Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4062, Grouping


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Yang Kai’s body moved through the bloody mist, and landed back on the willow leaf boat before grinning and Lin Feng, “I wonder if my punch is enough to meet Senior Brother Lin’s eyes.”


Lin Feng’s face twitched for a while before he coldly snorted, “All you have is brute force.”


The strength required to toss up such a large octopus from the sea was indeed beyond his reach, and the ability to smash the octopus to pieces with one punch was further proof of Yang Kai’s strength. However, brute force was not the only thing a cultivator’s heritage was judged by; there was also the depth of that strength, the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques that they cultivated, as well as the artifacts they possessed.


But it was still awkward to see Yang Kai punch this octopus to death after he just recounted how he failed to take it down even after fighting it for an incense stick worth of time the last time he encountered it.


“Does that mean I’m qualified?” Yang Kai smiled at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng coldly snorted, adding nothing more to the conversation.


“Little Brother Yang sure is so strong!” Qu Hua Shang’s eyes were glowing. While speaking, she came over to squeeze Yang Kai’s arm muscles, exclaiming, “Such solid muscles!”


“I have stronger muscles elsewhere, if Big Sister Qu is interested in touching them.” Yang Kai winked at her.


Qu Hua Shang glared at him and pouted, “Naughty boy!”


Yang Kai broke out in laughter.


Lin Feng scolded through gritted teeth, “Shameless!”


The little fatty, Xu Zhen, also could not help but sigh as he held his forehead.


As they continued on their journey with the willow leaf boat moving through the air, Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang sat shoulder to shoulder to the side, muttering together with their heads close, but it was not known what they were talking about. They seemed deeply immersed in their conversation and Qu Hua Shang would also raise a tender fist to punch Yang Kai from time to time while giggling, as if the two of them were flirting. It was simply hard for one to watch.


The sea was full of dangers from the many large Sea Beasts that moved unhindered beneath the surface of the water. They would scurry out from time to time when they felt the aura of living people to block their way.


But the people on the boat all had extraordinary heritages. Despite their ferocity, these Sea Beasts could not beat them. They would often be killed before they could even approach. A reign of terror was left in the wake of the willow leaf boat.


Yang Kai was also fortunate enough to see the techniques of these Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples through this journey. As he expected, they were all extraordinarily strong. The Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques that these five possessed stemming from their Yin, Yang, and Five Elements were especially eye-opening.


Yang Kai could not help but feel that he had just popped out of the ground and seen the Great World in the company of these people. It was a novel feeling.


He wished to share a few words with Gu Pan and form a friendly relationship with her, which would make it more convenient for him to ask for information about Zhang Ruo Xi. Unfortunately, that seductress Qu Hua Shang was constantly latched onto him to discuss the profound mysteries of Yin-Yang Union. So, Yang Kai had no choice but to give up.


Then again, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s dual cultivation techniques were indeed profound. After a long discussion with Qu Hua Shang, Yang Kai felt that he had gained a lot. It was a pity that Su Yan was not around; otherwise, he could have gotten some practical experience. Qu Hua Shang was clearly inspired by Yang Kai as well, and the more they talked and got to know each other, the more they regretted not having met sooner.


Three days later, the willow leaf boat suddenly descended and landed on a lonely skerry.


As Ning Dao retrieved his willow leaf, everyone scanned the surroundings.


Lin Feng pointed his finger in a certain direction, “See that island over there? The Water Element treasure is on that island. It’s not a small island. I came here several times before, but I could never get to it. This time, we’re sure to get our hands on the treasure with the six of us all cooperating.”


Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing at, and sure enough, there was an island far away on the horizon.


From this position, the island did not look big; however, it had to be known that they were at least a thousand kilometres from the island! It may not look big here, but it would definitely not look small once they got close.


Xu Zhen turned to Yang Kai, “This is how it is, Yang Kai. We have already discussed beforehand that since we are six, we will split up into three groups of two and approach the island from different directions. The rest will be up to your own abilities, so others should have no complaints.”


They were originally five, and they would be one short if they were to split up into groups of two or three. If not, he would not have gone to look for Yang Kai for help. He had also seen Yang Kai’s abilities before, so he naturally sought him out to make up the numbers, which would also make their trip much safer.


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded.


“Then let’s split into groups, how about going with me?” Xu Zhen immediately proposed when he saw that Yang Kai did not object.


But as soon as he finished saying that, Qu Hua Shang had already latched onto Yang Kai’s arm, as if she were intent on clinging onto him, “I’m grouping with Little Brother Yang!” She had been chatting happily with Yang Kai on the boat for the past three days, so she naturally wanted to go with him.


“No!”” Both Xu Zhen and Lin Feng objected in unison.


“Why not?” Qu Hua Shang’s face darkened.


Lin Feng coldly snorted, “You two filthy fornicators have been flirting with each other throughout the whole trip. If the two of you were really left alone, then who knows what immoral things would happen? Whether you live or die is none of my concern, but what if you put the rest of us in danger?”


Qu Hua Shang fumed, “Who are you calling filthy fornicators? Say that again if you dare!”


“So what if I insult you?” Lin Feng showed no weakness.


Seeing that everyone was beginning to quarrel before they could even break into groups, Xu Zhen said with a headache, “Enough. Cut it out, all of you. Brother Lin’s words may not sound pleasant, but I have to agree. You mustn’t ever be in the same group as Brother Yang, you seductress!”


