Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4048, Little Thing is too Deceitful


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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With that in mind, Yang Kai immediately put away the Wind Gourd and reached out his hand. As Dragon Pressure spread out, the Azure Dragon Spear was summoned. Casually brandishing the spear, he thrust it out.


The mantis head was speeding over in fury, and didn’t expect Yang Kai to play another trick so quickly. When the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear was rapidly magnifying in front of his eyes, he quickly lifted his two scythes in front of himself to block.


With a clink, the mantis head paled slightly as both of his compound eyes shook violently. The figure that was lunging forward suddenly flew backwards as if possessed by a ghost.


After being blasted back more than a thousand metres, the mantis head looked down to see the dent in his right arm. His extremely sturdy scythe arm was almost pierced through by his opponent’s spear.


Shocked, he stared at the Azure Dragon Spear in Yang Kai’s hand and asked hoarsely, “What is that spear you’re wielding?”


He knew his body best, and though it wasn’t as solid as metal, the things that could hurt him were still few. But just a single hit from this opponent in front of him carried terrifying power, so much so that it felt like a deadly threat to him.


“Of course, it’s… the spear that will end your life!” Yang Kai had already arrived in front of the mantis head in a flash while speaking and stabbed his spear out like a Flood Dragon going to sea.


At the same time, Yang Kai felt a little frustrated. He had prepared to take the mantis head’s life with that strike just now. The Azure Dragon Spear was crafted from the bones of a True Dragon. Even considering the entire 3,000 Worlds, it was considered a top artifact. The mantis head’s defence was certainly strong, but it was impossible for it to block the Azure Dragon Spear’s might.


Unfortunately, his efforts were for naught.


After eating a loss once, the mantis head didn’t dare to take him head-on anymore. He quickly flashed aside to avoid the spear thrust, turning into a green shadow that was constantly circling around Yang Kai while he waved his scythe arms, throwing attacks at him from every direction, making it hard to pin him down.


Yang Kai pushed the power of the Azure Dragon Spear to the limit, enveloping himself in a towering spear shadow.


Compared to the mantis head’s masterful sword techniques, Yang Kai’s spear technique could practically be called amateurish; after all, he had never properly cultivated the Spear Dao before, only using the Azure Dragon Spear instinctually since he obtained it. The two could hardly be compared in terms of skill.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t value skill and technique, but compared to that, he felt that ultimately, strength was the deciding factor in a life-or-death battle. No matter how impressive one’s techniques were, absolute strength would still be able to smash through them.


But now, he realized that his thinking was too shallow.


No matter how powerful the Azure Dragon Spear was, it was useless if he couldn’t hit his opponent, and the mantis head was fast enough and skilful enough to dodge or parry any attack Yang Kai tried. It had already reached a terrifying level where skill could surpass power. From time to time, the mantis head would even take advantage of openings in Yang Kai’s sloppy spearmanship to cut him, drawing fresh blood from his wounds.


Even Yang Kai’s solid Half-Dragon physique could not resist the cuts of these sharp scythe arms.


If the fight dragged on like this, then the one who would suffer a loss would be Yang Kai in the end.


Yang Kai was astonished, but he was also helpless to do anything about it. If he wanted to leave, he could leave at any time. The mantis head was quick, but he could not stop him catch him if he used Instantaneous Movement and leapt across space. But if he left just like that, this enemy would probably bother him later and might even become a hindrance on his Martial Dao.


“Your blood… is delicious!” In the midst of the fierce battle, the mantis head still had the leisure to pay attention to other details. Quite apparently, it was in a comfortable position. Even while he was speaking, his voice sounded breathy, as if it had discovered a delicious delicacy that whetted his appetite.


Yang Kai’s body was filled with Dragon Blood, so while an ordinary cultivator may not be able to sense anything, this mantis head was a Monster Beast with a keen sense of smell, so naturally, he could tell the difference.


“No wonder Mistress asked me to capture you alive. Hahaha, this Senior Mantis will be basking in glory today!” The mantis head laughed. As his body circled around Yang Kai, his voice could be heard from all directions.


