Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4077, Not Even Death


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The spider web was Heaven Sealing and Earth Locking. Yang Kai was unable to even use Space Principles to escape. When he watched the web fall on him, Yang Kai roared, and a small Sun rose behind him.


Golden Crow Casts the Sun’s Divine Manifestation!


But in the next instant, the spider web wrapped Yang Kai completely inside it, and the small Sun that had just risen also disappeared in a flash.


The spider web seemed to have physical form, but it quickly invaded his body as soon as it fell on him and disappeared. Then, Yang Kai felt an extremely strong confinement force inside of his body that made it impossible for him to exert his strength properly.


“Senior!” Yang Kai was shocked and angry. He glared at Zhu Jiu Yin, “What does Senior mean to do by this?”


“Don’t be afraid.” Zhu Jiu Yin slowly got up and said in a gentle tone, “You should know that I mean you no harm since you are the Bearer I chose. I am just helping you increase your strength.”


“Are such methods needed to help me increase my strength?” Yang Kai sneered. He did not believe her in the slightest. He had the constant feeling that this devilish woman had some mischievous intentions.


Only, what confused him was why even Yue He was helping her with this. Yang Kai felt pained when he looked at her.


Yue He obviously felt a little guilty and did not dare meet his eyes. She softly said, “Young Master, I am only doing this for your own good.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted. Then, he turned back to Zhu Jiu Yin, “Dare I ask how Senior intends to help me increase my strength?”


“Come with me,” Zhu Jiu Yin began stepping outside as soon as she finished speaking.


Even though Yang Kai’s power had been sealed, his movement was unhindered. He shot a hostile glare at Yue He and Lu Xue, who both shrunk their necks in guilt, before following Zhu Jiu Yin out.


Very soon, the group of four arrived at an underground private chamber. Zhu Jiu Yin waved her hand, and lights came on in the chamber that illuminated every last detail.


Yang Kai stared in amazement. He had no idea that there was such a secret room under his own residence, but this was clearly Zhu Jiu Yin’s work. On the floor of the chamber were grooves that flowed with a crimson liquid. He had no idea what it was, but it looked like blood, and yet it did not smell like blood at all.


The grooves covered the ground, outlining an extremely complex and profound array. At the centre of this strange Array was a small altar.


“Go on,” Zhu Jiu Yin pointed Yang Kai over with her lips.


Yang Kai turned away and ignored her, quickly thinking of a countermeasure to deal with her. He still had no idea what Zhu Jiu Yin was up to.


“Childish!” Zhu Jiu Yin chuckled. Lifting Yang Kai by the collar, she threw him onto the altar, which caused the seal inside of his body to tighten all of a sudden. Yang Kai was forced to sit on the altar against his will.


Yang Kai was fuming and accused Yue He and Lu Xue, “Are you ruthless women just going to watch as she binds me like this?”


Lu Xue blushed, “We are not her opponent.”


A complicated look flashed past Yue He’s eyes, but she did not speak.


Zhu Jiu Yin chuckled, “This is all under this Queen’s orders. It is no use blaming them.”


Yang Kai looked coldly at her, “Naturally, I know it is so, but I think it should be time for you to tell me your intentions here, no?”


“The Spirit Seizing War is beginning soon.”


Zhu Jiu Yin sighed, “In one year at the earliest or three years at the latest, the Primordial Land will open!”


This was consistent with what Xu Zhen told him. Just as Xu Zhen said, it seemed like these Divine Spirits who were born and raised here had an incomparably keen sense of the changes in this world. Naturally, if Zhu Yan could feel it, then Zhu Jiu Yin would as well.


Zhu Jiu Yin was surprised to see how unperturbed Yang Kai was, but she went on to ask, “Do you know how many Divine Spirits there are in these Grand Ancient Ruins?”


Yang Kai was frank, “How would I know?”


“Around a hundred!”


Yang Kai was astonished. Even though he knew that there was more than one Divine Spirit in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he never thought that there would be so many!


How terrifying a number was that truly? Each one of these hundred Divine Spirits was equivalent to a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. If all of them left the Grand Ancient Ruins, then even the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would find it hard to compete against them.


“Setting aside those who have no ambition and are content with their current lives, more than half of those old ghosts are dead set on leaving the Grand Ancient Ruins,” She was one of those old ghosts, and more than half would mean at least sixty or seventy.


“These guys each have their own Bearer; in other words, their goal is the same as yours in this Spirit Seizing War. All of them are fighting for the one and only opportunity!”


“And so what if that is the case?” Yang Kai had a fearless face.


“You may be strong, but that does not guarantee that you will last until the end.” Zhu Jiu Yin sighed. Her previous Bearer was the same. Among all of her past Bearers, his strength was definitely at the top, but he still died in the end, keeping her from leaving this place, “That’s why you must get even stronger.”


Yang Kai quickly said, “I also wish to become stronger, but your subordinates were not useful and were unable to find what I nee…” Speaking up to here, his face suddenly changed to one of shock. As if realizing something, his face suddenly went pale.


Zhu Jiu Yin giggled, “Seems like you finally understand it, which makes this much easier.”


With a wave of her hand, all sorts of Metal Element treasures were suspended in the air. There were more than a dozen in total, each one of them emitting strong Metal Power. Each one of them was of Sixth Order!


