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Martial Peak – Chapter 4045, Sword Pavilion’s Great Change

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Guo Zi Yan and the others were still Scarlet Star members, but at this moment, no one treated them as ordinary Scarlet Star disciples.


Yang Kai’s anger for them just now had been clearly seen by everyone present. After this battle, it could be said that Yang Kai’s infamy had been branded onto Guo Zi Yan and the others. They were now known as that cruel and ruthless young man’s subordinates. Underlings of the man who had single-handedly exterminated Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion.


Thinking back, before the great battle began, Yang Kai had told Guo Zi Yan that if they died, these three thousand people would be buried with them.


However, no one took it seriously at that time. Everyone thought that Yang Kai was just boasting and comforting his subordinates. But now that they thought about it, he was stating it with confidence.


[Three thousand people have been wiped out without a trace. He said he would kill them all, and he did!]


[Just where did such a freak come from?]


Chen Tian Fei carefully looked at the Head Manager in front of him. Seeing that he had no intention of stopping them, he quickly ordered people to open the Star City’s defensive Spirit Array and let Guo Zi Yan and the others rush to the battlefield.


Many pairs of eyes stared enviously at the dozens of people sweeping through the battlefield. Space Rings were scattered all over the place. Three thousand men had participated in the battle. Even if some of their Space Rings got destroyed, at least half of them would remain.


This was a fortune that would make anyone’s eyes turn red, not to mention the rings left behind by Open Heaven Realm Masters. How could the things left behind by Zhong Fan, Luo Qing Yun, and other Mid Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters be bad? Each of them had lorded over the Star City for thousands of years, so the wealth they had accumulated would simply be unimaginable.


However, even if they were jealous, no one dared to vie for these treasures; after all, who wouldn’t cherish their own life after witnessing such a tragedy?


“Is that woman called Yue He?” The Head Manager suddenly asked.


Chen Tian Fei was stunned for a moment before quickly replying, “Yes!”


The Head Manager nodded and ordered, “Follow me to pay her a visit.” 


With a wave of his sleeve, he walked towards Yang Kai’s mansion with his hands behind his back. Chen Tian Fei and the others looked at each other before quickly following behind him.


He knew that even the Head Manager was shocked by Yang Kai’s methods. Scarlet Star had abandoned him in a moment of crisis and cut off all ties with him. If they didn’t quickly appease Yang Kai now, Scarlet Star wouldn’t be able to bear his retaliation that would surely come in the future.


On the other hand, this was a great opportunity for Scarlet Star.


If they could restore their relationship with Yang Kai, it would only be beneficial to Scarlet Star’s future. They were not planning on accepting him into Scarlet Star again. With his strength, if they really did so, it would be equivalent to surrendering Scarlet Star to him. The Head Manager, Chen Tian Fei and the others wouldn’t dare do such a thing.


But as long as Yang Kai’s requests weren’t too excessive, they could agree to it.


The Star City originally had three great forces coexisting together, but now Thunder Light had been destroyed and Sword Pavilion’s foundation had been greatly damaged. Furthermore, Yang Kai had gone straight to Sword Pavilion’s Headquarters, so they probably wouldn’t exist for much longer.


Two of the three great forces had suddenly been eliminated, leaving behind only Scarlet Star. This was a Heaven-sent opportunity!


Under the leadership of the Head Manager, Chen Tian Fei and the others respectfully arrived in front of Yang Kai’s mansion. There were no servants in the mansion, so they couldn’t even find a way to pay their respects.


Chen Tian Fei had no choice but to step forward and knock on the door, knowing that Yue He would ridicule and make things difficult for him now.


Previously, Scarlet Star’s actions in Yang Kai’s time of crisis had truly angered Yue He. Although Scarlet Star had no other choice, the matter still concerned Yang Kai’s life and death. Fortunately, Yang Kai was strong; otherwise, they would have to run for their lives.


She also knew why these people from Scarlet Star had come, so she didn’t kick them out. However, that did not mean that she did not take any jabs at them, which for Yue He, was her exercising extreme forbearance. 


The Head Manager was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and she too was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Their strengths and statuses were equal, but the Head Manager clearly maintained a respectful attitude as they conversed.


It couldn’t be helped. Yue He was with Yang Kai, so if Scarlet Star wanted to survive in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary in the future, it would have to rely on Yang Kai. At this time, how could they put on airs?


However, he didn’t say much and simply asked Yue He when Yang Kai would return, and requested her to inform him when he did. Even asking her to put in some good words for them. Explaining Scarlet Star’s difficulties to Yang Kai and making him sympathize with them was of utmost importance.


Yue He naturally did not give an answer so easily. She just gave a relatively polite but insincere response.


Before leaving, Scarlet Star Managers left behind a small gift. Although it was called a small gift, it was actually quite generous. It was three Fifth-Order materials.


Each of the materials was worth millions of Open Heaven Pills, which showed Scarlet Star’s sincerity.


If it were in the past, this amount of wealth would have been quite good for Yang Kai, but Yang Kai had made a fortune during his trip to the Yuan Magnetic Mountain. He had obtained more than seventy Fifth-Order and twenty Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stones, so these three Fifth-Order materials might not even catch his eyes.


After the shocking battle, the unrest in the Star City did not subside for a long time. For several days, everyone was talking about the various scenes of the previous battle and Yang Kai’s incredible performance.


Many were even waiting for the next good show. Yang Kai had directly taken Lu Xue to Sword Pavilion’s Headquarters in order to exterminate them. When he returned, no one knew how he would deal with Scarlet Star.


