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Martial Peak – Chapter 4078, Primordial Land is About to Open

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Yang Kai’s boasting naturally made her snicker, but she had to admit that this Bearer really was a cut above the rest. Nobody could be clearer than her how strong Da Lang was, only a few in the entire Grand Ancient Ruins could kill him.


And just as Yang Kai said, she did not have much time nor the energy to nurture another Bearer.


The reason she razed the Sword Pavilion Star City and slaughtered tens of thousands of cultivators was in order to find a suitable Bearer. Unfortunately, not a single one of them met her requirements. In a fit of rage, she drowned the Star City in rivers of blood and buried them all.


Yang Kai swore an oath on his Dao Seal, which made it hard for her to continue. This was an oath related to one’s Martial Dao. Once the oath was made, there was no way to break it. If she forcibly condensed the Sixth-Order Metal Element Power into his Dao Seal, then even if Yang Kai did not commit suicide, his Dao Seal would definitely be damaged, and when that happened, it would become completely useless.


How could Zhu Jiu Yin not be annoyed when she was being manipulated by a Junior in such a way?


It was at this moment that a shout suddenly came from behind. Yue He attacked from behind, the Yin, Yang and Five Element Power gathered in the palm of her jade hand, forming a ball as she slammed it down towards Zhu Jiu Yin.


Without even turning back, Zhu Jiu Yin swept her hair back, and her hair suddenly rose up and pierced through Yue He.


Yue He was flung away with blood spraying from her body. She landed on the wall and slowly slid down. Shocked, Lu Xue quickly went over to help her up.


Yang Kai also turned to look at her, and his eyes were dark.


He was not sure why Yue He was helping with this evil act, but once he learned of Zhu Jiu Yin’s intention, he understood. Yue He did not want him to reach the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. She had always been encouraging him to condense a Sixth-Order Metal Element, but Yang Kai never listened to her.


Zhu Jiu Yin had the means to forcibly condense a Sixth-Order Element into Yang Kai, which was in line with Yue He’s wishes; moreover, since an arm cannot be thicker than a thigh, she had no choice but to cooperate with her.


But Yang Kai’s life was at stake at this moment, so Yue He could no longer sit still. Even though she understood that she was not Zhu Jiu Yin’s opponent, she still had to delay her with her life at stake.


“How dare a cheap slut like you disobey this Queen?” Zhu Jiu Yin had already been given a stomach full of grievances by Yang Kai with nowhere to vent it, so Yue He’s actions were like sending herself onto the spear point.


Swinging her hair again, the black threads suddenly turned into sharp blades that stabbed towards Yue He.


Yang Kai shouted urgently, “If you dare kill her, then I will die here! I swear it on my Dao Seal!”


The speeding hair threads suddenly stopped right in front of Yue He’s face. The threads of hair had already pierced into Yue He’s body, causing the latter’s eyes to go wide in horror. She could feel countless wounds being poked all over her skin, as if even her Soul was going to be pierced through.


Zhu Jiu Yin turned to look at Yang Kai, her delicate face filled with anger, “Is this the only trick you know?”


Yang Kai grinned, “It’s not about variety, but usefulness. Senior can give it a try and see if I have the guts to die in front of you.”


Zhu Jiu Yin was gritting her teeth so hard that they could almost crack. She wanted nothing more than to slap Yang Kai to death right now.


Yang Kai on the other hand remained casual, “Senior should already know about my abilities. So what if I do not refine a Metal Element Power? Who in this Grand Ancient Ruins is my opponent?” He looked proud, “Senior just has to wait for my good news in the Spirit Seizing War. I will definitely obtain the opportunity.”


Zhu Jiu Yin sneered, “And what if you fail to get it?”


“Then I will be at Senior’s disposal!” Yang Kai puffed out his chest, “I know what Senior is capable of. If you really want me dead, then there is no way that I can resist.”


“At least you know that much!” Zhu Jiu Yin’s dark face eased up, and her hair retracted. Yue He let out a stifled grunt, her body covered in blood.


Lu Xue hurriedly went forward to put pressure on her wounds.


Zhu Jiu Yin got up and left with a flick of her sleeves, her floaty voice emerging, “Remember what you said today. If you fail, then you will suffer a fate far worse than death.”


After watching her leave, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that he had gotten past a difficult moment. It was also a shame since he and Xu Zhen had been in contact with each other all this while, and he was planning to take the opportunity to ask for more benefits for himself. But after today’s incident, he had no way of bringing it up anymore in case he enraged Zhu Jiu Yin again.


The seal within his body suddenly disappeared, and the spider web left together with Zhu Jiu Yin. Strength inside of his body began to flow again.


Yang Kai got up and went towards Yue He.


Yue He’s injuries were not severe, and even though she looked to be in bad shape, the wounds were only skin-deep. With her Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm foundation, she would be able to recover with just two or three days of rest.


Noticing Yang Kai approaching her, Yue He did not even dare to raise her head. She was too ashamed to face him. After crawling up with difficulty, she kneeled in front of Yang Kai with her eyes downcast, and just like a poor aggrieved wife, she said, “Please lay down your punishment, Young Master!”


Tears fell from her eyes as she spoke. She regretted having cooperated with Zhu Jiu Yin, and even though Yang Kai could never have resisted even without her cooperation, she still felt like she had betrayed him, and it drowned her in guilt.


Yang Kai raised a hand and placed it on her head, sighing, “Do not let this happen again!”


After shooting a look at Lu Xue, indicating for her to take care of Yue He, he left in a flash.


After Yang Kai left, Yue He fell limp on the floor and looked up at Lu Xue, muttering, “Did I make the wrong choice?”


