Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4061, Qualification


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Yang Kai had experienced the benefits of Yin-Yang Union before, so he naturally knew that the orthodox Secret Arts of dual cultivation were not comparable to those underhanded Yang or Yin Qi harvesting Secret Techniques, so he did have some insight into the matter.


These words went straight into Qu Hua Shang’s heart and rather than keep causing trouble for Xu Zhen, she looked at Yang Kai with beautiful glowing eyes, “At least this Brother here is understanding. Little Brother, if you have the time, we should discuss the art of dual cultivation.”


“Yes, I’m sure we’ll have the chance,” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


Xu Zhen was dumbfounded. Yang Kai had already been hooked by this seductress! He got hooked by Qu Hua Shang as soon as she arrived! What a great scandal! He was now regretting bringing Yang Kai here. To think he failed to see what a pervert this guy was!


A look of contempt also flashed past Lin Feng’s eyes and he coldly snorted, “Fatty, you’re the one who brought him here, so don’t be blaming anyone if he dies on the road.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “If I really end up dead, then my lack of abilities is to blame, not anyone else.”


“Now that’s what a man should say,” Lin Feng looked Yang Kai up and down as if to re-evaluate him.


Xu Zhen interrupted, “Enough of that nonsense for now. Since we’re all here, Lin Feng, tell them the situation about the Water Element treasure.”


“We can talk as we walk to save time,” Lin Feng said.


“Sounds like a good idea,” Xu Zhen agreed.


Gu Pan got up, and Ning Dao Ran also floated down from the top of the tree. With a beckon, a willow leaf suddenly appeared, growing in size until it suddenly formed a willow leaf boat, which befuddled Yang Kai.


This willow lead did not give off the aura of an artifact at all, as if it were just an ordinary willow leaf. He had no idea what sort of mysterious technique Ning Dao Ran had used to produce such an amazing result.


Everyone boarded the boat while Ning Dao Ran stood at the bow. Riding on the wind, the boat broke through the air.


Yang Kai raised his foot and stomped on the boat, discovering that this little boat was actually quite sturdy. Even a casual punch from him might not be enough to destroy it. He realized that as he thought, each one of these Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples had great ability. This was true for Xu Zhen, Ning Dao Ran, and most likely for Lin Feng, Gu Pan, and Qu Hua Shang as well. None of them were soft persimmons.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel envious; after all, having someone to learn from surely had great benefits. There was someone there to teach them everything they wanted to learn, and they did not have to worry about cultivation resources either, much unlike him. He had to build up from nothing everywhere he went, putting his life on the line for his struggle without the love and care of either Elders or Masters. Even the path of cultivation had to be advanced along blindly, taking it one step at a time.


Yang Kai sighed in his heart while Lin Feng had already begun telling them about the situation with the Water Element treasure.


These Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples also happened to be in the Star City when it was devoured by the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog, but they immediately realized that this was an opportunity, unlike the cultivators who knew little about the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Which one of these Cave-Heavens or Paradises did not have inheritances spanning hundreds of thousands of years, or even longer?


They must have a lot of secret records, and there may even be Seniors who had come and gone from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. As such, these five more or less knew some information about the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Therefore, they separated from each other as soon as they arrived to seek out their own opportunities.


During the past few years, they had also each gained some benefits. Needless to say, Xu Zhen had refined the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and exchanged it with Yang Kai for a Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone, which was considered a great profit for him. Even though he was a Divine Cauldron Heaven disciple, it would still take an immense amount of time and effort in order to acquire a Sixth-Order Metal Element material; after all, Sixth-Order treasures were not like wild vegetables which could be found everywhere.


The others were also able to gain similar harvests.


Lin Feng travelled far and wide on his search, and by chance, during one of his trips to this part of the sea, he sensed the abundant aura of a Water Element treasure from a certain island. The aura was extremely rich and far surpassed any other Water Element treasure that he had come across before.


“It has to be a Seventh-Order or perhaps even an Eighth-Order Water Element treasure!” Lin Feng quickly said with a burning gaze.


Everyone’s breathing quickened!


A Seventh or Eighth-Order Water Element treasure was so precious that it may not even appear once in a thousand years, and when brought to the outside, could suppress the shine of all other precious treasure. Yet, one appeared in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


“I’m afraid it probably won’t be that easy to obtain,” Qu Hua Shang said with a smile, “If it could so easily be obtained, then there is no way you would have called us over to help, Lin Feng.”


Lin Feng said, “Naturally, it won’t be easy to obtain. There are many strange Sea Clan members on that island, and the Water Element treasure seems to be very important to them. The closer I got, the heavier their defences became. I tried four times to get my hands on it, but I was forced back each time.”


“Sea Clan?” Everyone was shocked.


Xu Zhen asked, “Are there Masters amongst the Sea Clan?”


Lin Feng shook his head slowly, “They aren’t exactly strong. If we were to fight one-on-one, then they would not be my opponent. Unfortunately, there are too many of them! This Lin’s two fists can’t block four punches!”


“But did you see the Water Element treasure with your own eyes?” Qu Hua Shang asked, “What does it look like?”


Lin Feng blushed, “I didn’t see it…” Everyone looked strangely at him, which forced him to become angry out of shame, “Even though I never got to see it, I’m sure it is either Seventh or Eighth- Order! If you don’t want to go, then I’ll go alone. I have to get my hands on that treasure no matter what!”


Xu Zhen quickly went, “Yes, yes, yes, of course we’re going! How could we not go and take a look?”


