Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4059, Meeting Xu Zhen Again


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Back at the residence, in front of Yang Kai’s room, a charmingly naive and fair-skinned little fatty stood side by side with Yue He, waiting with an anxious look on his face.


The little fatty was Divine Cauldron Heaven’s Xu Zhen, who had left after refining the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd for Yang Kai. Now it seemed he had successfully refined his Metal Element. His appearance here was proof of it.


He was a disciple of Divine Cauldron Heaven, so his aptitude was extraordinary. He had come seeking Yang Kai in order to ask for a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, naturally because he was certain he could refine it.


“Elder Sister, when will Brother Yang come out of seclusion?” Xu Zhen turned to ask Yue He.


“I don’t know either.”


Yue He slowly shook her head, “Usually, Young Master would appear once every two months before going back into retreat. I have no idea what happened this time, but I have not heard anything from him for an entire year.”


Xu Zhen glanced around and asked worriedly, “Brother Yang has not had a dissonance in his cultivation, has he?”


Yue He’s face changed, “How can that be? Young Master has such phenomenal aptitude and such abundant resources that it is impossible for him to suffer cultivation dissonance, not to mention that he should not have reached a critical point yet. He should not be in any danger.”


The little fatty shook his head, “It is hard to say. The path of cultivation is treacherous, and the consequences are unpredictable.”


Yue He became worried at his words, and she also started to doubt herself.


Xu Zhen struck while the iron was hot, “Why don’t I break the barrier, then we can check on his condition?”


“Forgo that thought!”


Yue He glared at him. Having seen this little fatty’s abilities before, she knew that he would not need to spend too much effort if he truly wanted to break the isolation barrier, but if he did so, then he was bound to disturb Yang Kai. If Yang Kai truly happened to have reached that critical juncture in his cultivation, even if he did not have a dissonance in his cultivation now, he would after.


Xu Zhen laughed embarrassedly, “I was just kidding, please quell your anger, Elder Sister. Ah, what a shame. This one would have liked to present Brother Yang with another opportunity, but it seems… oh? He’s out!”


The barrier around the room in front of them suddenly closed before the door was opened softly. A brave and heroic figure stepped out. Who could it be if not Yang Kai?


Yue He smiled and could finally rest her uneasy heart, going up to greet him with a smile. After just two steps though, her smile stiffened on her face when she saw the person behind Yang Kai, staring at her, stunned.


Xu Zhen was also a little dumbfounded, turning to Yue He to ask, “Elder Sister, did you not say that Brother Yang was in retreat? This… How did this…”


[Who would bring a woman with them while going into retreat?! And he was even with one of the leaders of Sword Pavilion!]


[It was said that Yang Kai had spent an entire year in retreat. Tsk tsk tsk. What has he been doing for that one year?] Xu Zhen could not help but let his mind wander when he looked at Lu Xue, envious of Yang Kai’s good fortune.


“What are you doing here?” When Yang Kai looked up and saw Xu Zhen and Yue He, he felt it to be strange. The little fatty had a wretched smile on his face, but Yue He’s face was livid. Her tender body was shaking and fire was practically spewing from her eyes. She was constantly staring through him, at something behind him.


Yang Kai looked over and saw the blushing Lu Xue before quickly shrinking his neck in realization as he muttered, “I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding…”


There was a Space Beacon placed inside his room that allowed him to come to and go from Crouching Dragon Mountain, so he naturally returned to that room. It would have been fine if nobody had seen anything, but once he was caught in the act, it would inevitably lead others to think of things that they shouldn’t.


“Yes, a very great misunderstanding indeed!” Yue He scoffed and turned around, flicking her sleeve behind her. A cold aura was left everywhere she passed, which made Guo Zi Yan, who just entered, a little nervous. He immediately rushed aside so as not to be dragged in.


Xu Zhen laughed wretchedly, “Brother Yang’s backyard is on fire! Why don’t you go and put out the fire first and we can talk later?”


Yang Kai had a stern look, “Brother Xu, you really have misunderstood. It is not what you think.”


Xu Zhen said, “It’s useless to explain to me.”


Yang Kai looked at Lu Xue, then back at him, and shook his head speechlessly. He did not try to explain anything and just gave instructions to Guo Zi Yan, “Lady Lu Xue is now one of our people. So take her and settle her down in a suitable room.”


“One of our people!”


Guo Zi Yan was shocked, feeling as if there were a deeper meaning behind Yang Kai’s words, so he quickly responded, “Yes!”


After excusing herself, Lu Xue left with Guo Zi Yan.


Guo Zi Yan treated her with great respect on the way, as if she was the Mistress of the household, which only made Lu Xue feel even more embarrassed.


Inside the reception hall, Chen Yue served up a pot of tea before excusing herself respectfully. Yang Kai and Xu Zhen sat across the table from each other, and only then did Xu Zhen reveal his intentions for coming.


“Brother Yang, I have another big opportunity for you!”


He had refined the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd for Yang Kai the last time he said something similar, so Yang Kai was excited to hear him say so again. He urged with curiosity, “Do tell, Brother Xu.”


Xu Zhen told him, “For a genius of Brother Yang’s calibre, what Brother Yang refined is definitely a Seventh-Order Fire Element, right?”


“That is correct.”


There was no way of hiding it. Yue He had already told him that once the Divine Manifestation, Golden Crow Casts the Sun, was revealed, it was the same as announcing this fact to the world.


Xu Zhen began, “The Seventh-Order Golden Crow’s True Fire can only be suppressed by a Seventh-Order Wood Element, so Brother Yang must also have a Seventh-Order Wood Element Power. During the battle two years ago, Brother Yang used an Earth Divine Ability as a shield. I could tell that the shield is unusually strong and an extraordinary Divine Ability in its own right. Obviously, it must also be of Seventh-Order. In other words, Brother Yang must have gathered at least three Seventh-Order Elements, Wood, Fire, and Earth.”


