Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4043, Yuan Magnetic Divine Gourd


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Dazzling flashes and violent energy erupted as thousands of Thunder Light members attacked together, creating a magnificent scene!


At the centre of the countless attacks, Yang Kai stood alone, his figure lonely but his aura soaring to the sky, like he alone was equal to millions!


A low voice suddenly rang out, “Now that I have obtained a new treasure, I will offer your dog lives as a sacrifice to christen my Divine Bottle Gourd!”


As soon as Yang Kai spoke those words, he stretched out his hand and slapped the gourd. The mouth of the gourd opened up, and a multi-coloured light burst out from it. This light illuminated the entire sky in an instant as it shot out.


As soon as the light appeared, a murderous aura instantly filled the air. Countless artifacts within a radius of several kilometres began to cry and rush towards the light uncontrollably, especially the swords of the Sword Pavilion disciples who had fallen earlier. It was as if they had been grabbed by an invisible hand and thrown into the light.


Regardless of their grade, whether it was intact or not, all the artifacts that poured into the light rapidly dimmed and lost their spirituality.


The artifacts in the hands of these Thunder Light disciples were also like this. All of the artifacts refined from metal were pulled away by this light, causing many Thunder Light disciples to be dumbfounded.


*Pu pu pu pu…*


A series of groans sounded as Thunder Light disciples spat out mouthfuls of blood. Their faces turned pale as they fell from the sky like dumplings. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Thunder Light disciples had been injured by the backlash due the damage to their artifacts.


“Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!” Zhong Fan shouted, his eyes filled with shock.


The light that shot out from the gourd was none other than the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light he had seen on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain. Back then, Sword Pavilion had suffered many casualties because of this Yuan Magnetic Divine Light; otherwise, they wouldn’t have been killed by Emperor Heaven’s ragtag mob. At that time, the culprit was none other than Yang Kai.


Before coming here today, they had also been wary of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, but Yang Kai hadn’t used it from beginning to end; instead, he had used his Divine Manifestation to confront the Defying Heavens Star Net Formation head-on.


He had thought that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to use the Divine Light so easily, but now he was actually using it.


While Zhong Fan was shocked, he was also a little confused. He had personally seen Yang Kai use a bag-like artifact to collect a lot of Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, so why only now did he release it from this gourd?


Recalling the conversation between Yang Kai and Xu Zhen when the latter appeared, Zhong Fan suddenly realized what was happening and cried out bitterly, “I’ve underestimated those Cave Heaven disciples!”


The Divine Cauldron Heaven was one of the thirty-six Cave Heavens. This Cave Heaven Disciples’ other strengths aside, there was only one Dao that made all 3,000 Worlds look up to them.


Artifact Refining!


It was precisely because they were skilled in Artifact Refining that the Divine Cauldron Heaven was called the Divine Cauldron Heaven! In the 3,000 Worlds, apart from the innately formed artifacts, eighty to ninety percent of all renowned artifacts were forged by Divine Cauldron Heaven. Divine Cauldron Heaven’s disciples were all famous for their accomplishments in the Dao of Artifact Refining.


If he were to encounter a Divine Cauldron Heaven Disciple fighting outside, it would definitely be a completely different scene from normal, allowing him to witness the power of all kinds of strange artifacts.


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd was obviously refined by that Divine Cauldron Heaven disciple, Xu Zhen, for Yang Kai. Only a Divine Cauldron Heaven disciple could have such ability!


But if that was the case, Yang Kai shouldn’t have been able to activate the power of this artifact right away. He should have needed to spend a long time refining it first, so how could he possibly activate the power of this Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd as soon as he obtained it?


Only if this Divine Bottle Gourd was his artifact from the start and he didn’t need to refine it would this be possible.


Could it be that Xu Zhen had perfectly combined the Divine Bottle Gourd and Yuan Magnetic Divine Light? That might explain everything if it was the case.


It had to be said that Zhong Fan’s quick guesses were completely correct.


The Divine Bottle Gourd was indeed Yang Kai’s artifact. Back in the Star Boundary, in the depths of Orthodoxy Temple, Yang Kai had entered a Void Crack and found a Wind Gourd there.


When the Wind Gourd was opened, an endless amount of Astral Wind rushed out from it to meet the enemy, but Yang Kai had only used it a few times and had never used it in the Outer Universe.


Xu Zhen had come to ask him for a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone and said that he could refine an Artifact for him as payment. Yang Kai naturally thought of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light that he had collected in the Yuan Magnetic Mountain and stored in his Six Fated Paths Bag. Not only did it occupy a large chunk of space in his Fated Paths Bag, but it also couldn’t be used casually; after all, if he used it too often, it would be depleted.


If he could use the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to refine an artifact, there would be no need for such concerns.


With a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light in front of him, Xu Zhen’s hands were simply itching. He had originally planned to refine a Yuan Magnetic Banner for Yang Kai, but the materials required were too numerous, and Yang Kai didn’t know where to find them.


On the other hand, the existence of the Wind Gourd was a great gift. Compared to the original Wind Gourd, the current Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd’s might had increased significantly. Better yet, Yang Kai didn’t need to spend any more time refining it.


“Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, it’s the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light!”


In the Star City, countless people cried out in alarm.


Scarlet Star’s Head Manager also showed a look of dread. Although he was only watching from afar, he could still feel the terrifying power of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. Although he was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he would instantly lose a layer of skin if this thing hit him.


