Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4069, it’s Coming


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“You dare threaten me?” Kun Sha glared coldly at Lin Feng, the murderous intent in his eyes growing stronger.


Lin Feng’s heart was pounding, but he tried his best to look unfazed.


After a few moments, Kun Sha coldly snorted, “Very good, this King accepts your conditions.” He sneered in his heart. [Once I find that brat who stole my Moon Essence, you’ll be the first one I devour!]


Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh. He thought to himself that he had to contact Yang Kai and the rest as soon as possible; otherwise, once Kun Sha found them, they might not have the power to fight back.


Unfortunately, Kun Sha was right in front of him. How was he going to find the chance to contact the others? He cursed in his heart, but fortunately, he had no idea where Yang Kai was at this moment, nor where he would go after escaping from the Sea Clan’s territory. However, he could delay Kun Sha for a while and see what else could be done.


Kun Sha also frowned at his words. He thought that since Lin Feng and Yang Kai were working together, that must mean that they were at least acquaintances. But who knew that this was what the situation was truly like?


After a brief pause, Kun Sha added, “That brat’s strength is not bad, so his reputation certainly must not be small. You should know once you ask someone about him.”


Lin Feng couldn’t help but sneer. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was so big, and with several hundreds of thousands, up to a million cultivators scattered across this place, who would know of Yang Kai’s name?


But since Kun Sha asked, he had no choice but to oblige. With the intention of asking a casual question and getting it over with, he landed and shouted in a loud voice, “Who among you has heard of a man called Yang Kai? Where is he now?”


Thousands in the Star City saw Kun Sha’s true form before, so they all still felt their hearts palpitating from shock. When they saw Lin Feng land and he spoke to them, they had no idea what relationship this man had with Kun Sha, which unnerved them even more. No one dared to answer.


On the other side, Kun Sha coldly snorted and casually grabbed a young man from the Star City.


The young man was so frightened that his face went pale. In total distress, he said in fear, “Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me…”


Kun Sha pressed closer to the man and interrogated him, “Do you know Yang Kai?”


The man shouted, “I don’t know him, I’ve never met him before!”


“Lies!” Kun Sha coldly snorted, “Your heart beat three times faster when you heard this name just now. You clearly know him, yet you dare to lie in front of this King? How could this King forgive you!”


Opening his mouth wide, he stuffed the young man into his mouth, swallowing him into his belly!


“Kun Sha, how dare you go against your word!” Lin Feng was furious to see this scene. This guy had promised him not to eat Humans anymore just now, but he swallowed another one down into his stomach in the next breath.


Kun Sha said, unbothered, “He dared lie to this King, so this King naturally has to punish him!” Saying so, he reached out again and grabbed an elderly man, asking the same thing, “Do you know Yang Kai?”


“I…” The old man stammered.


“You’ve already seen what happens to those who lie to me. Your heart also beat three times faster just now!” Kun Sha grinned.


“I know him, I know him!” The old man nodded repeatedly, “This one knows that Killing Star!”


“Killing Star?” Kun Sha raised a brow.


The old man hurriedly explained, “He killed thousands of Thunder Light’s disciples and destroyed Sword Pavilion’s Star City. Tens of thousands have died by his hands! He’s a Killing Star!”


“So that little brat has such strong bloodlust, does he? That suits this King’s appetite just well, hahaha!” Kun Sha’s eyes lit up at the old man’s words.


“He killed thousands of Thunder Light’s disciples, destroyed Sword Pavilion’s Star City, and slaughtered tens of thousands with his own hand?” Lin Feng was dumbfounded at the news. [Is that true? Why does it seem so far-fetched?]


But the old man should not have the guts to lie in front of Kun Sha.


Someone sputtered nervously at the side, “Yes, it’s true! I was there to see him kill thousands of Thunder Light disciples with my own eyes! The tens of thousands in Sword Pavilion’s Star City were all killed by him after that!”


Lin Feng turned to look at him, “Did you see that with your own eyes, too?”


The man shook his head, “I didn’t see that, but I heard people say that he brought back several tens of thousands of Space Rings after returning from Sword Pavilion’s Star City. If he didn’t kill them, how did he get all those Space Rings?”


Lin Feng’s brow was twitching incessantly. [Several tens of thousands of Space Rings? Doesn’t that equate to the lives of tens of thousands of people!?]


He had also been interacting with Yang Kai for a few days, so Lin Feng judged the former as someone who wasn’t numb to killing. Lin Feng also didn’t expect that he would actually be able to get any news about Yang Kai out of this random stronghold with just a few thousand people in it.


Was that guy truly so famous?


He had been adventuring out at sea this whole time, so he did not get much news from this side of the world. But naturally, Lin Feng still would not know where Yang Kai would return to even outside of these circumstances.


What’s more, the two who had been grabbed by Kun Sha were Scarlet Star’s disciples to begin with. Numerous Scarlet Star disciples had escaped before Yang Kai’s return from Sword Pavilion’s Star City, and these two were part of that group. They came here for the sake of survival, but they did not expect to still be implicated by Yang Kai.


Kun Sha was overjoyed and felt that Yang Kai simply suited his tastes far too well, so he laughed wickedly, “Old man, do you know where Yang Kai lives?”


The old man quickly answered, “He is Scarlet Star’s Foreign Elder and stays at Scarlet Star’s Star City!”


“Bring me there!” Kun Sha let go of him after ordering. Of course, there was no way the old man would dare to disobey, so he quickly led the way.


