Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4076, Plotting Against


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But this was not the main point. What made Yang Kai speechless was the fact that he had to divert part of his mind to the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture at all times in order to keep his the Element Powers inside of his Dao Seal in order; otherwise, they would fall into chaos.


This was a bit of a headache for him. Even though it did not occupy much of his attention and would not affect his daily life or his abilities in combat in any significant way, the harsh part was the fact that it could not be stopped for even a moment. In other words, before he could fill in the missing Element in his Dao Seal, Yang Kai definitely could not fall unconscious for even a moment, or that would spell death.


“Young Master has just condensed his Water Element Power and should enter retreat to stabilise it. Why has Young Master come out already?” Yue He looked at him in confusion.


“I have something to ask Senior Zhu. Where is she?”


Yue He shook her head, indicating that she did not know. She had been standing guard here for the past half a year without going anywhere, so how could she know where Zhu Jiu Yin had gone?


Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense over the area and soon found Zhu Jiu Yin’s aura. In a flash, he appeared in front of her.


Yang Kai was shocked when he finally saw her, because Zhu Jiu Yin was lying lazily on the bed while Lu Xue was holding a fan with a disgruntled expression, waving it gently. A mantis head was half-kneeling in obeisance on the floor in front of her, reporting something.


This mantis head looked exactly the same as the one that Yang Kai killed before. Yang Kai thought that the dead had come back to life for a moment, but on second thought, he realized that was unlikely. Da Lang’s head had been blown off by him, so how could he come back to life?


The mantis head he was seeing now had to be a different mantis beast under Zhu Jiu Yin’s command. Such a creature would not be able to enter the Star City normally, but who would dare to stop him if he wanted to enter now that Zhu Jiu Yin was here?


“You’re excused,” Zhu Jiu Yin waved her hand.


The mantis head excused himself and left without even looking at Yang Kai.


After the mantis head left, Yang Kai cupped his hands, “Senior.”


Zhu Jiu Yin raised her eyes to look at him and answered with a hum, “Since you have succeeded in condensing your Water Element Power, should you not be properly stabilizing it in retreat? Why have you come out?”


Yang Kai frowned, “I seem to have a problem.”


“What problem?” Zhu Jiu Yin was surprised.


“For some reason, I feel like there’s constantly a voice buzzing in my head, but when I try to focus on it, I can no longer hear anything.”


“A voice?” Zhu Jiu Yin frowned, “What kind of voice?”


“I can’t describe it.” Yang Kai shook his head. After listening for a while, he jumped, “It’s here again. Senior, there’s no problem with the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture, is there?”


He constantly felt as if something was wrong with this scripture that led to this situation.


Zhu Jiu Yin wondered, “I’ve never heard of this happening before.” Her past Bearer had also cultivated this technique, but he did not mention any signs resembling Yang Kai’s, “Could it be just your own delusions?”


Yang Kai paused for a moment. Hearing what she said, even he himself was beginning to wonder whether it really was just his illusion. And, the extremely faint voice did not really affect him much anyway, he was just a little concerned.


“If you’re worried, you can open your Dao Seal and I will take a look for you,” Zhu Jiu Yin suggested.


Yang Kai shook his head, “Maybe it’s just in my head.”


Zhu Jiu Yin had no ill will towards him since she chose him as her Bearer, but opening up his Dao Seal was equivalent to presenting all of his secrets to her, so Yang Kai was naturally reluctant.


Zhu Jiu Yin did not force him and simply nodded, “Maybe the situation will improve after a while.”


Yang Kai nodded. Then, he changed the subject, “Senior, is there still no news of Metal Element treasures?”


“No. Er Lang came to report on that just now. After searching for so long, they still haven’t found a Metal Element treasure that fits your requirements. I’m afraid there is no longer one available in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.”


Yang Kai was slightly disappointed, but then he perked up, “If I may trouble Senior again to have Senior’s subordinates search for Yin and Yang treasures that are also above the Seventh Order.”


Zhu Jiu Yin scoffed, “That will be even more difficult to find. The Five Elements treasures in the Seventh Order or above have more or less appeared before in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but I’ve never heard of a Yin or Yang treasure of the Seventh Order and above appearing. However, there are some that are under the Seventh Order.”


“Senior knows my ambition!” Yang Kai said solemnly.


Zhu Jiu Yin responded, “I will tell my subordinates to look out for them, but don’t get your hopes up.”


“Many thanks, Senior,” Yang Kai bowed and excused himself.


Only after Yang Kai left did Zhu Jiu Yin’s eyes flash as she muttered to herself, “Could it be, the Moon Essence Spirit hasn’t been erased?”


When she heard that Yang Kai had been hearing a strange voice in his head, she remembered the thread of spirituality she had seen in the Moon Essence earlier. Since Yang Kai refined the Moon Essence, then he must have refined and absorbed that thread of spirituality as well. If it had not been erased, it could be inside of him.


But telling Yang Kai such a thing would only cause him to worry, so she simply decided not to say anything. Her purpose was to have Yang Kai seize the opportunity for her to leave anyway. After leaving the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Yang Kai’s life or death would have nothing to do with her.


Inside of his cultivation room, Yang Kai went back to cultivating so that he could stabilize the Water Element Power that he had just refined. His most important task was to activate the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture and try his best to practice it until it became instinctual. If he could achieve that, then he would not have to be afraid of the technique cutting off whenever he fell unconscious, and of course, the four Elements in his Dao Seal would also not be disturbed.