Qu Hua Shang sneered, “Then who do you expect me to group with?”


Xu Zhen looked at the brothers and pointed to someone, “You can go with Brother Ning.”


Qu Hua Shang jumped up in rage, “You want me to group up with that wooden blockhead? You fatty! You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”


Ning Dao Ran followed the natural path and allowed nothing to weigh him down, which was the exact opposite of her demeanour and temperament, so she naturally was not happy with this arrangement.


“Then, let us go,” Ning Dao Ran declared, as if he did not hear a single word she said, making his way step by step towards the island.


Qu Hua Shang was furious and grit her teeth so hard that they almost cracked. Seeing that Ning Dao Ran was moving further and further away though, she said helplessly, “Little Brother Yang, we will continue our conversation once we return. I’m looking forward to being able to try dual cultivation with you soon.”


Yang Kai patted her arm, “Take care of yourself!”


“Yes, you must wait for me!” Qu Hua Shang nodded incessantly. Then, tender body turning, she rushed over to catch up with Ning Dao Ran.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw her leave, and he shot a grateful look at Xu Zhen. He might not be able to stand Qu Hua Shang’s burning enthusiasm if he were forced to stick with her any longer.


“As for Brother Yang…” Xu Zhen glanced at Yang Kai, then with a flash of hesitation on his face, he suggested, “Brother Yang should group with Junior Sister Gu.”


Among the remaining four, Yang Kai and Lin Feng did not get along, so it was naturally impossible for them to group together; otherwise, they might even start trouble with one another. Xu Zhen originally wanted to be in the same group as Yang Kai; after all, Yang Kai was strong. If they encountered any danger, then he was sure to be able to turn danger into safety with Yang Kai’s assistance. However, after some thought, Xu Zhen decided to give that opportunity to Gu Pan instead.


If he and Lin Feng joined forces, they may not be worse off than Yang Kai and Gu Pan’s group.


Naturally, Lin Feng had no problem with it. After Xu Zhen was done settling the grouping, he urged them, “Since we’re ready, let us be on our way. We can’t allow Ning Dao Ran and Qu Hua Shang to get a head start.”


With one step, they had already moved a hundred metres away.


Xu Zhen whispered to Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, Junior Sister Gu is the true heir of Lang Ya Paradise, so her position is extremely high. Do not try anything with her or you’ll be hunted down by them.”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What are you saying, Brother Xu? What kind of person do you take me for?”


Xu Zhen cast him a suspicious look.


He regretted having misjudged this man. Back when he saw Yang Kai walking out of the chamber with Lu Xue at his residence, he should have known he was a licentious fellow. He could not help but worry whether it truly was a good idea to leave Gu Pan in his hands.


Yang Kai turned serious as he snapped, “Hey! I’m really not that kind of man!”


Xu Zhen sighed and patted him on the shoulder, “You better restrain yourself!”


With that, he left to catch up to Lin Feng.


With four leaving, only Yang Kai and Gu Pan remained atop the skerry. Yang Kai was laughing wildly in his heart as he had been worried about whether or not he would be able to find time alone with this girl. Xu Zhen’s arrangement was just like sending him a pillow when he was about to doze off.


But the matter of finding out about Zhang Ruo Xi’s situation couldn’t be rushed. He had to learn about this Gu Pan’s background first.


Turning around, he saw Gu Pan with her head down as usual, busy with something. Yang Kai really had no idea what she had been doing up till now.


“Junior Sister Gu,” Yang Kai showed a harmless smile.


Gu Pan covered her mouth and chewed quickly. He heard a gulp as if she had just swallowed something. Only then did she raise her head and respond softly, “Senior Brother.”


Yang Kai stared at the corner of her mouth and touched his own in the same spot, “Junior Sister, you have something on your face here.”


Gu Pan raised her hand and took off what was stuck to the corner of her mouth. Then, as Yang Kai was watching, she stuffed it into her mouth, sucked on her fingers, and licked her lips.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


He thought that this girl had been cultivating some sort of profound art when he saw her keeping her head down the whole time. But now, it seemed like she was just eating!


He had no idea what could be so delicious that she could not stop herself from eating it. Even more strangely, she didn’t make a single sound as she ate.


Taking a breath, Yang Kai smiled, “Junior Sister, let’s be on our way.”


“En,” Gu Pan nodded obediently.


Then, the two departed from the skerry, making their way towards the island.


A thousand kilometres did not take more than three breaths to cross even if they were focusing on concealing themselves. Looking up, the island truly was huge, too big to estimate from just an initial visual inspection at least. The pair also saw no signs of the four that left before, so they had no idea where they went.


“Senior Brother, should we move to the other side of the island?” Gu Pan suddenly asked when she saw Yang Kai walking straight ahead.


Yang Kai said, “No need. I’m sure they must have taken a different route, so we can just walk straight ahead. We were already behind them, so this will save some time.”


“En.” Gu pan nodded.


“By the way, does Junior Sister have any techniques to conceal one’s aura and figure?”


Gu Pan answered, “I can conceal my aura, but concealing my figure is a little difficult.”


“Then we can use my artifact. Come closer, Junior Sister.”


Gu Pan stuck close to Yang Kai without hesitation.


Raising his hand, Yang Kai enveloped the two of them with his Shadowless Veil. In a flash, their bodies disappeared from sight, making it impossible for others to find any traces of them even if they looked carefully.




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