, open your eyes and watch.”


The moment he declared this, Zhong Fan’s face changed drastically and he roared “You dare!?”


Nonetheless, Yang Kai smacked his palm as the wind and cloud surged. An enormous palm descended from the sky, pressing down towards a group of Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion members.




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