Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4036, Heroic Spirit Villainous Act


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai nodded and whispered, “Where’s the Earth Dragon?”


He still had no idea if the Earth Dragon was alive or dead.


Guo Zi Yan said, “The Earth Dragon is unharmed and has escaped under the Yuan Magnetic Mountain.”


It was quite sly, so when it saw that the situation wasn’t looking good, it immediately fled. It was proficient in the Earth Escape Technique, so even if Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light had a lot of people, they couldn’t do anything to it. It was also impossible for them to continue searching for its traces in the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, so they simply left it alone. After all, their main target was, at the end of the day, Yang Kai.


“Good.” Yang Kai felt relieved. He finally heard some good news.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon was also quickly released. Comparatively speaking, the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s injuries were the most severe; many of its scales had fallen off, it was bleeding from everywhere, and there was a huge gaping wound on its neck. It looked extremely pitiful.


It flew over to Yang Kai and lowered its head. It expressed its anger and helplessness via Divine Sense as it stared at Lu Xue in Yang Kai’s hand. It bared its teeth as if it wanted to swallow her whole. The enormous wound on its neck was the handiwork of Lu Xue.


Lu Xue got really nervous at the sight of this. Zhong Fan and Luo Qing Yun also couldn’t help but have their hearts jump to their throats. They were afraid that Yang Kai would go back on his word.


Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t let the Scarlet Flood Dragon bite and simply patted its head, “Go back.” He then ordered Guo Zi Yan and the others too, “All of you go back first.”


Guo Zi Yan was momentarily taken aback, “Sir, what about you?”


“Don’t worry, these scum can’t do anything to me.”


Guo Zi Yan was deeply worried and wanted to persuade him otherwise; still, when he noticed Yang Kai’s determined expression, he knew he wouldn’t be able to persuade him otherwise and couldn’t help but admire him. [He is still able to remain so calm and collected even in the face of so many enemies, Sir is really something else.]


“Then Sir, you must be careful!” Guo Zi Yan exhorted before leading more than thirty people and Scarlet Flood Dragon towards the Star City.


The Star City’s defensive Grand Array appeared to still be closed, so Yang Kai turned his head in the direction of Chen Tian Fei and the others, where they were hiding, and stared at them silently, giving off an invisible pressure.


After a dozen breaths of time, Chen Tian Fei’s brow twitched as he secretly issued an order.


A crack appeared in the Grand Array as Guo Zi Yan and the Scarlet Flood Dragon rushed into the Star City. Although Chen Tian Fei and the others didn’t want to offend Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light, in the eyes of outsiders, Guo Zi Yan and the others were still members of Scarlet Star, so locking their own people outside wasn’t very appropriate; they had no choice but to let them pass. As for the Scarlet Flood Dragon, it was just tagging along.


After Guo Zi Yan and the others had entered the Star City, this hostage exchange had undoubtedly been won by Yang Kai. Now, Yang Kai had gained complete control of the situation. With Lu Xue in his hands, whether he wanted to fight or flee was up to him. Although Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light had many people, it was highly unlikely that they could do anything to him.


Many people had looks of admiration on their faces. If they were in Yang Kai’s shoes, they wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing, but after thinking about it carefully, Sword Pavilion was also helpless. As long as they couldn’t bear to give up on Lu Xue, they would definitely choose to compromise.


A gust of wind blew over, causing Yang Kai’s clothes to flap.


The next moment, Divine Senses spread out and locked onto Yang Kai one after another as a thick murderous intent filled the air. The three hundred Sword Pavilion disciples quietly changed their formation and sealed off the surrounding area. In an instant, Yang Kai was completely surrounded and had no way out!


“That brat is in trouble now.” Chen Tian Fei stated softly. In this situation, unless he could suppress Lu Xue and find a way to survive, it would be impossible for him to escape this inescapable net.


“He asked for it.” Ou Yang Lie coldly snorted, “Does he really think he can do whatever he wants just because he is slightly capable?”


“If you were him, what would you do now?” Lady Qin asked.


Chen Tian Fei shook his head, “Lu Xue is his only chance of survival. If he wants to live, he must not let her go.”


At this moment, Zhong Fan shouted, “Release her.”


Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile, “Don’t worry, this King always keeps his word!”


Saying so, under everyone’s stunned gazes, he directly pushed Lu Xue away.


Chen Tian Fei’s eyes, which had been narrowed into slits, suddenly bulged, as if they were about to pop out at any moment, and he couldn’t help but cry out, “That brat is crazy!”


He had just said that if Yang Kai wanted to live, he couldn’t let Lu Xue go, but Yang Kai did just that as soon as he said this.


With Lu Xue in his hands, Yang Kai still held the initiative, but how could he survive now that he had released her? Was he tired of living and courting death?


Not only did Chen Tian Fei not expect this, but even the person in question did not expect it. When Lu Xue was pushed out, her face was filled with perplexity, as if she had not expected to escape from Yang Kai’s control.


However, Zhong Fan’s eyes lit up as he roared, “Damn brat, because of this, I respect you as a hero and will definitely give you a quick and painless death!” 


Once he spoke, he pulled Lu Xue to his side as the long sword in his hand shook as he prepared to attack.


But right then, Lu Xue spurted a mouthful of blood. The blood mist she spat out was extremely hot, as if it was boiling. Not only that, but Lu Xue turned red all over as steam rose from her head.


“Huh?” Zhong Fan’s pupils constricted as he instinctively felt that something was wrong.


