Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4064, Temple


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Gu Pan frowned at his actions, “Senior Brother, why did you save him?”


If Yang Kai hadn’t saved him in time, then The Great Ulala would have been wrung to death by the Yin-Yang Primal Chaos Diagram.


Yang Kai explained, “We’re deep behind enemy lines and on unfamiliar lands. We should find someone to extract information from to see how strong the Sea Clan is.”


Gu Pan nodded at his words, “Senior Brother is attentive.”


They could not stay here any longer. Even though Gu Pan killed the group of Fish Monsters quickly, she still made some noise doing so. Yang Kai quickly destroyed the bodies and hid any traces of battle.


Gu Pan watched from the sidelines and saw that Yang Kai’s actions were so clean-cut and skilled that one could not notice anything out of place without careful inspection, which she admired greatly. She thought to herself, [Senior Brother Yang sure knows a lot.]


Once the Fish Monster Ulala woke up, he found himself bound. He silently opened his eyes and looked around to discover himself in what seemed to be a cave.


Firelight danced around the surroundings as a crackle rang in his ears. There was also a peculiar aroma permeating the area.


“Finally awake?” A human face suddenly appeared right in front of him.


Shocked, Ulala looked up just to see the face of the human who had beaten him unconscious. He fumed, “Impudent! How dare you ambush The Great Ulala. I’ll kill you! Ulalalala…”


Yang Kai smashed the top of his head with a fist, instantly raising a big bump.


This guy’s abilities were not much to look at, but his temper was not small.


In pain, Ulala began making weird noises.


Yang Kai threatened, “Shut up. I’ll kill you if you keep making noise.”


Ulala quickly shut up. Eyes darting around though, he looked at Yang Kai and declared, “Ulala does not fear death!”


Yang Kai scoffed, “If you’re not afraid of death, then keep yelling!” This guy was clearly scared to death, but his mouth was still dishonest.


Yang Kai then pointed to the side, “You see that girl over there?”


Ulala turned his head over. A campfire had been lit, and next to it sat a girl who was currently looking at him with a cheerful grin.


Yang Kai continued, “That girl’s favourite food is dried fish. It’s not hard if you want to die. I just have to hand you to her, then she’ll cut you into small pieces, roast you, and eat you little by little.”


Ulala was shocked. Looking closely, the girl was indeed roasting dried fish on the campfire. The skin was golden and dripping with oil as it crackled in the fire.


“Ulala is fishy and smelly! Ulala isn’t tasty!” The Fish Monster shouted as he shook from fear.


“She isn’t picky. She’ll eat anything as long as it’s fish.” Yang Kai grinned wickedly.


Gu Pan also looked at the Fish Monster with a smile as she grabbed one of the dried fishes. bringing it to her mouth and chewing on it.


Ulala’s face went completely pale as he begged, “Don’t eat me, don’t eat me! Ulala doesn’t want to die!”


Yang Kai nodded, “It’s easy if you don’t want to die. Open up your Knowledge Sea and let me place a Soul Imprint on you. Become my slave, and you will naturally be allowed to live.”


Ulala was furious, “Impudence! How could you make The Great Ulala…”


*Ba ji ba ji…* The sound of Gu Pan’s chewing emerged from the side. While chewing, she eyed the Fish Monster with her big eyes as if trying to work out which part would taste the best.


The Fish Monster shuddered. Then, it looked weakly at Yang Kai, “Can Ulala truly live if Ulala becomes your slave?”


“Rest assured, you definitely can!”


Ulala hesitated for a moment before answering weakly, “Ulala agrees.”


After receiving his answer, Yang Kai did not hesitate and immediately released his Divine Sense, surging into the Fish Monster’s Knowledge Sea.


This Fish Monster was not very strong, so even if he tried to resist, Yang Kai could still break through the defences of his Knowledge Sea; however, if he did not cooperate, it was very likely that his Soul would be damaged, turning him into a retard. If that were to happen, Yang Kai might as well just kill him directly.


A short while later, Yang Kai finished planting a Soul Imprint in Ulala’s Knowledge Sea. Divine Sense surging, Yang Kai next searched through this guy’s memories.


After a while, Yang Kai frowned. Looking speechlessly at Ulala, he withdrew his Divine Sense.


The Fish Monster was extremely arrogant, calling himself The Great Ulala at each and every turn, but in actual fact, his status in the Sea Clan was not very high. He was nothing more than the trivial Team Leader of a patrol team. So, he didn’t know much.


However, he did know a bit about the Water Element treasure. Only, he had no idea what exactly the Water Element treasure was. He only knew that it was the Sea Clan’s Sacred Treasure, and only the Sea Clan’s highest-ranking members were qualified to go near it and ask for its blessing to obtain extremely strong power.


Several months ago, someone broke into this place in order to get their hands on their Sacred Treasure, which infuriated the Sea Clan. They fought the man several times and forced him back repeatedly. During this recent period of time, they had also increased the defences much more where the Sacred Treasure was located.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai told him, “Take us to where the Sacred Treasure is located.”


Ulala blinked his eyes and shook his head, “You won’t be able to get through. You look so strange, you’re obviously different from us. You’ll be killed if you’re discovered.”


Yang Kai laughed, “Naturally, I have my ways to make you take us.”


Ulala scratched his head, “But Ulala has no way of approaching the Sacred Treasure either!”


His position within the Sea Clan wasn’t high. How could he be qualified to go near the Sacred Treasure? As soon as he got close, he would surely be driven away or even killed.


