Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4063, Venturing into the Wilderness


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Shadowless Veil was something that Yang Kai obtained back in Seven Wonders Land. It was originally given to Du Ru Feng by his Master, Fire Spirit Land’s Protector Venerable Duan Hai. Since Du Ru Feng was killed by Yang Kai though, the Shadowless Veil naturally became his trophy.


Duan Hai was in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so the grade of this Shadowless Veil was also extraordinary. As soon as it was summoned, it had the effect of hiding one’s aura and figure. Even a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would find it difficult to see through this artifact, so it was considered a rare treasure.


Back on the Sun Star, Yang Kai had used this artifact to avoid being found by the many Low-Rank and several Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, allowing him to get close to the Golden Crow’s carcass. With great ‘luck’, he coincidentally managed to snatch the Golden Crow’s carcass.


Later, after joining First Inn, the Shadowless Veil was taken away by the Proprietress and handed over to a Grandmaster to be further refined, improving its performance even further.


The Proprietress said that a cultivator in the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm shouldn’t even dream of being able to see through this thing now, and if a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivator was not paying attention, then they might not be able to see any traces either.


In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, where there was no Open Heaven Realm, the Shadowless Veil gave Yang Kai an overwhelming advantage when it came to concealment.


Gu Pan had good eyes, so she could tell how magnificent this artifact was when they were enveloped by the Shadowless Veil and exclaimed, “Senior Brother’s treasure is truly amazing.”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Junior Sister comes from Lang Ya Paradise and is both experienced and knowledgeable. How could such a thing enter Junior Sister’s eyes?”


Gu Pan replied in a sincere tone, “It is my first time coming out to train.”


Yang Kai was stunned, “Then Junior Sister is truly unfortunate.”


Gu Pan dropped her head, appearing sad, “My Master, Senior Brothers, and Senior Sisters must be worried.”


Yang Kai could not bear to see her pitiful appearance and consoled, “Rest assured, you will get out of here one day and will naturally be reunited with them.”


“En, it is as Senior Brother says,” Gu Pan nodded repeatedly.


“Shh!” Yang Kai raised a finger to his lips, “Enough talking for now. We’re entering the island and there are a lot of Sea Clan members there.”


There were indeed many from the Sea Clan stationed on the beach where numerous campfires were lit. There were even houses made of palm leaves next to the fires where many Sea Clan members were coming in and out. Food was being cooked on the fires that exuded a tempting aroma.


Yang Kai quietly looked over and could not help but frown. Sure enough, as Lin Feng said, all of these Sea Clan members had strange appearances. Some had fish heads with gills, while others had webbed feet and hands. Some even had scales all over their bodies.


These Sea Clan members were all humanoid, but none of them looked truly Human. All of them retained a large part of their Sea Monster Beast characteristics.


Yang Kai could not help but be reminded of the mantis head he encountered in Sword Pavilion’s Star City.


Back then, Yang Kai realized that the World Principles of this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary may not be the same as those in the outside world. It must be much more difficult for Monster Beasts to assume human form here.


Many Sea Clan members were gathered together, speaking in a strange language that Yang Kai could not understand, but from how peaceful they seemed, he knew he had guessed right. Lin Feng and the others must have taken a detour; otherwise, there would definitely be a big battle going on right now.


The Sea Clan members on this beach were all just minions, and none of them seemed like they would put up much of a fight. Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of them, but since they were trying to infiltrate the island, they should naturally avoid alarming others.


Beside him, Gu Pan’s aura suddenly shook. Yang Kai looked over and saw Gu Pan’s face turning pale, and her cheeks were puffed out. There was a soft but strange gurgle coming from her throat.


Yang Kai was shocked, “Junior Sister, what’s wrong?”


Gu Pan wanted to cry, “Senior Brother, I’m going to puke!” Then, she covered her mouth with her hand.


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Even though they look ugly, there’s no need to be this disgusted, right? Don’t puke, definitely not! Otherwise, things will be bad for us.”


Gu Pan quickly nodded her head, her eyes glistening with tears. She kept her head down, trying not to look at the Sea Clan members.


Suddenly, they heard a series of voices. It seemed some of the Sea Clan were discussing the incident that happened here several months ago. The reason the Sea Clan had set up troops here was so they could prevent that person from coming again.


Yang Kai instantly knew that they were talking about Lin Feng.


When he turned around, he saw two Sea Clan members that looked a little different from the others standing in front of a fire, speaking fervently to each other.


The auras of these two were not weak, and they were also well-dressed. They seemed to hold high status among their clan.


One of the fish heads suddenly turned his head in Yang Kai’s direction with a suspicious look.


“What happened?” Another Sea Clan member looked over.


The fish head muttered, “It felt like someone was looking at me, but I guess I was mistaken.” Ignoring this oddity, he continued chatting with his companion.


Under the Shadowless Veil, Yang Kai withdrew his gaze, still feeling chills.


Though the Shadowless Veil was a powerful artifact, he had to be wary about his gaze while he was using it. Even though that Sea Clan member’s strength was not that great, he still reacted even though Yang Kai had just taken one glance at him. If he truly were to bump into a Master, then he might have been exposed.


The pair moved silently ahead, avoiding the fires and the Sea Clan members. Finally, four hours later, Yang Kai arrived with Gu Pan in a jungle.


He felt around with his Divine Sense but did not discover any life auras nearby. This place was also extremely remote, so Yang Kai took off the Shadowless Veil and proposed, “Let’s rest here for now.”