Previously, Lu Xue had also acted strangely, but at that time, she had been suppressed by Yang Kai. Zhong Fan had thought that Yang Kai had used some underhanded trick against her, but now that she had been released, she shouldn’t have acted like this. Even if Yang Kai had planted some kind of trick in her body, with her Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm foundation, she should have been able to deal with it easily.


“Uncle Zhong, save me!” Lu Xue cried out hoarsely, her beautiful eyes filled with fear and panic.


Zhong Fan couldn’t be bothered to find trouble with Yang Kai anymore and directly reached out and grabbed Lu Xue’s wrist, sending his pure energy into her body. But the next moment, he withdrew his hand as if it had been stung by a snake or scorpion and exclaimed in shock, “How is this possible?”


In that instant, he discovered that Lu Xue’s body was filled with a violent and oppressive scorching energy that was wantonly burning her meridians and flesh. This scorching energy was extremely pure, so pure that he found it unbelievable. Lu Xue was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, yet she was actually unable to suppress it.


In this situation, even if Lu Xue went all out, she would still be burned to death in less than an hour!


Zhong Fan turned his head, and saw Yang Kai staring at him with a playful look on his face. It was no wonder Yang Kai had let Lu Xue go so easily. It was not out of chivalry, but because he had other plans in mind.


If he wanted Lu Xue to live, Zhong Fan would need to help her suppress the scorching energy; otherwise, she would die without a doubt. Furthermore, apart from him, no one else could help her. This way, the only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be completely pinned down and would not be able to make a move.


Zhong Fan ground his teeth. He thought that this little brat was a straightforward and heroic character, but who would have thought he was this despicable and shameless? He secretly hated himself for misjudging Yang Kai and now wanted nothing more than to dig out his eyes.


“Kill him!” After a moment’s thought, Zhong Fan shouted and at the same time swung his sleeve, covering Lu Xue with his energy as the two flew down, landing on a nearby hill. As he put down Lu Xue, Zhong Fan shouted, “Concentrate and suppress it with all your strength, I’ll help you!”


Saying so, he turned around and walked to Lu Xue’s back and put his palm behind her, sending a burst of pure energy into her body to help her suppress the scorching energy.


Lu Xue didn’t dare to be negligent. She promptly sat down cross-legged and formed a set of hand seals while silently circulating her Secret Art.


Seeing this, how could the countless cultivators inside and outside the Star City not know that Yang Kai had used some underhanded trick on Lu Xue? Otherwise, why would Zhong Fan bring Lu Xue to a relatively safe place and help her heal her injuries?


“That boy surnamed Yang’s schemes run deep. With one move, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light lost two Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivators.”


“Even if that’s the case, so what? They still have three Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, not to mention they also have at least twenty or thirty Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.”


“He’s too smart for his own good. He managed to tie down Zhong Fan by himself, but that doesn’t affect the overall situation. Does he really think he can take on three thousand people by himself?”


“Haa… in the face of absolute power, any kind of scheme is useless.”


The crowd broke into a discussion. None of them was optimistic about Yang Kai’s chances and all of them thought that he had made the wrong decision. If he really wanted to live, he shouldn’t have let Lu Xue go so easily.


At this moment, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light no longer had any worries, so why would they show him any mercy?


Just as everyone was raring to go, a powerful voice suddenly rang out from the Star City, “Brat, as long as you submit to this Young Master and become this Young Master’s slave, this Young Master will guarantee your safety!”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone turned their heads and saw a young man in luxurious robes standing mid-air, smiling as he stared at Yang Kai. There were seven or eight servants standing behind him.


Judging from this young man’s aura, he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, but his clothes looked quite expensive. By the looks of it, he seemed to have an extraordinary background.


But this was the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so what if he had an extraordinary background?


Many people were discussing this matter for a time, trying to guess which force this young man belonged to as he was acting way too arrogant. His declaration took everyone by surprise; after all, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light’s three thousand disciples were all ready to go, and yet, he arrogantly claimed that he could protect Yang Kai.


Although everyone didn’t discuss loudly, they were clearly heard by the young man. It immediately caused him to feel annoyed so he couldn’t help but coldly snort as an arrogant look appeared on his face.


A guard behind him stepped out and condescendingly gazed over the crowd before coldly introducing, “My Young Master is the descendant of the Third Elder of Azure Nether Paradise. Who dares insult him?”


As soon as his voice fell, everyone was stunned silent.


Azure Nether Paradise was one of the seventy-two Paradises and was considered a top force in the 3,000 Worlds. Being able to become an Elder in a Paradise and even be ranked third meant that he was at least a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


This boy was from the Azure Nether Paradise, and had a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Ancestor. His backing really wasn’t small.


If he insisted on protecting Yang Kai, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light would have to consider the consequences of offending him. He might not be able to do anything to Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but what about outside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary? With just a word, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light would be removed from the face of this world.


His request was indeed a bit excessive; he wanted Yang Kai to submit to him and become his slave. Be that as it may, it was pretty good that he had a choice in the face of death, so who would care so much about it?


What’s more, the other party had an extraordinary background. Being a slave to such a person wasn’t necessarily a bad deal.


Even Luo Qing Yun and the others, who were preparing to act, froze in place, not knowing whether they should act or not. All of them stared nervously at Yang Kai, afraid that he would agree.


Observing Yang Kai’s expression, the young man’s expression became even more arrogant as he pointed his chin towards Yang Kai and stated, “Brat, if you miss this opportunity, you won’t be able to find another chance. Think carefully before answering this Young Master.”




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