Yang Kai grit his teeth, not saying a word. He was concentrating on dealing with the mantis head’s flurry of attacks, and whenever the two clashed, flashes of light from the scythe and spear would appear, breaking down the already destroyed Star City into even smaller pieces.


But an opening was sure to appear after a long defence. One man and one beast fought for an entire hour before the mantis head finally found a good opportunity. Deflecting Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear with his right scythe arm, he rushed before Yang Kai and stabbed his left arm towards his enemy’s chest as a fierce light flashed across his two compound eyes. With a piercing sound, half of his scythe arm impaled Yang Kai’s abdomen, coming right out of his back.


Fresh blood splashed out and Yang Kai’s face paled slightly, but instead of panicking he sneered and quipped, “Finally caught you!”


At those words, ignoring the sharpness of the scythe arm, Yang Kai grabbed onto the mantis head’s blade, which instantly cut his fingers and caused blood to spill wildly.


The mantis head thought that the victor was already decided and was just about to laugh, but he had a sudden start at those words and he could instinctively tell that things were not good. When he looked up, the Azure Dragon Spear was coming right down onto his head.


He sneered hoarsely, “You think you can catch this Senior Mantis? You’re still too naive!”


The scythe that was in Yang Kai’s abdomen suddenly stirred inside of him, and while Yang Kai was in great pain, the mantis head swiftly retracted his arm and drew back.


“Solidify!” Yang Kai shouted as his spear thrust out. Space Principles were pushed to their limit and the surrounding space froze.


The mantis head’s smile froze. The only thing he could feel was space squeezing down on him madly, greatly reducing his speed of retreat. As he watched the Azure Dragon Spear quickly fill his vision, he cried out in fear, “You little thing, you’re too deceitful!”


No matter how hard he tried, he still could not surpass the speed that the Azure Dragon Spear was approaching.




The mantis head’s head burst open in mid-air, and his headless body fell back to the ground while twitching and shaking.


Yang Kai withdrew his spear and coughed up a large mouthful of fresh blood. He could not stop his body from falling heavily to the ground.


He truly suffered a big loss this time.


In order to land a killing blow with his final spear, Yang Kai had been trying his best to conceal the full extent of his abilities. He limited his usage of Space Principles, only using them enough to keep pace with mantis head’s speed. This was all so he could force his opponent to reveal an opening. 


Finally, Yang Kai risked his own body to draw in his opponent. Only when that was combined with a burst of Space Principles to limit his opponent’s movements was he lucky enough to succeed.


Otherwise, Yang Kai had no idea how long this battle would have dragged on for.


But it was still worth it. Even though he sustained a severe injury, being able to eliminate such a strong foe was still considered a great harvest for his growth and honing of his skills.


Looking down at the hole in his abdomen, with blood pouring out of it, as well as the countless cuts all over his body, Yang Kai realized just how much he had been on the receiving end of this fight this whole time while the mantis head merely sustained two direct spear strikes from him. One spear, to probe, while the second, the killing blow.


Yang Kai tried to get up, but his guts were churning and it hurt so much that it was unbearable. He eventually had no choice but to sit down and take out some pills, stuffing them into his mouth to help him recover.


As he did that, he also put the mantis head’s body into his Space Ring. Only then did he begin circulating his strength and adjusting his breathing to heal his wounds.


Time passed slowly and an incense stick of time later, he heard the small sound of footsteps approaching.


Yang Kai looked over and saw a pale-faced Lu Xue walking over, looking stunned at him.


When their eyes met, panic surfaced in Lu Xue’s eyes.


She wasn’t affected too much by the fallout of Yang Kai and the mantis head’s battle as she was able to escape far enough away, but as a result, she had no idea how their fight was going. Since everything turned quiet, she decided to go back and check on the situation.


But she didn’t expect Yang Kai to be the one who won in the end, with the seemingly unbeatable mantis head falling to the side. Even his head was broken apart.


Even though she did not see the whole process of the fight, she knew how dire that battle must have been. From Yang Kai’s current unstable aura and pale face, it was clear that his injuries were not small.