“The World Principles in the Grand Ancient Ruins are strange, so one cannot exert too much power. It is of no difference whether you refine a Sixth or Seventh-Order Element, but you will see an obvious increase in your strength once you do refine one. Look at how many Metal Element treasures I’ve found for you. Which one do you like?”


But before Yang Kai could protest, Zhu Jiu Yin began introducing each item to him, “You should have this Yuan Magnetic Divine Stone yourself as well. If you refine this, you will be able to cultivate the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light Divine Ability. There is also this 10,000-Year Bronze Essence, which is also not a bad choice. This is an Illusionary Star Sand, and this…”


She introduced the Metal Element treasures one by one with a smile, but in Yang Kai’s eyes, that smile was incomparably malicious.


Indeed, after choosing Yang Kai as her Bearer, she had been nurturing him greatly during the past few years, even teaching him the Defying Yin-Yang Five Elements Profound Universe Heart Scripture without any reservation. While Yang Kai was refining the Moon Essence, she even personally stood guard for him.


But it was not out of goodwill that she did all this for him. Only, the stronger Yang Kai was, the greater her hopes of leaving this place were. The Spirit Seizing War was about to begin, so there was not much time left. Zhu Jiu Yin could not indulge Yang Kai as she had before any longer. Whether Yang Kai was willing or not, she would complete the Yin, Yang and Five Elements in Yang Kai’s Dao Seal so that he could exert even stronger might.


That was how they arrived at this scene today.


A few moments later, Zhu Jiu Yin urged, “Choose one, or I will choose for you.”


Yang Kai shut his eyes and tried to circulate the power in his Dao Seal to break the seal inside of his body.


Zhu Jiu Yin sneered when she saw this, “Then I will choose.” Lifting her hand, she collected an Illusionary Star Sand and put the rest of the treasures away before approaching Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked at her, “I will not comply with this.”


Zhu Jiu Yin smiled like blooming flowers, “This Queen knows you will not cooperate, but rest assured. I do not need your cooperation. I have arranged this Array just for this day.”


Yang Kai was shocked at her words. He thought that he would be fine as long as he did not cooperate with her; after all, it was he who had to condense the power into his Dao Seal. But now, it seemed like he had underestimated Zhu Jiu Yin. He had already felt that this Array was very strange, and it turned out it was set up to forcibly condense the Metal Element into his Dao Seal.


[Spirit Arrays can even do this?]


He had no idea whether Zhu Jiu Yin was lying to him or not, and he did not have the time to find out. Zhu Jiu Yin had already sat cross-legged a metre away from him and spoke with a solemn expression, “There will be some pain, so just bear with it. If you do not wish to suffer, then you better cooperate obediently.”


After saying so, she formed different seals with one hand while spider silk emerged from the fingertips of her other hand. Countless spider silk threads pierced through the Illusionary Star Sand and drew the Power of Metal from within it.


Closing her jade white hand, Zhu Jiu Yin’s spider silk threads suddenly shot out and entered the array.


The Array rumbled as it was activated, and the blood-red liquid flowed in the grooves, surging towards the small altar and converging on Yang Kai’s body.


The countless spider silk threads hidden in the liquid burrowed into Yang Kai’s body through his pores.


Yang Kai grunted. He felt as if a thousand holes were being poked into him, and he was almost jumping in pain. Following that, a wisp of Power of Metal began invading his body and moving towards his Dao Seal.


Horrified, Yang Kai tried desperately to resist, but to no avail.


Immersing his mind into his body, Yang Kai could see traces of the Metal Element Power about to infiltrate his Dao Seal. Quickly, Yang Kai bit down on his tongue and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood onto Zhu Jiu Yin’s face and snarled, “If you dare do it, then I’ll die here and now!”


Zhu Jiu Yin’s movements stalled for a moment and looked at Yang Kai with her bright eyes, seemingly to see whether he was lying or not. After a moment, she laughed, “Are you trying to threaten me? This Queen is not afraid of you.”


She continued her actions.


Yang Kai roared through gritted teeth, “I swear on my Dao Seal!”


The smile on Zhu Jiu Yin slowly stiffened as she stared at him.


“Come on!” Yang Kai roared, “If you dare to ruin my Dao Seal, I will die here in front of you!”


Zhu Jiu Yin’s face was grim, “You dare threaten this Queen?”


“If you insist, then don’t blame me if I retaliate!” Yang Kai sneered, “My will is for the Seventh Order, and you know this! Yet, you now bear evil intentions toward my Dao Seal! Forcibly gathering a Sixth-Order Metal Element Power inside me, how could I possibly allow you to do so!”


“Are you not afraid that this Queen will kill you?” ZHu Jiu Yin’s eyes were brimming with murderous intent.


Yang Kai sneered, “The Spirit Seizing War is about to begin in a year at the earliest, and three at the latest. Where will you find another suitable Bearer in such a short time? Even if you do find one, how much time will you have to nurture him or her? He or she will surely be defeated in the Spirit Seizing War, and you will have no hope of escaping the cage of this Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary to witness the wonders of the outside world.”


“How dare you!” Zhu Jiu Yin fumed, body shaking in anger.


Yang Kai sighed, “It is hard to find another as excellent as me. Oh, how I truly worry for you.”




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