Lu Xue asked, “Did you tell Sir about the benefits and harm of directly achieving the Seventh Order?”


Yue He shook her head, “I wanted to wait until we left this place to tell him and to dissuade him, but now, it seems his Dao Heart is firm and determined. Even that person will not be able to persuade him.” Naturally, the person she spoke of was the Proprietress.


Lu Xue sighed. She knew that Yue He’s words were true. Yang Kai would rather swear death on his Dao Seal than refine a Sixth-Order Element. This meant that he had made up his mind to achieve the Seventh Order or die trying.


But nowadays, who dared to achieve the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm directly? His future was bound to be rough.


A month later, news of the Primordial Land’s opening spread throughout the entire Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Nobody knew who spread the news to begin with, but it wasn’t long before everyone had heard of it.


The Primordial Land was about to open, and the Primordial Land was the greatest opportunity in the entire Grand Ancient Ruins. There were countless treasures to be found there, and anything they found could easily allow one to soar to the Heavens. It was said that many powerful Masters from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises had also been to the Primordial Land, and it was the opportunities they found there that allowed them to rise to their current positions.


Countless people were excited at the news, and they were all eagerly waiting. One after another, cultivators rolled up their sleeves as they waited for the Primordial Land to open so that they could enter and seek their own fortunes.


Yang Kai was cultivating peacefully in retreat. Ever since what happened, Zhu Jiu Yin did not try to force him to condense a Sixth-Order Element anymore. On the other hand, she did find him many precious treasures that could be used to increase his strength.


There was no reason to refuse these gifts, so Yang Kai accepted all of them and made a fortune; after all, nothing that could come from the hands of a Divine Spirit could be bad in quality. Zhu Jiu Yin was also doing this for her own sake, so Yang Kai accepted everything with peace of mind.


He also kept in close contact with Xu Zhen.


According to Xu Zhen, he had made a deal with Zhu Yan. If he could seize the opportunity to take Zhu Yan out of the Grand Ancient Ruins, then Zhu Yan would become his Protector for 500 years! The others also offered similar terms and signed contracts with their respective Divine Spirits. Only, the length of time they were asked to be their Protectors differed.


The Divine Spirits also hoped that their chosen Bearers would give it their all in this battle, so they naturally offered some benefits. And, becoming a Protector for these Bearers was the greatest benefit. Each party gave and took, so it was a fair trade.


Yang Kai was red-eyed to hear this. He had also planned to sit down with Zhu Jiu Yin and discuss the same thing, but after the last incident, he really could not find the opportunity to do so. As such, he had no choice but to wait for the right opportunity.


Day after day went by.


A year and a half later, the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary suddenly shook. Following that, a strange fragrance filled the air. Everyone’s spirits were shaken, and none could resist the urge to seek out the source of the fragrance.


Very soon, the eyes of many cultivators were attracted by a seven-coloured glow in the sky.


The glow was an unknown distance from the ground, and it seemed to be far up above, its colours ever-changing as it hung like a canopy over the world.


“This is…” Some people were puzzled.


“Is some supreme treasure being born?” Some people felt their spirits being lifted, and there was greed in their eyes.


“The Primordial Land is about to open!” Soon the mystery was resolved. News about the Primordial Land’s opening had already been circulating around various strongholds, so everyone was waiting for it. Now that the world was showing signs of change, what else could it be other than the opening of the Primordial Land?


“Finally, the day has come! Hahaha, after holding back for so many years, it’s time to soar to the Heavens!” A man laughed and rose up from one of the strongholds, rushing straight towards the place where the glow seemed to originate from. Following that, dense streams of light shot out from each stronghold. Everyone was rushing to get into the Primordial Land.


Hundreds of thousands of cultivators rose up from each of the Human strongholds, rushing towards the Primordial Land. In the blink of an eye, the strongholds, which had been operating for more than ten years, were all empty.


Inside Scarlet Star’s Star City, half of the entire population disappeared in the blink of an eye. There was even a huge Starship with Scarlet Star’s symbol emblazoned on its hull rising up into the sky. Many of Scarlet Star’s disciples boarded the Starship under the leadership of several Managers and headed for the Primordial Land.


Inside Yang Kai’s mansion, Zhu Jiu Yin’s voice rang out, “Boy, it’s time to leave. The Primordial Land is opening!”


Yang Kai opened his eyes and left through the door.


Zhu Jiu Yin took one look at him, nodded lightly, and then grabbed him by the collar, rising into the sky with him.


Yue He came to see what was going on when she heard the commotion, only to see two figures turning into streams of light and disappearing. She quickly gathered Guo Zi Yan and the others before following after them.


In the middle of the dense forest, an old ox that was laying under a tree suddenly stood up and glanced in a certain direction, spitting out human words, “Child, the Primordial Land is opening. It is time for us to depart.”


“En.” Gu Pan appeared out of nowhere. In a flash, she was sitting on top of the old ox’s head and said in a gentle voice, “Thank you, Grandpa Ox.”


The old ox laughed, “Hang on tight and don’t fall off.”


Saying so, he charged off as quick as lightning.


At a certain swamp, a strange, thousand-meter-long snake slithered forward, body stretching up as swiftly as the wind.


The strange snake had two heads and its forked tongues were spat out of its mouth. Creatures scattered wherever it passed, and as it rolled its tongue back into its mouth, an exotic beast that was hidden in the swamp was pulled inside before being swallowed into its belly.


On the left of the snake’s head was Qu Hua Shang, holding her forehead with a worried face, “Senior, can’t we split up? Why don’t you go to the Primordial Land first and wait for me there?”



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