“Just go as far as you can.” Yang Kai smiled and tossed a bag to Ulala, “Keep this bag on you as well. Don’t let anyone find it.”


Yang Kai called out to Gu Pan, who scarfed down her dried fish in a couple of bites, stood up, and walked to his side.


Yang Kai made several hand seals and his Divine Sense surged. He opened the Six Fated Paths Bag and pulled Gu Pan in with him.


Ulala was shocked to see this. He was born in this place and had never visited the outside world before, so he had never seen such bizarre techniques before. He was amazed to witness these two people enter the bag that he was holding.


Brow twitching, he wondered whether or not he could wring these people in the bag to death if he twisted hard!


But as soon as that thought came into his mind, there was a sharp pain in his Knowledge Sea. Yang Kai’s voice then echoed in his head, “Don’t think about doing anything reckless. I can take your life with a single thought. Cooperate with us obediently and I will let you go once we’re done.”


Ulala’s face paled and he nodded repeatedly.


“Now, keep the bag hidden.” Yang Kai instructed him.


Ulala fumbled for a while and hid the bag under his scales. Only then did he grab his trident and walk out anxiously.


Inside the Six Fated Paths Bag, Gu Pan whispered, “Senior Brother, it is a little cramped in here!”


The Six Fated Paths Bag was a very mysterious artifact. It could increase or decrease in size, and back when Yang Kai first transformed into his Half-Dragon Form, the bag expanded to fit his two thousand metres plus size. The Scarlet Flood Dragon and the Earth Dragon also had no problems staying in here either, but no matter how many things were put inside, it would still seem cramped.


When the young girl pressed up against him exhaled an orchid scent, Yang Kai could clearly feel something soft and elastic sticking against his back.


Gu Pan had clearly never been in such close contact with anyone else before, so she was squirming with unease, which made the feeling even more obvious to Yang Kai.


“Junior Sister, why don’t you turn your back against me instead?” Yang Kai suggested.


“Oh.” Gu Pan turned around with some effort. Body rubbing against Yang Kai’s back, it took her a lot of effort to turn around before she sighed in admiration, “Senior Brother, you have so many treasures.”


First, he had the Shadowless Veil that could cover their auras and their figures. And now, there was the Fated Paths Bag. Gu Pan truly had her eyes opened today.


Yang Kai laughed, “Junior Sister’s treasures are also not bad.”


Even though Yang Kai had merely caught a glimpse of the paintbrush that Gu Pan summoned when she killed the Fish Monsters, he could tell it was an extraordinary artifact.


She was Lang Ya Paradise’s True Legacy Disciple, how could the treasures she possessed be bad?


“Junior Sister, adjust your breathing first. There’s no telling when a big fight will break out later. I have to keep an eye on this Fish Monster in case he tries to do anything funny.”




Ulala walked towards the centre of the island. He encountered other Sea Monsters from time to time, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. As he walked, Yang Kai could clearly feel the Water Element treasure’s aura growing closer and closer.


Even before arriving on this island, Yang Kai was able to feel the aura of the Water Element treasure. Just as Lin Feng said, its aura was extremely dense and pure. It definitely had to be a treasure above the Seventh Order. 


Xu Zhen had also said that even though they aspired to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, the Water Element was amongst the gentlest, so Seventh-Order or even Eighth-Order Water Element Powers would not cause too much impact on one’s Dao Seal, making it safe to refine. However, it could still enhance their strength, which was why they were moved by Lin Feng’s words and joined hands to come to this island.


Yang Kai had no idea where the others were now, but they were, after all, the disciples of First Class sects with their own unique abilities. Yang Kai guessed that they should also be making their advance towards the Sea Clan’s Sacred Treasure.


A full day later, a majestic city suddenly appeared in Ulala’s view.


Yang Kai had been paying attention to the outside world, so he naturally saw the city. Yang Kai also already knew from searching Ulala’s memories earlier that this was the Sea Clan’s Holy City, and the Sacred Treasure was located inside.


Several months ago, Lin Feng tried several times to infiltrate the Holy City to get his hands on the Water Element treasure; unfortunately, his plans came to nought.


The Holy City was heavily guarded, but Ulala was a member of the Sea Clan, so his passage was naturally unhindered. Soon enough, he was able to enter the city. The amount of Sea Monsters all around shocked Yang Kai.


The auras of some of the Sea Monsters here were clearly quite strong, and their Sea Clan characteristics were also fewer. Through this, Yang Kai discovered that the stronger a Sea Clan member was, the more closely they resembled Humans.


Yang Kai could even perceive several existences which were not inferior to the mantis head he encountered.


At Sword Pavilion’s Star City, Yang Kai was able to kill the mantis head after a desperate fight, but after successfully cultivating the Supreme Limitless Spear, he should have an easier time now.


However, the Sea Clan’s Holy City was still a Dragon’s pond and Tiger’s den.


Ulala’s heart was beating hard as he walked forward; after all, he was feeling guilty knowing that he was doing something wrong. It did not help even when Yang Kai quietly reassured him.


After walking through the city for almost an hour, Ulala arrived at an ancient and magnificent temple. Countless Sea Clan members were making sacrificial offerings inside and asking for the Sacred Treasure’s blessings. The temple was divided into nine layers going down. The stronger one was, the deeper one could enter, and the more they could bask in the Sacred Treasure’s aura.


Almost every Sea Clan member had come to the temple before, with Ulala naturally being no exception. Only, his strength and status in the Sea Clan would allow him to enter the third layer at best. Going further would require a higher status, which was why he said he had no way of getting close to the Sacred Treasure.




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