Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4041, Breaking the Formation


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The Divine Manifestation and Sword Formation’s sword wave were locked in a stalemate.


Shockwaves spread outwards one after another. Luo Qing Yun’s eyes turned bloodshot and cracked wide open as he pushed his strength to the limit.


“Let’s see how long you can last!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. He pushed his Great Sun Divine Manifestation against the Sword Formation, not caring about anything else.


A miserable scream rang out from somewhere in the Sword Formation at that moment; one of the Sword Pavilion disciples couldn’t hold on any longer as the boundless Sword Intent tore his body into pieces before he exploded into a blood mist.


One, then two, then three… In just ten breaths of time, more than thirty people had died, and as time passed, more and more were unable to hold on.


Luo Qing Yun’s heart instantly sank into the abyss. Although the loss of a few dozen people wasn’t fatal to the Sword Formation, it was still somewhat impactful. It was enough to reduce the power of the formation, making it even more difficult to resist Yang Kai’s Divine Manifestation.


What’s more, he had also used a Forbidden Secret Technique to overdraw his strength, so he couldn’t maintain his current state for too long either. Once the backlash from the Secret Technique hit him, if he hadn’t killed Yang Kai by then, Sword Pavilion would definitely suffer a crushing defeat!


Luo Qing Yun was burning with anxiety, but there was nothing he could do.


Zhong Fan and Lu Xue’s eyes trembled as they stared blankly atop the hill outside the Star City. When the Great Sun Manifestation appeared, both of them immediately understood something.


No wonder the scorching energy that had invaded Lu Xue’s body was so violent and difficult to deal with, to the point that Lu Xue wasn’t able to expel it and even a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Zhong Fan was unable to help her.


It was Golden Crow’s True Fire!


Everything made sense now.


Golden Crow’s True Fire was at least a Seventh-Order Fire Element Power. Not to mention in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary where Open Heaven Realm Masters’ strength was suppressed, even if they were outside, once this Golden Crow’s True Fire invaded their bodies, they would have to pay a huge price to neutralize it.


Lu Xue’s beautiful eyes filled with despair.


Because she knew that since it was Golden Crow’s True Fire ravaging her body, no one in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary could help her resolve it, not even the Sword Pavilion Master himself!


In a short period of time, the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation had been suppressed, and the Sword Pavilion disciples had suffered several dozen casualties. Luo Qing Yun was on the verge of defeat.


Zhong Fan’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as a trace of struggle and hesitation flashed across his face. In the end though, he made up his mind and turned to look at Lu Xue.


Coincidentally, Lu Xue also looked at him at that moment, allowing their eyes to meet. Lu Xue instantly understood what Zhong Fan wanted to do and couldn’t help smiling bitterly.


“Hold on for a moment, I’ll be right back!” Zhong Fan gritted his teeth and shouted, withdrawing his hands. The next moment, he transformed into a streak of sword light and rushed towards the battlefield.


Lu Xue slowly closed her eyes as her head dropped down. Her beautiful hair cascaded down her slender shoulders as she sat alone atop the hill. Her frail figure appeared especially desolate and helpless.


Although Sword Pavilion couldn’t afford to lose her, they also couldn’t afford to lose Luo Qing Yun and hundreds of disciples. Luo Qing Yun and the remaining disciples would be in danger if Zhong Fan didn’t help.


Since it had come to this, Zhong Fan had no choice but chose one of the two!


Lu Xue knew in her heart that she was the one who had been abandoned, but she didn’t blame him because even if Zhong Fan stayed by her side, it would be useless; after all, the Golden Crow’s True Fire was not something Zhong Fan could resolve.


However, she had never imagined that she, a dignified Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, would be forced to such an extent in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Since the Golden Crow’s True Fire had invaded her body, she was unable to dispel it and all that awaited her was a slow death!


This kind of feeling was terrifying, and those who didn’t experience it could never even imagine it.


Explosions rang out as one figure after another exploded into blood mist within the Sword Formation. Not a single disciple who died had left a corpse behind. Nearly a hundred Sword Pavilion disciples had been unable to withstand the backlash of the Sword Formation and died on the spot. They amounted to more than thirty percent of the Sword Pavilion disciples present. A terrified look appeared on the faces of the remaining disciples as they desperately pushed their strength, fearing that the next one to suffer would be them.


