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Martial Peak – Chapter 4038, Defying Heavens Star Net Formation

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As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Li spurted a mouthful of blood and his aura instantly weakened as he stared at Yang Kai in shock, “What the Hell is this? What the hell kind of fire is this!?”


The Spirit Fixing Nail’s grade wasn’t low, but in just a breath’s worth of time, it had been reduced to ashes by the raging flames. Zhu Li couldn’t imagine how high the Order of this Fire Element was to be able to achieve this!


In the blink of an eye, two of Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light’s remaining three Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had been injured. In comparison, Long Tai’s injuries were relatively light. He was just punched by Yang Kai, that’s all. On the other hand, Zhu Li’s Soul had taken damage


Without the Spirit Fixing Nail’s restraint, Yang Kai immediately rushed out like a Flood Dragon going out to sea, leaving behind a series of afterimages as he charged into the crowd.


The pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire devoured everything in its path, recklessly burning everything it touched. The Emperor Realm cultivators who were struck by it were all killed, none of them able to resist. Even some of the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who were mixed in with the crowd quickly retreated in fear.


Clouds of blood mist exploded in the air as charred corpses fell from the sky. In the Star City, countless pairs of eyes stared blankly at this scene, almost forgetting to breathe as everyone felt a great shock.


Before today, no one had ever thought that a single man of supposedly equal or lesser strength could kill thousands of enemies by himself while making them cry for their mothers and fathers. Even if Yang Kai lost in the end, the achievements he had made today would be enough to make everyone remember him.


In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, outside Scarlet Star’s Star City, an impulsive and reckless young man with black hair fluttering in the wind was acting in a way that ordinary people couldn’t. His courage was truly eye-opening.


Fluctuations of Space Principles lingered around Yang Kai’s body. He would instantly move to wherever there were more people, his killing intent shrouding the entire sky. He was fighting like a madman, his figure intangible as he never stopped moving, leaving afterimages as he flew through the air. It almost looked like there were several of him fighting.


“Junior, don’t you dare act so presumptuous!” Luo Qing Yun gritted his teeth and shouted. His sword transformed into nine sword lights that slashed towards Yang Kai with a wave of his arm.


He had been searching for an opening in Yang Kai’s defence while chasing after his footsteps, but Yang Kai’s movements were simply too fast, and his Instantaneous Movement technique made him too unpredictable. Luo Qing Yun had tried several times but had failed to find an opportunity to strike, so now when he had finally found an opening, he didn’t hesitate to use his strongest Divine Ability.


Nine flashes of sword light swished through the sky, instantly arriving in front of Yang Kai and striking his body.


*Duo duo duo…* 


It didn’t sound like it had hit flesh and blood, but rather an artifact of some kind. Yang Kai’s figure shook and his clothes tore, drawing Golden Blood that radiated a shocking vitality from his wounds.


Luo Qing Yun’s heart trembled as he stared at this scene in a daze.


Previously, when he had failed to kill Yang Kai with his sword strike, he had already noticed that this guy’s physical body was extraordinary, but now, even his strongest Ability had failed to kill him?


He was a sword cultivator who specialized in killing. If even he couldn’t kill Yang Kai, then even with so many people present, who could kill him? Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t even be able to injure him.


As expected, after the nine sword lights, countless attacks flew towards Yang Kai, but Yang Kai only used his Dragon Shield Secret Technique to ward off those attacks.


When the dazzling flashes of various colours finally disappeared, the Dragon Shield that surrounded Yang Kai’s body shattered, but he did not suffer much damage.


Luo Qing Yun’s heart sank as he turned to look towards Zhong Fan.


Right now, only a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Zhong Fan had a chance to cut Yang Kai down, but as far as he could tell, Zhong Fan was currently healing Lu Xue’s injuries. He couldn’t fathom what kind of method Yang Kai had used to force Zhong Fan into a corner.


[Is this also part of his plan?] Luo Qing Yun couldn’t believe it. [No wonder he released Lu Xue so easily. I thought that he was a fool, but now, it seems that he is actually quite shrewd!]


Unable to count on Zhong Fan, Luo Qing Yun’s expression suddenly became solemn as he shouted, “Disciples of Sword Pavilion, obey my command! Form the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation!”


“Yes Sir!” The hundreds of Sword Pavilion disciples’ voices shook the sky. Each of them was greatly excited as if they had been waiting for this moment.


There weren’t many Sword Pavilion disciples present here, only about three hundred. Among the crowd of three thousand people, Sword Pavilion disciples only made up 10% of the forces. Furthermore, not many of their people had lost their lives at Yang Kai’s hands since the start of the battle.


Comparatively speaking, Sword Pavilion’s losses were relatively small since they had formed the Starfall Sword Formation from the beginning to resist Yang Kai’s initial flames attack.


With both sides attacking and defending, it was undoubtedly much better than the scattered sand-like Thunder Light disciples.


It could be said that ninety-nine percent of the cultivators who died at Yang Kai’s hands were Thunder Light Disciples.


Sword Pavilion disciples had already assumed the Starfall Sword Formation in groups of forty to fifty, filling the world with Sword Qi. Now that Luo Qing Yun had given the order, the Sword Formations rapidly moved towards Luo Qing Yun.


In less than three breaths of time, the auras of the Starfall Sword Formations had been tightly linked together, with Luo Qing Yun at the centre. Sword Intents soared into the sky and gathered on Luo Qing Yun’s body, piercing a hole in space.