Zhu Jiu Yin’s million-plus troops were spread throughout all corners of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, searching for Yin, Yang and Metal Element treasures; however, nothing was found even after searching for two years. Yang Kai was filled with hope in the beginning, but slowly, that hope began to run out.


After cultivating for two years, his strength did not increase by much, but the Water Element Power inside of his Dao Seal has been completely stabilized, and he had reached a point where he could bring it out at will. The Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture had also been trained to the point where it had become natural for him to continue circulating it.


Yang Kai had also kept in contact with that little fatty Xu Zhen. That guy was chosen by Zhu Yan to be his Bearer, so he naturally received Zhu Yan’s vigorous cultivation. According to him, Zhu Yan had countless exotic treasures in his possession, and he had also almost fully gathered his Yin, Yang and Five Elements during the last two years, stepping into the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm.


But the World Principles inside of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary were strange. Even though the Elements in their Dao Seals were complete, they could not split Heaven and Earth apart to create a Small Universe in their bodies, which meant they would not be able to make a breakthrough until they left.


Still, his strength was definitely increasing by leaps and bounds and simply could not be compared to the him from the past.


Xu Zhen had also been in contact with Ning Dao Ran and the others, so Yang Kai had been asking him about their news. From this, Yang Kai discovered that just as the little fatty guessed, those Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples were each chosen to be Bearers by different Divine Spirits. All of them were cultivating in retreat and growing in strength now.


Among them, Gu Pan was caught by Kui Niu, Qu Hua Shang ended up in Fei Yi’s hands, and Ning Dao Ran had been captured by Zhu Jian.


For these Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples, being strong was both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because they could receive the nurturing of these Divine Spirits. Each of them was freed from centuries of hard work trying to search for or purchase the required materials. Unfortunately, because of their strength, they became pawns for the Divine Spirits in the upcoming Spirit Seizing War.


If they succeeded, then everything would be fine, but if they failed, the consequences were worrying. Who knows how many Bearers died at the hands of these Divine Spirits for failing over the years?


Xu Zhen also said that these Divine Spirits were definitely not the only ones. There were many who had not shown their faces yet, and they had definitely chosen many other Bearers to cultivate in secret. These Bearers may be unknown now, but they were definitely soaring to great heights and waiting for the Spirit Seizing War to begin.


Yang Kai did not befriend many others. Even with Qu Hua Shang, Yang Kai only discussed the Yin-Yang Grand Dao with her. There was also Gu Pan who came from where Zhang Ruo Xi’s ancestors originated from.


He made up his mind that the next time he saw her, he would definitely ask her about Zhang Ruo Xi’s situation.


On this day, Yang Kai felt a fluctuation from his communication bead. He immediately took it out and swept it with his Divine Sense.


Xu Zhen’s message played, “Brother Yang, the Spirit Seizing War is beginning soon.”


Yang Kai was stunned, “How do you know?” He had not received any news, and Zhu Jiu Yin never told him about this either.


Xu Zhen told him, “Zhu Yan told me. As the Divine Spirits who were born here, they had a keen sense towards changes of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. He said that the Primordial Land will open in one year at the earliest, or three at the latest. When that happens, the Spirit Seizing War will begin, and us Bearers will compete in it.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Then Brother Xu must be careful. I will not go easy on you then.”


Xu Zhen said, “My strength has increased tremendously now. I may not be unable to best you. Brother Yang should also watch out.” Then, he changed the subject and said excitedly, “Finally, we can leave this damned place.”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded, “Leave?”


Xu Zhen responded, “Does Brother Yang not know? After the Spirit Seizing War, the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary will close. Then we, the outsiders, will be sent out.”


Yang Kai was surprised, “Really?”


“You will know if it’s true or not after asking that Heavenly Moon Demon Spider. It has been this way every time in history.”


This was good news. The Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was a giant natural treasure trove, and Yang Kai had obtained unimaginable wealth here, even condensing his Earth and Water Element Powers; however, he still did not find any news about a Yin, Yang or Metal Element treasure. It seemed like they were no more in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. In that case, he could only hope to find them outside.


The sooner he left here, the better.


After counting the time, it was truly almost time for the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary to close.


It has been seven or eight years since they arrived here, and Zhu Yan said that the Primordial Land will open in one year at the earliest, or three years at the latest, which is when the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was to close. This was consistent with the rumours he heard.


After chatting with Xu Zhen for a while, Yang Kai put away his communication bead and left the private room to look for Zhu Jiu Yin.


Zhu Jiu Yin was a little surprised to see him, but she still nodded, “You are here just in time. This Queen has something to tell you.”


Saying so, she suddenly shot a glance to her left and right.


Yue He and Lu Xue both said with guilty faces, “Young Master, please excuse us.”


As soon as those words left their mouths, the two women moved in unison. One of them reached a hand out to Yang Kai and tapped on his forehead. Then, the other shook out a water whip and bound Yang Kai’s waist.


Yang Kai was stunned; then, he roared, “Are you rebelling?!”


His body shook, and strong flames ignited. The two women exclaimed in shock and took a few steps back, their faces growing pale.


But before Yang Kai could ask them what was going on, he saw Zhu Jiu Yin open her small mouth and spit out a spider web that landed on top of him.




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