They couldn’t stop screaming in the depths of their heart, [Just what kind of monster has Sword Pavilion provoked this time? How could he be so powerful?]


A sword light flashed, accompanied by Zhong Fan’s dignified shout, “Junior, don’t be so presumptuous!”


By the time he finished speaking, Zhong Fan had already merged into the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation. Sword Pavilion had fought countless enemies and cooperated intimately with each other using their Sword Formations, so as soon as Zhong Fan arrived, Luo Qing Yun relinquished his core position to him.


With a loud bang, Sword Intent swept across the sky and the shocking sword wave that was being pushed back by the Great Sun Manifestation instantly received Zhong Fan’s support, re-invigorating its momentum and glowing brighter than ever before.


The might of Zhong Fan alone was stronger than the over one hundred Sword Pavilion disciples who had died. This was the power of a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


Seeing this scene, the Sword Pavilion disciples, who were originally in a state of panic as if the end was approaching, suddenly had their spirits uplifted. They silently activated their Secret Techniques as Sword Qi lingered around their bodies, enhancing the power of the Sword Formations, causing the entire Sword Formation to transform into a giant millstone grinder. The Sword Qi on the millstone swept across the world, cutting through space, and pressing towards the Great Sun Manifestation.


Yang Kai also felt a trace of pressure. Although he was currently able to display the strength of a First or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was still a little lacking compared to a true Open Heaven Realm Master without World Force. The Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation’s power was indeed extraordinary, worthy of being Sword Pavilion’s trump card.


However, since Yang Kai had formed a Manifestation today, what did he have to fear? Even facing a strong enemy, and even if he were to die, he still would have to fight. Only then would he deserve to have a place in this world.


The Great Sun Manifestation flashed brightly, and the three-legged Golden Crow inside also flapped its wings and let out a cry as it crashed into the Sword Formation.


A thrumming sound reverberated across the sky. In this instant, everyone both inside and outside the Star City, regardless of their cultivation, was blinded by a white light, making it impossible to see what was happening on the battlefield.


However, as the shockwaves from the battle subsided, everyone’s face paled.


In this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, where Open Heaven Realm Masters had their strength suppressed, one side formed a Manifestation while the other used a Sword Formation, both displaying strength comparable to Open Heaven Realm Masters. It was truly shocking.


“Head Manager, who do you think… will win?” Chen Tian Fei licked his dry lips and asked.


Yang Kai’s performance today had truly frightened him, making him a little restless. He didn’t know if abandoning Yang Kai at this critical moment was the right thing to do. Although accepting Yang Kai as Scarlet Star’s Sixth Manager was nothing more than a forced action, both sides had maintained cordiality to keep the peace. However, Scarlet Star’s actions towards Yang Kai today had undoubtedly created a rift and pushed the two sides apart.


If Yang Kai won, what would Scarlet Star’s fate be? Once Yang Kai used his Great Sun Divine Manifestation, even their Head Manager would have no choice but to yield.


However, the situation from before was not something Scarlet Star had a choice in. Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light’s three thousand people had arrived at the city, and if they didn’t abandon Yang Kai, it would be equivalent to placing Scarlet Star as a target.


As a Manager of Scarlet Star, Chen Tian Fei had to consider his family’s interests first; after all, Yang Kai was an outsider. Why would he care about him?


“Even if that boy can win, I’m afraid it will be a pyrrhic victory,” The Head Manager’s indifferent voice rang out.


Chen Tian Fei was shocked, “Head Manager, you think he can win?”


“There’s no need to worry, if he wins, he will have definitely damaged his foundation. How could Zhu Li and Long Tai let go of this opportunity to beat a drowning dog? Naturally, they know what to do.”


Hearing this, Chen Tian Fei’s eyes lit up. [That’s right. Yang Kai has been preoccupied with Sword Pavilion all the while. Although Thunder Light has suffered heavy casualties, their forces are mostly still intact. With Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Zhu Li and Long Tai still alive, why would Thunder Light let Yang Kai off when he is exhausted after the battle?]


