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Martial Peak – Chapter 4075, Refining the Water Element

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Three days later, inside a cultivation room, Yang Kai and Zhu Jiu Yin sat opposite each other.


“The subtleties of the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture have already been taught to you. You must remember that this technique is extremely taxing on the mind, so do not take this lightly,” Zhu Jiu Yin reminded him.


Yang Kai nodded, “Rest assured.”


Grasping at the void, a sceptre appeared in his palm. On top of the sceptre was an orb that shone brightly, the Moon Essence.


Dense Water Element aura poured out all at once. If Yang Kai had not seen the might of this thing in person, then he would not have realized the great threat that existed in this gentle Water Element Power.


The sceptre was also made of extremely high-grade materials; otherwise, it would be impossible to set the Moon Essence on it.


But Yang Kai only needed the Water Element Power inside of the Moon Essence. The sceptre was of no use to him.


After taking out the Moon Essence from the sceptre, Yang Kai could not help but shiver the moment his hand made contact with the orb. A freezing cold spread from the palm of his hand and instantly eroded his mind, as if to freeze his Soul.


What’s more, a layer of frost was quickly building up on the surface of his palm at a rate visible to the naked eye, soon extending up to his elbow.


With a puff, black fire was ignited that gradually melted the frost and warmed the shocking cold.


Zhu Jiu Yin’s beautiful eyes glinted with surprise, “Golden Crow’s True Fire?”


She was a Divine Spirit, so she naturally had a keen sense of other Divine Spirit’s flames. After a moment, she nodded lightly. If this brat in front of her had the Golden Crow’s True Fire, then it would greatly lessen the cold of the refining process of the Moon Essence.


“Senior, I will begin now,” Yang Kai informed her. Then he closed his eyes and focused his mind.


Urging the power of his Dao Seal, he drew out the Ice Element Power from the Moon Essence.


In an instant, Yang Kai felt as if he had sunken into ten-thousand-year-old frozen ice. Even his thoughts became a little slow. The coldness that had been suppressed burst out once more, freezing his two hands solid while frost spread out across his body at a rate visible to the naked eye.


The Moon Essence was merely emitting coldness out of instinct before so he was able to suppress it with the Golden Crow’s True Fire without issue, but now that he was drawing out the power of the Moon Essence himself, the Golden Crow’s True Fire could no longer hold it down.


The fire burned in a hot blaze, but the icy coldness was able to suppress the Golden Crow’s True Fire.


Zhu Jiu Yin’s face changed slightly. She paid close attention to Yang Kai’s movements, waiting for the moment when things started to take a turn for the worse to immediately put a stop to it. Yang Kai was the Bearer that she chose, so she naturally could not just watch him die; otherwise, it would be difficult for her to find another Bearer as excellent as this one. Time was running out, and she had no time to nurture another candidate.


In other words, if Yang Kai died here, then she would have to wait until the next time the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary opened to find another Bearer to seize the opportunity to escape from this cage.


The coldness could be seen eroding his body, when a green glow suddenly emerged around his rapidly withering form. The glow was filled with surging vitality. Even Zhu Jiu Yin could not help but feel moved by this sight. She could not understand what sort of Wood Element it was that Yang Kai had condensed to have such a powerful force.


The Wood Element Power lingered around his body, and his withering figure slowly regained its lustre.


Then, it continued to freeze under the cold before recovering again. This repeated on and on and looked quite dangerous, but there seemed to be a delicate balance forming.


This was not to say that the might of the Moon Essence surpassed that of the combined might of both the Immortal Tree and the Golden Crow’s True Fire, but rather that both Powers had already been condensed inside of Yang Kai’s Dao Seal, and he was not strong enough to unleash their full potential. Meanwhile, the Moon Essence in his hands had fully displayed its might once activated, and so was naturally able to defeat the two with only itself.


Yang Kai and Zhu Jiu Yin could not help but let out a sigh of relief. The combined power of the Golden Crow’s True Fire and the Immortal Tree was finally able to suppress the icy coldness of the Moon Essence.


But his body’s continued freezing and thawing naturally brought about unbearable pain to Yang Kai; still, his mind’s focus was only on his Dao Seal.


The Dao Seal was filled with three kinds of Powers, but suddenly, a new Ice Element Power appeared.


This was naturally the power of the Moon Essence. The balance that existed within the Dao Seal was instantly shattered, sending the Five Elements into chaos. Whether it be the Wood Element, the Fire Element, or the Earth Element, all of them were rampaging inside Yang Kai’s Dao Seal, as if they were trying to shatter it.


Yang Kai grunted. His mind and spirit were shaken while the blood was surging in his chest. Sure enough, condensing an Element this way was dangerous. If he had not reinforced his Dao Seal with the Divine Dao Water, then this attempt would have been disastrous; after all, the Order of the Elements in his Dao Seal was extremely high, so their impact was not small when they went out of control. Without the robustness of his Dao Seal having been reinforced, Yang Kai would not have been able to hold up for long.


But now, his Dao Seal was different. After consuming over a dozen drops of Divine Dao Water, Yang Kai’s Dao Seal was almost twice as firm as before, so it could still withstand this level of impact.


Yang Kai quickly circulated the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture to harmonize the Five Elements and put order back in place.


Following the activation of the technique, the disorderly Elements began to calm, a result Yang Kai was happy to see.


Even though he had known that the technique was effective when he had been studying the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture, he had never tried it for himself and felt uneasy because of it. But now that he had tried it, the Elements were immediately brought to order, showing that this technique truly was effective. It could allow a cultivator to ignore the order of the Five Elements and gather them as they pleased.


In this way, he did not have to be in such a great rush to find a suitable Metal Element treasure. He would have a chance to find one later, so it would not be too late to condense it then.


