Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4049, Killing Star Returns


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In a cave near a cliff, two figures sat down cross-legged more than 30 metres apart. The cave was not large, but it was very clean and well-hidden.


Lu Xue had brought Yang Kai to this place after the two left Sword Pavilion’s Star City. This cave was hundreds of kilometres away, which wasn’t considered too far. This was a cave she had encountered before, so she didn’t have any trouble locating it and travelling here.


Both of them were recuperating in silence, both remaining silent.


Strictly speaking, neither of them said much to each other while they helped each other out of the Star City, and Yang Kai also did not ask Lu Xue why she would help him rather than take the opportunity to try to kill him for revenge.


A woman’s mind was the most difficult mystery to unravel. Trying to guess would only make his head hurt, so why make life hard for himself?


In less than three days, Yang Kai opened his eyes. His aura had completely recovered, and the large wound through his abdomen had also basically healed.


With Dragon Blood flowing through his veins, he could recover at a terrifying rate. He had also refined the Immortal Tree’s Wood Element into his Dao Seal, which increased his healing abilities greatly. So long as the injury was not fatal, he could recover from it with a little time.


Slowly getting up, his body crackled, and after stretching out his muscles, he felt better than ever.


The battle with the mantis head was certainly difficult, but it also allowed Yang Kai to realize some of his shortcomings, so it could be considered a rewarding experience.


Looking over to the side, Lu Xue was still in the midst of her recovery, and her aura was still unstable. Her injuries weren’t going to heal as easily. The drawbacks of being burned by Golden Crow’s True Fire could not be erased in such a short time.


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, no longer having any intention of killing this woman.


Half a day later, Yang Kai walked out of the cave, and after checking the direction, he rushed into the sky.


Three days later, Lu Xue woke up from her meditation, and when she looked over to her side, she found that she was the only one left in the cave. Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.


Even though Yang Kai left, she could feel that a simple Spirit Array was arranged at the entrance to the cave with the ability to conceal one’s aura, sheltering her slightly. This crude Spirit Array was undoubtedly left by Yang Kai for her before he left.


After being surprised for a moment, Lu Xue shut her eyes again and continued adjusting her breathing, focusing on her recuperation.


Outside of Scarlet Star’s Star City, a stream of light pierced the sky and swooped down. The disciples in charge of monitoring any movement in all directions and guarding the Star City’s Grand Array were all shocked to see this. Just as they were about to activate the defensive Grand Array, they suddenly realized that the one rushing over was Yang Kai, and all their hands and feet went cold. They were frozen stiff in place.


The Killing Star… was back!


Previously, Yang Kai broke Sword Pavilion’s Sword Formation all by himself outside the Star City, and brought destruction upon Thunder Light. Countless people bore witness to this scene, so how could they not recognize this figure?


Scarlet Star’s Managers were blinded by the lust for their own gains and abandoned Yang Kai during a moment of crisis, sweeping him out from their doors, which greatly offended him, so the disciples of Scarlet Star were all trembling in fear every day. Who knows how many of them left quietly in fear of Yang Kai returning to settle debts, escaping out of Scarlet Star for dear life.


If Chen Tian Fei hadn’t given the order to activate the Grand Array, forcing anyone who wanted to leave to be identified before they would be allowed out, it would be hard to say how many would dare still remain.


Even so, the disciples still remaining in Scarlet Star were very uneasy.


Yang Kai had previously captured Lu Xue and brought her to Sword Pavilion’s headquarters. Now, with him returning in great vigour and the situation at Sword Pavilion being unknown, anyone could guess that things were likely disastrous for the other party.


Now that the Yang Kai has returned, where should Scarlet Star go?


Contrary to what they expected though, Yang Kai didn’t rush straight into the Star City. When he was about to arrive, he suddenly turned around and looked to the side. With a note of surprise, he smiled and turned around, landing over that side.


Very soon, he reached a mountain valley and landed atop a giant head.


Having something land on top of it startled the owner of this head. It raised its eyes and was about to fume at the person, but it immediately settled down with one tap from Yang Kai’s foot.


The huge creature was the Scarlet Flood Dragon.


Then, Yang Kai looked at a hole not far in the distance and shouted, “Come out of there!”


There was a large rumble as if thunder was moving through the ground and following that, the Earth Dragon emerged from the hole. Its large snout wriggled restlessly, spraying fluids everywhere, and the sound of corrosion could be heard from the ground.


The Scarlet Flood Dragon was clearly disgusted at this sight, snorting disdainfully at it.


“Why are you here?” Yang Kai looked at the two with a grin, “Did someone… drive you out?”


The Earth Dragon’s whereabouts were unknown when he left, but from what Guo Zi Yan said, the Earth Dragon had seen that it was at a disadvantage on Yuan Magnetic Mountain and decided to flee. The disciples of Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion couldn’t do anything about it either, so they let it go. On the other hand, the Scarlet Flood Dragon was captured and later brought to the Star City.


After Yang Kai’s words, two Divine Senses were transmitted directly to him.


The sentience of both the Scarlet Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon was not high, so they were unable to speak properly nor assume human form, but they could still transmit some information through their Divine Senses. Moreover, during their time with Yang Kai, he could clearly sense that their sentience had improved by a lot. Before, communicating with them was quite difficult, but things were much easier now.


It must have something to do with the Dragon Blood Pills.


The Dragon Blood Pills that Yang Kai refined in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary were all of Peak-Grade or higher, mainly because of how high the Grade the Dragon Blood Flowers were. Even he himself would benefit greatly by taking the pills, much less the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon, both exotic beasts with Dragon Veins. They had also grown considerably in size and strength during this time.


