Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4051, Where Did These Rings Come From


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Yue He pursed her lips into a smile, “They must be here to beg for peace.”


“They even welcomed me outside of the city earlier, but I ignored them,” Yang Kai scoffed.


“Then they must be shaking in fear now.” Yue He handed a box over to him, “After you left that day, Scarlet Star’s Head Manager brought his men here to deliver this. With all his talk, he was just trying to get me to say nice things about them to you once you returned.”


“What is it?” Yang Kai glanced at the box.


Yue He said indifferently, “It probably won’t catch your eye. Just three Fifth-Order materials.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly as he picked up his tea and took a sip.


When Chen Yue heard this though, her heart jumped. Three Fifth-Order materials were a wealth she had no idea whether she could ever get her hands on in her life. This would be considered an invaluable resource outside, but now it was casually brought out as a gift, and the person who received the gift even seemed to disdain it.


Deeply feeling the insurmountable gap between her and some people in this world, Chen Yue felt dejected.


Yue He checked the atmosphere and seeing that Yang Kai had no intention of refusing, she turned her head over and asked, “Who came?”


Chen Yue answered in a small voice, “All of Scarlet Star’s Managers are here. The Head Manager who came last time is also here.”


Yue He nodded. Then, she looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Young Master, will you see them?”


Yang Kai put down his cup of tea and patted his clothes, grinning, “En. Since they’re here with gifts, why wouldn’t I see them?”


Yue He was speechless. She knew that Scarlet Star was surely going to experience massive haemorrhaging this time. Only, she had no idea how big of a cut this Young Master of hers was going to leave them with.


In front of the residence, Scarlet Star’s Managers were not looking good. They had already given Yang Kai face by welcoming him outside of the city, but Yang Kai completely ignored them and trampled their intentions. Anyone would feel humiliated by this.


But when they thought about the terrifying power that Yang Kai possessed, none of them dared to complain.


This time, under the leadership of the Head Manager, they came out collectively to visit him, but being made to wait at his door for such a long time was still hard to bear.


“Head Manager, I say we should just go in! Why stand here and wait for so long?” Bei Yu Shan spoke up. Mainly, they had been standing here with people walking back and forth on the street. Many people were throwing strange looks at them, which made him feel uneasy.


“Shut your mouth!” Chen Tian Fei jumped in fright and quickly shouted at him, “Do you still want to live? If you want to throw your life away, don’t drag us down with you!”


He almost wanted to slap this brainless brute to death for even coming up with such a terrible idea.


Bei Yu Shan scratched his head, wondering where he went wrong with his words.


Chen Tian Fei stepped forward and approached the Head Manager, whispering, “I’ve already sent some men over. We will find out the situation at Sword Pavilion in less than two days. Head Manager, no matter what, please hold back this time. It’s not too late to make plans after we figure out the situation at Sword Pavilion.”


The Head Manager was silent, as if he didn’t hear what he said.


To Scarlet Star’s Managers, what they were most curious about now was the outcome of the battle between Yang Kai and Sword Pavilion. If Yang Kai was victorious, it would mean that there was no one in all of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary who could constrain him, but if Sword Pavilion won, then they naturally couldn’t ask for better. At the very least, this little brat Yang Kai would not be able to run rampant.


As soon as they noticed Yang Kai’s return, Chen Tian Fei had sent someone over to Sword Pavilion’s headquarters to find out what happened.


But delays along the way were inevitable. Worried that Yang Kai would come to them for revenge, the Managers had come over to ask for peace, but it was nothing more than a delaying tactic.


[What is the situation over there?] Chen Tian Fei’s mind was filled with all sorts of random thoughts. With the strength that Yang Kai displayed before, Sword Pavilion should not have been able to resist him, but Sword Pavilion’s Pavilion Master was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Master, so he couldn’t help but hold onto some hope.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm was merely one step away from reaching the High-Rank, and Sword Pavilion’s Pavilion Master had a mysterious background. It was rumoured that he came from a powerful great force, so his heritage must not be bad.


At this moment, there was a creak and the doors opened, allowing a timid figure to enter their eyes.


Chen Tian Fei hurriedly stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Young Lady Yue, how is the situation?”


In the past, he would not have paid attention to someone as inferior as Chen Yue, much less speak to her in such a polite way, but now, things were different. No matter their cultivation realm, anyone on Yang Kai’s side would surely see a rise in their status.


Chen Yue shrank her neck and moved aside as she reported, “Please come in, Sirs. My Young Master is ready to see you,” She used to call Yang Kai Senior Brother Yang, but after what happened with Zhao Xing Chen, she didn’t have the face to call him that anymore, so she followed Yue He’s way of referring to him instead.


Chen Tian Fei was relieved and bowed his head, smiling, “Many thanks, Young Lady Yue.” Saying so, he silently slipped her a Space Ring.


Chen Yue was caught off guard and took it instinctually. By the time she reacted, Scarlet Star’s Managers were already long gone.


Staring blankly at the Space Ring in her hand, she quickly realized what had happened. Sweeping the contents with her Divine Sense, she discovered that there were 3,000 Open Heaven Pills inside, and her heart couldn’t help but jump.


For any Emperor Realm cultivation 3,000 Open Heaven Pills was nothing to scoff at. She had merely passed on a message and was actually able to receive such great benefits.


Chen Yue’s heart was jumping madly since it was her first time in such a situation. Looking around and finding no one in her surroundings, she put away the Space Ring guiltily and shut the door.


