Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4056, Are You Here to Seek Revenge


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Yang Kai slowly got up and raised his hand towards the void, summoning his Azure Dragon Spear. When he grasped the spear this time, its aura suddenly felt different compared to before. When he was holding the Azure Dragon Spear before, it just felt like he was holding a large and lethal weapon, but now, there was a wonderful harmonization between them, as if this Azure Dragon Spear had become one with his own body.


With a flourish of his spear, Yang Kai thrust out.


One Spear Ten Kills!


*Duo duo duo duo…* 


Ten spear strikes bloomed instantly one after another, each one quicker than the last, layering over each other. When the final thrust was executed, the power was truly twice as powerful as the first.


Even though it was his first time practising a Secret Technique, Yang Kai’s study over the past month and the strong foundation was enough for him to successfully perform One Spear Ten Kills on his first attempt.


Without pause, Yang Kai’s aura underwent a drastic change as the Azure Dragon Spear suddenly shook and seemed to turn into a lightning bolt that cut through space.


Thunder Spear Burst!


This move could only be performed by those who cultivated a Thunder Attribute Secret Art, and since he came here mainly to refine his Spear Dao to further enhance the power of the Azure Dragon Spear in his hands, Yang Kai did not reject any kind of technique.


With a flick of the spear, a spear-like shadow that stretched up to the sky enveloped the space in front of him, turning it into an iron wall to protect himself.


Spear Dragon Wall!


This was a rarely-seen defensive Spear Secret Technique. Spears were the Kings of weapons and any who used the spear would use ferocious techniques to take out their enemies as swiftly as possible. Defence was hardly considered, because once one begins to have such thoughts, he will only weaken their momentum, which would negatively affect their ability to fight.


But this Spear Dragon Wall was a good defensive art. Even when it served to defend, it was able to deal damage, which was extraordinary.


The Azure Dragon Spear danced endlessly. One by one, Spear Secret Techniques were being brought to light under Yang Kai’s hands. The Secret Techniques recorded in each jade slip were performed by Yang Kai as smoothly as flowing water, stirring up the winds on the mountaintop. The noise split through the Heavens alongside a faint Dragon Roar in the background. Yang Kai gradually forgot everything around him, even the passage of time, completely immersing himself in this wonderful state.


There were more than a thousand jade slips that Yang Kai obtained relating to Spear Secret Techniques. In other words, Yang Kai had fully memorized these techniques in just one month of study. Even if it was his first time performing the techniques, it did not seem the slightest bit difficult. He could basically perform all of the techniques, but how powerful they were was hard to say.


By the time Yang Kai had performed all the spear techniques, six days had passed.


But he did not stop there. Starting from One Spear Ten Kills, he did it all over again!


No one taught him how to perform these techniques. He had to explore them himself, using his own insights and might. So, using the simplest and most brute-force method, Yang Kai simply practised over and over again, figuring the day these techniques were burned into his instinct was the day that he succeeded.


Time passed, and a month later, after the final thrust of his spear, Yang Kai recalled his spear and stood in place.


In this one month’s time, Yang Kai had performed Spear Secret Techniques, one after another, at least five times over. As he did so, he realized that what he understood was not enough. Despite the fact that many of these Spear Secret Techniques were not too high in grade, there were some interesting points about some of them that made his eyes glimmer.


The more he performed them, the more things he could dig out from these techniques.


After calming down his rushing blood, Yang Kai put away his Azure Dragon Spear and tidied his clothes before turning around and returning to the Star City.


With the Space Beacon in place, he could come and go as he pleased.


Even though Yue He did not contact him during this period, meaning nothing big happened, Yang Kai still had to show up every so often to make his presence known. Otherwise, how would he be willing to stop his own cultivation halfway?


After walking out of the room and sweeping the area with his Divine Sense, he found where Guo Zi Yan was and sent him a message, telling him to meet him later.


A few moments later, Yang Kai found Guo Zi Yan at the pavilion in the courtyard.


After what happened last time, Guo Zi Yan had clearly taken a more respectful attitude toward Yang Kai. It could be because of his daughter, but also possibly because he realized that Yang Kai was a man true to his word.


After the usual greetings, Yang Kai asked, “Did anything happen recently?”


Guo Zi Yan smiled, “Thanks to Sir, everything has been peaceful.”


After a few questions and answers, Yang Kai learned about the situation during his absence. First, Guo Zi Yan’s several dozen subordinates had all basically been busy cultivating. The ones who had been awarded materials by Yang Kai naturally intensified their efforts in order to refine these Elements. For those who had yet to even form their Dao Seals, they were strengthening their foundations under Guo Zi Yan’s strict guidance so that when the day came for them to form their Dao Seals, it would become stronger and able to carry higher Order Element Powers.


Then, there was the situation of the Star City and Scarlet Star itself. Since spreading out the news of Yang Kai becoming one of their Foreign Elders, Scarlet Star’s reputation, which had fallen all the way to the ground, had now shot up to the Heavens. It could now be said to be the most powerful force in the entire Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Recently, they managed to recruit as many as 5,000 new members.


The entirety of the Star City had already been expanded to several times its original size. Whether it be the size or the number of cultivators gathered here, both were more than three or four times greater than before.


