Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4065, Innate Treasure


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The Sea Clan’s temple was a stately and sacred place. The faint sounds of sacrificial offerings and the aura of the Water Element treasure lingered in the air. From time to time, a Sea Clan member would gain enlightenment and begin dancing wildly in frantic joy, drawing the envy of his brothers around him.


Even though Yang Kai was hiding in the Six Fated Paths Bag, he could still feel how dense the aura of the Water Element Power was here. It was indeed easy for one to gain enlightenment into profound Divine Abilities if they were to cultivate in this place.


This was most likely the blessing that Ulala was talking about.


If someone who cultivates Water Attribute Secret Arts were to cultivate here, they would surely be able to advance twice as fast with half the effort. Unfortunately, this was the core of the Sea Clan’s island, their Holy City, so who would be able to set foot here?


The temple was hollow and each layer was at least a thousand meters apart. It was not known from here how deep the deepest layer went.


Even though Ulala’s heart was pounding, he was qualified to enter the third layer, after all, so he encountered no problems on the way there.


However, the Sea Clan members around the third layer were all just minions that were around the same status and strength as Ulala, grunts that could be killed off in droves by Yang Kai with a single slap.


But after entering the third layer, Ulala told him that he was unwilling to go deeper.


“There are temple guards there. Ulala is not qualified to enter the fourth layer. Ulala will be killed if Ulala approaches!” Ulala shrank into a ball and hid in the corner as he stared at the entrance to the fourth layer.


Yang Kai was speechless. Even after much coercion and even some bullying, Ulala would not budge a single step.


Just as Yang Kai was considering whether he should come out with Gu Pan and make a scene, the ground shook. A violent power fluctuation had come from the outside, followed by the entire Holy City going into an uproar.


Xu Zhen’s angry and frustrated voice could be heard, “You stupid pig, I told you to stay calm, stay calm! What are you in such a hurry for!?”


Lin Feng shouted, “It’s useless to say anything more when we’ve already come this far. Kill!”


The two had infiltrated the Holy City at some point, and somehow revealed their whereabouts, which attracted a group of Sea Clan Masters to attack them.


Hiding inside the Fated Paths Bag, Yang Kai had no idea how the fight was going on the outside. He could only sense the fluctuations of a fight between Masters, as well as the endless screams of the Sea Clan members.


Lin Feng had been able to make it all the way to the Holy City by himself and escape, but now, with the little fatty helping him, it was naturally like adding wings to a tiger, creating rivers of blood as they fought vigorously with the Sea Clan’s Masters.


But even though they were disciples of First Class sects, the Sea Clan’s heritage was not to be underestimated. Trying to break into the temple to grab the Sacred Treasure through brute force was going to be a difficult task.


But Yang Kai was delighted with this development and quickly urged Ulala, “Quick, take this opportunity to go down!”


Lin Feng and Xu Zhen’s attacks attracted the attention of most of the Sea Clan members, and Yang Kai could clearly see many figures flying out from the depths of the temple. Clearly, the Sea Clan Masters who were cultivating below had been alerted and went to provide reinforcements.


Now that the temple’s defences were empty, what would be a better time to attack than now?


Ulala looked hesitant.


But before he could make a decision, the entire temple suddenly began shaking. A violent force hit the temple, and at once, a profound pattern emerged around the temple to protect it.


Many of the Sea Clan members who were praying for blessings at the third layer were taken by surprise and sent flying, falling lower down into the temple. Each one of them flailed their limbs about and screamed.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and quickly urged, “Jump down.”


Ulala was unwilling to enter the fourth layer from the entrance, but falling down would not matter; after all, so many of the Sea Clan members had been shaken off this layer, whether he joined them or not would not matter.


He quickly came to the edge of the hollow and pretended to scream before falling down.


In the air, Ulala’s face paled as he screamed, “Ulala is going to die!”


Holding his trident in his hand, he stabbed it into the wall of the cave, causing sparks to fly, which gradually slowed his descent. After stabilizing his body, Yang Kai was so angry that he spat blood, “You useless thing!”


Despite the fall, they were barely able to approach the Sacred Treasure since this was merely the seventh layer. They still had to go down two more layers to reach the Sacred Treasure.


He was so angry that he wanted to jump out of the Fated Paths Bag and slap this guy to death.


“Ulala is not jumping anymore! Ulala won’t jump even if you beat Ulala to death!” The Fish Monster climbed onto the seventh floor with a pale face.


Yang Kai reeled in his anger, “Just jump one more time. There are only two layers left!”


Ulala shook his head like a rattle drum, “No more jumping, no more jumping!”


Yang Kai’s voice was cold, “You either jump or you die, your choice!”


Yang Kai had already lost his patience at this point. There were Xu Zhen and Lin Feng attracting the attention of most of the Sea Clan outside, and many of the Sea Clan Masters in the temple had also flown out to help. Right now, there was a good chance that he and Gu Pan could get their hands on the Sacred Treasure if they moved now.


Ulala could not help but panic feeling Yang Kai’s murderous intent. Turning around to look, he said in pleasant surprise, “The guards are gone! Ulala will walk down.”


Yang Kai looked over and saw that the guards to the eighth layer had somehow disappeared.