Defying Heavens Star Net Formation, complete!


Luo Qing Yun’s aura rose steadily, and even though he was being suppressed by the World Principles of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he still showed signs of breaking through the Emperor Realm and striding into the Open Heaven Realm. He stared at Yang Kai, who was still slaughtering his enemies, eyes filled with indifference!


The Defying Heavens Star Net Formation was the Sword Pavilion’s most powerful Formation. With this Sword Formation, Luo Qing Yun was confident he could kill Yang Kai even without Zhong Fan.


“That brat is in trouble now.” Chen Tian Fei sighed and slowly shook his head, “In the end, he’s still too young, showing off too much of his strength and not knowing how to restrain himself!”


Lady Qin also carried a solemn expression, “I heard that the leader of Sword Pavilion came from a very large force, but for some unknown reason, he had wandered outside and established Sword Pavilion. This Starfall Sword Formation and Defying Heavens Star Net Formation are both the formations of that force.”


Ou Yang Lie added with a nod, “I’ve also heard of this before and seen the power of the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation once. It was… truly extraordinary. With this Formation, Scarlet Star and Thunder Light will never be a match for Sword Pavilion.”


At the same time, Yang Kai, who was rushing through the crowd, also instinctively felt a sense of crisis. He felt as if needles were stabbing all over him. He promptly surged his Earth Element Power from his Dao Seal, forming Dragon Shields again, one after another.


“Junior, it is your honour to die under my Sword Pavilion’s Formation!” Luo Qing Yun’s indifferent voice rang as he pointed his sword towards Yang Kai before slashing it towards Yang Kai as swiftly as wind.


Under the influence of his aura, the hundreds of Sword Pavilion disciples in the grand Formation also began moving.


From a distance, Yang Kai could no longer see anyone inside the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation. There was only the Sword Intent lingering in the air. The next moment, a massive sword wave tore through the sky and struck Yang Kai.


The sounds of something breaking rang immediately after.


Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the layered Dragon Shields around Yang Kai shattered one after another. Even though he was frantically using his Dao Seal to repair them, Yang Kai was still unable to keep up with the speed at which they were breaking.


In just seven or eight breaths of time, the Dragon Shields had completely disappeared.


“Die!” Luo Qing Yun’s happy voice rang from within the sword wave.


A pitch-black flame engulfed Yang Kai’s body with a loud bang as the raging Golden Crow’s True Fire swept towards the sword wave like it had a mind of its own. Wherever the black flame passed, the sword light would instantly dim, as if it had been burnt to ashes.


In the eyes of the cultivators in the Star City, it was as if the black fire had devoured the sword wave, causing the enormous sword wave to shrink rapidly.


Yang Kai’s figure also continued to retreat. Although the Golden Crow’s True Fire’s power was extraordinary, the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation was still formed by hundreds of people, and with Luo Qing Yun, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, controlling it, its power was truly immense.


“Cease your futile resistance!” Luo Qing Yun shouted, “You will be buried here today for insulting my Sword Pavilion!”


With Luo Qing Yun’s angry roar, the sword wave which had been partially destroyed suddenly expanded and pierced through the void, showing faint signs of tearing through the pitch-black flames as it shot towards Yang Kai.


Once the Golden Crow’s True Fire was pierced through, it would not end well for him, even if Yang Kai used his Dragon Transformation to bolster his physique.


In this life-and-death struggle, even those from Thunder Light were unable to intervene. They could only watch from afar, not even daring to approach to within a thousand meters, lest they be affected by the sword wave or the black flames.


In the sky, the Golden Crow’s True Fire that had been pushed to its limit was now evenly matched with the terrifying Sword Light.


In the Star City, however, Chen Tian Fei suddenly frowned and muttered, “Something’s wrong!”


“What’s wrong?” Bei Yu Shan asked curiously.


“In such a situation, why hasn’t that brat used his full strength yet?” Chen Tian Fei asked in confusion.


“He hasn’t used his full strength?” Bei Yu Shan’s eyes widened in disbelief.


Chen Tian Fei said solemnly, “Did you forget that this boy has a long spear in his hand? Although I don’t know where that spear came from, there’s no doubt it’s an extremely powerful artifact. Why hasn’t he used it yet?”


As soon as these words were spoken, the Managers of Scarlet Star fell into deep thought. How could they not know about the existence of the Azure Dragon Spear? That day, Gan Hong had died under that stunning spear.


The might of this spear was something that even a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master couldn’t resist, so if he were to use it now, even if it couldn’t resolve the current crisis, it wouldn’t be so bad!


In a life-or-death crisis, who would hide their strength?


Bei Yu Shan scratched his head and said, “Manager Chen, after hearing what you said, it seems like his condition has always been a bit off.” In this life-and-death struggle, Yang Kai’s reactions seemed more instinctual than calculated, as if his mind wasn’t on this battlefield, but that was simply inconceivable. Facing so many enemies by himself and not paying attention to the battlefield, how could he not care about his own life?


Lady Qin’s eyes suddenly narrowed as she seemed to recall something and covered her red lips, “Do you remember what he said before the battle commenced?”


Ou Yang Bing lowered his head in contemplation before slowly reciting, “You dare interrupt my seclusion and disturb my mind? All of you deserve death! Today, I will use your dog lives to cultivate my Divine Ability!”


Chen Tian Fei’s face was filled with shock as he cried out, “Is that brat trying to stimulate his hidden potential using this life-and-death battle to cultivate some kind of Divine Ability?”



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