The Shadowless Veil was an Open Heaven Realm artifact, so using it consumed a lot of energy. There was no saying when a big fight would erupt in this damned place, so it was necessary for them to maintain their condition as best as possible.


Gu Pan’s face was still pale, so she stumbled to a rock and sat down. Then, taking something out of her Space Ring and grimaced at it.


Yang Kai felt speechless when he saw what she was holding.


The thing that Gu Pan was holding in her hand turned out to be a small dried fish. It was about a palm in length and had a golden colour to it. It was clearly processed with great care. When he remembered seeing something on her lips earlier, Yang Kai suddenly realized what this young woman was doing with her head down the whole time. She was eating dried fish!


However, images of the strange-looking Sea Clan members seemed to overlap with the image of this dried fish in front of her, which caused Gu Pan’s face to turn pale as she gagged.


Seeing this, Yang Kai immediately understood that she was not puking out of fear earlier, but because she thought about the dried fish she had been eating so happily just moments before. He couldn’t help but laugh as he commented, “Junior Sister, your dried fish has absolutely no relation with those Fish Monsters at all, so don’t think too much about it.”


Gu Pan lifted her head and said with wet eyes, “Really?”


Yang Kai nodded confidently, “Of course! Those Fish Monsters are fishy and smelly. How could they possibly be compared to that dried fish? This delicacy is the first under the Heavens!”


Gu Pan’s eyes lit up, “Senior Brother thinks so, too?”


Yang Kai laughed, “It seems like you think so as well.”


Gu Pan nodded, “Dried fish is the best! But it’s a pity Master won’t let me eat it.”


“It’s not like your Master is here.” Yang Kai winked at her.


“Second Senior Sister said the same thing.” Gu Pan looked at Yang Kai in amazement, “Each and every time, it’s Second Senior Sister who sneaks in lots of dried fish for me.”


Saying so, she gathered her courage and grabbed the dried fish, putting it in her mouth and biting down. Then, she narrowed her eyes and began chewing, clearing away all the gloominess she felt before.


She ate quietly and seemed to chew softly, but her speed was by no means slow.


In the blink of an eye, the dried fish had already entered her stomach, and she took out another piece.


After eating a dozen of them, she suddenly came to her senses and looked embarrassedly at Yang Kai, “Senior Brother, do you want some, too?” As she said that, she offered Yang Kai the half-eaten dried fish that she was holding.


Yang Kai accepted it with a smile, “Then, let me try your Second Senior Sister’s cooking!” He ate it and praised its deliciousness, regardless of whether it tasted good or not. Gu Pan nodded repeatedly and echoed his sentiments.


After this interaction with her, Yang Kai could see that this girl did not have any scheming thoughts. She must have been behind closed doors from a young age, and she also said that it was her first time coming out to train when she had gotten sucked into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Since she was a pure and innocent girl, Yang Kai did not want to beat around the bush with her either. He was just about to ask about Zhang Ruo Xi when his expression suddenly changed. He quickly put up the Shadowless Veil, covering the two of them.


“Senior Brother?” Gu pan was confused.


“Someone’s coming.” Yang Kai hushed her.


A few moments later, following a rustling noise, a group of Fish Monsters came over from the clearing in the jungle. The leader was less than one meter tall and was carrying a trident in his hands. Yang Kai had no idea what Fish Monster this was before assuming human form, but he had a very round body. His head and his body were linked together without a neck, which made him look like a funny meatball.


They must be a group of patrolling Fish Monsters that were coming through the jungle.


Suddenly, the Fish Monster in the lead stopped. His nostril twitched as if he had found something.


The Fish Monster must have a good sense of smell, so while wriggling his nose, he approached Yang Kai and Gu Pan. The subordinates behind him also followed suit.


Yang Kai looked down at Gu Pan and felt speechless as there were bits of dried fish left on the corner of Gu Pan’s mouth again.


Gu pan seemed to notice it too and quickly wiped her face with her hand and blushed.


A moment later, the Fish Monster had already arrived just a couple paces away from Yang Kai and Gu Pan, but he was still sniffing around. His disgusting appearance made one sick to their stomach, and the fishy smell was even more overwhelming.


“Senior Brother, I can’t take it anymore…” Gu pan whispered. She suddenly raised her hand and a paintbrush appeared. Drawing in the air, a Yin-Yang Primal Chaos Diagram came crashing down.


A swirling power of Yin-Yang enveloped the Fish Monsters.


With a scream, each of the Fish Monsters were ground into dust.


Yang Kai lunged forward and grabbed the leading Fish Monster, saving him instantly.


As soon as he did so, Shadowless Veil lost its effectiveness and completely revealed their appearances.


The Fish Monster was still shocked after being saved from mortal danger, but when he looked up and saw Yang Kai and Gu Pan, he was furious and shouted, “How dare you sneak behind The Great Ulala and attack me!”


“Ulala?” Yang Kai was confused.


The Fish Monster raised a fin and pointed back arrogantly, “I am The Great Ulala! Hurry and let me go or you’ll be dea…”


With a bang, Yang Kai punched his head. Eyes rolling back, the Great Ulala passed out without another word.


Silavin: 乌拉拉 – Literally as it sounds. But, if you want to give it meaning, it would be the GREAT CROW BREAKER

乌 – crow

拉 – normally is pull but breaker sounds cooler. 




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