Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4070, Heavenly Moon Demon Spider


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[It’s too late to run!] Yang Kai’s heart sank.


He did not expect the Leviathan Shark to catch up to him so soon. Trying to leave now would probably be as difficult as ascending to the Heavens. Above the sea, Yang Kai had already experienced this guy’s skills and knew that he had the ability to shatter space and disturb the Void.


And, when the Leviathan Shark arrived, a fierce power instantly emanated from his body, enveloping the large Star City.


Hundreds of thousands suddenly felt their vitality tumbling, as if a large mountain had been pressed on their bodies. Their faces were pale, and their breathing was ragged.


Chen Tian Fei flew out from the mansion and shouted in fear, “Enemy attack, enemy attack! Activate the array!”


With a rumble, the Star City’s protective Grand Array was opened!


The Star City had expanded greatly during this recent period of time, and the Grand Array was naturally also reinforced and upgraded. Following a sound, rays of light rushed to sky, turning into a light barrier that enveloped the entire Star City.


Kun Sha looked down and sneered, “You think you can stop this King with this flimsy barrier? Naive!”


Opening his big mouth, he bit down. With a crack, a large hole was opened in the Star City’s protective Grand Array. With another few bites from Kun Sha, the Grand Array was completely broken.


Chen Tian Fei, who had just settled down his emotions, suddenly fell on his bottom, his fat body trembling violently.


Everyone who saw this scene had grim expressions. How could they not know that none of them could equal Kun Sha’s strength?


Who was this man? And why was he so powerful? Even the might that Yang Kai displayed when he fought against thousands from Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion could not compare to this terrifying man.


In front of everyone’s eyes, Kun Sha grinned meaningfully and raised both Lin Feng and the old man, stuffing them into his mouth.


The old man’s eyes went wide and he passed out directly, whereas Lin Feng was furious and roared, “Kun Sha, what are you doing?!”


Kun Sha cackled, “Eating you, of course! You no longer have any use to this King now that we’ve arrived.” While saying that, he shoved Lin Feng into his mouth and swallowed him into his belly. However, his belly was constantly bulging. It was apparent that Lin Feng was fighting against being devoured by him. Kun Sha slapped his belly, and the bulging spot returned to normal.


All who saw this scene were horrified. They had never seen such a cruel scene before of someone being eaten alive. It was simply unthinkable.


“Where is Yang Kai? Show yourself to this King, now!” Kun Sha bellowed with majesty as he swept his gaze across the city.


*Shua shua shua*


All eyes turned in the direction of Yang Kai’s residence. Many people were cursing this Killing Star for not doing anything good. Where had he provoked such a terrifying existence?


Kun Sha followed the eyes and soon saw Yang Kai standing in his home with a serious face. Grinning, he cackled, “Found you!”


Leaning down, he reached out to grab Yang Kai.


The Divine Spirit’s power pervaded the area, sealing Heaven and locking Earth. Clearly, it was because Kun Sha had seen him perform a Space Secret Technique before, and had done this to purposefully counteract that in case he tried to escape again.


A large hand descended from the sky, making Yang Kai feel as if the entire world had been covered, blocking out all light. With a guttural roar, Yang Kai pushed the power of his Dao Seal to its maximum and a round Sun suddenly appeared, rising up into the sky.


Golden Crow Casts the Sun!


As soon as the Divine Manifestation appeared, Yang Kai was finally able to free himself from the suppressive force immobilizing him, but before he could resist, he saw a fair finger point into the air from inside the mansion.


Without a sound, the finger collided with Kun Sha’s palm, forcing him to stagger back and shattering his fierce power in an instant.


“Hm?” Kun Sha was taken by surprise. Looking down, his eyes fixed on what appeared to be a young girl and he squinted, “What are you doing here?”


The girl giggled, “I was just going to ask you the same. Why did you come all the way here rather than stay in that little sea of yours?”


Stunned, Yang Kai looked over to see Yue He’s new maidservant standing with both hands behind her back, smiling as she looked up at Kun Sha.


Yue He was also dumbfounded at this sight.


This young girl was the same one that Yang Kai bumped into earlier. He thought she was strange before, but now it seemed like a true Master showed not their true face to others after all. Since she was able to dispel Kun Sha’s attack so easily, it must mean this girl’s strength was probably around the same as his.


“Is she really your new maid?” Yang Kai whispered to Yue He.


With a confused expression, Yue He nodded subconsciously.


“Then you’ve really found a shocking one!” Yang Kai gulped.


In the sky, Kun Sha rolled his eyes and grinned meaningfully, “Do you really not know why I’m here?”


The girl smiled sweetly, “So you’re here to fight me for him, then?”


Kun Sha’s face darkened, “You also have your eye on that brat?”


“I had my eye on him years ago. You’re late, Kun Sha.” The girl smiled.


“Not necessarily.” Kun Sha shook his head, “The winner is the King, and the loser is the villain. Since you also have your eye on the brat, then it will be down to our abilities to decide who he belongs to.”


The girl said bluntly, “Do not make a fool of yourself, Kun Sha. If we were at sea, then this Queen would still have to be wary of you, but now that we are on land, you are not this Queen’s opponent.”


“And how would you know that if we haven’t fought?” Kun Sha coldly snorted.


A palm slammed down, and his body’s strength was transformed into a gigantic palm print that enveloped half the Star City.


“Courting death!” The girl was enraged and raised her palm to meet his attack. With a loud bang, a terrifying shock wave spread out, collapsing many buildings in the Star City, and also injuring and killing numerous cultivators.