Countless Scarlet Star disciples were in a state of panic, afraid of being dragged into this mess. Over the past few days, the number of Scarlet Star disciples had greatly decreased. Scarlet Star had occupied this region and was flourishing, but now, almost thirty percent of them had secretly left.


This angered Chen Tian Fei and the others so much that they had no choice but to re-activate the defensive Grand Array. Anyone who wanted to leave had to verify their identity before they could pass.


While the Star City was in chaos, Yang Kai brought Lu Xue along as they rushed forward. Under Lu Xue’s guidance, they flew for more than a day before finally seeing a mountain range in the distance.


This mountain range was majestic and ancient, giving off a primordial aura that blew on their faces. It made them feel as if they had travelled through time and returned to the far past.


“The entire Star City has been devoured into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and has been divided into many pieces. There is a fragment over there. Sword Pavilion has been stationed there ever since,” Lu Xue explained while coughing lightly.


It had been just a day, so she wasn’t able to recover much. Although she had taken many pills along the way, they had only slowed down her injuries. It would take her at least a year to recover completely.


“En,” Yang Kai acknowledged before tossing her aside and turning into a streak of light.


Lu Xue didn’t expect Yang Kai to abandon her just like that, so she couldn’t react in time and quickly fell to the ground. Panicked, she quickly used her strength to stabilize her body, causing her internal organs to shake violently as she staggered. Her heart pounded with lingering fear, looking at Yang Kai’s departing back.


[He really spared me!] Lu Xue was still in disbelief. Although Yang Kai had said that he would spare her life if she brought him to Sword Pavilion’s Headquarters, how could Lu Xue believe him? She only thought he was lying to get what he wanted.


However, although she thought so at the time, she had no choice but to agree. The feeling of being burned alive by the Golden Crow’s True Fire and waiting for the imminent death was too terrifying, so she might as well beg for a quick death.


But by the looks of it, Yang Kai wasn’t lying to her and actually kept his word.


However, after being burned by the Golden Crow’s True Fire, the situation inside her body had become so terrible that she couldn’t even display ten percent of her usual strength. If Yang Kai abandoned her here, how would she survive? She might encounter some Ominous Beast and be killed on the spot.


She steeled her heart as she started walking forward, staggering.


In the Sword Pavilion Star City, Yang Kai fell from the sky, creating an enormous pit on the ground.


The reason he had come so aggressively was to cut weeds and pull out roots. Now that the grudge between him and Sword Pavilion was about to be settled, there was no need for him to be polite.


Yang Kai had thought that this would be another difficult battle, so he had tried his best to adjust his condition to its peak. Be that as it may, he felt something was wrong before he even arrived.


When he scanned with his Divine Sense, he couldn’t sense any vitality in this city. Not a single living person could be found.


Not only that but the air was also filled with a thick, nauseating scent of blood. Yang Kai was extremely familiar with this aura as he had seen a scene just like it after his battle outside Scarlet Star City.


When he turned around to look, Yang Kai couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.


The buildings in this city had all collapsed. The ground was stained in blood, and had severed limbs and mutilated pieces of flesh lying here and there. Moreover, the wounds on these ripped limbs were all very strange. When Yang Kai picked up one of these severed limbs and lowered his head to examine it, a frown appeared on his brow.


At this moment, the entire Star City was completely empty. Birds were flying across the sky, and the wind howled.


Yang Kai walked ahead to investigate with his hands behind his back, soon seeing a number of mutilated and incomplete corpses along the way, but strangely enough, no one had taken their Space Rings. All the possessions were simply lying on the ground.


Yang Kai picked up a Space Ring and examined it carefully. He didn’t find traces of things being taken out from the Space Rings either.


Immediately after, Yang Kai’s expression gradually became solemn.


Along the way, he collected the Space Rings. This Star City was even bigger than Scarlet Star’s Star City, with at least tens of thousands of people living here before. Yang Kai regretted not bringing Guo Zi Yan and the others with him at this moment.


Who knows how long it would take to collect so many Space Rings. After having spent a day, he had collected thousands of them, but that was just ten or so percent of the total number here.


Knowingly or unknowingly, Yang Kai arrived in front of a large hall.


The main hall was located at the centre of the Star City and was likely where the upper echelons of Sword Pavilion gathered. It was similar to Scarlet Star’s Main Hall.


The door happened to be broken, and seeing that, Yang Kai walked right in.


The main hall was also stained in blood and had corpses lying everywhere. Amidst all the bodies, a single figure was standing there with a solemn look on her face. It was none other than Lu Xue.


Earlier, when Yang Kai had abandoned her in the wilderness, she had forced herself to walk all the way to Star City. When she saw the corpses and rivers of blood in the Star City, she had thought it was Yang Kai’s doing, but now it seemed that it was not. It had clearly happened before they arrived.


Hearing the sound of footsteps, Lu Xue turned around, her eyes completely dull and hollow as she asked, “What happened here?”


“A Beast Tide!” Yang Kai came to her side and stared at the corpse of a middle-aged man in front of him. Although this middle-aged man had died, his bearing was still extraordinary. When he was alive, he was definitely someone of great importance. As there were no wounds visible on his body, it appeared that he himself had no idea when he died.


From his previous observations, Yang Kai was fairly certain that Sword Pavilion had encountered a terrifying Beast Tide. Many of the mutilated limbs and pieces of flesh had traces of bite marks, which could only belong to Ominous Beasts.



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