Ulala ran towards the entrance and soon entered the passage. Circling down, he went directly to the eighth layer.


There were still many Sea Monsters on the eighth layer, but they were all looking up after being alerted by the noise outside. Every so often, Sea Clan Masters would fly up, clearly to check the situation outside.


Ulala’s legs were trembling when he arrived here. He had never been this deep before, and all the Sea Clan members here were much stronger than he was. If they saw him here, then they might just slap him to death.


But Yang Kai made a curious sound. Among the many Sea Clan Masters, a Fish Monster with a big head was strolling towards the entrance of the ninth layer.


From Yang Kai’s perception, the aura of the big-headed Fish Monster was not too strong, almost no different from Ulala; however, the Sea Clan Masters around him ignored him as if they did not see him.


“Follow that bighead carp!” Yang Kai commanded.


Ulala quickly scrambled to chase after that Fish Monster. Strangely enough, the Sea Clan Masters all ignored him as he passed by as they were all focused on looking up.


The guard to the ninth floor was still present, but the big-headed Fish Monster ignored him and went straight ahead, passing right between the guards.


At Yang Kai’s urging, Ulala gritted his teeth and followed, passing through easily.


As they went down, the bighead carp seemed to sense something and looked back at Ulala, its fish eyes filled with bewilderment.


Slowly shaking his head, the bighead carp continued to move forward.


Soon enough, the two Fish Monsters stepped into the ninth layer. The moment they entered this layer, Ulala was attracted by a glowing light and muttered, “The Sacred Treasure!”


He had always known that a Sacred Treasure existed below the temple, but he had never seen what it looked like before. Now, he finally knew.


The Sacred Treasure was placed atop an altar, and like a full moon, it emitted a soft light like a watery moonbeam, filled with a sacred and profound aura.


But what caused Ulala’s heart to jump even more was the fact that the ninth layer was actually empty at this moment! With only he and the bighead carp there, it seemed that all of the Sea Clan Masters had been lured out by the commotion.


Being surrounded by the aura of the Sacred Treasure, Ulala could clearly feel his cultivation increasing at a rapid speed, filling his body with a warm feeling. He couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.


“An Innate Supreme Treasure!” Yang Kai’s breath hitched inside the Fated Paths Bag.


A so-called Innate Supreme Treasure was exactly that, a Supreme Treasure innately formed by the Universe itself. Of his encounters, the only treasure he saw that could be called so was the Immortal Tree. Even though the Soul Warming Lotus was also a naturally-born Supreme Treasure, it could still not be classified as an Innate Supreme Treasure.


And, this fist-sized pearl hanging like a moon on the altar was an Innate Supreme Treasure!”


Yang Kai was both shocked and delighted!


To think an Innate Supreme Treasure actually existed in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. This moon bead was clearly an existence at the same level as that of the Immortal Tree, and there was likely only one of such treasure in this entire world.


“Kill!” Ulala’s greed had also been aroused as he glared fiercely at the bighead carp in front of him.


The only ones here on the ninth layer were him and the bighead carp. As long as he killed the bighead carp, he would be able to snatch the Sacred Treasure.


Consumed with greed to obtain the Sacred Treasure, he stabbed out his trident at the bighead carp.


Just as it seemed that the bighead carp was about to be killed, he suddenly turned around and flicked a hand lightly at Ulala.


Without a noise, Ulala had been turned into a pile of mush.


Yang Kai was shocked. Hiding inside the Fated Paths Bag, he did not see what the bighead carp did at all, nor did he expect that Ulala would actually attack the bighead carp.


In the next moment though, Yang Kai was stunned as he saw the bighead carp’s body suddenly distort after killing Ulala, turning into a young man with an sage-like aura.


“Ning Dao Ran!”


The bighead carp actually turned out to be the transformed Ning Dao Ran. No wonder he was invisible to the Sea Clan all the way here. It was not that the Fish Monsters were all ignoring him, but rather that he used some kind of strange technique to obscure the Fish Monsters’ perception.


Ulala was able to take advantage of this technique by following behind him.


As soon as Ning Dao Ran appeared, he raced for the moon bead, reaching his hand out to snatch it.


At the same time, a light giggle emerged. Though the laughter was soft, it shook one’s vitality and distracted one’s thoughts.


Suddenly, a delicate figure stepped out from the void and spoke sweetly, “Many thanks to Senior Brother Ning for pointing the way. Junior Sister will humbly accept this treasure.”


Ning Dao Ran smiled, “Junior Sister Qu’s Yin-Yang Grand Simplicity is truly mysterious. I did not even realize you were following behind me.”


The tone of his voice was light, as if he did not mind Qu Hua Shang using him to guide the way; however, his movements did not slow at all. Forming a hand seal, he aimed it towards Qu Hua Shang in the air, and a mysterious power burst out without the slightest spark in her direction.


Naturally, Qu Hua Shang would not show weakness. Her fingers snapped, as if she were plucking at some sort of musical instrument, creating an entrancing hum.


As the two Cave-Heaven Paradise disciples fought, they continued reaching for the moon bead without lagging behind.


There was a rumble, space shook, and then a blast sounded.


Three breaths later, two hands grabbed the hazy moon bead at the same time.




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