Yue He had been staying in Scarlet Star so she could monitor their income, lest they engage in any mischief; after all, 70% of everything Scarlet Star earned belonged to Yang Kai, and he had not returned for the past two months.


Great Moon Province’s three disciples, with Meng Hong at the lead, had entered retreat to cultivate. Even Chen Yue was refining her Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements.


Guo Zi Yan scratched his head embarrassedly, “Right now, I am the only one still idle. So, Sir, if you have any requests, please just give the order and this subordinate will handle them for you.”


He was stuck in the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm and had no hope other than to slowly increase his Order through the consumption of Open Heaven Pills. However, that was not something that could be rushed. It had to be done through a long period of accumulation, not overnight.


But Yang Kai really had nothing to order him to do. The situation he was in now could not be better. He could cultivate with ease and enjoy success without extra work, only needing to go over to check on the Seventh-Order or above materials once news of them came in. If he could fully refine his Yin, Yang and the Five Elements before the closure of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, then that would be perfect.


As he waved Guo Zi Yan down, indicating for him to withdraw, he was just about to return to Crouching Dragon Mountain to cultivate when he suddenly frowned and muttered, “Those two…”


Before he could finish, he heard a rumble coming from underground, as if lightning had shot through the floor.


Guo Zi Yan’s face changed. Unsheathing his sword, he stood in front of Yang Kai to protect him. His aura had burst out like a panther on a hunt as he stared vigilantly at the ground.


Yang Kai patted him on the shoulder, indicating for him to calm down, “It’s just my two spirit beasts. They must have felt my aura and come to beg for food.”


A large pit suddenly appeared in the ground, and from there, a wriggling muzzle popped out, followed by a black and slippery-looking creature that rushed into the courtyard and turned over the rockery and the gazebo.


If it was not the Earth Dragon, who else could this disgusting fellow be?


After the Earth Dragon appeared, the Scarlet Flood Dragon also rushed over.


Both of them were several hundred metres long, so even though the courtyard was not small, it was still on the brink of bursting with the addition of the two of them.


Guo Zi Yan was pushed all the way back, and without a place to stand, he was forced to fly to the sky and look down speechlessly.


The Earth Dragon made its way over to Yang Kai and its muzzle was writhing without end, even opening its mouth at him occasionally. Its meaning could not be more obvious.


Even though the Scarlet Flood Dragon did not do the same, it also roamed around Yang Kai’s side, occasionally peering at him with its eyes in anticipation.


When he first met these two, their bodies were both around 300 metres long, but now, they had both grown to a length of around 450 metres, which could be said to be a massive growth! For Ominous Beasts like them, the greater the size naturally meant the greater their strength, too.


This was due to the Dragon Blood Pills. The Dragon Blood Flowers that Yang Kai harvested from Crouching Dragon Mountain were all of extremely high Grade, so the Dragon Blood Pills refined from them were naturally extraordinary as well. Yang Kai never forgot to take some while cultivating his Spear Secret Techniques, too, which showed obvious improvements for him. Since it was the case even for him, then there was no need to mention how great the improvements were for the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flood Dragon.


The amount of Dragon Blood Pills he refined the last time was quite big, and that place was originally the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s territory, so Yang Kai could be considered to have robbed the Scarlet Flood Dragon’s belongings. Now that he came to ask for food, there was no way Yang Kai could reject him.


And if he gave the Scarlet Flood Dragon some, how could he neglect the Earth Dragon?


Fortunately, they were not very needy and were satisfied after a single pill, which would take them a long time for them to digest. If their appetites were any greater, Yang Kai would start to feel reluctant to feed them.


Tossing out two Dragon Blood Pills, the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flood Dragon devoured them with joy. With a shake of its tail, the Earth Dragon slipped back into the hole and disappeared without a trace, but the Scarlet Flood Dragon stayed. Divine Sense surging, it transmitted a message to Yang Kai.


Thanks to the Dragon Blood Pills his sentience had improved, so simple messages were no problem for him.


Yang Kai frowned, feeling slightly puzzled, “Why is she here?”


The Scarlet Flood Dragon’s Divine Sense surged again. A short while later, Yang Kai nodded, “I understand. Don’t worry, I’ll go and take a look.”


After the Scarlet Flood Dragon had also crawled back into the hole, Yang Kai said to Guo Zi Yan, “I’m going out.”


Guo Zi Yan hurriedly responded, “Let this subordinate accompany you.”


“No need. I’m just going to meet a… Yes, an old friend.”


After that, he left, leaving Guo Zi Yan behind with questions unanswered. He had no idea who this old friend Yang Kai was speaking of was.


A hundred or so kilometres outside the Star City, at a log house on a small mountain peak, a graceful-bodied woman was looking out, unmoving, just like a rock.


Suddenly, a breeze blew her long hair gently.


The woman could tell instinctively that something was not right at that moment, but she could not tell what was wrong. Just as she was feeling doubtful, a voice suddenly sounded behind her, “Are you here to seek revenge?”


Shocked, the woman turned around in a hurry, but once she saw who it was, she once again calmed down.


Yang Kai looked strangely at her and shook his head, “I don’t sense any killing intent from you, no resentment or hatred either. Since you are not here to seek revenge, then why are you stalking me?”


This woman was Sword Pavilion’s Lu Xue. He had no idea why she would suddenly appear here…




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