Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4054, This Subordinate Has a Daughter


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The shaved-headed man accepted the object and fixed his eyes on it. As mentioned, it really was a Fourth-Order Wood Core, and it should be the core of a thousand-year-old tree. At once, he was overjoyed and shouted, “Many thanks to Sir for this reward! This one will definitely be at Sir’s beck and call in the future, I swear upon my life, at all costs!”


This group had been sorting through the tens of thousands of Space Rings before and handled countless good materials during that time, but those did not belong to them. Now, this Fourth-Order Wood Core was his, so the feeling was completely different.


When the rest saw this, they all gasped. As members of the lowest level of society, they had never seen or even heard of such a generous boss before. Even though they were also rewarded for their work with their lives on the line for Scarlet Star, who knows how much danger they had to face in order to receive one of the materials they needed? Otherwise, they wouldn’t have struggled this far and reached the Open Heaven Realm long ago.


But today, Yang Kai had casually granted a Fourth-Order Wood Core, even saying to the shaved-headed man that he could come back and ask for a Fire Element material of similar order once he was done refining the Wood Core.


In other words, as long as the shaved-headed man did not die, then he no longer had to worry about cultivation resources! Once he completely condensed his Yin, Yang and the Five Elements into his Dao Seal, that would be the day when he advanced to the Open Heaven Realm. But whether or not he could succeed at that time would depend on his own enlightenment and luck.


With the shaved-headed man as an example, the others naturally felt they would not be treated differently!


Even though they all knew that Yang Kai received a great harvest this time and that a Fourth-Order Wood Core would not mean much to him, at most being some scraps between his teeth, it was enough to raise their morale greatly.


The Sir that they were following now… seemed different to all others before!


After the shaved-headed man, a young man came forward and cupped his fist, “Sir, this one wishes to ask for a Fourth-Order Metal Element material!”


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded and casually tossed out a Fourth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone to the man, “Refine it well and you may be able to cultivate the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light within. The power of the Divine Light is extraordinary, so if you can learn it, it will be of great benefit to you!”


The man thanked him excitedly. He had seen the might of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light before when it swept over the 3,000-strong force of Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion, wiping them all out. If he could truly learn the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light from refining this Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, then his strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds. Even if he couldn’t wipe out thousands like Yang Kai did with the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd that day, he would still gain a big advantage in battle.


One by one, the cultivators stepped up and named their needs, and Yang Kai readily responded to each of them without stinginess. However, some of them did truly have limited aptitude and could only refine Third-Order materials no matter how desperately they tried. One of them even asked for Fifth-Order materials, but did not get them.


But this was just their sad fate. If that was the extent of their aptitude, then it was something that simply could not be forced.


Very soon, dozens of people were rewarded. Each of them stood aside and looked at the treasures in their Space Ring with glee, thinking to themselves that they would properly cultivate once they had returned to their rooms and strive to build up their foundation to the Open Heaven Realm before the Grand Ancients Ruins Boundary closed. Once the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was closed and they were free from this place’s restrictive World Principles, they would immediately advance to the Open Heaven Realm!


When that time came, their power would soar to the Heavens, like a Great Peng spreading its wings and taking flight.


Yang Kai also turned his head around to look at the rest of the group. These were all people who have just refined their Dao Seal and had not had the time or resources to condense their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements Powers.


In comparison to the shaved-headed man and his group who had already established their foundations, this group was undoubtedly in a better situation. Even though they had just formed their Dao Seals, they had not been able to refine any Element Powers yet, which meant they could choose the most suitable materials for themselves and build as great a future for themselves as they possibly could.


With the previous group as an example, they naturally knew what sort of requests to make now.


Yang Kai wasn’t stingy either and even shared with them his cultivation experiences, “It would be best for you to start cultivating from the Wood Element. The Wood Element mainly focuses on restoration and bolstering vitality. Compared to the rest of the other Elements, it is also the gentlest one, and its risks are the lowest. What’s more, it is also a very useful element to have. If you ever get injured, then the Wood Element Power can help speed up your recovery.”


Yang Kai had no idea about this when he had just started condensing his Wood Element Power from the Immortal Tree’s essence. He had merely refined the Immortal Tree and incorporated it into his body, stepping onto the most stable path of cultivation.


At that time, Yang Kai still did not fully know about the mysteries of the Open Heaven Realm yet.


But with him advising them, these people listened seriously.


One by one, they stated what they wanted and like the first group, they also received materials in the Third and Fourth-Order. When it came to the very last person, the man cupped his fist and requested, “Sir, this subordinate would like to ask for a Fifth-Order Wood Element!”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he looked over at him, “Fifth Order?”


The rest of them also looked at him in astonishment; after all, he was the first person out of their group who stepped up and asked Yang Kai for a Fifth-Order material.


“Indeed!” The man nodded.


Yang Kai observed him closely and found that this person was not considered too young, appearing to be around 40 or 50 in age. He was well-built and had a stable aura. Just by standing there, Yang Kai could still feel the man’s bold spirit.


Guo Zi Yan’s face changed, but just as he was about to say something, Yang Kai raised his hand to stop him, “What is your name?”


The man cupped his fists and replied, “This subordinate is Lang Qing Shan!” After a pause, he added, “This subordinate is confident in being able to refine a Fifth-Order material. Please, Sir!”


