Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4067, A Strong One


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Yang Kai remained hidden, not to sit on a mountaintop to watch the tigers fight only to reap the benefits after, but because something really didn’t feel right.


Not to mention the fact that the Sea Clan had prepared beforehand, setting up an ambush deep inside the temple and luring them in, if the High Priest with the Ice Soul Moon Pearl sceptre intended to fight here, then Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran might be in real danger!


Just now, Yang Kai had seen with his own eyes that this High Priest was able to use the power of the Ice Soul Moon Pearl.


Only, for some reason, he did not do so offensively; instead, he just watched Ning Dao Ran and Qu Hua Shang. Even stranger, Yang Kai felt no murderous intent from him.


As if sensing something, the High Priest suddenly turned his head to Ulala’s corpse, but he quickly looked away and placed his attention back on the fight.


The four Sea Clan Masters and the two Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples were engaged in a heated fight, but in the end, the Fish Monsters were no match for Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran. In just half an incense stick of time, they were overpowered. Then, Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran broke free again.


But the High Priest raised his sceptre again, and the Ice Soul Moon Pearl’s aura rippled out, forcibly stopping Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran once more.


“What do you want?!” Qu Hua Shang’s nose had almost gone crooked from anger. After landing on the ground, she glared viciously at the High Priest.


But the High Priest remained tranquil as an ancient well, completely unmoved.


After a while, Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran joined hands to force the four Sea Clan Masters back again, but instead of breaking through, they rushed towards the High Priest.


The High Priest chuckled, “Step back!”


With a wave of his sceptre, a world-freezing aura rippled out once more. Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran had already suffered from it twice, so both their faces paled and they took the initiative to retreat.


But their hearts sank straight down because they realized that getting away was going to be difficult this time. As long as this abominable priest was watching over this place with his sceptre in hand, they had no hope of leaving, but the sceptre’s might was immeasurable, so how were they going to kill that High Priest?


At that moment, two figures appeared just like ghosts. No one saw where they had come from, as if they had appeared out of thin air.


Everyone was taken aback.


Qu Hua Shang turned her head to see a figure like a Flood Dragon leaping out of the water and lunging towards the High Priest, while the other figure was rushing towards Ning Dao Ran and herself.


[It’s Yang Kai and Gu Pan!]


Qu Hua Shang was both shocked and surprised, but quickly yelled, “Little Brother Yang, help me kill him!” She had eaten several losses from that High Priest, so she naturally hated him very much.


On the altar, the face of the High Priest had clearly changed as well, but very soon, he calmed down again and sneered, “So there’s two more? Good, good! Old Ancestor will surely be fond of you, too.”


Saying so, he raised his sceptre forward slightly, and following that action, a ray of light that was warm like a watery moonbeam, but also cold and chilling, was released from the Ice Soul Moon Pearl towards Yang Kai.


Qu Hua Shang shouted, “Be careful, Little Brother Yang! It’s an Innate Ice Element treasure!” Worried that Yang Kai would not know the might of the treasure, she quickly yelled out a warning.


But before the words could finish leaving her mouth, Yang Kai had already plunged headlong into the moonbeam, where his body suddenly staggered.


Yang Kai did not have a proper understanding of the Ice Soul Moon Pearl’s might when he saw how easily the High Priest forced Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran back. Only now did he know its depths after taking a hit head-on.


Indeed, it was strong. When the coldness hit, his blood almost froze up. Even the power in his Dao Seal could not flow smoothly.


This High Priest definitely did not use the full power of the Ice Soul Moon Pearl either; otherwise, it would not simply slow him down. It might possibly freeze him into an ice sculpture directly.


Qu Hua Shang looked disappointed. She thought that Yang Kai would be able to kill the High Priest after taking him by surprise, but she did not expect him to fall so easily.


[Men are truly unreliable!]


Just as she thought so, however, she suddenly heard a shocking Dragon Roar. Dragon Pressure spread out, and Yang Kai’s body broke through the shroud of moonlight. The blood inside his body was gushing like a group of flying dragons as he charged towards the High Priest at an even greater speed than before.


Qu Hua Shang’s eyes widened, and a strange glow flashed past their depths.


The High Priest was also taken aback. It was his first time encountering an existence that could withstand the Ice Soul Moon Pearl’s might. But he had been in a high position for many years, so he was not disoriented by the shock. A complicated and strange chant emerged from his lips before the Ice Soul Moon Pearl on his sceptre lit up again. An even denser cold intent shot towards Yang Kai in the next moment.


“Manifest!” Yang Kai shouted as he ran.


A round sun appeared behind him, hanging high like a true sun that emitted a dazzling light. Suddenly, a golden glow enveloped the depths of the temple.


In the middle of the Great Sun, a Golden Crow danced and cawed!


“Divine Manifestation!” Ning Dao Ran’s expression changed drastically as his heart, which was unmoved by anything in this world, shook.


The Great Sun’s power and the moonlight beam fought against each other. The Ice Soul Moon Pearl shone brilliantly, and not out of the High Priest’s initiation, but rather as an instinctive reaction of this Innate Supreme Treasure. Suddenly, the power of the moonlight rose tenfold compared to when the High Priest used it just now.


The Sun and Moon shone together! A sight unusual to the world!


The hot and cold powers intermingled in the depths of the temple and caused great discomfort to everyone present, forcing them to resist it with all their might.