But very soon, Yang Kai discovered the drawbacks of this method. Just as Zhu Jiu Yin said before, the technique exerted a lot of pressure on one’s mind as it needed to be circulated continuously at all times. If it was interrupted, then the Five Elements would immediately become disrupted.


The reason that Zhu Jiu Yin had to stand guard for him was to prevent such risks. With her strength, if she were to perceive that something was not right, she could forcefully intervene. Of course, Yang Kai would also suffer damage to his foundation as a result of it.


Under close observation, Zhu Jiu Yin discovered that Yang Kai was not in any great danger, and she had to click her tongue in wonder at that. She thought to herself that the might of this brat’s Spiritual Energy was truly extraordinary. Even though her previous Bearer was also not bad, he seemed a little lacking compared to this one. At the very least, her old Bearer was unable to bring the Five Elements back into order in such a short amount of time and with such ease.


Of course, she had no idea that Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy was indeed much stronger than his peers. Yang Kai had obtained the Soul Warming Lotus at a young age, and after so many years of the Soul Warming Lotus’ constant nourishment, Yang Kai’s Soul and Spiritual Energy had grown much stronger than others in his realm.


Later, after consummating his marriage with Yu Ru Meng, Yang Kai obtained her Primordial Yin which she had been cultivating for thousands of years. Yu Ru Meng was a Charm Demon Demon Saint, and her Spiritual Energy was unmatched amongst all of the Demon Saints and Great Emperors. Obtaining her Primordial Yin allowed Yang Kai’s Spiritual Energy to soar once more, almost bringing him to the level of a Great Emperor while he was still in the Emperor Realm.


Later, when he ascended to become Void Great Emperor, the might of his Soul rose like a rising tide that lifts all boats.


So, for Yang Kai, maintaining the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture with a thread of consciousness and harmonizing the Five Elements Powers was not too difficult.


His body was unhindered, and the icy chill was suppressed by the Golden Crow’s True Fire. He also had the Wood Element Power to repair the damage done to his body. His mind was unhindered as his strong Divine Sense was enough for him to efficiently multitask. His Dao Seal was also unhindered. With the Divine Dao Water to reinforce it, it could resist the impact of the Elements and remain unshaken!


Once the first step was taken, everything else was easy.


As time passed, the Water Element Power in the Moon Essence was condensed by Yang Kai into his Dao Seal.


The Moon Essence that Yang Kai held in his palm gradually grew dim.


Zhu Jiu Yin suddenly looked down and stared blankly at the Moon Essence in Yang Kai’s hand. She hadn’t paid much attention to it earlier since her focus was on Yang Kai himself, ready to react to any accidents. Only after Yang Kai’s condition stabilized did she have the time to notice other things.


She noticed a thread of spirituality being born in the Moon Essence. Looking closely, there was indeed a stream of light flowing inside of the Moon Essence.


She was surprised. 


[Is this Moon Essence gaining sentience?]


As far as she could remember, this Moon Essence was a treasure brought out by one of Kun Sha’s former Bearers from the Primordial Land. Only, the Bearer was unable to secure an opportunity for Kun Sha, so out of anger, Kun Sha killed him. Later, the Moon Essence became the Sea Clan’s Sacred Treasure.


Tens of thousands of years had already passed since then, and the spiritual beliefs of the Sea Clan continued gathering in this Moon Essence. It was indeed possible for a dead object to gain spirituality in such a manner.


If this Moon Essence had not fallen into Yang Kai’s hands, then in another few thousand years, it might have been reborn as a living being. If that happened, then it might have had the possibility of becoming an existence no less than that of a Divine Spirit!


But now that the Moon Essence was being absorbed and refined by Yang Kai, the Moon Essence Spirit would most likely not be born.


For Zhu Jiu Yin though, there was nothing to pity. The stronger Yang Kai was, the greater his chance of seizing the opportunity would be. More than just a mere thread of spirituality, even if the Moon Essence was truly alive, she would have killed it so Yang Kai could refine it.


Under her watchful eyes, the light inside of the Moon Essence gradually dimmed, clearly being absorbed and refined by Yang Kai.


Zhu Jiu Yin stood up and drifted out of the room.


The rest did not require her attention. If Yang Kai had already refined it to this extent yet still had an accident, that would mean that he was not even worth nurturing to begin with.


Half a year later, Yang Kai opened his eyes. Looking down, the Moon Essence in his hands had already crumbled into dust, flowing through the gaps in his fingers. The Water Element Power inside of the Moon Essence has been completely extracted and condensed into his Dao Seal.


Yang Kai listened with his ears and frowned. He constantly felt as if there was some sort of strange voice in his head that was trying to tell him something, but when he tried to listen to it closely, the voice would disappear.


He could not help but feel a little creeped out by this and wondered whether something had gone wrong while he was refining the Moon Essence.


Zhu Jiu Yin was no longer in the room with him, and he had no idea when she left. Yang Kai left the room in a flash and saw Yue He standing in wait outside.


When she saw Yang Kai, Yue He’s eyes lit up as she asked, “Young Master, did you succeed?”


Yang Kai nodded subconsciously, “En, I succeeded.”


“Then why did it take so long?” Yue He could not help but feel nervous when she saw the strange expression on his face.


Indeed, refining his Water Element took a long time. Previously, it only took Yang Kai a little less than two months to refine his Earth Element from the Dragon Bead of an Earth Attribute Great Dragon. But this time, he took an entire half-year to condense his Water Element Power.


“It took longer to refine this one because it does not follow the order of the Five Elements,” Yang Kai explained. He was lacking a Metal Element treasure, so it naturally took him more time to refine this Water Element treasure.



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