Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4039, Divine Manifestation


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The moment Chen Tian Fei said this, the Managers of Scarlet Star were all shocked!


[Is he for real? How could anyone be so crazy? Does he want to die?]


However, from Yang Kai’s previous performance and his current response, it was clear that he was cultivating some kind of Divine Ability!


In the danger between life and death, there was great terror and great fear, but also great opportunities!


Lingering near the gates of death would often give one a flash of inspiration or insight, allowing them to comprehend some grand mystery or truth. Chen Tian Fei and the others were all Open Heaven Realm Masters, and after living for so many years, every one of them had experienced something similar at least once. However, all of their experiences were forced upon them, they never wanted to put themselves in a position where they would be trapped between life and death like Yang Kai.


“Crazy, this little brat is really crazy,” Chen Tian Fei muttered, shocked by his own thoughts.


“Look behind him!” Lady Qin suddenly exclaimed.


The Scarlet Star Managers quickly turned to look behind Yang Kai, and what they saw immediately caused their eyes to narrow. The pitch-black flames around Yang Kai suddenly started surging. Although the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation was suppressing him, his aura was still rising at a terrifying rate. Soon, he had reached his limit, and the raging black flames were beating like a heart, like it was giving birth to a new life.


This scene was witnessed by the Managers of Scarlet Star City and by everyone in the Star City. Even though they were far away from Yang Kai, everyone couldn’t help but feel a sense of horrific pressure, as if some unparalleled monster was trying to break out of his body.


Yue He had been paying close attention to Yang Kai all the while, ready to step in when she saw that he was at a disadvantage. With her Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, the strength she could display in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was truly limited. If she really went up, it would be like throwing an egg against a rock in the face of the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation, but she couldn’t just stand by and watch Yang Kai die. As long as she could wake Yang Kai up from his trance-like state, with his attainments in the Dao of Space, he would definitely be able to escape with his life.


However, after seeing the surging black flames, she forced herself to endure. Her heart jumped to her throat and her beautiful eyes were glued on Yang Kai. Her fists were clenched tightly, to the point that her knuckles had turned white.


“If it wasn’t for the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, would a mere Emperor Realm ant dare act so presumptuously in front of my Sword Pavilion? Break!” Luo Qing Yun’s shout came from the sword wave.


The Defying Heavens Star Net Formation, which had already gained the upper hand, suddenly bloomed with a dazzling flash, tearing apart the black flames around Yang Kai and striking him.


Luo Qing Yun couldn’t help but have a look of joy on his face, as if he just saw Yang Kai being killed. Although this battle had been difficult, he had still won and restored the lost face of Sword Pavilion, letting the world know that Sword Pavilion could not be humiliated!


However, right at that moment, Luo Qing Yun’s heart suddenly clenched, and for some reason, an extreme sense of crisis flooded him.


When he looked up, Yang Kai, who had been completely calm and unresponsive until now, suddenly grinned as his indifferent eyes shone brilliantly as if he had finally come back to his senses, “Open!”


His voice wasn’t loud, but it was like a thunderclap rolling across the skies, causing the world to tremble.


In the blink of an eye, a huge orb of fire appeared behind Yang Kai. It looked as if a sun was hanging behind him, shining with a golden light that illuminated the world, making it difficult for anyone to open their eyes.


“What is that?” Countless cultivators who saw this scene were shocked. No one had ever seen such a strange phenomenon. Could it be that this Yang Kai really has a small sun hidden inside his body?


Not only were the Emperor Realm cultivators puzzled, but many Open Heaven Realm Masters were also lost.


Only a few people were stunned for a moment. Immediately after, they seemed to have realized something and their bodies trembled as a look of shock and disbelief took over their faces. After all, although they knew something ordinary people didn’t know, none of them had ever seen it with their own eyes.


Lady Qin covered her red lips and muttered, “Could this be…”


“Manifestation!” Chen Tian Fei spat out the word with great difficulty, his fat body trembling from the shock.


The Ou Yang Brothers couldn’t help but gulp nervously, whereas Bei Yu Shan stared at Yang Kai in admiration and couldn’t help exclaiming, “Astonishing!”


Back then, Bei Yu Shan had been sent flying by Yang Kai’s punch in the Main Hall and, in truth, he had been having a hard time accepting it. He believed that he had underestimated his opponent too much; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been beaten so badly. But now that he saw the Manifestation of a huge sun appear before him, the dissatisfaction in his heart instantly disappeared.


For Yang Kai to be able to cause a Manifestation when he was only an Emperor Realm cultivator, Bei Yu Shan could finally accept that his loss that day was not undeserved, nor were the deaths of Du Niang Zi and Gan Hong!


In the courtyard of Yang Kai’s mansion, Yue He closed her eyes in pain.


[After managing to keep the secret for so long, has he finally exposed all his cards today?] She secretly hated herself for not being strong enough to assist him, causing him to be unable to conceal himself well. However, she had never expected Yang Kai to be able to create a Manifestation at such a moment.


From today onwards, Yang Kai’s secret would no longer be a secret. Under the eyes of so many people, how could he conceal it? It was not a big deal in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and with such a technique no one would be his opponent, but once he left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary? Once this shocking news spread, Yang Kai would be doomed.