As the High Priest stared in a panic, Yang Kai had already arrived in front of him. One hand grabbing the sceptre, the other turning into a fist, he aimed a punch towards the Sea Clan leader’s head.


The High Priest wanted to dodge, but the Ice Soul Moon Pearl’s power was too much for him to bear. He was frozen in place as he watched the fist enlarge in his field of vision.


With a bang, the High Priest was sent flying. Yang Kai snatched the sceptre and tossed it into his Sealed World Bead.


The moonlight dissipated, and the great sun faded away.


Yang Kai withdrew his Manifestation and roared to the crowd, “Retreat!”


It was better for them to get out quickly now that they were in possession of the treasure.


Qu Hua Shang and Ning Dao Ran’s movements were swift and decisive. Under Gu Pan’s lead, they immediately forced back their opponents and, in an instant, four figures rushed upwards, smashing through the roof of the temple and out into the Holy City.


The Holy City was also in chaos at this moment. Xu Zhen’s Yuan Magnetic Divine Light raged through the city as Lin Feng crossed swords with a group of Sea Clan Masters in a chaotic fight.


At the bottom of the temple, the High Priest quickly got up with a pale face. He was angered to the point of shaking as he roared, “With my blood sacrifice, I awaken Old Ancestor!”


The four Sea Clan Masters did not dare to dally either. They all came next to the altar and sat down in the four directions, working alongside the High Priest to perform a profound technique, transmitting it to an unknown place through the altar.


In the middle of the city, Xu Zhen and Lin Feng, who were locked in battle, were both shocked to see Yang Kai and his group rushing out of the temple. Before they could even figure out what happened, they heard Qu Hua Shang exclaim, “Come on, let’s go!”


“You got it?” Xu Zhen asked, stunned.


Qu Hua Shang gave a nod.


Xu Zhen did not hesitate any longer, using his Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to sweep away several Sea Clan Masters before rushing out of the Holy City. Seeing this, Lin Feng gritted his teeth and hurried to follow.


The six figures hurriedly left with a large number of Sea Clan Masters in pursuit behind them.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura rose from the sea. Its aura was so deep and powerful that it seemed as if a sleeping Dragon had been awoken.


The faces of Yang Kai and the others changed dramatically.


None of them could have anticipated the Sea Clan to actually possess such a terrifying heritage. Even though the Sea Clan Masters and the High Priest before were all-powerful, they still were no match for them. However, the aura that had just awoken felt overwhelming. Just its aura alone was like this, so how powerful would the Master of that aura be?


On the island, the Sea Clan members who felt this aura all prostrated themselves on the ground and shouted, “Greetings, Old Ancestor!”


Even the Sea Clan Masters who were in close pursuit of the six Humans had stopped to kneel motionless in mid-air.


“A strong one has appeared!” Yang Kai shuddered, quickly coming to a stop and beckoning the group, “Come here!”


Yang Kai didn’t want to reveal too many of his cards to people he had just recently met, but he couldn’t care too much at this moment. The only way for them to escape now was for them to rely on his Space Technique.


Gu Pan immediately ran to his side. Both Qu Hua Shang and Xu Zhen also rushed over. Ning Dao Ran hesitated for a moment, but he also joined them quickly.


Only Lin Feng coldly snorted. His body turned into a stream of light as he sped off in another direction, apparently having no intention to escape with the group.


Yang Kai sighed in his heart, but he could not care about him right now. He raised his hand to summon a Space Beacon, intending to leave this place with it.


It was at that moment that something huge rose rapidly from the sea, quickly obscuring the Heavens and Earth. This creature was 10,000 meters long and its aura was absolutely terrifying. Its large body cast a huge shadow over the entire region.


“What a big shark!” Gu Pan exclaimed.


“It’s a Divine Spirit!” Qu Hua Shang paled, “Divine Spirit Leviathan Shark!”


Xu Zhen shuddered, “How could a Divine Spirit be here? Is he the Sea Clan’s Old Ancestor?”


They were all howling in their hearts. With a Divine Spirit here, it would be impossible for them to escape today.


“Don’t resist!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted and without hesitation, he activated the power of the Space Beacon. Space Principles enveloped everyone in an instant, sending them to Scarlet Star’s Star City, which was hundreds of thousands of kilometres away.


Right at that moment, the Leviathan Shark opened its giant mouth and bit down on where they were.


It was a bite with enough might to devour the world.


The group, already wrapped up in the power of the Space Beacon, entered the Void. They could only feel the chaotic currents of space around them, as if they wanted to tear them apart at any moment.


Yang Kai shouted, “Not good. The Void has been disturbed. I can’t locate the destination. Be careful, everyone!”


Before he could finish speaking, he saw Void Cracks forming all around him. Before Yang Kai could react, the cracks swallowed everyone up, and they disappeared from his side.


Yang Kai was also sucked into one of the cracks. The space around him was turbulent, and he could not control his body. His heart was wailing inside. If he had known this would happen, he would have left immediately after getting his hands on the Ice Soul Moon Pearl.


But considering the fact that they had come together, he naturally thought of leaving with everyone. And now, Lin Feng was definitely in trouble, while he had no idea whether the rest of the group lived or died.


In the end, he didn’t even get to ask Gu Pan about Zhang Ruo Xi.




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