Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4042, Great Success


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Zhu Li and Long Tai couldn’t be blamed for their slow reaction; what they had seen today was simply too shocking. Even Open Heaven Realm Masters like them had fallen into a dazed state, their thoughts a complete mess.


An Emperor Realm cultivator forming a Divine Manifestation was an unprecedented feat, and the existence of the suspected Seventh-Order Golden Crow’s True Fire had greatly frightened them. Seeing Lu Xue’s fate, they were also scared that the next one to suffer would be them.


Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation had been broken, causing them to be even more frightened and regretful that they had come here, but with Sword Pavilion’s invitation and the fact that many Thunder Light disciples had died at Yang Kai’s hands previously, they had no choice but to act.


It wasn’t until Zhong Fan let out a furious roar that they came back to their senses. Looking at each other, they knew that if they didn’t take this opportunity to kill Yang Kai today, Thunder Light would only leave behind a pool of blood and bones. 


With the strength Yang Kai had just displayed, Thunder Light would not be able to resist if he continued to live.


Without any hesitation, the two of them shouted in unison, “Thunder Light disciples, obey my command! Follow this King to kill the enemy!”


With this order, the scattered Thunder Light disciples finally found their backbone. When Yang Kai and Sword Pavilion fought, they had been unable to intervene at all and had instead been reduced to spectators on the sidelines. It was truly quite embarrassing. Finally, they’re able to display their strength in this battle.


One by one, they rushed towards Zhu Li and Long Tai, following behind the two leaders, and attacking Yang Kai.


Inside the mansion, Yue He, Meng Hong, and others felt their hearts jump to their throats. Yang Kai’s performance before was extraordinary and he had single-handedly broken through Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation, nearly wiping out all of Sword Pavilion’s people. However, he had only just experienced a great battle. At this time, he couldn’t even maintain his Great Sun Manifestation, so he was clearly an arrow at the end of its flight. On the other hand, Thunder Light had retained the majority of its strength with nearly two thousand men remaining, enough to drown Yang Kai in their spits.


How could Yang Kai deal with such a crisis?


On the other hand, Yang Kai, who was in the centre of the encirclement, was calm and composed, throwing pills into his mouth. A sinister grin spread across his lips as the figures rushed towards him. It was as if he was an unparalleled monster waiting for its prey to pounce, eager to swallow them whole.


Yang Kai really wasn’t afraid of anything. Although there were many Thunder Light disciples alive, he was proficient in the Dao of Space, so as long as they didn’t seal off the surrounding space or restrict his movements, Zhu Li and Long Tai could forget about doing anything to him.


The Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation had been completed, so there was no need to hide anything anymore. Just as he was considering whether to use his Dragon Transformation and assume his giant Half-Dragon Form to continue fighting, he suddenly heard an excited voice from afar, “Brother Yang, Brother Yang, it’s done! Hahahaha!”


As soon as this voice rang out, a figure suddenly rushed out from the Star City towards Yang Kai.


At this moment, when the battle was about to begin, this burst of laughter was particularly disruptive.


Everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads towards the source of the voice, only to see a fair and tender little fatty fly out from the Star City with his hands held high above his head. There was a simple gourd in his hands, and a look of excitement on his face.


Head Manager’s brow couldn’t help but twitch as he stared at the little fatty and asked, “How did he get out?”


Chen Tian Fei couldn’t react for a moment, but after thinking it through, his expression also changed greatly as he couldn’t help but ask himself, [How did this guy slip out?]


It had to be known that at this moment, the Star City’s defensive Grand Array had been fully activated, making it all but impossible for anyone to exit or enter. If anyone wanted to leave, Chen Tian Fei would have to give the order to open a hole in the Grand Array, just like when Zhong Fan and the others had entered.


However, even with the Spirit Array still in operation, this little fatty had somehow managed to leave the Star City without even the slightest trouble.


Could the fallout from the battle between Yang Kai and Sword Pavilion have caused a problem with the Grand Array? Thinking so, Chen Tian Fei quickly ordered his men to investigate the status of the city’s protective shield.


Yue He was also shocked as she stared at the little fatty’s figure. Only after a moment of hesitation did she release her Divine Sense to investigate. The cultivation room had indeed been opened, and the person who should have been in seclusion had disappeared.


She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. As expected of a Core Disciple from a Cave Heaven, she didn’t even notice when he left the mansion and went outside. Although most of her attention was focused on Yang Kai, for an Emperor Realm Junior to be able to accomplish such a feat was still quite impressive.


[But… Why did this guy run out at this time? What’s that gourd?]


Yue He looked over and found that the gourd was only one palm tall and seemed extremely ordinary, if not quite old. She didn’t know where it came from, but at this moment, it was being held high by little fatty, Xu Zhen. It was an extremely funny scene.


At this moment, Yang Kai was surrounded by more than two thousand Thunder Light disciples, so if Xu Zhen wanted to rush to Yang Kai’s side, he would definitely have to clash with them.


Xu Zhen also seemed to be slow to react and only after rushing into the crowd of Thunder Light members did he suddenly jump in fright and shout, “Em, why are there so many people here? What’s going on?”


He asked innocently, but the Thunder Light disciple responded fiercely.


All of them were already vexed and angry, their killing intent boiling. Now that such a strange person suddenly walked into their ranks so brazenly, how could they show any goodwill? One after another, their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques flew towards Xu Zhen without mercy.


However, although this guy’s movements seemed awkward and clumsy, his luck was surprisingly good. With every step he took, he dodged all the attacks and he even had time to shout, “What are you doing!? Are you trying to kill me? Don’t hit me, I’m innocent!”