The Scarlet Star Managers entered the residence, and under Chen Tian Fei’s lead, made their way to the main hall without issue.


It was Chen Tian Fei who took care of the layout of Yang Kai’s residence to begin with, so  he knew everything inside well.


While walking forward, Chen Tian Fei was still conversing via Divine Sense, “Head Manager, since the situation at Sword Pavilion is not yet clear, you must be patient no matter how rude that brat is later. Do not stoop to the same level as him.”


The Head Manager couldn’t help but laugh, “Fatty, since when have you become such a nag? This King is not a three-year-old child. I have a sense of propriety.”


Chen Tian Fei smiled awkwardly, “Head Manager is naturally wise, but I’m afraid that brat is too young to know proper measure.”


As they were talking, they arrived at a courtyard where they saw several dozen people working on something. It was Guo Zi Yan and the others. The Managers had no idea what they were doing, but they would hear someone shout every now and then, and all of them had joyous looks on their faces as if they had received a great boon from the Heavens.


[Traitors!] Chen Tian cursed them in his heart. He didn’t want to pay any attention to these people, but when he swept a glance over and saw the situation in the courtyard, he was frozen stiff in place and his face instantly turned pale.


When he stopped, the people behind him naturally stopped as well and followed his gaze. All of them were shocked in place as horror and disbelief filled their eyes. Lady Qin even gasped and covered her red lips with her hand.


Bei Yu Shan almost bumped into the Ou Yang Brothers while he was distracted, stopping to scratch his head as he asked, “What happened?”


But nobody answered him. It was as if the Managers had had a Binding Technique cast on their bodies. All of them were feeling cold from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet.


When Bei Yu Shan looked up, he exclaimed, “Heavens! Where did they get all these Space Rings from?”


The entire courtyard was filled with Space Rings. The number was simply impossible to count, but from what they could see, there had to be at least forty or fifty thousand of them.


The noise alerted Guo Zi Yan and the others who were working in the courtyard. Looking up, they saw Scarlet Star’s Managers. Even the Head Manager, a hidden Dragon who shows his tail but never his face, was here. With a thought, they understood what happened.


Even though they were no longer disciples of Scarlet Star and need not pay them any heed, Chen Tian Fei and the others had been prominent figures for a long time so when they saw the Managers all here, they were at a bit of a loss.


Guo Zi Yan was the first to come to his senses and quickly shouted, “Don’t just stand there stupidly, keep working! If Sir can entrust us with this job, it naturally means he trusts us. Don’t any of you even think of swiping anything here! If I find out, then don’t blame me for not showing mercy to my Fellow Brothers!”


“Yes!” The group answered in unison and quickly lowered their heads to continue their work.


The Head Manager slowly turned his head and shot a glance at Chen Tian Fei with a grave expression.


Chen Tian Fei understood and swiftly moved his meatball-like body through the sea of Space Rings to arrive at Guo Zi Yan’s side, smiling while cupping his fist, “Great Commander Guo!”


Guo Zi Yan originally did not want to have any interactions with Chen Tian Fei and the other Managers; after all, they also relied on Scarlet Star in the past, but now that this man was already in front of him, he couldn’t ignore him either. As such, he hastily returned the salutations, “Manager Chen, is there something you need? If you’re looking for Sir, then he should be in the reception hall.”


Chen Tian Fei smiled, “We can head there later. I just wanted to ask. Where… did these Space Rings come from?”


Guo Zi Yan answered, “Sir brought them back from Sword Pavilion.”


“From Sword Pavilion!” Chen Tian Fei’s face twitched, gulping silently, not wanting to believe it, but simply unable to find another explanation!


He had already made guesses when he first saw the Space Rings, so now Guo Zi Yan’s words undoubtedly confirmed his thoughts.


Only by raiding an entire Star City would it be possible to acquire such a high number! If the Space Rings were collected from all the cultivators from Scarlet Star’s Star City, then it would also reach about the same number.


But these were the Space Rings from Sword Pavilion, and each Space Ring represented a life. Tens of thousands of Space Rings meant tens of thousands of lost lives!


Did that little brat raze Sword Pavilion’s entire Star City?!


Chen Tian Fei had no idea how he walked back, and it wasn’t until the Head Manager shouted at him that he came back to his senses.


Staring at the Head Manager in a daze, Chen Tian Fei’s lips seemed to squirm as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t muster a single word.


He was truly shocked. Just because of the grudge he had previously with Sword Pavilion, Yang Kai rushed over with spear in hand and not only returned unscathed but even slaughtered the entirety of the Star City.


Such ferociousness! Such ruthlessness!


How could such a man be reasoned with? Scarlet Star had likely kicked an iron plate this time, and if they weren’t careful, Sword Pavilion’s yesterday would become Scarlet Star’s tomorrow.


If Yang Kai could massacre an entire Star City once, he wouldn’t mind doing it twice.


Chen Tian Fei even thought of turning around and running away, getting as far away from here as possible.


But the Head Manager had already taken the first step forward, so he had no choice but to grit his teeth and follow along. It was a blessing, not a curse, and if it was a curse, it couldn’t be avoided. What was destined to come must eventually come.




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    1. Each ring is a separate closet/storage unit/garage of a cultivator with their entire life savings, not a bribe piled for recipient’s convenience. Also they were charged not with estimating how much worth is in those rings, but to sort it all and transfer into manageable form. From forty-fifty thousands of rings (each being a private abandoned storage unit sorted for the dead owner’s convenience) into a few dozen tops. That’s like a few thousand seasons of hoarders condensed into couple of weeks.

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