“Good. Very good!” Yang Kai smiled and nodded. Not only was he not angry, but he was even pleased. He searched his Space Ring with his Divine Sense and took out something resembling a blood coral that was around three metres long, “I’m not sure what this is exactly, and though it is of the Wood Element, it has the aura of blood about it. If you can refine it, I’m sure you should be able to grasp something useful from it. Take it.”


There were a number of Fifth-Order Wood Element materials in his Space Ring, but after comparing them, this one seemed to be of the highest quality. Even materials at the same Order could have big differences between them.


Lang Qing Shan’s eyes sparkled and he cupped his fist, “Many thanks, Sir!” He happily put the blood coral into his Space Ring and moved back to the side.


A group of people looked at him with envy. Yang Kai did say previously that anyone who wanted Fifth-Order or even Sixth-Order materials would be granted them. They never doubted Yang Kai’s words, but with the limits of their aptitude, they wouldn’t have the qualifications to ask even if they wanted to.


Lang Qing Shan was the first example to the contrary, and from Yang Kai’s reaction, he seemed to be very happy as well, as if he didn’t see them as outsiders. Instead, he was cultivating them as if they were part of his closest confidants. They were inwardly bitter about their poor aptitudes; otherwise, in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and with Yang Kai as their backer, how difficult would it be to advance to the Fifth-Order or even Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm?


With both groups rewarded, the remaining group in the Emperor Realm who had not even formed their Dao Seals looked on in envy. Without a Dao Seal, they naturally had no right to ask for any materials, so they had no idea what Yang Kai would grant them with this time.


Just as they were thinking so, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to them, “As for you… You are all at the most malleable stage. Since you have not formed your Dao Seals yet, then there’s no need to rush. Take advantage of this good opportunity in order to strengthen your foundation and develop your potential to its fullest limit. Guo Zi Yan.”


“Subordinate is present!” Guo Zi Yan shouted in a solemn voice.


“Take these people out and train them carefully. When they try to form their Dao Seals, I want them to do it when they are at the very least able to withstand the impact of Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm materials. If any cultivation materials are needed, you can simply ask Yue He for them. If the matter fails to be achieved, then I will hold you responsible.”


Guo Zi Yan was taken aback before he turned around and looked at the dozen or so thugs and hooligans before him with a dark face. He had to admit that while some of them had decent aptitudes, most were merely so-so. If they kept going at this pace, then their cultivation limit would be the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm, yet Yang Kai had actually asked them to form a Dao Seal that could withstand at least the Fourth-Order. In other words, if they succeeded, then this group of people would all become Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivators in the future, or perhaps even higher.


[So, that is what Sir is trying to do!]


A shocking thought flashed past Guo Zi Yan’s heart, but he didn’t dare dwell too deeply on it. He gritted his teeth and cupped his fist, “Rest assured, Sir. If any of them cannot meet the requirements, then this subordinate will take his or her dog life first so as to not disgrace Sir.”


Now, it was the group’s turn to become dark-faced. They all knew about their Great Commander Guo’s straightforward nature, and that he would never joke about taking their lives. When the time came, if they did not fulfil the requirements set out for them, then they really were going to be killed by him. For a moment, some of them were shaking in their boots.


“Enough, the rest of you can now go. You stay, Commander Guo.” Yang Kai beckoned him.


Everyone withdrew respectfully.


Yang Kai took a seat and looked at Guo Zi Yan with some worry, “Great Commander, you are in the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm and have no way of going back and recultivating, so I don’t know what to reward you. As such, I shall ask you instead, what is it you desire?”


Guo Zi Yan smiled nervously, “Sir is too generous. Serving Sir is this subordinate’s duty, how could this one ask for any further reward?”


Yang Kai laughed, “I’m rich now, very rich! And since you have been sorting out the Space Rings with your subordinates, I’m sure you know that fact as well. Since I’m so wealthy, I can’t forget about you. Your subordinates have all received their rewards, so how could you, who have contributed the most, ask for nothing?”


Guo Zi Yan answered, “Sir, this subordinate really…”


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Think about it carefully. There will surely be something that you want. Why don’t I give you 10 million Open Heaven Pills and you can properly cultivate with them? You should be able to break through to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm in short order with such resources.”


Guo Zi Yan was shocked. This Sir was truly straightforward, giving away 10 million Open Heaven Pills so simply. He had been a Great Commander for Scarlet Star for many, many years, yet he never even had 1 million Open Heaven Pills, much less 10 million.


With this, Yang Kai’s sincerity could be felt even more.


After carefully pondering for a while, Guo Zi Yan smiled embarrassed and scratched his cheek, “Sir, this subordinate has a Daughter…”


Yang Kai said firmly, “This King has several wives already. Before leaving, I was instructed not to pick flowers by the wayside or enjoy secret fruits.”


Guo Zi Yan’s face twitched, “Sir has misunderstood. This subordinate’s daughter has now cultivated to the Emperor Realm. Once this subordinate is out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, then this subordinate is afraid that she will also have begun refining her Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements to break through to the Open Heaven Realm. This subordinate wishes to ask for materials for her.”


Yang Kai’s interest was aroused, “Oh? How is your Daughter’s aptitude?”


Guo Zi Yan beamed, “Her aptitude is definitely better than her father’s. She has hope to directly enter the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm!”


“En, not bad indeed.” Yang Kai nodded, “Where is she? Bring her to me and let me take a look at her. If her aptitude is really not bad, then you can even ask for Sixth-Order materials.”




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