Pursing her lips, she approached Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked at her with cold eyes, not knowing what this woman intended to do. Wasn’t this the perfect time to take advantage of his heavy injuries to get revenge? But she herself was an arrow at the end of its flight, hardly able to exert any strength. If she really acted, he would definitely give her a big surprise to show her that a skinny camel is still bigger than a horse.


One step, two steps. Merely several thousand metres apart, it still took Lu Xue half an incense stick of time to reach Yang Kai. Slightly panting, she extended a hand towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai sneered in his heart and gathered some of his strength, ready to fight back. But something confused him. Why didn’t this woman have any murderous intent at all?


In the next moment, Yang Kai was stunned. That was because even though Lu Xue grabbed him, she had no intention of doing anything to him. Instead, she turned her back to him and crouched down, revealing her slender back to him while holding both his wrists, pulling him onto her back and saying, “This place is dangerous, we can’t stay for long!”


Gathering her strength, she got up and made her way, step by step out of the Star City.


[This woman… Actually plans on carrying me out on her back!?]


Yang Kai was dumbfounded by this. He wouldn’t think it strange at all if Lu Xue were to take advantage of this situation to get revenge; after all, he killed so many people from Sword Pavilion and made life miserable for her, so she should have a deep grudge against him, but what did she hope to achieve by helping him?


Yang Kai couldn’t understand it. They were definitely enemies, not friends.


Even so, Yang Kai truly felt that she was a woman as her body was very soft. It was the first time she was carrying a man on her back like this, though Yang Kai didn’t know that. With Yang Kai breathing right next to her ear, Lu Xue gradually blushed red.


The difference in their body size was not much, but as a man, Yang Kai was bound to be a little taller than her, so Lu Xue could only hunch over while she walked, which looked rather funny.


It was a first for Yang Kai to be carried on the back of a woman like this too, giving rise to an extremely strange feeling inside of him.


But no matter what the situation, this kind of thing was still hard to get used to. He patted Lu Xue’s shoulder and cleared his throat, “Why don’t you lend me your shoulder instead?”


Lu Xue stopped and thought about it for a moment. In the end, she put Yang Kai down and put his arm over her shoulder, supporting him as they walked forward.


After a few steps though, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground, this time having Yang Kai catch her.


Eyes meeting, Yang Kai had a speechless face, while Lu Xue blushed.


“Let’s go,” Yang Kai said. Then, side by side, the two left the destroyed Star City together, feeling like they were helping and supporting each other.


Before coming here, Yang Kai was spirited and his murderous intent was strong, but he never would have expected to leave in such a pitiful state.


From time to time, he would turn to look at Lu Xue. He could already be sure that this woman meant him no harm; after all, just now was the best time to make a move on him. Still, it confused him to no end.




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      1. That was the case on Dragon Island, because the Elders were stronger than him his dragon pressure had less of a suppression effect. It makes sense that it would be similar here.

        1. I like to think that “dragon pressure” is an overused term or maybe it has different properties.
          The power that works against other dragons or dragon bloodline beasts is “Bloodline suppression” which actually nerfs their power and subdues them but, as in the case of dragon clan, doesn’t really affect their emotions towards YK.
          The power he uses against non dragon bloodlines doesn’t suppress their power but affects their emotions by surfacing their instinctual fear of the “king” of the divine spirits.
          Both seem to be ineffective against significantly strong beings of course.

          1. In this case Dragon pressure and bloodline suppression are the same thing, I’m using the interchangeably because he can’t suppress a weaker bloodline without first using his dragon pressure…

    1. he had never properly cultivated the Spear Dao before”
      Time to take the deep dive and learn most op spear techniques in Less than one millionth the time a genius spear daoist would need

  1. topic: dragon pressure and dragon bloodlines suppression.

    here my opinion on this:
    dragon pressure emits by every dragon. can effect any1, just like emperor pressure. stronger emitter, will put the weaker under pressure. while bloodline suppression are the same aura but add suppression only to those with dragon blood.

    as other example. take sun light. can give damage to zombie or vampire (take this as bloodline suppression). the same sun light only give little bit hot to the skin to human (this is dragon pressure to non dragon)

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