[Is the tragedy from a thousand years ago going to repeat itself?]


Thinking of the man who had died so young, Yue He’s heart was filled with sorrow! That man and this man in front of her were both astonishing geniuses, but this man in front of her now seemed to be even more dazzling than the man from her past. At the very least, that man had not formed a Manifestation in the Emperor Realm!


“Manifestation, it’s actually a Divine Manifestation, how dare this brat act like this? Does he want to die?”


In the Star City, an elderly man called out in shock. His cultivation wasn’t very high, just Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, but he had lived for a long time and had seen more than others. Ordinary Open Heaven Realm Masters might not know of the existence of Manifestations, but he had seen one before and thus knew about it.


“Master, what is a Manifestation?” Beside him, a cute little girl asked curiously.


Suppressing the shock in his heart, the old man explained in a gentle voice, “When one of the Yin, Yang, or Five Elements one has refined is pushed to the extreme, it will concentrate and transform into a world-shaking Divine Ability, which is known as a Divine Manifestation, just like what you are seeing right now.”


The young girl nodded thoughtfully, “Is that little sun his Manifestation?”




“Does Master have a Manifestation?”


“Me?” The old man smiled wryly and shook his head, “Master will never have a Manifestation in his life.”


“Why?” The young girl was puzzled.


The old man said sadly, “Not to mention a mere Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivator like me, even those Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters will never be able to possess a Manifestation in their life. Manifestations can only be created by those who have condensed Seventh-Order or above Elements, but that is only a hope. If one’s comprehension is lacking, even if they have the qualifications to form a Manifestation, they wouldn’t be able to do so. Your Master has only refined Second-Order Elements, so how could I have the qualifications to form a Manifestation?”


The young girl couldn’t help but curl her pink lips and ask in surprise, “Master, are you saying that Brother Yang refined a Seventh-Order Element?”


The old man nodded, “It can’t be wrong, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to form a Manifestation. Since ancient times, those who could form Manifestations were all disciples from top forces like the Cave Heavens or Paradises, and all of them were already in the Open Heaven Realm. To form a Manifestation while still in the Emperor Realm like him… it is simply unheard of!”


“Does that mean he’s very powerful?”


The old man replied solemnly, “Not only is he powerful, but he’s a complete monster!”


The young girl waved her fist and shouted towards the sky, “Big Brother, you can do it, beat them all up!” 


Seeing Yang Kai being bullied by so many people, she had long ago felt indignant. She was a young girl and didn’t know the dangers or complexities of the world, so when she heard her Master say that Yang Kai was powerful and a monster, she felt happy for him from the bottom of her heart and also looked forward to seeing Yang Kai rise up and turn the tables on the shameless people using numbers to bully him!


The older man’s expression couldn’t help but change drastically as he quickly covered the young girl’s mouth and nervously looked around. When he discovered that everyone’s attention was focused on the movement in the sky as if they hadn’t heard the young girl’s shout, only then did he breathe a sigh of relief, but he didn’t dare to remain where he was. He quickly grabbed his foolish Disciple and changed locations.


Although it was just a child’s words, Sword Pavilion was not to be trifled with. If anyone from Sword Pavilion heard this, the two of them would not be able to leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary alive.


On the other side, a figure flashed over as a middle-aged man wearing a golden crown and a long robe suddenly appeared in front of Chen Tian Fei and the others. He was staring towards the distant sky, carrying his hands behind his back.


“Head Manager!” Chen Tian Fei and the others quickly greeted.


This middle-aged man was none other than Scarlet Star’s mysterious Head Manager.


The Head Manager didn’t say anything, as if he hadn’t heard their voices, but now that he had come out of seclusion, it was obvious that he had been disturbed by the commotion outside. The Divine Manifestation was truly too shocking; even he couldn’t sit still.


“A Fire Element Manifestation!” After observing for a while, the Head Manager suddenly spoke.


“It should be,” Chen Tian Fei replied respectfully.


This was also quite obvious. Yang Kai’s body had previously been shrouded in black flames, and he had used a life-and-death battle to stimulate his potential to form his Divine Manifestation. Now that he had succeeded, it was definitely his Fire Element Manifestation.


Lady Qin added, “Looking at the sun, this Yang Kai seems to have condensed a Sun’s True Gold.”


The Divine Manifestation was closely related to the materials used to condense a cultivator’s strength. Since a miniature sun had appeared, it was only natural that Lady Qin would associate it with Sun’s True Gold.


Chen Tian Fei stated thoughtfully, “I heard that there was a region where the Sun Star went out and a number of Sun’s True Gold and Sun’s True Fire was found. Could it be that this little brat was also there? If that’s the case, then his luck must be quite good.”


They secretly guessed that Yang Kai must have found a Seventh-Order Sun’s True Gold there; otherwise, how could he have such achievements?


“It’s not Sun’s True Gold!” The Head Manager slowly shook his head as a profound light flashed across his eyes, “There is something more inside that Great Sun.”


“Something else?” The Managers of Scarlet Star were all stunned. When the great sun appeared, it was shining so brightly that it dazzled their eyes and they couldn’t see through it clearly. The Head Manager’s strength was greater than theirs though, so he had seen more than they could with just a single glance.




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