The more he shouted though, the more powerful the Thunder Light disciples’ attacks became. He was drowned in Secret Techniques, but none were able to harm him in the slightest. This guy seemed fat, but his figure was incredibly agile.


After several such attempts, even a fool could tell that something was wrong.


It was impossible for a single person’s luck to be so good. So many people attacked him, yet none of them could hit him. This little fatty was obviously pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger. Moreover, he was able to fight with so many people with such ease, so his strength was obviously extraordinary.


Zhu Li’s face was filled with anger as he roared, “Who goes there? State your name!”


There was Yang Kai, who didn’t put Thunder Light in his eyes, but now, another one had appeared, making him livid.


Xu Zhen still held the gourd high and solemnly replied, “Divine Cauldron Heaven, Xu Zhen!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Zhu Li staggered and almost lost his balance, falling headfirst to the ground. Long Tai’s eyes also widened, and even Zhong Fan, Luo Qing Yun, and the others who had been circulating their Qi to heal their injuries were thrown into chaos, almost causing their injuries to worsen.


The Managers of Scarlet Star all gasped.


Before this great battle, a Young Master who claimed to be the descendant of the Azure Nether Paradise’s Third Elder had come out, causing Sword Pavilion and Thunder Light to be wary. Now, a Cave Heaven Disciple has appeared? Moreover, it was the famous Divine Cauldron Heaven!


Before today, they had never known that there were disciples of Cave Heavens and Paradises in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Since these two were here, who knows how many were still hidden? How could such a small Star City have so many hidden Dragons?


When Xu Zhen announced his name, the faces of the Thunder Light disciples who had attacked him before all went pale. Let alone them, even the Sword Pavilion’s Pavilion Master would die if he were to attack a Divine Cauldron Heaven disciple in public like this.


The noisy sky suddenly became quiet.


Xu Zhen effortlessly squeezed to Yang Kai’s side and grinned at him.


“Success?” Yang Kai looked at him and asked.


“Fortunately, I didn’t fail!” Xu Zhen pushed the bottle gourd in his hand towards Yang Kai.


“Divine Cauldron Heaven’s disciples live up to their reputation! Many thanks!” Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense over the crowd and nodded slightly.


Xu Zhen chuckled, “We’re just taking what we each need, there’s no need to thank me. En, this place is a bit noisy, so I’ll take my leave first.” Saying so, he cupped his fists towards Yang Kai and turned to leave.


However, after taking only two steps, he suddenly turned around and said, “Brother Yang, this thing’s murderous nature is too strong, so try not to use it too often. If it is possible to forgive others, one should be forgiving.”


Yang Kai grinned, “If we don’t pull out weeds by the roots, they will only grow again!”


Xu Zhen was speechless. He turned his head to look around and suddenly sighed, no longer trying to persuade him. With his hands behind his back, he leisurely walked away and soon disappeared.


Everyone stared blankly, not knowing what was happening.


When they saw Xu Zhen rush over to Yang Kai’s side and hand him a gourd, they thought that the two of them had a deep friendship.  Zhu Li, Long Tai, and the others had been wondering if he would shelter Yang Kai, but who would have thought that this little fatty would leave just like that.


[What’s going on?]


[Also, what did he mean when he said they were each taking what they needed?]


Unable to determine the relationship between Yang Kai and Xu Zhen, Zhu Li and Long Tai didn’t dare act rashly.


On the other hand, Yang Kai wore a playful smile on his face as he fiddled with the gourd in his hand and said lightly, “Brother Xu and I are neither friends nor relatives, and we’ve never met before, we just made a deal.”


“What do you mean?” Zhu Li asked solemnly.


At this moment, the calmer Yang Kai appeared, the more uncertain he became.


“What I mean is, if you want to fight, fight. If you don’t, I’ll kill you,” Yang Kai grinned maliciously.


“Junior, don’t act so arrogantly!” Long Tai shouted angrily.


“Enough nonsense, all of you come and accept your deaths!” Yang Kai roared.


“Junior, you think my Thunder Light is so easily bullied? Since that’s the case, this King will grant you your wish and kill you!” Zhu Li ordered in a low voice, having no choice left. Yang Kai’s unwillingness to let him off obviously meant that Thunder Light couldn’t resolve the grudge between them. If he didn’t act now, Thunder Light would have an even harder time dealing with him once he recovered and summoned his Divine Manifestation.


The numerous Thunder Light disciples no longer hesitated. They circulated their strength as dazzling flashes of all colours blossomed, rumbling towards Yang Kai.


Luo Qing Yun watched this scene with cold eyes, a trace of joy flashing across their depths. With so many attacks fired at once, Yang Kai couldn’t remain unscathed. No matter how arrogant he was, he would definitely fall here.


It was worth it. Nearly three hundred Sword Pavilion disciples had died, and their Sword Formations was broken, but if they could remove Yang Kai from the face of this world, it could still be counted as a win.


On the other hand, Zhong Fan stared at the gourd in Yang Kai’s hand with a solemn expression, faintly feeling that this thing was somewhat unusual and was likely a terrifying artifact.




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  1. Huh, I thought divine cauldron implied he was an alchemist, looks he is an artifact refiner. Then again he also seems to be proficient in spirit arrays, or he has an artifact that can negate spirit arrays. Or maybe divine cauldron heaven teaches alchemy, artifact refining and spirit arrays. And this fatty should be an artifact refiner.

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