Kun Sha followed behind him with his hands behind his back. Seeing this, Lin Feng also hurried to catch up to them.


A short while later, Kun Sha frowned, “You’re too slow. How long will it take if we go at this pace? Just point out the direction to this King!”


Saying so, he grabbed the two with one hand each before his body turned into a stream of light, shooting towards the indicated direction.




Inside a tree cave, Yang Kai adjusted his breathing for a while which made him feel much better. Only then did he use a Space Beacon to move back to his own residence.


The Sea Clan’s Divine Spirit that they drew out by breaking into the Sea Clan’s Holy Land was no joke. He had no idea whether it would seek revenge on him; after all, he stole the Sacred Treasure of the Sea Clan. If the Divine Spirit really came after him, then this Star City would not be able to do anything to resist.


Now, his only hope was that little fatty Xu Zhen. He had to get him to rush back and set up a Grand Defensive Array as soon as possible.


Yang Kai urged Xu Zhen again and again, which made Xu Zhen speechless. He did not have the same convenient means as Yang Kai, who could travel through the Void; in fact, he did not even know where he was right now. Trying to return to Scarlet Star’s Star City was impossible without a month or two of time.


A day later, Yang Kai suddenly heard nothing more from Xu Zhen’s side.


Yang Kai was very anxious and thought that Xu Zhen was annoyed with him, so he tried speaking more softly and offering some flattery, but still failed to connect with him. Yang Kai immediately realized that something might have happened to Xu Zhen which made it impossible to contact him.


His heart sank and he wondered to himself if that little fatty had been caught by the Leviathan Shark. If that truly was the case, then that would be disastrous!


Yang Kai walked out of his room listlessly and bumped into a soft and fragrant embrace. Yang Kai subconsciously caught her and looked up in surprise, “You are…”


The one before him was a young woman with eyes like a beautiful painting, and a graceful figure. Standing before him, a fragrance wafted to his nose that was as sweet as honey.


This young girl was extremely beautiful and had a delicate appearance, but her eyes had the ability to draw in one’s soul. Yang Kai’s heart jumped when their eyes met. Looking again though, her eyes now seemed as clear as water, as if everything he experienced just now was an illusion.


Most importantly… He had never met this girl before!


“She’s a new maid I hired. What’s wrong? Are you interested in her? You can take her if you want,” Yue He’s voice came from behind him.


Yang Kai looked back at her and knew that the matter with Lu Xue still bothered her, so he laughed, “Why did you suddenly take in a maid?”


Yue He scoffed, “This young lady is too lazy to serve you. Is there a problem if I bring someone else to do it instead?”


“No, no, no, of course not!” Yang Kai shook his head repeatedly, “You can do whatever you wish.”


The young girl at the side saw them bickering, but she didn’t seem the slightest bit afraid; instead, she was looking on in interest.


Yue He glared, “What are you looking at? Get to work.”


But the young girl ignored her. Instead, she stared at Yang Kai without looking away for even a moment; then, she slowly walked out, turning back to stare a few times, a smile hanging at her lips.


Yue He’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot and she cursed the little wench in her heart, [I’ll kick you out later!]


Yang Kai looked puzzlingly at the girl’s back as she left. There was something about the girl’s smile that bothered him, but he couldn’t sense anything peculiar about her, which puzzled him even more.


“Why don’t you gouge your eyes out and stick them to her body instead?” Yue He was so angry when she turned around and saw Yang Kai staring at this new girl in a trance that her nose was almost crooked.


Yang Kai sighed, “Yue He, I’m afraid I’ve gotten into big trouble this time!”


“Whose daughter did you mess with this time?” Yue He squinted at him, “And what’s more, didn’t you leave with that little fatty? How come you returned alone? Where is he?”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “We got separated. I followed him to the sea and ended up provoking the Divine Spirit of the Sea Clan.”


“What happened?” Yue He’s face instantly changed, “And what Divine Spirit did you provoke?”


She didn’t have the mood to be jealous when it came to important matters; instead, she was worried about Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was just about to tell Yue He about his encounters when his face suddenly changed. He turned his head to look in a direction and muttered, “He’s here already?”


At the same time, the young girl who had stepped into the corridor looked in that direction, too, “Kun Sha? What is that guy doing here? He’s not here to steal him from this Queen, is he? How dare he!”


Yue He did not understand, “Who’s here?”


Yang Kai didn’t have time to explain too much. He urged, “Quickly, gather everyone in the mansion. We have to run away immediately.”


He was filled with questions. How did the Leviathan Shark find this place so quickly? He should not know where he lived, so was he tracking the aura of the Ice Soul Moon Pearl?


But that didn’t seem right either. The Ice Soul Moon Pearl had already been sent into the Small Sealed World, and it was impossible for the Leviathan Shark to sense it across worlds no matter how strong he was.


At the end of his sentence though, Yang Kai’s heart sank as he groaned, “It’s too late!”


It was at that moment that a stream of light suddenly appeared above the Star City, stopping, and revealing the Leviathan Shark with one person held in each of his hands.


When Yang Kai looked up, he discovered one of them to be Lin Feng, but he had no idea who the old man was.


Lin Feng had been captured!


It was only natural that this would happen. Yang Kai was going to bring all of them away from that island, but unfortunately, Lin Feng chose to escape by himself rather than cooperate with them. How could he, an Emperor Realm cultivator, be capable of escaping in front of a Divine Spirit? Being caught was only a matter of time.


As for the old man, Yang Kai had truly never met him, so he had no idea why the Leviathan Shark would capture him.




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