Through their descriptions, Yang Kai learned that it wasn’t someone who drove them out of the Star City, but rather they themselves felt uneasy staying there and chose to leave on their own accord.


It did make sense. They were huge creatures that were both over three hundred metres long while the Star City was crowded with buildings, so how could they stretch out and relax in such a cramped space?


Yang Kai nodded lightly. Under careful observation, he could see that the Scarlet Flood Dragon had yet to recover from its injuries. It was beaten badly by the cultivators from Sword Pavilion previously on Yuan Magnetic Mountain, and nearly had its head cut off by them. Even now, there was still a huge cut remaining on its neck that had yet to seal up. The Earth Dragon on the other hand did not have any big problems. This guy was a slippery one, literally, and if Yang Kai hadn’t suppressed him with his Dragon Vein, then he might not have been able to subdue him.


At this moment, several figures emerged from the Star City and moved quickly in Yang Kai’s direction.


They were all in the Open Heaven Realm, but none of them flew. Instead, they ran on the ground. The one at the front had a fat body like a mountain of meat that jiggled as he sprinted. Who else could it be but Chen Tian Fei? Right behind him were Scarlet Star’s other Managers.


Even though he had a plump shape, Chen Tian Fei’s movements were indescribably agile. In quick steps, it didn’t take long for him to reach this place. With a flattering smile on his face, he cupped his fist in greeting, “Congratulations to the mighty Brother Yang for this triumphant return!”


It was extremely awkward for him, as an Open Heaven Realm Master, to be calling an Emperor Realm Junior, Brother, but there was no helping it. They were currently weaker than Yang Kai, so Chen Tian Fei had no choice but to lower himself. As for the title of Sixth Manager, he naturally did not have the face to call Yang Kai that again.


Behind him, the Ou Yang Brothers, Lady Qin, and Bei Yu Shan all gave their congratulations in unison with complicated expressions on their faces.


Who would have thought that this young man who forced his way into Scarlet Star would possess such terrifying abilities? If they had known this was the case in the beginning, they would have treated him with far more respect. As long as they could bring this man to their side, in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, who did Scarlet Star have to fear?


Unfortunately, they had missed the opportunity and even added insult to injury. Right now, it was useless to regret anything.


But what embarrassed and annoyed them even more was the fact that they had personally gone out to greet him, but Yang Kai completely ignored them, only showing his back to them, treating them like air. Instead, he was very friendly and amiable with these two exotic beasts.


A moment later, Yang Kai raised a hand, and two red and round Spirit Pills flew out, landing into the mouths of the Scarlet Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon.


Chen Tian Fei’s heart jumped at this sight. Though he had no idea what those Spirit Pills were, he could tell from the smell alone that they were extraordinary goods, yet this guy actually tossed them out to two beasts. It was simply a waste!


“How was the result of Brother Yang’s trip?” Chen Tian Fei asked with a cautious face.


Yang Kai finally turned around and swept his eyes across the faces of these people. He had a straight face that showed neither joy nor anger, but Chen Tian Fei and the others could feel their skin turning taut from his gaze, as if they were being stared at by some terrifying beast that could kill them at any moment.


*Dong dong dong…* The sound of his hearts beating rapidly could be heard as Chen Tian Fei’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Even the smile on his face had become stiff.


After a long time, Yang Kai finally smiled and asked, “How was Manager Chen hoping my trip would go?”


This was probably the biggest thing that Scarlet Star was worried about. If Yang Kai really could defeat Sword Pavilion alone, that meant that no one in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary could rival him. If Sword Pavilion could still hold out against him, then that meant he could still be brought under control.


But never in their wildest dreams would they have guessed that Yang Kai did not have any confrontation with Sword Pavilion at all and instead had a great battle with a strange mantis head.


Hearing Yang Kai’s question, Chen Tian Fei smiled awkwardly, “Naturally, this Chen hopes Brother Yang remains undefeated, emerging victorious in every battle.”


“Heh!” Yang Kai did not confirm nor deny anything. It would be madness for anyone to believe this fatty. Not bothering to say anything more to him, Yang Kai simply left. With one step, he had already arrived in the Star City, and with another, he was in his residence.


He left Scarlet Star’s Managers to shiver in the cold winds alone, feeling a chill run down their backs.


Chen Tian Fei suddenly came back to his senses and gave chase, shouting loudly, “Brother Yang, Brother Yang!”


He was both shocked and pleasantly surprised. Shocked that Yang Kai actually returned. Though he had no idea how his battle went with Sword Pavilion, his return must mean that Sword Pavilion must be in a bad situation.


He was pleasantly surprised because Yang Kai did not kill them on the spot, which went to show that Yang Kai had no intention of slaughtering them. Otherwise, how could he possibly let them go after what they had done?


But even though Yang Kai did not kill them did not mean that he was willing to let go of his grievances. Scarlet Star had to satisfy him if they wanted to be let off.


How could Chen Tian Fei dare to be slow? The Head Manager had placed the burden of Scarlet Star’s survival on him, and if he did poorly, Scarlet Star could very well be destroyed at the snap of a finger.


Inside his residence, Yang Kai was instantly met with several dozen gazes as soon as he entered, each one of them excited beyond compare.


“Young Master has returned!” Yue He smiled and bowed down elegantly like a real maidservant. It was hard to fathom that this woman was a powerful Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.




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