Thinking so, Chen Tian Fei finally felt relieved.


At this moment, a violent energy fluctuation came from the centre of the battlefield. This fluctuation was several dozen times stronger than before. Even the defensive Array outside the Star City began to fluctuate violently due to the fallout. Its light dimmed and it almost broke.


“It’s here!” The Head Manager shouted as he directed his eyes forward.


Chen Tian Fei and the others also wore serious expressions as they paid close attention.


No one had expected that the conclusion would arrive so quickly. After Zhong Fan had joined the battlefield, in less than half a cup of tea’s time, the two opposing sides were about to fight to the death, and the final result was about to be decided.


The violent shockwave from the battlefield undoubtedly indicated that both Yang Kai and Sword Pavilion were going all out!


Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the two beams of light collided in mid-air and suddenly burst into an even more dazzling light!


Boundless killing intent swept across the world.


A series of muffled groans rang out as blood flowers blossomed one after another.


The sun behind Yang Kai rocked a few times before fading away, whereas the shocking sword wave shattered as multiple figures fell from the sky.


The Star City fell into an uproar!


They saw Yang Kai hovering in mid-air with his clothes tattered and blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. There were countless fine wounds all over his body, obviously caused by the rampaging Sword Qi. The most serious wounds were so deep that one could see his golden bones. The wounds were filled with Sword Qi, and blood kept pouring out of them.


However, although he looked miserable, he still stood proudly, his figure as straight as a spear.


On the other side, the Sword Formation of Sword Pavilion had already been broken, and Luo Qing Yun was coughing up blood uncontrollably. It was obvious that his Forbidden Technique had begun its backlash and he was unable to suppress his injuries. The sword in Zhong Fan’s hand had dimmed and lost a great deal of its spirituality. When he looked at it, his eyes were filled with pain. Although he was not seriously injured, his complexion was pale, and his expression was dispirited.


If the two Sword Pavilion leaders were like this, there was no need to mention the other Sword Pavilion disciples.


Of the remaining two hundred disciples, only a few dozen had survived. The rest had all died in that instant of collision. Even these several dozen still alive were suffering from varying degrees of injuries, some of them gasping for breath while others were vomiting blood.


After the battle, Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation was broken, and the three hundred Sword Pavilion disciples were nearly wiped out.




This had never happened since the founding of Sword Pavilion. Moreover, they had been beaten to such a sorry state by a mere Emperor Realm cultivator. Zhong Fan simply couldn’t accept this. Furious, he roared, “Junior, I must kill you!”


“What a coincidence, that was my intention too!” Yang Kai gasped as he threw a handful of pills into his mouth, chewing them like beans, his eyes radiating a scary glow.


Zhong Fan turned around angrily and shouted, “Are you here to watch a show? If you don’t act now, when will you?!”


To the side, Zhu Li and Long Tai, who were watching from afar, suddenly came to their senses!




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    1. He’s always been pretty overwhelming in the same realm, sometimes being able to fight
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      1. You probably mean the three first order Saint Kings that Xue Yue sent after him in chapter 1081 when he was a 3rd Order Saint or the 1st Order Saint King in chapter 1038 when YK was a 2nd Order Saint. Of those two fights, the first was easier for him but he was a 3rd Order Saint and surprised them kind of, whereas the realms fit in the latter but it wasn’t as easy as drinking

        1. And what I noticed while looking that up, it was said that the souls are burnt by his qi/flame, so he/the eye can’t absorb them (since readers say that it was removed, but you could argue that they are just being destroyed immediately)

        2. You forget that Yang kai killed a 3rd order Saint king very easily while still being a 3rd order Saint shortly after arriving on shadowed star. From what I recall that was probably the greatest realm difference that he defeated with his own strength. There were times when he killed someone with an even bigger realm difference or even the same, but all those time he took advantage of some other means in order to do so. For I stance when he killed a 3rd order emperor while being a 3rd order dao source, that guy had an I Jared soul plus Yang kai used his demon transformation that he had yet to control at the time, so on and so forth.

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