“Brother Yang has taken such a tremendous risk and did not hesitate to fight against thousands, blocking the passage at the very end and checking everyone’s Space Rings back on the Yuan Magnetic Mountain. I believe your intentions must have been to seek a Seventh-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone.” Speaking up to here, Xu Zhen slowly shook his head, “Unfortunately, though the resources on that Yuan Magnetic Mountain were abundant, no Seventh-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone was produced, which must have been a great disappointment.”


Yang Kai looked at him with a smile, “Brother Xu, have you heard of this saying before?”


“What saying?” Xu Zhen was curious.


“Smart people usually don’t live long.” 


This fatty had met him twice, and even those times were quite brief. Yang Kai was surprised that Xu Zhen was actually able to deduce so many things about him and almost dug up everything about him despite their limited contact.


Xu Zhen quickly waved his hands, “I was just saying. Please don’t blame me, Brother Yang. However, Brother Yang’s ambitions of reaching the Seventh-Order Open Realm in a single leap are now clear.”


Yang Kai looked calmly at him, his expression showing neither happiness nor anger.


“I came this time for matters relating to a Seventh-Order treasure!” Xu Zhen suddenly lowered his voice.


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Seventh-Order treasure? Of what Element?”


If it were either Wood, Fire, or Earth, then it would not be worth much to him, but if it were any other Element, then he definitely must obtain it. Since entering the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai had only found the Earth Dragon Bead, which was also something he had encountered by chance, at the Seventh Order. It was hard to find Seventh-Order materials even in a natural treasure trove such as this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, much less anywhere else.


Last time, during the Golden Crow carcass’s appearance, great forces of all over were alerted and everyone fought to get their hands on it. A few High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters even joined the fray. If a material of the Seventh Order truly did appear in the 3,000 Worlds, it would not be Yang Kai’s turn to fight for it.


For him, the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was his greatest chance.


“If I’m not mistaken, it should be of the Water Element!”


“Water Element!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. After Metal came Water, which was still useful for him. Even if he couldn’t refine it now, there was nothing wrong in collecting it ahead of time.


But rather than becoming tempted, Yang Kai looked suspiciously at Xu Zhen, “Brother Xu, if a Seventh-Order Water Element material has appeared, why not just take it for yourself? What did you come to me with this news for? Don’t tell me that there are two such treasures…”


“Seventh-Order materials are so precious that finding even one is considered a blessing from the Heavens. How could there be two?” Xu Zhen shook his head and laughed, “Only, the trip might be slightly dangerous. Brother Yang’s strength is great, so I am also dragging you over to bolster my own courage.”


Naturally, Yang Kai did not believe his words. This little fatty was one Divine Cauldron Heaven’s Core Disciples. Even though Yang Kai had never seen Xu Zhen fight before, he must not be weak. But even he called the trip dangerous, so it must truly be a terrifying journey. He was most likely recruiting Yang Kai to increase his battle strength.


“I will not hide it from Brother Yang. The two of us will not be the only ones going. That place was actually discovered by a friend of mine, and there will be around five or six of us going on this trip.”


“Five or six!” Yang Kai was amazed. Xu Zhen had called these people his friends, and anyone he could call a friend must have an extraordinary background and strength. It was most likely that they were all the elite disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises.


Grinning, Yang Kai asked, “There is only one Seventh-Order treasure, but around six of us. How will it be split?”


Xu Zhen said with a smile, “We will travel together, but once we arrive, then every man will face his own destiny in life or death!”


“An interesting proposition!” Yang Kai’s emotions were churning. He hadn’t been on such an adventure in a long time, so just listening to Xu Zhen talk about it made his blood boil. He wanted nothing more than to set out right now.


“Does that mean Brother Yang agrees?” Xu Zhen looked at him.


“There is one problem.” Yang Kai looked at him, puzzled, “Brother Xu has asked me for the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone last time, so you must be cultivating Sixth-Order Elements. Why are you coveting this Seventh-Order material?”


Xu Zhen explained seriously, “Among the Yin, Yang and Five Elements, Wood and Water are the gentlest and their impact on one’s Dao Seal is the smallest. Even though I aspire to enter the Sixth-Order, condensing Seventh-Order Wood and Water Elements should pose no problem to me. Did Brother Yang’s Master not tell you this?”


Yang Kai suddenly realized that Xu Zhen’s approach was just as he had speculated to his dozens of subordinates. Even though some of their foundations were already set, it was possible to build on it to gain even greater strength from certain Elements.


If he did not guess wrong, then the Wood Element Power that this little fatty cultivated should be of the Seventh Order. Only, the rest of his elements were in the Sixth-Order, which meant he would eventually break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Of course, Yang Kai had no Master or Elders to tell him about these intricacies. Even though the Proprietress treated him well, she clearly did not expect his ambitions to be so high and never even thought of telling him about such things. There was a lot of common-sense information that he had to hear from Yue He.


After laughing and brushing the matter aside, Yang Kai continued, “By the way, there is one matter that I wish to seek Brother Xu’s help with.”


Xu Zhen asked, “What is it?”


“I wish to hire Brother Xu to arrange a Grand Array in this Star City to increase its defences!”


Xu Zhen could not help but feel a little speechless, “This is Scarlet Star’s Star City. Brother Yang is merely a Foreign Elder in name, so why do you care so much?”


“It will be beneficial to me, definitely.” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully.


Xu Zhen could not refuse, so he could only say, “What about this. I will help you once we return. It is too late for that now. I have already agreed with my friends to meet in five days. We have to set off tomorrow or we will not make it in time.”




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