Qu Hua Shang also nodded, “That’s right.”


Ning Dao Ran, who had been standing at the bow of the boat this whole time, did not say a single word, almost as if nothing concerned him. Gu Pan also kept her head down and constantly kept herself busy. Neither of the two expressed anything at all, showcasing their unique personalities.


Lin Feng, standing with both hands behind his back, swept a glance at Yang Kai and declared, “Going is one thing, but let me remind everyone in advance that there are six of us, but only one Water Element treasure. Don’t blame this Lin for being unforgiving later when it comes time to fight for it!”


Qu Hua Shang smiled, “Of course, the rest of us feel the same. If Senior Brother Lin were beaten to death by any of us later, then we hope you won’t hold a grudge in the next life.”


Lin Feng coldly snorted, “If you have the ability, try and beat me to death as you wish!” Suddenly, he turned to Yang Kai, “I know how strong all of you are, so all of you have the qualifications to fight with this Lin, but as for him…”


Yang Kai smiled, “Is Senior Brother Lin curious to find out?”


“If you do not have the ability, then I will beat you to death now so you don’t hold us back.”


Qu Hua Shang frowned, “Is beating people to death the only thing you can think of? Can’t you act more like a gentleman? Take a look at Senior Brother Ning, for example!”


Even though it was her first time meeting Yang Kai, it was also the first time she had encountered someone who did not look down on her for cultivating Yin-Yang Union and was even willing to join her in discussing such methods. This helped her form a good impression of him.


“No matter.” Yang Kai raised a hand, “It is normal for Senior Brother Lin to have such concerns. I just don’t know how Senior Brother Lin intends to verify whether I am qualified or not.”


Lin Feng slowly raised a palm, “If you can take three palms from me and stay alive, then that proves that you have the qualification.”


Ning Dao Ran, who had been standing still the whole time, slowly turned around and interjected, “The boat will break!”


Lin Feng roared, “Who cares about your damn boat!”


Ning Dao Ran kept silent, saying nothing more.


Yang Kai grinned, “Being taken advantage of by Senior Brother Lin on the first meeting? That would hurt the harmonious atmosphere here. But since Senior Brother Lin wishes to test my abilities, then I shall accept.”


Having said so, Yang Kai suddenly leapt backwards, jumping straight into the sea and disappearing from sight.


Lin Feng was stunned, Qu Hua Shang was dumbfounded, and Gu Pan suddenly coughed, as if she were choking on something, pounding at her chest with her small hand.


From what they could feel from their Divine Senses, Yang Kai was rapidly moving away, and soon left their perception range.


Only after a long time did Lin Feng’s brow twitch, “He ran off?” He then glared at Xu Zhen, “That’s the helper that you found? Are your eyes growing out of your ass? How dare you bring some stray cat or dog!”


Xu Zhen scratched his head, “That’s strange…”


Yang Kai could face thousands of enemies all on his own without even a change in his expression, so how could he be afraid of sparring with Lin Feng?


But if he were not afraid, why did he run? Xu Zhen was puzzled.


Qu Hua Shang also shook her head and sighed, “And here I thought he was a decent man. Turns out he’s nothing more than an embroidered pillow. Nice in appearance, but not of much use.”


“Something’s coming,” Xu Zhen’s expression suddenly changed.


Everyone could sense it as soon as he said that.


Lin Feng shouted, “I forgot to tell you. I’m afraid my journey to the island has not been too peaceful. There are many Sea Beasts in the surrounding waters, and all of them have extraordinary strength. They are at a great advantage when fighting in the sea, so it won’t be easy even if we want to kill them. Be careful, here it comes!”


The willow leaf boat suddenly lifted a thousand meters into the air and drifted off nimbly to avoid the incoming attack from the sea.


When they looked down, they all saw a huge creature rushing up to the Heavens.


“Wah, what a big octopus!” Qu Hua Shang exclaimed as she shaded her eyes with her hand.


A huge octopus came out from under the sea. It had tentacles covered in suckers that spanned more than a thousand meters across, dancing about with great force as if it could even flatten a large mountain.


“This wicked creature again? I ran into this guy during my last trip and fought with him for an incense stick of time. I almost killed it, but unfortunately, I let it escape. Since it dares to come out again, then it better not think it can go back alive!” Lin Feng stepped forward, his murderous intent tumbling.


“This octopus…” Xu Zhen was stunned. He stared at the creature with a strange expression, because the octopus’s round eyes were filled with fear and horror at this moment. Moreover, its tentacles seemed to be flailing about randomly and it did not seem to have come out on its own initiative to attack them. Instead, it seemed as if it had been forced out of the sea by an attacker.


Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the sea with a splash, rushing straight towards the octopus, reaching it in a flash.


Seemingly able to sense the approaching crisis, the octopus’s eight tentacles flailed about, sweeping below its body.


But the figure did not care. Taking a deep breath, they raised a fist and punched out, hitting the octopus’s soft abdomen.


There was a blast, and then a layer of ripples suddenly spread out. The octopus’s eight tentacles suddenly turned stiff as its round eyes bulged.


Before everyone’s stunned gaze, the octopus the size of a small mountain suddenly burst apart in mid-air, transforming into a mist of blood that sprinkled down onto the surface of the ocean. A mess of flesh and blood spread out for several dozen kilometres around them, bobbing on the water’s surface, leading to a feeding frenzy for the other Sea Beasts.


They were all shocked!




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