If even he would end up in such a state after a brief exposure, there was no need to mention Thunder Light’s disciples.


Dazzling light filled the sky, sweeping across the world, and anyone who was hit by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light had their flesh and bones torn apart.


Wherever the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light passed, not a single complete corpse could be found.


The Emperor Realm cultivators were like this, as were the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of Thunder Light.


A Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light could only be defended against using another Sixth-Order Element Power, so how could they possibly resist it?


In the blink of an eye, more than half of Thunder Light’s people had died.


Everyone’s heart was gripped by a chill as their bodies went completely cold. Such a terrifying artifact was simply a world-devastating killing tool. With this artifact in hand, the number of enemies he was facing became meaningless to Yang Kai. He alone could flatten a city if he wanted to!


Thunder Light disciples, with slightly better luck, managed to avoid the initial calamity, so at this moment, how could they dare to remain where they were? Screaming in fear, they all tried to flee.


But how could Yang Kai let them go? Just as he had said to Xu Zhen before, if he didn’t pull out weeds by the roots, they would grow again in the spring. Since Thunder Light dared to seek trouble with him, he couldn’t be blamed for being ruthless!


From another perspective, if Yang Kai were to fall into a disadvantageous position, would Thunder Light spare him?


Under Yang Kai’s control, the rays of light spread out and engulfed the fleeing Thunder Light disciples one after another, it looked as if an invisible beast was reaping their lives.


Thunder Light was finished!


After this battle, it would be impossible for them to make a comeback. When the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light once again appeared in this world, their fate had been sealed.


Scarlet Star’s Head Manager’s expression became solemn, his eyes filled with dread.


Previously, he had told Chen Tian Fei and the others that Yang Kai was an arrow at the end of its flight and that Zhu Li and Long Tai would not hesitate to beat him while he was down, so his fate would definitely not be good. Who could have thought that the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd would completely reverse the situation?


The Golden Crow Casts the Sun that broke Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation, the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd that had slaughtered Thunder Light. A Divine Manifestation and an artifact, all these things Yang Kai had displayed shocked everyone present.


Looking at the peerless figure standing in the sky, no one dared to have any thoughts of becoming enemies with him.


The fat on Chen Tian Fei’s body trembled violently. Although he was fat, his thoughts were quite agile. When others only focused on Yang Kai’s display of power, he thought of something else.


Previously, the Head Manager had said that Yang Kai’s Great Sun Divine Manifestation was comparable to a First or Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s strength even if he was an Emperor Realm cultivator, but what about now when he had this Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd?


It was likely that no one could compete with him in the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm. Only a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master stood a chance against him by relying on the potent World Force of their Small Universe.


Chen Tian Fei even thought to himself that if he encountered Yang Kai outside, he would have to go all out if he wanted to kill him.


There were less than ten Thunder Light Disciples in the sky now, and two figures were also fleeing at high speed. Zhu Li and Long Tai saw that the situation was not looking good, so how could they dare to remain? Naturally, they ran as fast as they could.


However, the two rays of light seemed to have a mind of their own as they chased after them like maggots on rotting bones.


“Junior, don’t go too far! It’s better to leave a lifeline to your enemies, just in case you might need them in the future!” Zhu Li shouted madly. Even though he was fleeing at full speed, he could still feel the terrifying killing intent behind him catching up.


“This King will never need trash like you, so what if I kill you?” Yang Kai shouted coldly, “Solidify!”


Under the control of his Space Principles, the surrounding world became viscous!


Zhu Li, who was already struggling to escape, suddenly froze, the surrounding space becoming extremely thick, as if he had fallen into a swamp. He was unable to escape no matter how hard he tried.


He turned his head in horror, just in time to see the multi-coloured light shooting straight towards him before engulfing him.


Zhu Li desperately pushed his body’s strength to resist the impact of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light. If the Small Universe in his body hadn’t been sealed, he would still have been able to fight, but without World Force, how could his physical strength compare to this Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light?


In the blink of an eye, the defensive energy circulating around his body was eroded completely as his flesh and blood were shredded layer by layer, as if he was being skinned alive.


Miserable screams rang out to no end. He sounded as if he was enduring the cruellest torture in the world, causing everyone who heard him to shiver.


Simultaneously, Long Tai also cried out in pain. Like Zhu Li, he too was enveloped by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light.


However, after just a few breaths of time, the screams came to an abrupt halt, and the brilliant light returned to the Divine Bottle Gourd in Yang Kai’s hand. Once it was all over, Zhu Li and Long Tai were nowhere to be seen.


The two Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had completely disappeared.


Thunder Light, which had stood tall in the Star City for thousands of years, had been completely wiped out, leaving no survivors. It was even more miserable than Sword Pavilion.


But this wasn’t the end. Yang Kai slapped the Divine Bottle Gourd again, sending out another burst of light towards the remaining Sword Pavilion disciples and Luo Qing Yun.


Luo Qing Yun shouted in horror, “Mercy!”


Previously, he had suffered a backlash from using his Secret Technique; thus, he didn’t even have the strength to escape and could only stand there and wait for death. If it weren’t for this, would he still dare to remain?


Seeing that Yang Kai was about to kill him, he could only beg for mercy.


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this and completely ignored his pleas! By the time the light disappeared, the Sword Pavilion disciples had also disappeared.


Taking a step forward, Yang Kai arrived in front of Zhong Fan and looked down at him, lightly saying, “What last words do you have? If you are going to beg for mercy, don’t waste my time.”




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