After that palm, the girl took to the sky, lunging straight for Kun Sha. Kun Sha’s body swayed back a few steps. Sure enough, he really was at a disadvantage in a fight with this bewitching woman on land. But since he was here, how could he be willing to just return without putting up a fight?


The two of them immediately began fighting, shattering the Heavens and shaking the Earth.


Countless cultivators fled for their lives within the Star City lest they be caught up in the fallout. The Scarlet Star Managers also had grim faces. Who knows what evil god Scarlet Star had offended in the past, but they had been facing bad luck since entering the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. First, they were tossed about by Yang Kai until they nearly collapsed, and now, after much difficulty nurturing themselves back to power over several years, two terrifying existences suddenly appeared and began fighting above their heads.


“That woman is also a Divine Spirit!” Yang Kai’s heart trembled when he saw the woman fighting with Kun Sha. Only a Divine Spirit would be able to fight evenly with Kun Sha, or even gain a slight advantage over him.


But he had no idea who this woman was, and why she was lurking about his mansion.


It was at this moment that everyone in the mansion came over. Coming to his senses with a start, Yang Kai shouted, “Go! Hurry up and get out of here!”


A fire at the city gates was also a calamity for the fish in the moat. No matter whether the girl or Kun Sha were to be the final victor, the future was definitely not going to be bright for him. He thought he could have Xu Zhen arrange a powerful Grand Array to provide some security for them, but now that he had seen the fight between these two Divine Spirits, Yang Kai knew that there was none that could stop their power in this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Even if he used his full strength, it was unlikely for him to be able to hold on for even an incense stick of time in a fight against either of these two powerhouses.


More and more people appeared in the mansion. Other than the three disciples from Great Moon Province, Yue He, Lu Xue, and Chen Yue, there were also Guo Zi Yan and nearly 40 others. Meanwhile, the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flood Dragon were out of the city.


While transmitting a message to the Earth Dragon and the Scarlet Flood Dragon, telling them to flee as soon as possible, Yang Kai put the others who were under the Open Heaven Realm in his Sealed World Bead.


The Small Sealed World inside the Sealed World Bead was a world of its own, so it could hold Emperor Realm cultivators with no problem; however, as a Small Universe existed within the bodies of those in the Open Heaven Realm, the Small Sealed World could not accept them.


After hurrying about for a while, the only ones left by his side were the three Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yue He, Lu Xue, and Guo Zi Yan.


Yang Kai wrapped the three of them in his power and summoned a Space Beacon before activating its power and disappearing instantly.


“Damn brat, you think you can run from this Queen?” Even though the woman was busy fighting Kun Sha, she could still keep track of Yang Kai’s actions. Instantly, she opened her mouth and spat out an object that disappeared into the Void.


A short while later, from the Void a hundred kilometres away from the Star City, a large net suddenly appeared, catching Yang Kai, Yue He, Lu Xue, and Guo Zi Yan, causing them to fall to the ground.


“Bitch!” Yang Kai was both shocked and furious. The Void was shaken by Kun Sha when he tried travelling through it last time to escape, separating him from Xu Zhen and the others, and now, his attempt to escape was once again foiled by that girl. But this time, it was even worse. She had managed to catch them through the Void with some kind of net.


With such a bizarre technique, Yang Kai could tell that the girl’s strength was far beyond his expectations. It was just that the special World Principles of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary made it impossible for her to display her full power.


He reached out to grab the net and tried to tear it apart, but it didn’t even stretch.


Yang Kai’s heart sank. With his Dragon Bloodline, he should have terrifying physical strength, but the net was still too tough for him to even dream of tearing apart. Not only that, but its surface was also extremely sticky, so much so that he could not shake it off once it had stuck to his hands.


Thought flashing, the Golden Crow’s True Fire appeared. Its fire lit the net, but could not burn through the material.


“What kind of net is this?!” Yue He shouted. She was also struggling as best she could, but she still failed to do anything to it. Instead, the more she struggled, the tighter the net bound her.


“It’s like a spider web!” Lu Xue frowned.


“A spider web!” Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed. He looked over at the fight, and as soon as he did, he saw Kun Sha’s body swaying and transforming into his 10,000 metres-long true form, blotting out the sky as a gigantic shark.


The girl’s figure also transformed at that moment. Following that, a terrifyingly gigantic being the size of a city appeared in Yang Kai’s view.


Her true form was an extremely large spider with eight legs stretching out onto the ground. Her body was silver in colour, and she had the mark of a crescent moon on her back!


“Heavenly Moon Demon Spider!” Yang Kai exclaimed as he stared fixedly at that side.


Lu Xue could not help but cover her red lips while Yue He also gave up on struggling with a bitter look on her face.


[So it’s her!]


Yang Kai finally understood. It was no wonder the girl said that she had her eye on him for years. They had first discovered each other at Sword Pavilion’s Star City.


At Sword Pavilion’s Star City, Yang Kai discovered the mark of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider on the chest of the Pavilion Master’s corpse. At that time, the mark burst out and filled Yang Kai’s mind with the form of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, which he was able to break away from thanks to his Divine Dragon Source.


Back then, Yang Kai could also vaguely feel a pair of eyes watching him. Obviously, the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider must have sensed when he broke her seal.


Following that, she sent the mantis head to capture him, but the mantis head was killed by him instead.


Yang Kai thought that the matter was settled then, but who knew that after two years passed, he would still bump into her here!


But to Yang Kai’s surprise, the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider did not kill him as soon as she found him; instead, she actually infiltrated his residence and posed as a maid. What exactly was she trying to do?


Additionally, it was obvious now that Kun Sha had not sought him out merely for the Ice Soul Moon Pearl. What were these Divine Spirits planning?




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